Monday, September 28, 2015

What we're reading in TLS this week:

Good morning! Hope the weekend was a good one. We have compiled a list of recs for you that we discussed this week in TLS. Some are brand new baby fics to check out. Some are older and you may have missed them the first time they came around, like some of us. Sit down and get comfy while you check out what we've got for you because it's going to be great!! Leave the authors some love & let them know where you saw their names and stories featured.

♥ Nic & Six

A Father's Love by Vancouver-Canuck-Girl-rec'd by Nic
A different kind of love story. Rated M

Designated Hitter by Esmegrace-rec'd by Nic
Orthopedic surgeon Bella Swan encounters the last person she ever expected to see again on Valentine's Day no less. Can she remain professional with Major League pitcher Edward Masen given their pasts? Rated M

Emma Matthews by Anton M-rec'd by Maplestyle
Isabella has been cooperating with the DEA under her father's nose. A video footage reveals her involvement, her brother murders their father, and she agrees to be a key witness in federal criminal cases against an ex-judge, a congressman, and an array of criminals, including her brother. Rated M

Foul Territory by Rinabina-rec'd by Mustlovertp
After being dragged to a baseball game by her best friend, Bella Swan meets handsome first baseman, Edward Cullen with the help of a rogue foul ball. There's something about him that she can't put out of her head, and apparently neither can he. Rated M

Game, Set, Match by MandyLeigh87-rec'd by Jenn G.
Bella is hired as a photographer to do a photo feature on the cocky, playboy tennis pro Edward Cullen. Bella is determined to resist his charms, but Edward can't seem to leave her alone. Does love really mean nothing in tennis? Rated M

Meant To Be by SexySiren1981-rec'd by Nic
Edward has known Bella her entire life; he has watched her change from child to woman. But when friendship gives way to lust, how much harm can one kiss do? Winner of the May to December Romance Contest's Most Forbidden romance award! Rated M

My Shipper Heart by Marvar-rec'd by Nic
Edward wasn't looking for anyone, but he found her just the same. It's too bad she thinks he's just a client. Rated M

Never Said I Didn't by Purelyamuse-rec'd by Annie Butts
Edward is finally ready to play ball, but is Bella? Is it too late? The bases are loaded. He's just waiting for Bella to give him the signal to run. Rated M

No Place Like Home by Tellingmelies-rec'd by Sixdlb5
Edward is forced to leave his playboy life behind in Chicago and come home to Washington, but will he change his ways or risk losing everything? Rated M

SoCal by Krazyk85-rec'd by Nic
Being with them wasn't the problem, but losing me was. A life filled with sandy beaches and sunshine, I felt safe here. Nothing bad ever happens in SoCal, except maybe bad Mexican food. Or so I thought. This isn't your everyday love story. Based on the movie Savages.
Rated M

The Empty Bag by Krnycorn-rec'd by Susan Q Susan
After the disastrous birthday party that injured her arm, Bella can see that Edward is pulling away from her. Tired of staying away while Edward distances himself, Bella decides to start the conversation a day earlier than he had planned. But will it change anything? Rated M

The Fates by Profmom72-rec'd by MrsSpaceCowboy
An age old feud. Lives hang in the balance. All may be fair in love & war, but it’s the weaving together & taking apart of individual threads that creates the tapestry of Edward & Bella’s life. Rated M

The Game That Changed It All by Eternally Addicted-rec'd by Mustlovertp
Lonesome and second-guessing his career as a baseball player, Edward never imagined that it would only take one foul ball to turn his world upside down. Would he embrace it, or would he strike out, never knowing true love? Rated M

The Library by DaCherry-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
Who says you only find "Happily Ever After" in books? Sometimes, you just need to go to The Library. Rated M

Vinyl by OhGeeFantasy-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
He's young, good-looking and just passing through. She's beautiful, kind and someone's mom. Can records and workouts be the key to their happiness? Will it be enough? Or will their relationship fall flat when push comes to shove? My entry in the May to December Romance Contest. Rated M

Monday, September 14, 2015

What we're reading in TLS this week:

We hope you have been enjoying our reading recommendations and are finding new gems to read and review. We have a whole new list to fill up your time!  Don't forget to let the authors know where you saw them recommended and leave them some love. Happy Reading!

♥ Nic & Six

A Case of You by SparrowNotes24-rec'd by Nic/VampiresHaveLaws
He's her warning. She's his sweet temptation. An addict always wants what he can't have, even if it will ruin him. "Speak of the devil and she shall appear. Who am I kidding? I'm Beelzebub." Rated M

Back to Life by Alliz-rec'd by Nic/MariahajilE
After a broken engagement, Bella finds herself back in her hometown working for her sister and brother-in-law. Her past and present come full circle when she realizes her high school boyfriend, Edward, will be working with her. Their ending was explosive, causing Bella to keep a secret from him all these years. Is it better to know you're alive by living, or to keep yourself closed. Rated M

Blue Satin and Cowboy Boots by Symphiann-rec'd by LayAtHomeMom
There were 4 unwritten laws in Forks during 1883.1-you listened to your Pa.2-You worshipped God.3-You did your chores without complaint.4-You stayed away from the Cullen brothers. I had no problems with those laws until a pair of green eyes looked my way. Rated M

Born of Ash and Fire by MandyLeigh87-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
As the kingdom prepares for a grand tournament, Prince Edward becomes captivated with the Blacksmith's daughter. But despite her love for him, her secret may tear them apart forever. BxE Rated M EPOV Rated M

Conditions may apply by Matthison-rec'd by Nic
Bella ends a long term relationship after finding out that she will never meet his, "conditions". Edward is a heavy weight hopeful, fighting his way to the top. But when events get between the two, an unsuspecting person trys to make things right. "Bella, haven't you heard that the best way to get over one man is to get under another one." Rated M

Dissonance by Mortissues-rec'd by SixDlb5/Midnight Cougar
I haven't so much made a success of myself as simply fallen through the cracks in my life and somehow landed buttered side up. I am toast. The fifty percent lucky slice that you rescue from your kitchen counter and shove in your mouth as you run out the door, breathless and late, to start your new day. Rated M

Four Hundred & Twelve by Cynosure23-rec'd by Nic
Day by day, Bella sits at the bed side of her husband. Nothing changes...until her brother in law enters the picture and turns her once perfect life upside down. Rated M

I Do Maybe by Twilightladies-rec'd by Midnight Cougar/MariahajilE
Swan's White Weddings is the love of Bella's life, consuming her days and nights, but she wouldn't have it any other way. After securing Chicago's wedding of the year for Tanya Turner, the elite socialite daughter of Turner Industries' CEO, Bella thinks all her hard work has finally paid off. It's just a shame she's already well-acquainted with the groom. Rated M

My Beauty, Your Beast by Backwardglance-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
Her scars are on the outside. His are on the inside. A different kind of Beauty and the Beast. Rated M

Ready for You by Lost In Fanfiction-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
From the outside Bella's life looked perfect, but looks can be deceiving. When reality comes to her door she is forced to make some life altering decisions. Rated M

Rescue to Release by Bower-of-Bliss-rec'd by Maplestyle
"As a cinematographer, I've given some thoughts to how I might die, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd die of dehydration, cut up and bleeding while perched in a tree in the middle of the Australian outback. As you can see, Sam is down below. He's an insane and perpetually randy, 7-foot tall, alpha-male kangaroo, and he belongs to that equally mental bloke, Cullen." Rated M

Seven Year Itch by Vancouver-Canuck-Girl-rec'd by Nic
In any marriage there are complications, hiccups, and speed bumps. After seven years together, Edward and Bella are at a roadblock. A complete standstill. On railroad tracks about to be hit by a freight train. Can Edward face his past, reveal all to Bella and find his happily ever after? Or will knowing the truth push her further away? Rated: Fiction M

The Pie Equation by TheQueenWriter-rec'd by Sixdlb5
Don't allow your past to dictate your future. Edward is a single dad. Bella comes home to help her dad after an accident. Will Edward allow their old friendship to blossom? Rated M

The Pull by Janiedoe12-rec'd by Evilnat
Bella left Edward and everything she knew in Forks ten years ago. She knew he would never leave the MC, but circumstances drew her far away to accomplish her dreams. When Bella returns under somewhat mysterious circumstances, Forks will never be the same. AH. Tattward/Bikerward. Think Twilight meets Sons of Anarchy. Rated M

The Student Teacher by Olivejuice26-rec'd by Nic
High school English teacher Bella Swan is content in a job that she loves, spending her days doing her life's passion. Things get interesting when a handsome young student teacher is assigned to work with her for a semester. Can she focus on her job, or will young Mr. Cullen be the distraction she didn't realize she wanted? Rated M

Saturday, September 5, 2015

TLS Special SNEAK PEEK Feature

The Lemonade Stand has spent years bringing you the best the fandom has to offer, and we are very excited to have the chance to offer you MORE. We've watched stories grow and develop from first post through COMPLETE in The Nursery, and now we're sharing previews of the stories that will soon be your new addiction.

This week, the lovely Ellie Jacks, author of the brilliant Hounding for Love, shares a little detail on her upcoming story The Antithesis of Zemblanity.

Summary: Many believe that if you were to look up the word, altruist, Bella Swan’s name would be in bold, underneath it. She has spent her life helping others without intention or motive. 

Bella and her best friend, Rose, have both worked for one half of the Cullen brother’s empire since they graduated high school. When Emmett Cullen, their kind and benevolent boss decides to transfer Bella to his tempestuous and cutthroat brother’s department, she fears the worst. 

Does Edward Cullen have a soul, or is he as beastly as she initially feared?

I started to write The Antithesis of Zemblanity when I first dipped my toes into the amazing fanfiction world, six years ago. Most of the ideas that I get are from my random daydreaming and this was no different; I had my bright yellow, rubber gloves on, washing up dishes and singing along to some random music, when it hit me. It was a story that I wanted to write straight away and I actually got my laptop out, the teetering pile of dirty kitchenware was left forgotten as I started tapping away on the keys. Within a week I had the whole story, plus back stories of all the characters written out on my ancient and spluttering laptop. It was merely a month later when my laptop croaked for the last time and went to gadget heaven, taking my stories with it.

I went through one more laptop and when my other half surprised me with my fancy new one, I dug out the sacred hard drive of my old laptop and carefully took it on the journey to getting that information back. I climbed mountains and barged past Hobbits to get to the handy computer geek room on the second floor at work and finally, with the help of Simon, I had the four stories back that I had written long ago. Since that day, I have re-written and tweaked it in places. I finally feel ready to share it!


Bella knocks on the open door, a little more timidly than she would've originally liked and walks tentatively towards his desk, which is also a colossal size. Bella briefly considers the thought that perhaps he's overcompensating for something. He now has his head lowered, reading some papers and doesn't even glance up, all she can see is the perfectly styled, messy dark bronze hair on the top of his head. His voice comes out as a deep growl, which seems to emanate from deep inside of his chest.

"What do you want?"

Bella picks at her nails, feeling unsure by the anger that emanates from him and hangs, heavily in the air between them. After a short pause, she realises that she needs to answer him, her brain seems to be on hiatus as she rummages around for the correct words.

"It's um, Isabella Swan. Emmett, um, sent me, sir." She adds the sir, as an afterthought, hoping that if she strokes his ego, he won't kill her and bury her body parts in his potted plants. He definitely has an air of a potential serial killer. Her eyes flit around his office, looking for sharp implements and sheets of plastic, they snap back to him as she hears a movement.

He seems to pause and tilts his head to the side before taking a long, leisurely drag on his cigarette and she watches in fascination as his lips wrap around it. There's no denying the fact that Edward Cullen is incredibly good-looking, even if he does act like an ass. He still doesn't even grace Bella with a look in her direction as she anxiously shuffles from foot to foot.

"Your desk is out there." He flicks his hand dismissively in the general direction of behind her. "I want all the paperwork out there sorted before you leave today. If you think it will take longer than your working hours then I suggest you don't bother with lunch. There's also a list of other jobs out there that I want done. I want coffee on my desk in precisely three minutes, no more. I also want you to make me a reservation at Skyline for one o'clock tomorrow."

Bella considers asking him to say the magic word, but quickly dispels that errant thought before it makes her giggle. She realises that now really isn't a good time to be laughing, she's sure that the 'laugh' is probably just a mythical creature to Edward Cullen. It's doubtful that many jolly chuckles have broken the stifling silence of his office. He flips through the papers on his immaculate and overly, organised desk. She wonders if he’s forgotten that she’s there or if that was a dismissal.

"Why are you still here?" His voice snaps loudly with anger and impatience. It makes her wince and turn immediately back to the door, almost tripping over her feet as she quickly scarpers out of his office.

Unbeknownst to Bella, Edward finally lifts his eyes to watch the little brunette stumble from his office as he leans back in his comfortable chair and stubs out his cigarette in the crystal ashtray.


Don't forget to pop Ellie Jacks on alert so you don't miss out! 

♥ Kim