Saturday, July 30, 2011

TLS Lyrics & Lemons o/s Contest Winners Announced!

The purpose of this contest was to challenge authors to pick a song, and bring that song to life through a story. I know it's all been done before, I'm sure...... But, it's never been done before like this.... these stories...... these songs......

I am beyond impressed, extremely excited and forever thankful to all of you who wrote for this contest, who busted ass to help with this contest ( I'm looking at you MzB, Crooked Smile and Suebee0961) who judged for this contest,  and the awesome team of validators who kicked ass to validate for this contest.

A special thank you to evilnat for the Award Banners design. Under each Award I have placed a link to the corresponding Author's profile page. This was an anon contest so a lot of the authors do not have their one shots placed on their profiles yet but they will soon. If you do not see the one shot on the profile, you can simply place the author on alert and you will be notified by email, when they upload or you can click here to be directed to the contest profile to read it there.

Thank you all, for making this contest a success.

I give you the winners of the 2011 TLS Lyrics & Lemons o/s Contest:

Best All Around
Is Forever Enough by Welcome2MyWorldxoxo

Best Interpretation of Song
Nothing by troublefollows1017

Best use of Lyrics
Is Forever Enough by Welcome2MyWorldxoxo

Best Lemon
Nothing by troublefollows1017

Encore Award - The o/s that left us wanting more
One Night by momof4luvntwisaga

Judge’s Pick- Jaime Arkin
The Sky Comes Down, Kaleidoscope by YellowGlue

Judge’s Pick - Lamomo
Is Forever Enough by Welcome2MyWorldxoxo

Judge’s Pick - PAW’sPeaches
One Night by momof4luvntwisaga

Judge’s Pick – Malena Mssl Masen
Stalking is as Stalking does by sweetpoeticjustice

Judge’s Pick – FanboyMike
Our Fairytale by Robicorn

People’s Choice 1st Place
Someone Like You by branchirps

People’s Choice 2nd Place
The Sky Comes Down, Kaleidoscope by YellowGlue

People’s Choice 2nd Place
Hotel California by dancnstacy09

People’s Choice 3rd Place
Public Enemies by MandyLeigh87

Honorable Mention
Paperweight by Meguhbot

Honorable Mention
Lead Me To The Truth by One Brave Lamb

Honorable Mention
Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not? by ImHereToReview

There were so many amazing one shots written for this contest that aren't even mentioned here and I would hate for them to be missed. Please be sure to check the Lyrics & Lemons o/s Contest profile on ffn to get a peek at all of the entries.

I had quite a few favorites, which made it extremely hard to choose just one.  This contest pulled me out of my box, surprised me and saw me smiling every day, with every entry that I read.

Before this contest, I stuck with my usual preferred pairings and Carlisle/ Bella was not one of them. I was taken away by the beauty of a one shot "I'll  Stay Instead" by luluvee. This was a C/B pairing (not my usual, again) but I was blown away by the writing style. This story was brilliantly stunning, original and so beautifully expressed. Please don't miss that one, no matter what pairing you prefer, you can't deny the beauty of this story.

Another one shot I enjoyed was "Everywhere" by CaraNo. because it left me with a butterfly-high and an enormous grin on my face. "In Your Room" by jtmd24 was beautifully written and so original while "Wonderful Tonight" by KitsuShel was a supreme reflection of the song by Eric Clapton and such a heart warming, romantic story. I know that I'm missing a few even now and I apologize. Please go and read all of the entries with an open mind and enjoy them, I did.

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