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What we're reading in TLS this week:

TLS is excited to bring you a bundle of new treasures from some of our favorite authors on this fine Monday morning! We've sprinkled in a few spicy older gems to keep things interesting, for those that may have missed them. We guarantee you will find a few somethings to love in this roster of lemonade. Be sure to let the authors know where you saw them recommended and leave them some love.

♥ Nic & Six  

Anima gemella by Bravery89-rec'd by Nic
In the near future, productivity increases while crime decreases. Why? The government has developed a technology that determines who our soulmates are. Apparently, happy, bonded people don't break the law. Well, this system has ruined my life. I'm unhappy and fighting this bond with my deemed soulmate, Edward Cullen. Rated M

Clockwork Purple by Awkwardictator-rec'd by Nic
A cold, unwilling law student with one chance. An ambitious, dynamic professor with too many to count. Discord turns to sparks. AH/AU. Rated M

Conditions may apply by Mathisson-rec'd by Nic
Bella ends a long term relationship after finding out that she will never meet his, "conditions". Edward is a heavy weight hopeful, fighting his way to the top. But when events get between the two, an unsuspecting person trys to make things right. "Bella, haven't you heard that the best way to get over one man is to get under another one."  Rated M

Dark Paradise by Allihavetodoisdream-rec'd by VampiresHaveLaws/Nic
She lives in a make-believe world of open roads and endless freedom to escape an addiction-riddled mother and a grabby older man with sick intentions. Adrift in a place of uncaring hearts, she makes her getaway. She finds a ratty old motel, late night smokes, a new life, and a boy with a past as clouded as her own. A boy with a dark gentleness too beautiful to ignore. Rated M

Forget Her Not by CrimsonHarps-rec'd by Nic
Bella has hated Edward for years, but thanks to a recent head injury, she doesn't seem to remember who he is let alone her feelings of intense hatred. Meanwhile, Edward decides to have some fun with his favorite adversary when the opportunity arises. What's a girl who can't remember supposed to do when her sworn enemy claims they've secretly been friends with benefits for months? Rated M

Grad Night by RobzBeanie-rec'd by Nic
One last high school event changes Bella's life in ways she never imagined. *BANDWARD CONTEST ENTRY* Rated M

In Bloom by Queenofgrey-rec'd by Edmazing
All of the choices he made allowed him to find her, then forbid him from having her. Broken hearts, unforgivable sins, betrayed lovers. "I am not yours. You are not mine." - AH, rated M for mature themes.

Key West by Pattyrose-rec'd by Nic
Bella is 5 minutes away from what's to be her happiest day - when a phone call changes it all. Frustrated and pissed-off, she embarks on a 10 day vacay to Key West, hoping for some space in which to clear her head, but when she meets the cocky, flirty and sexy-as-sin diving instructor, her plans take a much steamier turn. Rated M

My Life as a Trophy Wife by JennaRay-rec'd by AlliZ
Sometimes marriage can be more like a business agreement. Broke college student Bella and her best friend's Lawyer brother, Edward, have come up with just that. A business agreement to make life easier for them both. First comes marriage, then comes? Rated M

My Nightingale by Edward's Eternal-rec'd by Nic
Edward, a photographer without roots, meets Bella, a nurse in the ER after a slight mishap. He is everything she isn't allowed. She is everything he didn't know he needed. Together they make their way, fighting against what threatens to separate them. Rated M

Rain Must Fall by Drotuno-rec'd by Edmazing
It's always been said that Mother Nature finds a way to assert her power. This time, she unleashed something that walls and fences couldn't contain. Separated by an entire country, Edward and Bella must fight to stay alive in a world determined to destroy them, a world Edward must cross to get to his family, and a world where the dead don't always stay dead. Rated M

Resurfacing by NewTwilightFan-rec'd by Nic
Bella is anxious to finally meet the object of her desire: handsome, wealthy, enigmatic Edward Cullen. After almost three years of talking and teasing via e-mail, text and phone calls, is she truly ready for something real? Rated M

Starting New by Topsycrets17-rec'd by Nic
Bella was devastated as her parents forced her to change high schools at the end of her Sophomore year. But when her two best friends decide to transfer with her, they become determined to make their time at Roosevelt High count. But what's in store for them?
Rated M

The Bella Swan Scholarship Fund by Eulined price-rec'd by Edmazing
Bella's discovery of an unwanted gift provokes an unintended reaction. AU. Rated M

The Screamers by KiyaRaven-rec'd by Tammy V.
Street kid. Rockstar. Worlds apart and yet so similar. Sometimes fate throws people together for a reason, and sometimes two people that rub each other the wrong way make the best sparks. Rated M

Three Dogs and a Painting by Compass54-rec'd by Suebee Betafairy
A divorcee painting a beach landscape. A stranger and his young dogs playing on the sand. The story of how a childhood vacation, two mutts, a pedigree pug, an incomplete painting, and an ex-husband all play a part in bringing these two together. A birthday present for Planetblue. Rated M

Through the Flames by SparklingTwilight-rec'd by Maplestyle
One fateful night, 29y/o Edward must make the decision that haunts every firefighter's worst nightmares. In choosing between his life and that of another, life altering repercussions arise. Rated M. Contains graphic descriptions of fire. Rated M

Tougher Than The Rest by KoalaLou-rec'd by Cared Cullen
I didn't expect my weekend to consist of anything more than a family wedding…then I met Bella and my world was blown apart. Could I accept her reality, once I'd finally learned what that even was? Rated M

Walk With Me by Windchymes-rec'd by Sixdlb5
Bella makes a decision she believes is for the best, but it seems the universe doesn't agree. Rated M

Yosemite Decimal by MagTwi78-rec'd by EvilNat
Bella has nailed her dream job as Seattle Times' newest Outdoors writer. She's found new friends and is settling into life in her new city. Things are coming together for her, but an arrogant stranger sends her reeling at every turn. Will her new life be as comfortable as she'd hoped, or is she set for a rocky ride? Rated M

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TLS Special Sneak Peek Feature

The Lemonade Stand has spent years bringing you the best the fandom has to offer, and we are very excited to have the chance to offer you MORE. We've watched stories grow and develop from first post through COMPLETE in The Nursery, and now we're sharing previews of the stories that will soon be your new addiction. 

This week, the lovely pattyrose, author of the standout story The Cullen Legacy, shares some info on her exciting new story The Age of Innocence with us.

Summary - WWII: a time when unthinkable monstrosities brought about by cowards led rise to unimaginable bravery by everyday heroes. It was a time when young boys became men, and young women became everything. Our story begins on the eve of this era…the eve to the end of innocence.
Rated M. AH. E&B

Here’s the response of my beta, Michelle, when I first shared the outline for my new story with her: 
“Holy &@%$!#, I’m going to cry so much!”

Me: “Well, go get your Big Girl Panties on and pull ‘em up high!”

She did go get her Big Girl Panties. And she pulled them up high.

And she still cried.


But she also laughed.

And she sighed.

And she gasped.

And she smiled.

Because a story that begins with the Second World War looming in the background can be heart-wrenching – yet it can be so much more than that. 

It’s a reminder that no matter the generation or what global events may be shaping our world, we remain the same. Regardless of what’s going on in the background, our personal experiences and resulting emotional reactions do not alter from generation to generation. We all experience the deepest devotion, the closest friendships, the greatest losses, the toughest conflicts, the most satisfying intimacies, and of course…the greatest of loves. 

Love, in its most fundamental form, always remains. And when you have the kind of love that will sustain you through the darkest of days, yes, there may still be tears, but there will also be so much more.

The Age of Innocence is a coming-of-age story set against the eve to the end of one generation’s natural, inborn innocence. Through the eyes of a young girl growing up as part of our “greatest generation,” we get glimpses of a nation struggling to prevail through the events occurring around them.

“Where are you going?” 

“Why, to the army air corps, of course. To fly a bomber - soon as I turn 18. Pop says he won’t sign for me before then, so I’ve got six more years to wait. I’ll watch Sandy for you ‘til then, Bella, but after that, you and your mutt are on your own.”

My mind was already wandering to what I’d do with Sandy after Edward left to fly his bombers. 

But then something hit me. 

“Why’d you call me Bella? No one calls me that.”

He gave me another shrug. “You’re too tiny for a name like Isabella.”

It was a time when the unspeakable horrors of monsters led rise to the bravery of heroes, and The Age of Innocence follows one young man as he grows to become one of those heroes.

Yet, at its heart, The Age of Innocence is a love story between two individuals whose lives are forever altered by the circumstances of their times… 

“Listen to me!” he demanded. “It was never what I thought you’d do to me! It’s what I’ve always known I’d do to you!”

“What will you do to me?” I cried, my voice shaking with the desperation I could no longer hold back.

He rushed me then, cradling my face in his warm hands, his emerald eyes locking me in their frenzied gaze.

“Bella, it’ll kill me to leave you,” he said hoarsely. “Yet I know that someday I’ll have to. I have to. But I love you. I think I’ve always loved you, in one form or another.” His voice broke then, and the pain in his eyes brought the tears I’d been struggling to hold back to the forefront of my own. “I love you, yet I can’t promise you I won’t go, and you deserve so much better than that because where will that leave you? Waiting to begin your life? You’re everything to me, Bella, and if you ask me to stay…I’ll stay, but the entire time, I’ll hate myself for being such a coward.” 

It’s the story of two young people whose most basic decisions are pre-determined by the state of the world around them…

He rested his forehead on mine. “I’m afraid,” he whispered, his soul bared to me so that I could see how truly terrified he was. “I’m not afraid of going out there, or of being in that dark sky littered with hundreds of other men hell-bent on shooting me down. I’m afraid of losing you, of being somewhere where I can’t hold you…kiss you…call you mine. I’m afraid of an oblivion that won’t include you. It’s all I’m afraid of.” 

I wrapped myself around him as tightly as possible, wishing with all my might that I could somehow give physical form to my love and transform it into a shield because if I could do that, then my shield would be impenetrable. 

“We’ll never lose each other, Edward. No matter what may ever come our way. You’ll come back to me because you hold my heart in your hands, and it’s your duty to bring it back. So you will return, and then I’ll always be yours, and you’ll always be mine.” 

The Age of Innocence will be told mainly from Bella’s POV, though there will be EPOV chapters later on in the story. It will update twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, and will begin posting November 10th.

 So while you may want to go get on those Big Girl Panties, don’t forget to also grab an old-timer radio, some big band music, and be prepared to remember that true love has no set era. 


Don't forget to pop pattyrose on alert so you don't miss out!

♥ Kim

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What we're reading in TLS this week:

We hope you had a fantastic weekend and are excited to start your Monday off right with some delicious Lemonade Stand recs! We have the perfect balance of sweet and tart for you today with some intense Edwards, some sweet Edwards, a playboy Edward or two, and maybe even a daddy Edward. Sit back and choose one or ten to enjoy! Be sure to let the authors know where you saw them featured and leave them some love.

♥ Nic & Six  

A Measure of Grace by SaritaDreaming-rec'd by Cappricorn75
A virus sweeps over the earth, killing man and man's best friend. For the few survivors, the nightmare is just beginning. Who set the virus free, and how far will the remains of the government go to find a cure? An innocent girl, a fiercely loyal dog, a jaded man with a past. Can they survive this new world and its secrets? Rated M

Addicted by Cosmogirl7481-rec'd by Nic
Bella has a secret. But how long can she really keep it in the closet? A sexy little story with humor and drama. Rated M

Balancoire by Gemini13me-rec'd by Nic
"Perfect balance is like a razor's edge; it can be found only in the Self." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Rated M

Dirty Little Secret by Sexysiren1981-rec'd by Nic
There is nothing more tempting than the forbidden. That goes double for Edward Cullen. Rated M

Dissonance by Mortissues-rec'd by Edmazing
I haven't so much made a success of myself as simply fallen through the cracks in my life and somehow landed buttered side up. I am toast. The fifty percent lucky slice that you rescue from your kitchen counter and shove in your mouth as you run out the door, breathless and late, to start your new day. Rated M

Exposed by Kdc2239-rec'd by Nic
An influenza pandemic occurs when a new virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness. The story of two strangers surviving when they only have each other. Rated M

First of the Month by Iambeagle-rec'd by Cappricorn75
Edward leases out his late aunt's house for extra cash. 'Property Management for Dummies' should've prepared him for this. Rated M

Flavor of the Week by JennaReads-rec'd by Sixdlb5/Nic
Edward's a breath away from losing his dream of a successful college football career and a chance in the NFL. Bella's just trying to make it through college without losing her mind in Edward-inspired fantasies. When these two goals intersect, all's fair in love and football. Rated M

Getaway by Maeibeyours-rec'd by Nic
An escapist vacation. A one-night stand between two strangers. A small world. Rated M

Glycerine by Livie79-rec'd by AlliZ
Glycerine: Sweet, clear, odorless...harmless, unless mixed with the wrong ingredients. When Bella decided to fulfill a fantasy, Edward was happy to oblige. No strings, no obligations. But when their paths cross months later, a spark is ignited and the tables are turned. Will the highly combustible mixture of lust and love survive or create an explosion that will destroy them both? Rated M

Indelible by Bannerday-rec'd by Nic
Some experiences, some people, stick with you forever, leaving their mark on your memories. You can't escape what they meant to you and you can't re-write the past. It's indelible. But the future isn't set in stone…it's yours to write. A story about forks in the road of life and a past with a future. Rated M

Omens by MissJanuary-rec'd by Heatherl8367
One hundred years of swirling, living ink. Layers of words, history unravelling on skin. Tattward and Inkella. Not a fairytale. Rated M

Pop Religion by FyreMasen-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
The Pop Religion tour has paired sexy pop star, Issa Swan, with the leading Christian rock band Pure Religion. After watching sexy but chaste lead singer Edward Cullen perform night after night and really getting to know him, she can't take it anymore. Tonight, she intends to make him hers. *First Place Public Vote in Bandward Contest* Rated M

Ride and Prejudice by ClaireBamboozle-rec'd by Evilnat
Life is a series of choices and making the wrong call can change someones life forever, just ask Edward Cullen. Rated M

Rise by Rochelle Allison-rec'd by Nic
Bella is a bad boy's girl, living a life she no longer wants. She's trapped, until one of the things that keeps her confined - her bodyguard - becomes the very thing that could set her free. Rated M

The Good Luck Club by Lolo84-rec'd by Cappricorn75
Perpetually down on her luck, things start to turn around for Bella in the strangest of places. Her new job. At a strip club. When a certain … 'Client' takes an interest in her. But how long will that luck last? Rated M

The Missing Ingredient by Edward's Eternal-rec'd by Nic/Midnight Cougar
Chef Edward is used to people fawning over his cuisine. Enter Bella. She would far rather grab a cheeseburger at her favorite place- McDonald's. What is Chefward to do but try and show her the errors of her ways? But can she teach him anything? Rated M

There's a Word for It by Eiluned price-rec'd by Evilnat
I hadn't liked 17-year-old boys even when I was 17. So what is it about Edward Cullen that's so compelling? Whatever it is, I can't afford to find out. Rated M

White Collar Boxing by RosieRathbone-rec'd by Evilnat
Retired boxer-turned CEO, Edward Cullen, is about to face his biggest challenge yet when he is landed with his teenage daughter for the summer. With the help of his feisty PA, Bella, maybe they can find something to bond over? Rated M

You Came Too Early by Elliania-rec'd by Jenn G.
Edward and Bella married too young and for all the wrong reasons, so no one acted surprised when their marriage crumbled down. Two kids and five years later, events force them to live under the same roof for a while. Will they realize what they lost? Rated M

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TLS Special Sneak Peek Feature

The Lemonade Stand has spent years bringing you the best the fandom has to offer, and we are very excited to have the chance to offer you MORE. We've watched stories grow and develop from first post through COMPLETE in The Nursery, and now we're sharing previews of the stories that will soon be your new addiction. 

This week, the lovely drotuno, author of the brilliant story Masen Manor, shares some info on her upcoming story Rain Must Fall with us.

Rain Must Fall
Summary: It’s always been said that Mother Nature finds a way to assert her power. This time, she unleashed something that walls and fences couldn’t contain. Separated by an entire country, Edward and Bella must fight to stay alive in a world determined to destroy them, a world Edward must cross to get to his family, and a world where the dead don’t always stay dead. Rated M AH/ExB
I always say I’m going to take a break, but it never seems to happen. I mean, I did take time away from writing, aside from two short projects, and I caught up on some reading, but this particular plot has been running around in my head for two years. It took three outlines to find exactly what I wanted. I’d take it out, poke at it, and stash it away again. It never seemed right.
This gave me a chance to put my love of action, The Walking Dead, and Resident Evil into play with my love of Edward and Bella. Though, it’s not a crossover.
Rain Must Fall will post every Sunday, starting tomorrow, the 12th. Though, I’ll most likely post extra chapters every now and then. Here’s a peek at the prologue that goes live tomorrow:
April 10, 2013
Hurricane Beatrice Sets Course for Disney World
Tropical Storm Beatrice has gained speed and strength as it sits off the west coast of Florida. It shows no signs of slowing down, and its path seems set to barrel through the Sunshine State.
As a precaution, state officials, upon the order of President Parker, have ordered military backup and security to be brought in to not only secure military bases but to lend a helping hand once the storm passes by. Troops from all over the country are being ordered into the tropical state.
The Red Cross is asking for volunteers in the medical and construction professions to lend a helping hand…
April 15, 2013
Category Five Storm Destroyed Most of Central Florida, Military Base in Crumbles…
Due to the sustaining hundred and fifty mile per hour winds, several beaches, towns, and ports along the west coast of Florida were destroyed. Hurricane Beatrice’s strength built over the course of two days, stirring up waves in the Gulf of Mexico that rivaled that of a tsunami. Tampa Bay—mainly Bayshore, Davis Island, and MacDill Air Force Base—are in crumbles. The military base is now partially under water, with very little hope of salvaging any of the buildings. Most aircraft were evacuated several days prior, and the ones unable to fly were damaged or underwater.
From Panama City, south to Port Charlotte, the damage is unimaginable. Power and phone line outtages are scattered throughout central Florida, and communication is down at Patrick Air Force Base on the eastern coast. While the Atlantic side of the state didn’t have any high waves or flooding, they did receive high winds and several tornados.
There are rumors of security breaches at Patrick AFB, but government officials say the base is under control…
May 2, 2013
Reports of Untreatable Flu-Like Symptoms Coming in from Japan, Great Britain, and U.S.…
The CDC—the Center for Disease Control—has issued a warning of a new global flu. It’s been reported that a new highly contagious virus is making its way around the world. The new strain has caused a few deaths in Japan, Great Britain, Brazil, and the U.S. Citizens are being warned to cancel any travel plans and to stock up on supplies.
“Staying home and out of the public is the best way to avoid catching this new influenza,” states a member of the CDC, who wishes to remain anonymous. “It spreads quickly. The symptoms are high fever, nausea, even death…”
May 5, 2013
All Air Travel Temporarily Shuts Down to Contain Virus…
Airline officials called a press conference yesterday, stating that all flights in and out of the U.S. are canceled, with no date in sight as to when they will resume.
Military officials stated that due to the damage inflicted by Hurricane Beatrice and the recent influenza scare, the entire state of Florida is quarantined. No flights are allowed in or out of the state, and road blocks are stopping any traffic. People are being urged to stay home…
May 7, 2013
President Parker Succumbs to Virus, VP Now in Command…
Vice-President Hawkins was sworn in as Commander in Chief yesterday, due to the untimely death of President Parker. No statements or autopsy reports have been issued, but according to anonymous tips, President Parker was taken ill with the flu that has claimed the lives of reported thousands around the globe.
The Department of Defense has stated that contact with the governments of Japan, China, Great Britain, and Russia is down. According to satellite images, there are power outtages across the globe.
Religious groups, including the Vatican, have issued a world-wide statement that the end of days are near…
May 10, 2013
Rumors of Virus Being a Leaked Bio-Weapon Causes Uproar in D.C.…
Thousands of protestors outside the White House fence were urged to go home. Martial law has been effect for several days in various cities around the country. Most communication has been lost, and power is out in the larger cities from New York to Los Angeles.
Congress, Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense refuse to answer for what has now been dubbed “The Zombie Apocalypse.” The massive flu virus is now rumored to be an escaped bio-weapon that had been housed at Patrick AFB.
Scientists have stated that the virus starts as flu-like symptoms, only to destroy the brain tissue. The result is something out of a horror movie. Most states have reported more deaths, fires, and these reanimated bodies, but since communication is down in over 85% of the country, there are no updates.
Looting, riots, and fires have all but destroyed our city of Seattle. Due to the fluctuating power issues, the Seattle Times cannot continue to publish. We wish everyone the best, and may God have mercy on our souls…
 Don't forget to pop drotuno on alert so you don't miss out!
♥ Kim

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TLS Special SNEAK PEEK Feature

The Lemonade Stand has spent years bringing you the best the fandom has to offer, and we are very excited to have the chance to offer you MORE. We've watched stories grow and develop from first post through COMPLETE in The Nursery, and now we're sharing previews of the stories that will soon be your new addiction. 

This week, the talented Mortissues, author of the enigmatic stories Troika and The Blue Hour, shares some info on her upcoming story Dissonance with us.

Hey, hey! Edmazing here grabbing your screen to introduce this week's Sneak Peek by Mortissues. I'll admit, I was late to the Morty party and I'm kicking myself for it. lol Her stories are packed with intrigue, wit, and sexual tension. And yes, folks- she does deliver on all that want. 

I ate up the chapter she shared and CAN'T WAIT for this story to start posting. We've got a seemingly self assured Bella and a reformed playboy Edward... which sounds like the perfect ingredients for a whole lot of fun to me. But don't take my word for it, check out this excerpt she's sharing here with us. You're going to want to make sure you're following her ASAP.


The weekend is over too soon, all of us heading back to our lives.

Rose and I are stretched out on the back seat of Em’s SUV while he drives me to the airport.

“I liked Tanya.”  She observes idly.

“She was nice.”  I agree.  “Which is a good job if she’s going to be your sister in law.”

“Steady on.”  Em interjects.  “Just because she’s his longest serving girlfriend, and the only one he’s ever brought home, doesn’t mean he’s going to marry her.”

“He’s gotta give up and settle down sometime.”  I point out.

“There’s life in the old dog yet.”  Em asserts with misplaced pride.

“Life?”  Rose snorts.  “He ought to be exhausted by now and ready to hang up his dick, assuming he hasn’t already worn it down to a short stub.”

“Ew.”  I groan, taking a swig from my bottle of water.  “Anyway, I liked her and I thought she coped with the insanity that is the Cullens, no offence Em, rather well.”

“She didn’t do bad.”  Rose concedes.  “She was more worried about meeting you.”

“Me?  What on earth for?” 

“Well now let me see.”  Rose laughs, checking off her fingers.  “You’re beautiful.  You’re smart.  You’re rich.  You’re famous.  You’re a part of the family and you’re one of the few girls, other than her, that Suaveward’s boinked more than once.”

“Boinked?”  I snort.

“Yeah.”  Em laughs.  “Since when did you start using euphemisms my Thorny Blossom?”

“It’s for Bella.”  She says airily.  “She might be all hot and badass these days but she still reacts like Pavlov’s Dog and flushes up if anyone mentions fucking.”

A pause.


“Thank you Rose.”  I growl as heat floods my cheeks.

“No problem.  Build you up, knock you down, its how I roll.”

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♥ Kim