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Meet the Poll- What we're reading in TLS this week:

Each week we share with you what we are reading and enjoying. The following made the top of our lists last week. Please help us determine which 5 of these will be featured as fics of the week, next week, by choosing FIVE from the poll on the right!

A Bullet from Chekhov's Gun by Callmepagliacci-rec'd by Katinki
"Charming" was the first deep cover Edward Cullen ever affected, years
before he became a spy. Bella Swan is an American girl at Oxford with
skills MI6 wants. "Befriending" Bella Swan will be his most challenging
mission yet. Rated M

A Talionic Force by LovinRob-rec'd by Sunflower Fanfiction
An eye for an eye, that's the least they deserve! Edward Masen's life
was turned upside down by evil and hate but will his quest for vengeance
prevent him from accepting peace and love when offered. Can Bella save
him from himself or will their love be another casualty of his war with
the Volturi? A classic tale of passion and forgiveness in a world of
brutality and murder. Rated M

Black Velvet Kings by MidnightTrain-rec'd by Runtauga
He promised he'd be waiting behind that church; he promised he'd change
her mind. But he broke a lot of promises along the way, didn't he? AH,
B/E  Rated: Fiction M

Dark Paradise by DarkNnerdy-rec'd by Edmazing
He's cruel, unfeeling, and a monster. She wants to know why, and all he
wants is her. Serialkillerward. Written for PandorasFF. Rated: M

Hide & Seek by Kharizzmatik-rec'd by MoniNP/Vampshavelaws
The night their lives were set to start was the night it all came to an
abrupt end. Five simple words, "Let's play hide and seek", sparked a
manhunt for Isabella Swan that has haunted Edward Cullen ever since.
Back in Forks for the first time in over a decade, he has to face
reality: he lost his soul mate. Is it too late to find her? Rated M

Phantasy by Mrscherrybomb-rec'd by Nic
After Edward's divorce, he can't seem to bring himself to get back out in the dating scene. However, all that changes after an afternoon out with friends leads him to a Phantasy he never even knew he had.Not a BDSM
Rating: NC17

Pieces of You by Drotuno-rec'd by Nic
She wanted all of him, something he couldn't give her. He'd finally
found the one thing that meant everything, yet he belonged to someone
else. She wanted to believe everything he ever promised, but a heart can
only be so strong when faith is tested. Rated M/Canon couples/AH

Reconnecting Roads by MidnightLove87-rec'd by Sixdlb5/Midnight Cougar
Two exs join together after four years apart to make it home for the holidays before it's too late. E/B AH Rated M

River Dam by Jennyfly-rec'd by Jaime Arkin
Edward bides his time in Forks counting the days til he can leave the sleepy town forever. But fate halts his departure, and he must learn to see Forks as a home instead of a prison. Rating: R

Swinging Love by Greye Granger-rec'd by Mazzy Starla
Bella has been married to her high school sweetheart for the last ten years. Their marriage has gone stale, and they know that something needs to change. It's not conventional, but maybe a swingers bar will help them get back on track...But what happens when the last person she expects to see is at the same bar with his wife? E/B. AH. HEA. RATED M for lemons and language. BPOV.

Teenage Dreams by BelleDean-rec'd by Rochelle Allison
A smile, two bottles of wine, sweet kisses and great sex are all it took
to make idealistic Edward believe he's met the girl of his dreams. When
all his ideals and ambitions are crushed, is she still the girl for him?
E & B Rated: M

The Art of Getting Fluffed by ChocolateSparrow-rec'd by VampiresHaveLaws
Like every professional, Edward Cullen needs the right tools for the
job. But what happens when they just don't work anymore? Cue Bella Swan,
an expert at being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The adventures
of Bunny and Fluff. Rated M

The Coral Garden by Twentyfourth and vine-rec'd by The Saints Mistress
It's late, lights blaze with music and the beat is relentless. For one
girl and one boy, this isn't just another party. In the whisper silk
dark, everything changes. Do you search for your destiny or does it find
you? Do you choose love or are you chosen? Rated M

The Earth, It Trembles by Ginginlee-rec'd by Pawspeaches
A girl, a boy, a God, a life, a rebirth, an escape, an attempt at living again. Rated M

Zephyrus by ToxM-rec'd by Susan Q Susan
Her past a mystery, she's pulled west by something she doesn't understand.
"Isabella Marie Swan - I attempted to shed one more sin as I consciously
reverted back to my maiden name - you are new and reborn, time to go
where you seem to need to go." Vamps canon couples, AU Rated M

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Flash Fic Friday is here, come and see who's flashing us this week!

How does it work? Each Friday one admin of TLS posts a picture prompt here on the blog. Using this image, entries are created by commenting on this post. Submissions must be 100-300 words only. No more, no less. The entries are then judged and we post the winners here, each Friday, to share with all of you.

Picture prompt and judge this week is PAWsPeaches


"Thing is...
I really wanna be more than just friends."

You will have until next Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST to submit your entry.

Please leave your submission in the comment section at the bottom of the post using this format:
Your name (use your Twitter, Facebook or FFN name)
Your link to your FFN profile if you choose to share it
Submissions will be judged on Thursdays and on Friday the winning entry will be posted here.
This feature is open to everyone, so come one, come all!


Last week's prompt: 



Jonesn Fanfiction
word count: 300

I try to watch the road, peeking at you out the corner of my eye.

Your hair blowing in the breeze, your hand coasting the wind.

The smile pulling at your lips, makes mine do the same, and I don’t want to just look at you anymore.

I never just want to look at you, your hair and your hands and your lips.


All of you.

It’s almost painful, just looking.

Pulling off the shoulder, I take the old, beaten path, stirring up dirt and dust in my wake.

The winged seeds break from the surrounding trees, flutter and fly around you, falling into your lap and your hair and you laugh, picking them off and throwing them out to crunch under the turn of the slowing tires.

The lake’s just beyond the bush, the sun casting its glare, glimmering in waves and waves off the rolling, muddy water.

You watch it as I come to a stop, climb into the backseat, making you squeal in surprise as I take you with me.

Pushing open the back door, you try to escape, but I’ve got you.

I’ve always got you, wrapped in my arms to keep you where you belong.


Right here.

Giggling, you wiggle as I lie back, settling yourself on top of me, stomach to fluttering stomach, chest to beating chest.

Looking into those bashful, brown eyes, I hold your hair in my hands; lightly fingering the soft, auburn sheen and feel yours cradle the back of my head to pull my lips to your lips.

I can still taste the summer, sunset citrus you smeared on long before we left, the sweet tang coating my tongue as it slithers out to seek yours. And I feel like I could kiss you forever.

Forever and always.


Word Count: 296

"Did you like your nickname when you were little? Teddy, I mean," I clarify as though he had more than one.

"Mmm. I don't know. I guess I didn't really think about whether I liked it or not," Edward says as he tilts his head back a bit further into the soft, worn leather of the seat. His water bottle rests on the exposed skin of my lower back, his pinky just brushing against me now and then, with his right arm stretched above his head. His eyes are closed and he looks peaceful, almost as though he were asleep. "Why do you ask?"

"I think it's cute."

He scrunches his eyes closed tighter and laughs, jostling me a bit where I lay on his chest.

"Well, I've kind of grown out of it."

"Not for you. For a kid, a baby." I stretch my hand up above his head and grab his hand in both of mine. Our stomachs touch where our shirts ride up and the hair below his belly button tickles me.

"A baby, huh?" He smirks and cracks one eye open.

I nod, a bit nervously. I want him to be as excited as I am.

"Really?" he asks, a grin creeping onto his face.

"Yeah," I say softly, returning the grin.

"So, how long would you say we have to decide if Teddy seems like a good nickname for a baby?"

"A little less than eight months."

He brings both hands to my face and stares at me, his eyes studying as if he hadn't looked at me a million times.

"Are you happy?" I ask. I have to hear him him say it.

He answering smile is blinding. "I think, right now, that happy doesn't even begin to describe it."


Name: Chocaholic123
Word Count: 298

The summer sun beats down. Its warming rays dance across my skin, bleaching hairs and stirring memories I try to repress. Every year it's the same; like a hibernating animal awakening from a winter's sleep my libido stretches and curls. Your name trips across my tongue in a litany of prayers.

My skin tingles with the synaptic recall of your caresses. Invisible lines forged by your fingers are burned into my body, created when we were little more than children, made permanent by your persistent touch.

You'll break my heart again when you haphazardly stuff your cases in your trunk, pulling your Raybans down to block out the reflection of the September sun. But it's still June, and I let the butterflies flutter in my chest when I see a trail of dust in the distance, the air filled with the buzzing of weed whackers as gardeners clear a trail to your summer home.

I know you'll seduce me with a smile. I know I'll let you.

Down at the lake the water warms up, still sand disturbed by a hundred happy toes. I remember nights curled up with you by the shore, you moving inside me, whispering promises we both knew you couldn't keep. Every year it gets a little harder to fill the void you create, but still I let you dig at my soul until there's nothing left.

The dust cloud gets closer, and I can make out a car; new and shiny, the top pulled down so you can be baked by the same sun. I stand by the road, my body trembling with need, watching as you slow down to a halt.

You open the door and pull me inside, our legs tangling, our laughter mingling as your lips devour mine.

"I'm back."


Word count: 244

My fingers drum on the steering wheel. The wind whips through my hair.

Three hours. Only three more hours.

What's three hours on top of thirty days? When it's all that's left, it feels like a lifetime.

My convertible continues to rumble down the highway, and the engine protests as I floor the gas pedal. I know she can handle it though. She's been there since the beginning. She was there through all the firsts. She took us on our first date, to prom, on summer road trips, to college, and now she's gonna take me right back where I belong.

I exit the highway and it feels like the car is driving itself. She knows the way.

She takes me down the familiar dirt road that leads to you. But really, all roads lead to you.

It's always been you.

When I pull up in front of the quaint white house, you're already waiting. I leave the engine idling as I step out to get to you faster, but you beat me to it.

You're down those stairs and in my arms before I can stand up. And then we're both back in the car.

Right where we belong.

"Never again," I whisper between kisses to your face. "I told them I won't travel anymore."

"Never, Edward," you make me promise.

And it's right. The right time and the right place, because everything happens here.

"Marry me, Bella."

Your smile is breathtaking.



Name: CullensTwiMistress
FF link:

Word count: 300


I hate it.

Middle of nowhere with a flashlight and a tent. No running water. Friends all coupled off except for Cullen.

I hate Cullen.


“Bella, we’re going for a hike, you coming?” Rose asks.


I’m a sulky bitch, but whatever. I don’t hike. Give me a book and some bug spray, and I’m golden.

“You staying here?”

Ugh. Cullen.

I shrug. “Yeah. You?”

“Hiking. Not my thing.”

I nod. At least we agree on something.

My book’s good. Cullen…not so much. He’s distracting. All hard body and slick skin. His hair a dishevelled mess. He’s almost attractive. Meh, who am I kidding?

“Hey, Bella?”

My eyes slide up to his face. He smirks, knowingly. Asshole.

“You wanna go for a ride?”


“Come on. I don’t bite.”

I wish.

“Fine. But don’t try anything.”

I hate him.

He opens the door for me and I slide in. “Where are we going?”

“Beer run.”

The store isn’t far.

The way his forearm flexes every time he shifts is hard to ignore.

I hate him.

He puts the twenty-four into the back seat along with some bottled water, and gives me a knowing smirk.

Damn him and his sexiness.

“Find something you like, Bella?”

“Shut up.”

The ride back to the campsite is silent. Thank god.

I get out of the car and go around, but I trip on a branch and with a huff, fall onto Edward as he’s reaching into the back seat for the water.


“Are you okay?”

He holds me on top of him, one hand smoothing the hair back from my face; the other shifting my body so that I’m pressed comfortably against his.

I nod, looking into his eyes.

He grins and presses his lips to mine.

“I don’t hate you.”


Word Count: 299

“You’re doing great,” he says, shaking excess water from his head. It lands in gleaming droplets all over his face.

I watch a bead of moisture make its way down his long neck, trickling down the taut curve of his pectoral muscle, before landing on his firm, dark nipple.

My tongue wets my lips as I imagine licking that wet, soft spot on his chest.

His hand rests lazily on the fabric of his wetsuit, which is turned down to the waist. His other hand covers his face as yawns, before moving to join the other hand.

He whips the lower half of the wetsuit off.

I forget how to breathe.

I would never have considered a Speedo sexy.

But now that I see my kayak instructor, with his untamed hair and sun-kissed skin, water dripping down his perfectly sculpted six pack, the sexy “v” shape of his muscles dipping into the waistband of the scant navy fabric, I am mesmerised.

He’s talking, but the words are a blur.

I want to run my tongue along that “V”…

He tugs on my ponytail, interrupting my dirty thoughts.

“You need me to unzip you?” he asks. My cheeks heat - I’ve been caught staring. I quickly nod and turn around. The zip opens - his fingers linger against my skin longer than would be considered appropriate.

The heat pooling between my thighs finds it very appropriate.

I shake the wetsuit out, letting it fall to the floor.

He’s chugging from a bottle of water - I lick my lips again.

I want to be that bottle.

He releases it with a pop, offering it to me. I step forward, tripping on the wetsuit, sending us both flying through his open car door onto the backseat.

I gasp.

He’s rock hard.

I had a realllly hard time picking my faves this week! There were so many great flashes that I would love to see continued. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us.  ~Mel

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TLS Fics of the Week 6/25 - 7/1/2013- The Sexy Six are up!

Where Roads Converge by FluffyLiz

A homeless boy, hitch-hiking in the snow, a woman on her own, running from an abusive relationship. Is she crazy to stop, or are their paths destined to cross? Can this mismatched pair find sucour and salvation together, or will their pasts intrude and drive them apart? AH, rated M

I’m doubly delighted for my friend, the absolutely delightful FluffyLiz, as this is the second win for Where Roads Converge as Fic of the Week.  Last time it won, WRC was just starting out on the road, but now, as it nears its journey’s end, many have traveled it too, so this is for you, that fortunate minority who still have the pleasure of reading this story, stretching out enticingly ahead of you.

So, what’s it all about?  Edward is a poor and homeless young man who Bella literally picks up where roads converge in a cold, snowy England. Now, that is the simple meaning to the title of this tale.  For me, the real story is the converging of the individual roads that Edward and Bella were on until that fateful moment.  Although, they were going in the same direction, and both running away from their current plights, their life journeys, up to this point, couldn’t have been more divergent.

Bella is a fabulous, strong, wonderfully kind woman, ten years Edward’s senior, but you know, I forgot about the age difference even before they did; as sadly, Edward is aged and matured far beyond his years by his frankly horrific life.  Bella is the perfect person to help him put his nightmare behind him, to help him walk away from his dreadful past, but unfortunately, when I say nightmare, I mean that in more than one sense of the word.  Edward has traveled many roads, and lived a thousand lives, in his short but sad and sorrowful existence, and perhaps that’s what makes Bella all the more perfect to help him, as she has also lived through more than her fair share of drama, and trauma, too.

Edward thinks of Bella as an angel sent to save him, not only because she saved his life and gave him refuge, but because she gives him hope for his future.  Her tender care allows his exquisite soul to emerge and shine, and although he doesn’t realise it yet, she is blossoming, too.  I grant you, he is an unlikely knight in shining armour, more like young man in leather jacket astride a push-bike, but he does the job just as well and saves Bella right back.

The sweet, gentle way the relationship develops between these two beautiful
souls is a joy to behold, and we see that exemplified in this heartfelt passage from chapter 9…

Bella wearily made her way along the hallway to Edward's bedroom, his heartrending cries spurring her on, as she jogged the last few feet and threw open the door. She wasted no time in going to him.

Quickly discarding her robe and slippers and pulling back the covers, she climbed 
into bed beside him where he lay on his back. His hands were locked tight around 
his hair as he shouted his despair, but as soon as Bella put a gentle hand on his 
chest, his cries became whimpers, his hands falling away from his head.

"Shhh, it's okay, Edward, you're safe," she whispered, pulling herself closer to him 
as his arms crept around her and held her tight. She moved her hand in soft circles 
over his heart whilst continuing to murmur meaningless but comforting noises, until he finally quieted. A few minutes later, his even breathing let Bella know that 
he had fallen into a deeper sleep, and she stilled her hand.

A part of her was disappointed that Edward's subconscious was still tormenting him so violently, having bared his soul so dramatically that night. However, she 
couldn't say she was surprised, as it was inevitable that the events he had described 
would have left an indelible and terrifying mark on him. It would probably take 
months, if not years, of therapy before he could find a way to come to terms with it.
After Edward had queried Bella's kindness, she had been unable to answer, merely 
smiling and shaking her head. How could she tell him that she could do nothing 
else but help him? How could she explain that, in three short days, she had grown 
to care more for this beautiful, but troubled, young man than anyone else she had 
ever known outside of her family? How could she admit that she would do whatever 
it took to keep him with her for as long as he was willing to stay?...

…And without it even occurring to her that she should probably now get up and return to her room, Bella settled down beside him and fell asleep.

Had they been observed, it would have appeared as if they were connected by an 
invisible string, because, even in their sleep, as one would turn, so the other would follow. Each time, they would end up spooning, chest to back, as the one behind would drape an arm over the one in front.
In this way, wrapped in each other's warm embrace, they both passed the remainder of the night in dreamless slumber.

Where Roads Converge is written in third-person narrative, showcasing the perfect literary presentation for this intricate and unique story.  With this medium, FluffyLiz masterfully presents multiple points of view, and the many facets of all the fascinating characters woven into the story line; she has a lovely way of telling the story; she makes it seem effortless.  Ooh, and I’ll be remiss if I didn’t mention her imagery; it’s as though her words are hotwired to my inner eye as I can picture every scene vividly.  She conveys the emotions of the characters so powerfully I’m left with no choice but to empathise, cheer, smile, and yes, on occasion, shed a tear.  The UST is palpable but there is an eventual, err…satisfactory resolution of said UST and yes, for those inquiring minds that must know – Edward has a recovery time in keeping with his 19 years.  I’m not saying what feelings those particular scenes elicit. *blushes*

In a nutshell, this story is the dog’s bollocks – if you want to know what that
means, go read Where Roads Converge.

Caught Looking by Marvar
Sometimes it's easier to live your life for someone else.  To ignore your mundane days and sleep through your lonely nights.  And then one day, it's not enough.  A story about finding love when you're not even looking. You just get caught. Rated M

Never Said I Didn't by Purelyamuse
Edward is finally ready to play ball, but is Bella? Is it too late? The bases are loaded. He's just waiting for Bella to give him the signal to run. EPOV, Human, HS, Light Angst. Rated M

PSA: There should be a banner here... but it's a new story so we understand. Should anyone like to submit a banner for this story, please use the contact button on the sidebar to submit it to us, we would love to come back and fill this space in and we're sure that Cosmogirl would be delighted to see fan artwork for her new love.

Sanctuary by Cosmogirl7481
God had different plans. Change was inevitable. But it wouldn't come to me in the way I expected. Rated M for language and adult themes. Rated M

 photo Terroir_zps446e0cc1.jpg

Terroir by Thimbles
Isabella Swan uproots her life on a whim, moving halfway around the world in search of something more. Perhaps she will find what she's looking for in the neatly laid rows of Cullen Family Wines' Hunter Valley vineyard. Sometimes, it is the grafted vine that produces the more vigorous growth. Rated M

The Debt by Ta Paixao
Juniors in college, Bella and Edward live together under a tenseagreement. They aren't exactly friends - not anymore - but Edward has adebt to pay and a promise to keep. Edward will get his chance atredemption... Rated for all sorts of adult content. EPOV. Rated M

The Top Five Couples That Didn't Quite Couple:

I'm feeling like Bill and Jessica from True Blood need a shout out here, first. Everydamntime I think Bill and Jessica are gonna have their zing moment, something dissuades their call to action and it just pisses me right the **** off. They could be so good together. Jessica is so loyal and true and Bill is just the same... this ship just needs to happen. We all know that Sookie is gonna **** that man-fairy that just showed up and Bill will be a distant thought anyway.

Secondly, can we talk about Stefan and Caroline? I mean, my god... everyone can see that they both need to just fuck each others vampire problems right out of their systems and then see what a relief it is to have each other to do that with and then both realize how much fucking sense their togetherness makes. I mean, WTF Stefan and Caroline! Use your resources wisely, motherfuckers, gahd!

Thirdly, I'll be sure to highlight Lucas and Haley, from One Tree Hill, because those motherfuckers should have gone AWOL in love and had all the fun in the whole land. They were so accepting of one another, best friends and stuck by each other through thick and thin. They could've gotten at least one exploratory, sneaky fuck in for cryin' out loud. Such a let down.

Fourth on my list has to be Sebastian and Kathryn from Cruel Intentions. Look at theeeeeeese goddamn scoundrels. They were so meant for each other ya know? But it looks like family ties, jealousy, paranoia, hatred and sibling rivalry just kept these two sex fiends at odds with each other. I hate that because that sex could've been so explosive. Ultimately, we could've gotten some of the best choke-porn, to reblog on tumblr EVER, out of that scene that never actually happened. Snap.

Fifth and last of the evening is Jasper Whitlock and Bella Swan from that stupidass Stephenie Meyer novel, Twilight, that we all write fanfiction about.

All bullshit aside (because I know a lot of you only ship B/E) these two made a lot of sense together. Jasper was desperate to drink her, Bella was scared to death of him and rightly so, but all in all... he could've calmed her down... got her right where he wanted her and kept her there, drank from her and she could've enjoyed it as far as we know...and then a love story could have risen. But no, they just had to let Edward get his fifteen.

Of all the couples that never happened in the world, I know there are tons of better pairings than the five I've just listed. So let's hear what you've got... comment with your top five couples that didn't get to couple. TLS wants to hear about it... maybe we can even get someone (or a few) to fic it for us!

Thanks for Coupling with us! Love,


The TwiFotVContest is accepting entries!

A post from Anhanninen:

The Fruit's on the Vine TwiFic Contest

Jada's pregnant, y'all!

Wombfruit 2.0 is on his/her way!

Yep, the fandom has been predicting it for years, and now it's happened! Magical Robporn powers, I'm telling you. Probably specifically the fingerporn.

Now, let's celebrate this great news with a contest! We want babies. All the fic babies! But specifically, we want to see that moment. That incredible, amazing moment when a couple learn they're expecting.

Have they been trying for years? Was it a shock? Did hubby figure it out first? Is it time for baby number 2? I don't know! You decide! Just give us that moment and whatever else you'd like. Make us cry, laugh, ooh or aww, but make it special.

About the Contest: We're looking for one-shots that revolve around a couple finding out they're expecting. No matter what you write, that must be in the story. If you'd like to show us how it happened or go through the pregnancy and birth, that's up to you.

Judges and Contributors:

Find us on Twitter



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Secret Keeper:


Banner Makers:

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Length: 2,000 to 15,000 words.

Genre: Any genre is acceptable, but no heavy angst. This is meant to be fun and light. But I mean, hurt/comfort is totally cool :-)

Rating: Any rating. Lemons are not necessary, but are welcomed, so be advised when reading.

Pairing: Any.

Content Limitations: NO incest, bestiality, rape, RPF, pedophilia, or specifically, miscarriages — we want babies! Offending submissions will be disqualified upon receipt.

Number of Entries: 1 single entry per author plus 1 collaboration.

Continuations: After voting is completed and the winners have been announced, you’re free to continue your one-shot.

All submissions will be validated upon receipt for adherence to rules and a base level of quality. Please use a beta. If you don’t have a beta, Project Team Beta should be able to help you out. Judges cannot participate, beta, or pre-read submissions, so please don't ask them. If you can't find a beta, let us know and we'll try to help you find someone. Also, the secret keeper is willing to beta if you cannot find someone. She will not disclose who has entered, which entry is whose, and it will not give anyone a better chance in regards to voting or judging. She's just a nice gal who wants to help :-)

We encourage you to pimp the contest, but this is an anonymous contest and we'll be taking that quite seriously. Please, don’t hint about which entry is yours, and no pimping specific entries. The same applies to betas. Let's keep it fair for everyone, all right? We'd love to see first time authors enter and have a fun and fair place to stretch their fingers and minds.


Submissions open: June 1st, 2013

Submissions close: August 23rd, 2013 @ 11:59pm EST

Voting Begins: August 26th, 2013

Voting Ends: September 13th, 2013 @ 11:59pm EST

Results will be revealed the week after.

Submissions should include the following in the header:

The Fruit's on the Vine TwiFic Contest


Pen name: (will be removed)


Genre: (up to two, as listed on FFn)


Word count: (not including header)

We will add an "M" rating to all entries unless otherwise specified.

Submit via email at:

Qualifying submissions will be added to the contest page once validated.

For any questions, please contact us at

Please make sure to send submissions to the submissions email, so that we can keep anonymity.

Winners Chosen By:

Popular Vote 1st and 2nd Place.

Judge's Vote 1st and 2nd Place.

Jada's Favorite Pick.

Each Judges' Favorite Pick.


Each winning entry will receive a banner.

Each winning author will be offered an interview, which will go on the contest blog. Obviously, we want to know what inspired you!

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A new contest is coming your way:

Without even touching you, he whispers quiet words against your ear.
They're the kind of words that send chills to all the right places...and make you consider doing things you never thought you would before...

MagTwi78 and Nicffwhisperer are EXCITED to announce the kickoff of the Dirty Talking Edward Contest!!

Want the dirty deets?!
Follow us:

Twitter @DirtyTalkEdward



Jiff Simpson</a>


Winners’ Banner-maker and blog-mistress extraordinnaire:

Submit via email at:

Qualifying submissions will be added to the contest page once validated.

Questions? Tweet @DirtyTalkEdward, PM on, or e-mail us at DirtytalkinEdward


Length: 3,000 to 15,000 words

Genre: Any genre.

Rating: M only. Readers, judges and participants are all over 18.

Pairing: Edward and...anybody ;)

Content Limitations: NO incest, bestiality, rape, pedophilia, or RPF. Offending submissions will be disqualified upon receipt. No second chances will be given if you breach the rules.

Number of Entries: 1 single entry per author plus 1 collaboration.

Continuations: After voting is completed and the winners have been announced, you’re free to continue your oneshot.

All submissions will be validated upon receipt for adherence to rules and a base level of quality.â Please use a beta. If you don’t have a beta, Project Team Beta or Sparkly Red Pen should be able to help you out. Judges cannot participate, beta, or pre-read submissions, so please don't ask them :)

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Meet the Poll- What we're reading in TLS this week:

Here are the stories that made the top of our reading lists this week:

Bella Donna by JiffyKate-rec'd by Dolly Reader
Edward and Bella are similar creatures; they both screw people for money, but one of them goes for blood. It's nothing personal...until it is. Rated: Fiction M

Corporate Affairs by Chocaholic123-rec'd by Nic
Bella is a Management Consultant who works hard and plays harder. Edward is a Union Leader who fights for his workers' rights. She is brought in to change things at the Car Factory. He won't let her. The fight is on, attraction becomes obsession, and the lines between love and hate are blurred. BxE, AH, OOC. Rated M for eventual lemons. Rated M

Dancing in the Dark by Jaxon22-rec'd by Evilnat
"You can't start a fire, you can't start a fire without a spark. This gun's for hire even if we're just dancing in the dark." Immersed in a world of dance, drink, drugs, and women, Edward Cullen is the ultimate bachelor. Until he receives a late night phone call that changes everything. AH E/B Rated M

Hooked Up and Locked Down by LayAtHomeMom-rec'd by MoniNP
All he wants is a distraction. And a distraction is what he gets when a night out with friends leads to a steamy hook-up. Of course, sometimes things look different in the morning..but that's the trouble with one-night stands in locked down Boston. Rated M

Luckless by NinaQ-rec'd by Susan Q Susan
Everything about her was the same. Even after all these years, he'd recognized her, but it made no sense. There was no way she was the same woman. It couldn't be. He had watched her die. ExB. AU Rated M

May Be Reckless by Foreverx17-rec'd by Sunflower Fanfiction
"Everything changed when I had laid eyes on her. She was, without a doubt, the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. I stopped myself again. This was Charlie's daughter. Charlie, the man who had given me a chance when I felt like I was down on my luck. I would never undermine his trust by trying to get at his daughter. I knew why I wasn't good enough. I knew I had to stay away." Rated M

Mise-en-Place by Callmepagliacci-rec'd by Twific Crackmum
I recreated his mother's recipes when he was homesick. I made meal plans when he had to gain or lose weight for a role. And when he wanted chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne for another woman he was bringing home, I made them with all the love in my heart—the love he'd never see. So I showed him with my food. Rated M

Paper Heart by Hezpixie-rec'd by Jaime Arkin
Bella and Edward fall in and out of love over the course of 5 years. We begin at the end, we end at the beginning, and somewhere in the middle, we realize just how easy it is to lose each other along the way. Rated M

Ribbons and Bows by 2Shaes-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
Edward has always had a crush on Leah Clearwater and makes a birthday wish that only she can grant. Who knew his wish would open the door to a different set of complications?  Inspired by Emmy's Pervy Picspiration over on the PPSS blog. Rated M

Snare by Raum-rec'd by Edmazing
"The lives of Charlie and Bella Swan were devastated when Renée was murdered by a serial killer: The Drainer. Charlie, a former FBI profiler, is convinced that the killer is a vampire, and that those creatures are real. Nobody believes him, till the day he captures one of the undead." AU. Rated M

Tequila Sunrise by 2old4fanfic-rec'd by Evilnat
It started with a Tequila Sunrise and a drunken text to her ex, Jacob.
Then came two pink lines on a plastic stick. Now, she's trapped with her
stuck up boss in an elevator. He has an outrageous proposal that will
solve her need for cash and his need for human contact. She may need a
shot to decide. Rated M

The Cullen Legacy by Pattyrose-rec'd by Nic/Six Dlbfive
Legacy - A gift; sometimes unknowingly bestowed. Bella met Edward in a London pub, never imagining where each would be 7 years later: he a Congressman fueled by ever-growing political ambition, she the woman with an explosive secret that can end all his dreams. But Bella might soon find that revenge isn't all it's cracked up to be, and that Edward may harbor his own dark secrets. Rated M

The Good Luck Club by Lolo84-rec'd by Evilnat
Perpetually down on her luck, things start to turn around for Bella in the strangest of places. Her new job. At a strip club. When a certain … 'Client' takes an interest in her. But how long will that luck last? Romance/Suspense/Humor. AH. BPOV. Rated M

The Other Way by Honeybeemeadows-rec'd by Runtauga/Nic
Men, like jewels, require a setting. Even if the setting is the last place you'd expect. Rated M for language and other fun stuff. Fiction M

What the Eyes Don't See by Mamasutra-rec'd by Mercyrus Tales 
The secrets we keep in the name of loving another the most damning ones. What the Eyes Don't See, Can't Hurt the Heart. Sex, love, and betrayal makes the world a complicated place when there is too much to lose and not enough reasons to stop. ExL and ExB. Rated M

Friday, June 21, 2013

TLS's Flash-Fic Fridays are in full effect! Come and see who's flashing us this week: 6/21 - 6/25



Each Friday a new prompt will be posted along with the previous week's winners.

What exactly is a Flash-Fic? It's pretty much a spur of the moment, tiny
story, prompted by words, images or silliness. Not sure if you've ever
been on twitter when this has happened, but it's pretty awesome when it
does. It also happens often in threads, with a combination of people

How does it work? Each Friday one admin of TLS
posts a picture prompt here to the blog. Using this image, entries are
created by commenting on this post. Submissions must be 100-300 words
ONLY. No more, no less. The entries are then judged and we post the
winners here, each Friday, to share with all of you.


You will have until next Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST to submit your entry.

Picture prompt and judge this week is Edmazing.

Please leave your submission in the comment section at the bottom of the post using this format:
  • Your name (use your Twitter, Facebook or FFN name)
  • Your link to your FFN profile if you choose to share it
  • Submissions will be judged on Thursdays and on Friday the winning entry will be posted here, on the TLS blog. 
This feature is open to everyone, so come one, come all!


First Place

Name: CullensTwiMistress
FF link:
Word count: 300

My heart is going to beat right out of my chest and land on the ground.
The sound of my own scream gets lost in the midst of the rustling branches and leaves. I know she’s out here.
I saw her run out of the church, down the gravel driveway and into these woods.
Where is she?
With every inhale and exhale, my ribs ache from the cool air filtering in my lungs.
Leaning against a fallen tree, I spot a beaten path and an opening with some steps that seem to be carved out of the earth and trees.
“Bella?” I sigh, my voice faltering when I see her small figure balled up with her shoulders hunched and shaking; her white dress dirty and snagged.
She looks up at the sound of my approaching footsteps. Her cheeks are stained black from the mix of tears and mascara; her eyes shallow and her lips quivering.
“Edward?” Her voice is strained, but soft.
“Why did you run?” I kneel on the step below her and wipe her cheeks, listening to her sniffles as she stares at my face, her eyes wild.
“I couldn’t … I just couldn’t.”
My eyes bore into hers. For a brief moment I forget I was supposed to be the best man.
“Why not?”
She breaks out in another round of sobs and I instinctively wrap my arms around her, pulling her into me. I love this woman. More than I should. Seeing her like this absolutely breaks me.
“I can’t marry him, Edward.” I feel her lips against my skin as she speaks. The mere whisper of her breath sends a chill through my body.
I pull back slightly, searching her eyes. “Why not, Bella?” I implore, needing answers.
“Because he’s not you.”


word count: 300

She laughed at his seriousness.
Sixteen and tangled up, twirling, star gazing through treetops.
“I want a love that breathes meaning into life!” she screamed into the night. “A love that wants happiness above all else, no matter the cost.” Her words sprouted wings, twinkling into the sky like fireflies. “Do you believe in that kind of love, Edward?”
Spellbound, his heart clamored wild and uncertain.
“Oh, but you’re only thirteen,” she laughed again, floating down to earth to kiss his nose. “How would you know?”
But he did know. The stars counted how many times he’d dreamed of her, infinite, never-ending. He is a supernova; fated to burn and die and be born again.
She spins again and he is a North Star, knowing as long as he breathed he would love her.
The scandal was legendary, whispers and shock, a cake that would never be eaten.
He ran, only him, because the trees hid secret places only they knew.
Twenty-eight and she’s beautiful still, even broken and wet-eyed, sprawled in the grass. Her white satin sparkled in the few sunbeams that survive the twisted canopy of leaves.
“I’m sorry,” he said, out of breath. He jerked his bow tie and threw it on the ground.
“It doesn’t feel real..." slowly, her voice faint. “Everything’s muffled, in a mist. I feel like water draining through too much sand.”
Dropping to his knees, he lifted her chin.
“Don’t." She wiped under her eyes. “I was pretty an hour ago.”
He shook his head, kissing her fingertips.
“He didn’t love me, not really. I only saw what I wanted to see.” Her head lay soft against his shoulder. “Why didn’t I believe you?”
He sighed.
“Edward.” Sniffing, she trembled against him. “Will you stay?”
“Always," he whispered. "I’ve been here the whole time.”


Word Count: 298

I find you over the rise of the hill. Your dress and tears, all for him, fall into the dust.
You turn to me with red-rimmed eyes and ask me why he does this to you.
I don't know. It's all I can say, because if you were mine ...
Like the hundreds of times before, I wrap my arms around you. Whisper words to dry your tears and make you smile.
I press my lips to your hair. Summertime and pear drops.
Lace my fingers with yours, brushing my thumb over the raised silver line on your wrist—a childhood memory of our tree house.
I know the story behind every single mark on your skin.
I know you hate jelly and love peanut butter.
You love to dance to rock music but secretly adore terrible 80's pop.
You look at me with deep brown eyes, brimming with hurt, rejection, and betrayal. I want to punch his face, break something so he stops doing this to you.
The sunshine has kissed your freckles. A constellation I could draw with my eyes closed.
I hold you and tell you you're my world. An old joke you always giggle at, but it's so true.
I'll never love anyone the way I love you.

He comes to find you.
You tell me you'll be back later. Leave me with a hope-filled smile that'll be crushed the next time he feels like it.

I sit alone and watch the sun set fire to the sky.
To you, I am a safe harbour from the storm, but truthfully, I'm a ship tossed against razor sharp rocks, splintered and sinking. I can feel myself drowning, and for the first time, I realise I have to save myself.
Tomorrow, I'll tell you I'm leaving.


Word Count: 300

“Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”
Mrs. Brandon’s words run through my head again. Although she was teasing, her statement still struck a chord with me. A really fucking depressing chord.
Reaching down, I grab the champagne bottle by the neck and take several sips. The joy I felt three hours ago when Alice and Jasper exchanged vows is fading with the sunlight, quickly being replaced by self-pity. Both of my best friends are married now. And I’m alone. No one to bring along when I meet friends for drinks. No one to kiss. No one to huddle under the covers with on chilly nights.
Unless you count the cat.
Sighing, I set the bottle on the stair beside me and bend forward, resting my flushed forehead against the cool satin of my dress. Although Atlanta-born Jasper hardly has an accent, Alice decided on a Southern-themed wedding, trapping me in a pale yellow, Scarlett O’Hara gown all day. A stark contrast to the short, black bridesmaid dress I wore at Rosalie’s wedding last month.
“Miss? Are you okay?”
Startled, I sit up quickly and look at the shadowy figure standing two steps below me. He’s tall, wearing a dark suit. Since the setting sun is shining in my eyes, he’s also faceless. I squint, but still can’t see him clearly.
“Yeah, thanks. I needed some air.”
“And champagne?”
Laughing, I pick up the bottle and shrug. “It’s a celebration. Want some?”
“I don’t drink with strangers.”
“Bella.” I hold my right hand toward him. When his warm fingers wrap around my palm, squeezing gently, the current that spreads up my arm is surprising… strong… breathtaking.
“Bella,” he repeats. Shifting his stance slightly, he blocks the sun and I look into the most brilliant green eyes I’ve ever seen. “Hi. I’m Edward.”


words: 289

I run through the underbrush as fast as my bare feet will carry me. Even the sharp rocks scattered about in the dirt, don’t register on my soles the way the pain does in actual soul. The twigs crunch, snap, and break beneath me but I don’t stop until I get closer to the little creek down below.
This is our place, where the forrest—in all of its emerald and azure and magenta grandeur—breaks into a field of wildflowers, dancing and reaching up toward the bright sunshine.
I waited under that makeshift chuppah as attendees and even the preacher scrambled around trying to find you. But the more time that passed, the more apparent it became that you weren’t going to show. So, I ran.
The sob rips from my chest as my legs finally give way, and I sit with my face in my hands as tears stream through my fingers, down my arms, and drip onto my white satin dress. Why aren’t you here? We’ve planned this for months, yet I am left in trembling humiliation in front of all our guests.
A rustling in the shrubs beside me barley registers against the ache inside. But when your glorious face appears, and I can see that you’ve been seeking me out just as frantically as we had been looking for you, my tears dry up.
Your eyes take in my dress for the first time.
“Wow.” Though I’m a disheveled mess, the words out of your mouth are filled with lust and love, swirling magically into the crisp mountain air. Then you see the mascara running down my face and pull me to my feet and into your strong arms. “So sorry I’m late, love.”


Billi Cullen
Word Count: 299

The cold hard cement of the stairs was seeping into my skin. I could feel the pebbles grinding into my ass cheeks like tiny marbles.
I was supposed to be marrying the love of my life. How does a simple girl like me, end up marrying someone like him?
Exquisiteness in male form, bronze hair, green eyes and the longest fingers I’ve ever seen. Oh what those fingers do!
Too perfect. I need to rethink our impending nuptials before it’s too late to back out.
Shit, I’m a fucking idiot!
I love him, he loves me!
Standing up I brush my bum off, turning around quickly to run back to the sanctuary so he can’t change his mind!
I’m startled to see him standing there. His hand is outstretched to me, the smile on his face assuring me that we truly are meant to be.
“I figured you’d be back here,” he said sweetly, his green eyes blazing into mine, his smile wide and happy.
“I needed a moment, a time to reflect, if you will,” I replied, my voice soft, grabbing his hand, getting close in his embrace.
“Well I certainly hope you haven’t changed your mind and decided to marry that dog, Jake, instead?” he questioned, his brow raised, smirking while looking down into my eyes.
I smacked his chest, laughing lightly, saying, “No! Not Jake, only you... only you forever.”
He pulled me closer, leaning down to place the gentlest of kisses on my lips.
As we walked away I looked back over my shoulder to that cement step, I knew that our life might be like that sometimes. Hard, rough, rocky, but knowing it would be worth it in the end because what we had together was sturdy and strong, just like the cement.

The Lemonade Stand would like to also thank all of the participants. We thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the entries. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

TLS Fics of the Week 6/18 - 6/24: The Fab Five are up!

When You Least Expect It by Kare831
A broken man hires a broken single mother as his personal chef. As time wears on, she becomes so much more. A tale of what happens when you least expect it. Rated M

Reviewed by Jenny Leonard

There are many stories of Edward as a actor, but this one is my favorite so far.  There are the usual cast of characters in this story. C/E, J/A, Charlie and E/R in this story, but the main focus is Bella and Edward's journey.  Edward has gone through a very public break up with his long time live-in girlfriend, and actress.  Bella and her young son were abandoned by her husband.

The story is written from both points of view. The main being Bella's, but when we need to hear Edward's it is there.

Bella sees her place as his chef and tries to maintain her distance.  She has no qualms being friendly towards him while keeping it professional.

The morning of the big premiere, I arrived early to find him sitting on the sofa in the backyard with a cigarette in his mouth and a whiskey bottle on the table in front of him.
He's having a bad day and it's not even eight a.m. yet.

I pulled out my mug and another for Edward. Tea was a step up from whiskey.
"Is that for him?" Eric asked as I poured in the milk and added sugar.
I nodded.
Thankfully, I'd paid attention and knew the way he liked his tea. I pulled out some biscotti I'd made and wrapped it in a napkin and set it on a tray.

"Maybe you can talk to him," Eric mused. "You are slightly outside his inner circle and can offer an unbiased opinion."
"No offense, Eric, but my opinion is that it's none of my business. I was hired to be a personal chef not a therapist. I'll stick to what I know if you don't mind."

This is ultimately a love story above all else. It is a slow burn, but when these two finally admit their feelings verbally to each other there are fireworks.  Edward not only falls in love with Bella, but her 3 year old son as well.  As in any story and relationship there are hiccups along the way.
This story is now complete, but there are outtakes in the works.  If you want to read a beautifully written story about a man  who a woman and child came into his life and he freely gave of himself to them, than this is the story for you.

Hard Hearted by Counselor
1946. The boys are home from the war. Eddie meets Isbe at the movies. When I know more, you will too. Enjoy. Rated M

Everyone in the universe should read at least one Counselor fic, just so you know. Also? This story (Hard Hearted by Counselor) doesn't have a banner yet.  I'm sure at least one of you lovely ladies could whip one up for it? I'd be interested in coming back and posting it here if so.

How to Marry a Movie Star by Redtini
Hollywood heartthrob Edward Cullen and best-selling author Bella Swan have overcome distance, jealousy, old flames, and misunderstandings all for love. Can their relationship survive public scrutiny, unhealed scars, insecurities and deception? A/H. Rated M for Lemons, Language and everything in-between.

In the Debris by BeliveItOrNot
A story of unlikely friends, a story of family, a search for truth and a search of self. "She's everyone else's Isabella, but she's only my Bella." "I write a poem about a boy and girl who fall in love in the eye of a tornado." AH E/B V/J  Rated M

Kthxbai, PAWsPeaches

Tangled Up in the Mainline by Shellyduran
After losing her scholarship, Bella returns home to Block Island for the busy tourist season, hoping to raise enough money to pay her tuition. She had always listened to her father's warning about the transient fishermen that drift in and out of the port, until she saw a pair of intense green eyes watching her from under unruly bronze hair. AH, AU, ExB Rated M

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The Lemon Drops are birthday flavored this week in honor of one of my favorite people in the fandom and on the planet, Sue!  The betafairy, aka SueBee0619, has worked her magic wand on some of the best stories around, and has merped her way into the hearts of everyone who knows her.  I couldn't get Edward in her bed, so I’m settling for the next best thing- multiple scenarios with Edward in her uh, … head. ;) Love you, Sue, Happy birthday! Now let’s get to unwrapping!

Life Begins at 40 by Louise Lewin
O/S for A Jasper For Me. On the eve of Bella's fortieth birthday, her friends take her to Las Vegas. While there, she meets a young male stripper, Edward Masen, who may be just what she's been missing. Along with his Texan friend, can Edward show Bella life really can begin at forty? Some slash. ExB, ExBxJ, MA. Fiction M - Romance - Bella & Edward - Words: 7,312

Better than Birthday Cake by muggleinlove
Written for Jayeliwood's Sexy Eddie Contest. Edward is a chef that just opened his new restaurant with his life-long best friend, Bella. All Human, includes Chef Edward. Fiction M - Romance/Friendship - Edward & Bella -Words: 2,041

Boys of Summer by Rochelle Allison
Bella's sixteenth birthday is made perfect by a kiss from a beautiful boy, but then she doesn't see him again for three years. Does he even remember her? Surfers and secret kisses! Fiction M - Romance/Drama - Bella & Edward - Words: 6,759

Feel You from the Inside by hottygurl17
It's Bella's 18th birthday & Alice decides they need to celebrate. What happens when the night starts out as playful teenage adolescence & ends up in raw unadulterated lust? It'll be a night to remember, that Bella is sure to never forget. OOC/A Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor -  Bella & Edward - Words: 13,087

When in Venice by Packy 2.0
Edward and Bella have known each other most of their lives and he finally decides it's time for the next step in their relationship. What B believes is just a few days in Venice for her birthday turns out to be E's big shot at forever. Will she accept? Fiction M - Romance - Edward & Bella - Words: 14,176