Monday, September 25, 2017

What we're reading this week in TLS:

We hope you have been enjoying our reading recommendations and are finding plenty of new things to read and review. Here’s the latest round of TLS approved recs just for you. Happy Reading! Don't forget to let the authors know where you saw them recommended and leave them some love.

♥ Nic & Six

Awakening of the Vampire Prince by NotAMorningGirl
The murder of ruling vampire lord Aro means only one thing; The Awakening of King Carlisle and his heir apparent, Prince Edward the vampire prince from their entombment. A war is imminent but can Bella face the mate she left behind and learn to forgive him for a lifelong betrayal and love him again? Will the war against the wolves end any hope of the couple reuniting? Rated M

Cerebral by LyricalKris
Edward Cullen was just the competition—the only other neurosurgeon possibly as good as she was in three states—until the day Bella's husband landed on his table. She'd never liked Edward, but after he killed her husband, she hated him. Too bad he got in her head the same way he got under her skin. Rated M

CSI Seattle WA by Michaelmas54
A chance discovery in the forest near Forks starts a series of events that could prove cataclysmic for everyone, not just for the people involved. A story of love and passion, murder and mystery and rated M mainly for the passionate (lemony) bits. A Twilight story that will hopefully keep you on the edge of your sofa! Recommended on Rob Attack, TLS & ADF. Complete. Rated M

Emma Matthews by Anton M
Isabella has been cooperating with the DEA under her father's nose. A video footage reveals her involvement, her brother murders their father, and she agrees to be a key witness in federal criminal cases against an ex-judge, a congressman, and an array of criminals, including her brother. Rated M

Hello, Goodbye by FallingInLoveInDecember
A victim on youth and adult situations. Tragedy that refused to heal struck and Bella ran from Edward and their upcoming marriage. Five years later she returns when Carlisle Cullen leaves her a portion of his ranch in his will only to be confronted with all the ghosts she left behind- including an angry, cold, and unforgiving Edward. Rated M

Incognito by Ericastwilight
Edward Cullen just wants to join the masses at an annual event, but he needs a disguise. Will the young artist help him walk around incognito or expose him before the day even starts? A birthday fic for MyHeroin1 Rated M

Kaleidoscope by myotherlife
Carl Jung once said that the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. If this is indeed true, what purpose do we serve if everything we are is a lie? Does existence define us, or do we define existence? Boldly, I walk towards my destiny to find out. (Full summary in Chapter One.) Rated M

Lost Loves of Meadow Lane by writtenbyabdex
Lost between the man that bought her and the one that could not afford her, Bella tries to navigate the bonds of an arranged marriage that separates her from the man she loves. How does a man move-on when his heart is meant for the one person he can not have. How do their lives effect those who live a century later? Will what was lost be found? Romance, Mystery, and angst. Rated M

One Summer by cynosure23
One summer, we packed our bags and headed to Southampton. Meeting Edward Cullen was not in my plans, but it changed my life entirely. Rated M

Saudade by Violet Bliss
Unhappy with her monotonous and seemingly aimless life, 24 year-old Bella Swan sends a wish up into the universe for more. It answers, leading her back to Forks, for a chance to fulfil the destiny always planned for her. But will the reluctant, handsome and butterscotch-eyed Dr Edward Cullen let her? Rated M

Sideline Collision by Nolebucgrl
A cocky QB runs into a snarky band geek. What happens when they collide on and off the field? Rated M

The Monster in Me by EdwardsEternal
She arrived unexpectedly. I lusted after her body and blood. She would be mine. All of her. The monster in me demanded it. Contest entry for the Control. Possess. Seduce. Contest Rated M

The Slowest Burn by TypoKween
"I don't even realize that the air has gotten hazy. Or that it smells like skunk, or that amidst the clouds of smoke, leaning against the wall is Edward Cullen." Rated M

Until You by olivejuice26
At the start of her senior year in a new school, Bella is assigned a project with a partner who has a harrowing tale to tell. She soon learns that the kind boy she's working with hides a broken spirit behind a smile that convinces everyone but her. With him, she will discover how to love through adversity; with her, he will uncover a passion to live and love without bounds. AH, OOC Rated M

What Have We Done? by Ladylibre
Fed up with her family's mourning since leaving Bella behind, Rosalie returns to Forks to prove that the stupid human is just fine without them. But what she finds is not what she expected. And that will not do. **A canon-based, drabblish AU New Moon fic. Rated M

Monday, September 11, 2017

What we're reading in TLS this week:

This week we are bringing you some of our very favorites, current and past. Some of these fics have made us drop every single thing, just to keep up to date with what’s going on with our favorite characters and stories. We are very fortunate to have such talented writers in the fanfiction community that want to share their imaginations with us. And for free! Please take a moment and leave those writers some encouragement and love, in the form of a review. Let them know where you saw their stories recommended, and tell them how much we appreciate what they do, selflessly. Enjoy!

♥ Nic & Six

Burning Saints by LayAtHomeMom
As this saint burns, so will burn my soul should I betray the oath of Omertà. I enter alive and will have to leave dead. Rated M

Dark Thing Make a Myth of Yourself by bicyclesarecool
"I feel her before I see her, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up in attention. When I shut my locker, she's parting the crowd like the red sea. Bella Swan is looking right at me, a smirk poised on her dark lips and something fierce in her dark eyes. There's something about her, something otherworldly. A storm is coming and I feel like i'm about to be caught in it." Rated M

Game, Set, Match by MandyLeigh87
Bella is hired as a photographer to do a photo feature on the cocky,  playboy tennis pro Edward Cullen. Bella is determined to resist his  charms, but Edward can't seem to leave her alone. Does love really mean  nothing in tennis? Rated M
I Dare You by Crazy Momma Jay
Bella just moved to Forks 3 weeks ago. After an invite to hang with the  popular girls and one dare later Bella's life will change forever.  Tattoos, piercings, criminals and death, all of it just might push this  good girl to be bad and with Edward Masen around it just might be fun. Rated M

Key West The Honeymoon by pattyrose
DeepDiver-ward and his Beautiful Bella have tied the knot and are now embarking on a long, catamaran honeymoon around the Caribbean. Sailing along the open waters without another soul in sight, Edward guarantees Bella a honeymoon she won't soon forget. Rated M

Pocket Change by aWhiteBlankPage
I know of three kinds of change: the kind that jangles around in your  pocket, the kind that happens slowly, every moment of every day, and the  kind that blows you away in an instant. Rated M

Scorched by cosmogirl7481
"She was unafraid and shameless. She expected to feel everything. And she did." A story about summer, of love and loss, and everything that burns in between. Rated M

Six by Sarge’s Girls
Sixth sense: a special ability to know something that cannot be learned  by using the five senses. Humans use 10% of their brain, but it's been  proven that those with a sixth sense use more. Some wish to harness that  power. With a target on us, sixxers are hunted as we try to stay  hidden, blending in with the average world around us...when we are  anything but average.  Rated M

Snapshots by LyricalKris
When his older brother walked out on his girlfriend, Bella, on the worst  night of her life, Edward was there to pick up the pieces. Jasper  breezed back into town after being missing for three years to find his  family had reformed around the hole he left behind. Rated M

Stepping from Shadows by Momatu
On an ordinary Friday in an ordinary town an ordinary boy meets an extraordinary girl. Rated M

Ten Minutes by Twiversed
"Can you answer me one question?" he asks desperately, his fingers  running through his hair again. "Did you ever love me?" The air that  leaves my lungs surprises even me, and I almost want to laugh. "Of  course I did," I answer. "That was the problem. I loved you too much to  realize what you were doing to me." How many times can one disappoint  before it's too many? Rated M

The bitter, the sweet by Rochelle Allison
Bella's 24. She's got a career she loves, close family & friends,  and a little girl she loves more than anything. She doesn't need  anything more, but sometimes she sure wants it, and when Edward shows up  he'll either upset the balance or make everything sweeter.  Rated M

The Drop by lola-pops
That was the summer everyone stopped looking at me as Ben's little  sister.Bonfires and beer. Sand and sun. We just kept climbing higher.None of us were ready for the drop.
Rated M

The Give Away Girl by MrsSpaceCowboy
Honor student Bella Swan has mastered the arts...of manipulating her  divorced parents, rolling the perfect joint, and faking an orgasm. Who  wouldn't want to keep a girl like her? An unconventional coming of age  tale for Gen Xer Bella. Rated M

Under These Lights by jaxington
Small town Texas. High school football. Two best friends, one girl. A tragedy that changes everything. Rated M