Meet the Ladies of TLS

Meet the Ladies of TLS

Hi everyone, I'm PAWsPeaches.

This blog was created to reflect our facebook group where we share what we're reading and loving, and where we hang from the chandeliers, flashing each other occasionally. We have been lucky enough to have a few guys join us in our crazy group but for the most part, it's 360 beautiful women. We are all avid fic readers with a large part of our group being extremely talented, well known, fanfic authors as well.

Each week we post and share what we are reading and enjoying, within the group, and at the end of each week we throw all of the recs on a poll. Tweets, Facebook status updates and tumblr posts are sent out regarding the poll. The poll is open for voting through the week (2-3 days) and ends each week with 5 (sometimes we have a tie) winning "Fics of the week". Each TLS FIC OF THE WEEK is featured on The Lemonade Stand, added to the Award Winning Fics page and also receives the official TLS seal of approval. Only Fics that are voted through the poll as "Fics of the week" are given TLS seal of approval.

I'm blessed to know this great group of people and I thought you should have an opportunity to meet a few of them as well. I've listed just a few of us that are on twitter and below this you can find ffn profiles and story links. I love all of these ladies and you will too. First, I will introduce the TLS admins. These ladies work hard to keep the facebook group organized and functioning, which in turn, keeps this blog alive. Before they came into my life, I was doing this alone... now, I just put the poll up each week and handle the behind the scenes blog stuff while these ladies kick ass to bring recs to you each week. Special thanks and lots of love go to the TLS Admin Team:


Well some might say I'm addicted to reading. I might say I'm addicted to reading Twilight fanfiction. I've been an avid reader my whole life. I help with the rec list on TLS. I recommend stories to our readers and gather other people's recs. I am an Edward lover so you will mostly get those type of recs from me, but I'm glad to help anyone find what they are searching for fic wise. If you need a rec find me on Twitter, @Nicffwhisperer or on fb, Kennedy Nicole Cullen.


Thanks to fanfiction I am a born again... reader. haha The many flavors of E have rekindled that fire and now I devour, seek out, and share stories filled with heart and heat as much as I can. I'm a one size fits all admin. I serve up one shots on the Lemon Drops, put special features together, and help with the blog side of things; banners, reviews, links, and whatever comes up in between. Have a rec? Got a question?  PM me on ffn and I'll try to get to the bottom of it for you. Happy reading!

Jaime Arkin aka Jarkin33

I started as a reader a long, long time ago but realized I wanted to do more in this lovely fandom. I got involved in a few blogs along the way and slowly started writing my own stories and then collaborations under the name aftrnoondlight, making banners, then reviewing and recommending stories.  I was welcomed aboard the TLS blog to help where needed. I occasionaly write reviews and make banners here, but I get to work with the fic Nursery which is near and dear to me! So, if you're looking for a good rec or need a banner you can find me on facebook, twitter @jaimearkin over on twificpics blog, the waywardpushers blog or the IndieFicPimp blog and of course at my FFn profile or on my personal blog <a href="#" role=button></a>.

Evilnat aka Nat

I'm a long time reader, newbie author and novice banner maker. For the blog, I help with banners, so if you win Fic of The Week chances are you'll find me lurking through your photo albums looking for banners. I also do a bit of general helping out when needed. I'm Australian, so I'm likely to call you mate. Come find me anytime and say g'day!


Hey y'all... I am Tracy and most of you know PAWsPeaches is my real life bestie and I love her through the Milky Way and back.  We have been friends for about 28 years, since we were 5.  She started TLS blog and FB group for my 33rd birthday present. I love reading Twilight fanfiction and blame PawsP on my addiction. I am not a writer as of yet but I surprise myself sometimes, so who knows.  I am dabbling in banner making, but I am, by far, not a Jamie Arkin. (She is lovely by they way, as are all the ladies of TLS Blog).  I have met so many wonderful people in this fandom which makes my heart so happy.


Hi, lovelies! I’m Kim, or Vamps, sometimes VHL (sometimes other things that can’t be uttered on a blog). I kid... mostly. I write. I read. I’m silly. But most of all, I love pretty words that can make me cry. I’ve been a part of the Twilight fandom for around five years now. I was a big lurker, and started off simply reading fic, staying up until all hours trying to get my fix, plotting world domination. That sort of thing. Then I thought I’d try my hand at a bit of writing, so I do that now, too. I also like to make banners from time to time. I help run TLS Nursery, which I love doing. I also write the odd review when needed. You can find me on Twitter @vampshavelaws and on FB as Kim Swanson.


I’m a lifelong reader who discovered the fandom in early ’09.  I’ve met some awesome people here, who are now real life friends that “get” and help feed my ff addiction.  I pretty much stick to BxE, but I will occasionally read other pairings.  Besides talking/rec’ng fics, I love helping others find the fics they’ve forgotten or lost.  For the blog, I record and track all the weekly polls and recs we feature, as well as a lot of behind the scenes organizational work to help the other TLS ladies. You can find me on FB at Six Dlbfive.


*waves* I'm just a reader, and it's something that I've always loved to do. Started reading fic in Feb 09' and I just help find a reviewer now and again. Have loved being part of this fantastic fandom and everything it has to offer.


Hey, everyone! I'm Heather, the newest to the group. I was introduced to the world of Twilight late, when I was at a friend's house and she popped in her new Eclipse dvd. Needless to say, when it came to the "Kiss me, Jacob" scene I was yelling at the TV for Edward to push Bella off the mountain. My friend laughed and convinced me I had to read the books, so that I would have a better understanding of the background before I irrationally hated Bella. So I did. But the books weren't enough. I soon became a fanfiction junkie, feeding my newfound addiction with all the great stories in our fandom. I still try to read when I can, but I've also taken a stab at the writing side, which has been a great outlet for me while I finished my dissertation research. I'm grateful I found this little creative niche and these wonderful ladies here at TLS.

And a special thanks to our unofficial-so-very-necessary members Suebee0619, Rydan Dirtay, Fiction Freak95, and Yellowglue for making me smile so much!!