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Flash Fic Friday is here, come and see who's flashing us this week!

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Picture prompt and judge this week is PAWsPeaches


"Thing is...
I really wanna be more than just friends."

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Jonesn Fanfiction
word count: 300

I try to watch the road, peeking at you out the corner of my eye.

Your hair blowing in the breeze, your hand coasting the wind.

The smile pulling at your lips, makes mine do the same, and I don’t want to just look at you anymore.

I never just want to look at you, your hair and your hands and your lips.


All of you.

It’s almost painful, just looking.

Pulling off the shoulder, I take the old, beaten path, stirring up dirt and dust in my wake.

The winged seeds break from the surrounding trees, flutter and fly around you, falling into your lap and your hair and you laugh, picking them off and throwing them out to crunch under the turn of the slowing tires.

The lake’s just beyond the bush, the sun casting its glare, glimmering in waves and waves off the rolling, muddy water.

You watch it as I come to a stop, climb into the backseat, making you squeal in surprise as I take you with me.

Pushing open the back door, you try to escape, but I’ve got you.

I’ve always got you, wrapped in my arms to keep you where you belong.


Right here.

Giggling, you wiggle as I lie back, settling yourself on top of me, stomach to fluttering stomach, chest to beating chest.

Looking into those bashful, brown eyes, I hold your hair in my hands; lightly fingering the soft, auburn sheen and feel yours cradle the back of my head to pull my lips to your lips.

I can still taste the summer, sunset citrus you smeared on long before we left, the sweet tang coating my tongue as it slithers out to seek yours. And I feel like I could kiss you forever.

Forever and always.


Word Count: 296

"Did you like your nickname when you were little? Teddy, I mean," I clarify as though he had more than one.

"Mmm. I don't know. I guess I didn't really think about whether I liked it or not," Edward says as he tilts his head back a bit further into the soft, worn leather of the seat. His water bottle rests on the exposed skin of my lower back, his pinky just brushing against me now and then, with his right arm stretched above his head. His eyes are closed and he looks peaceful, almost as though he were asleep. "Why do you ask?"

"I think it's cute."

He scrunches his eyes closed tighter and laughs, jostling me a bit where I lay on his chest.

"Well, I've kind of grown out of it."

"Not for you. For a kid, a baby." I stretch my hand up above his head and grab his hand in both of mine. Our stomachs touch where our shirts ride up and the hair below his belly button tickles me.

"A baby, huh?" He smirks and cracks one eye open.

I nod, a bit nervously. I want him to be as excited as I am.

"Really?" he asks, a grin creeping onto his face.

"Yeah," I say softly, returning the grin.

"So, how long would you say we have to decide if Teddy seems like a good nickname for a baby?"

"A little less than eight months."

He brings both hands to my face and stares at me, his eyes studying as if he hadn't looked at me a million times.

"Are you happy?" I ask. I have to hear him him say it.

He answering smile is blinding. "I think, right now, that happy doesn't even begin to describe it."


Name: Chocaholic123
Word Count: 298

The summer sun beats down. Its warming rays dance across my skin, bleaching hairs and stirring memories I try to repress. Every year it's the same; like a hibernating animal awakening from a winter's sleep my libido stretches and curls. Your name trips across my tongue in a litany of prayers.

My skin tingles with the synaptic recall of your caresses. Invisible lines forged by your fingers are burned into my body, created when we were little more than children, made permanent by your persistent touch.

You'll break my heart again when you haphazardly stuff your cases in your trunk, pulling your Raybans down to block out the reflection of the September sun. But it's still June, and I let the butterflies flutter in my chest when I see a trail of dust in the distance, the air filled with the buzzing of weed whackers as gardeners clear a trail to your summer home.

I know you'll seduce me with a smile. I know I'll let you.

Down at the lake the water warms up, still sand disturbed by a hundred happy toes. I remember nights curled up with you by the shore, you moving inside me, whispering promises we both knew you couldn't keep. Every year it gets a little harder to fill the void you create, but still I let you dig at my soul until there's nothing left.

The dust cloud gets closer, and I can make out a car; new and shiny, the top pulled down so you can be baked by the same sun. I stand by the road, my body trembling with need, watching as you slow down to a halt.

You open the door and pull me inside, our legs tangling, our laughter mingling as your lips devour mine.

"I'm back."


Word count: 244

My fingers drum on the steering wheel. The wind whips through my hair.

Three hours. Only three more hours.

What's three hours on top of thirty days? When it's all that's left, it feels like a lifetime.

My convertible continues to rumble down the highway, and the engine protests as I floor the gas pedal. I know she can handle it though. She's been there since the beginning. She was there through all the firsts. She took us on our first date, to prom, on summer road trips, to college, and now she's gonna take me right back where I belong.

I exit the highway and it feels like the car is driving itself. She knows the way.

She takes me down the familiar dirt road that leads to you. But really, all roads lead to you.

It's always been you.

When I pull up in front of the quaint white house, you're already waiting. I leave the engine idling as I step out to get to you faster, but you beat me to it.

You're down those stairs and in my arms before I can stand up. And then we're both back in the car.

Right where we belong.

"Never again," I whisper between kisses to your face. "I told them I won't travel anymore."

"Never, Edward," you make me promise.

And it's right. The right time and the right place, because everything happens here.

"Marry me, Bella."

Your smile is breathtaking.



Name: CullensTwiMistress
FF link:

Word count: 300


I hate it.

Middle of nowhere with a flashlight and a tent. No running water. Friends all coupled off except for Cullen.

I hate Cullen.


“Bella, we’re going for a hike, you coming?” Rose asks.


I’m a sulky bitch, but whatever. I don’t hike. Give me a book and some bug spray, and I’m golden.

“You staying here?”

Ugh. Cullen.

I shrug. “Yeah. You?”

“Hiking. Not my thing.”

I nod. At least we agree on something.

My book’s good. Cullen…not so much. He’s distracting. All hard body and slick skin. His hair a dishevelled mess. He’s almost attractive. Meh, who am I kidding?

“Hey, Bella?”

My eyes slide up to his face. He smirks, knowingly. Asshole.

“You wanna go for a ride?”


“Come on. I don’t bite.”

I wish.

“Fine. But don’t try anything.”

I hate him.

He opens the door for me and I slide in. “Where are we going?”

“Beer run.”

The store isn’t far.

The way his forearm flexes every time he shifts is hard to ignore.

I hate him.

He puts the twenty-four into the back seat along with some bottled water, and gives me a knowing smirk.

Damn him and his sexiness.

“Find something you like, Bella?”

“Shut up.”

The ride back to the campsite is silent. Thank god.

I get out of the car and go around, but I trip on a branch and with a huff, fall onto Edward as he’s reaching into the back seat for the water.


“Are you okay?”

He holds me on top of him, one hand smoothing the hair back from my face; the other shifting my body so that I’m pressed comfortably against his.

I nod, looking into his eyes.

He grins and presses his lips to mine.

“I don’t hate you.”


Word Count: 299

“You’re doing great,” he says, shaking excess water from his head. It lands in gleaming droplets all over his face.

I watch a bead of moisture make its way down his long neck, trickling down the taut curve of his pectoral muscle, before landing on his firm, dark nipple.

My tongue wets my lips as I imagine licking that wet, soft spot on his chest.

His hand rests lazily on the fabric of his wetsuit, which is turned down to the waist. His other hand covers his face as yawns, before moving to join the other hand.

He whips the lower half of the wetsuit off.

I forget how to breathe.

I would never have considered a Speedo sexy.

But now that I see my kayak instructor, with his untamed hair and sun-kissed skin, water dripping down his perfectly sculpted six pack, the sexy “v” shape of his muscles dipping into the waistband of the scant navy fabric, I am mesmerised.

He’s talking, but the words are a blur.

I want to run my tongue along that “V”…

He tugs on my ponytail, interrupting my dirty thoughts.

“You need me to unzip you?” he asks. My cheeks heat - I’ve been caught staring. I quickly nod and turn around. The zip opens - his fingers linger against my skin longer than would be considered appropriate.

The heat pooling between my thighs finds it very appropriate.

I shake the wetsuit out, letting it fall to the floor.

He’s chugging from a bottle of water - I lick my lips again.

I want to be that bottle.

He releases it with a pop, offering it to me. I step forward, tripping on the wetsuit, sending us both flying through his open car door onto the backseat.

I gasp.

He’s rock hard.

I had a realllly hard time picking my faves this week! There were so many great flashes that I would love to see continued. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us.  ~Mel


  1. Great entries! Currently reading WIP of three of the above authors & I'm not surprised they placed at & near the top. Congrats to all.

  2. @Cutestkidsmom
    Word count 288

    What's Been Built

    It's in the way you smile at me and how you say my name. I swear the twinkle in your eye was put there just for me.

    I want to tell you all the time how my heart beats to a rhythm orchestrated by everything you are.

    Every day as we sit in the tall grass laughing at our stupid jokes. You brush your finger over mine intentionally but say sorry anyway. Yesterday, you stopped apologizing.

    There is safety in your hugs and lust in your eyes. I want you for a friend but I ache to be more.

    I fell in love with you a long time ago and have been carrying it with me like an overstuffed suit case.

    In Kindergarten you liked to pull my pony tail and tell me it wagged like a tail... In high school I liked to pull yours and call you ridiculous for trying to look like a girl. Now I know that we pull at heart strings but are too afraid to cut them and see if they braid into each others souls.

    I have to know, I can't wait. I need to know if what we built is unbreakable.

    Sitting up I smile as your eyes follow my movements.

    I straddle your lap and grip your hands pulling them to my chest... To my racing heart.

    "I fell in love with you, Boy," I blurt it out with zero grace.

    You cup my cheeks in your warm hands and beam. "I've been in love with you forever, Girl."

    With that declaration we lean into each other's smiles. We kiss and we breathe for what feels like the first time... Love, this is what we built.

  3. Ohgeefantasy

    He watched me each time I visited his sister.

    I wasn't sure if he were pissed or just giving me a permanent scowl. It was unnerving though. He was fuck hot but to figure him out would have wasted my time. I was too busy for that.

    Deep green eyes bore into me, following my hips as I swayed passed him up the stairs to Rosalie’s room. I felt sexy as he watched, and at the same time irritated that he did that to me. My nipples always erected in his presence.

    Why did I care? He was the silent type, I guess. In the year I had been friends with Rose, he never took his eyes off of me, never uttered any words either.


    Only a nod.

    Today though, leaving Rose’s room, he startled me as he took a hold of my wrist, pulling me to the room across the hall.

    His room.

    He smelled of motorcycle fuel and vanilla cigarillos. It assaulted my nose as he leaned in and swept the hair from my neck.

    I felt his shaky breath and heard shaky words spill from his perfect pouty lips.

    My stomach felt the excitement of being pulled to his personal space, his bedroom.

    I turned to face him, my eyes wide in wonder. He leaned me over his bed softly, something I didn’t think he was capable of…gentle.

    “What was that?” I asked.

    “Thing is… I really wanna be more than friends.”

    My breath halted as I tried to inhale. “We’ve never been friends.” I whispered.

    He looked straight through to my soul. “You want me, I can feel it. Why else would you be friends with my sister?”

    “We work together.” I huffed.

    “We’d work together.” His lips gently found mine.

    My heart fluttered.

  4. @PattyRosa817
    Word Count: 300


    I flip the tab on the beer can and hand it over, taking a seat at his side.

    “Tell me again what happened?”

    When he’d called me from the club, all I could hear was Pit Bull rapping in the background.

    He sighs a familiar sigh. Everything about Edward is familiar, my best friend since second grade when Mikey Newton snuck a caterpillar down my dress and Edward shoved a stink bug down his throat, instantly becoming, “My Hero.”

    I’ve never been more than “My Homegirl,” to him.

    “She said she was moving to L.A. and didn’t see the point in staying together. Then she admitted that she was fucking her agent. The confession was preceded by an “I’m sorry,” so I suppose it’s okay.” He shrugs and takes a drink from his can.

    If his sarcastic streak is still intact, it can’t be that bad. I’m the one who usually mends his broken heart, yet I’m never the one who gets to keep it.

    I trail a hand over his muscular arm, wondering how it would feel to trace the path with my mouth.

    “Tanya was high-maintenance, Edward. You need someone as easygoing as you are.”

    We open the sleeper sofa and watch a movie, falling asleep halfway through - also something familiar.

    I wake to honking horns and blaring sirens seeping through the window.

    Edward lies flat on his back, gazing at me in a manner that’s not at all familiar.

    He reaches out and tangles our fingers together. “How long have we been friends, Bella?”

    “Fifteen years.”

    “Fifteen years,” he echoes. “It’s taken me that long to see…”

    I know where he’s going. I know everything about Edward. I’ve been waiting for him to see.

    Our fingers laced together, they mimic what both our hearts finally feel.

  5. @GeekChic12FF
    Word Count: 300

    Seeing you walk into the bar makes my fingers falter on the strings.

    You're more beautiful than ever.

    My heart hammers against my ribcage as our eyes lock before you make your way to a table near the stage.

    I haven't seen you in a month.

    We've always fought like brother and sister, but this time was different.

    I couldn't deal with your asshat of a boyfriend anymore, and you got tired of being in the middle.

    Unfortunately, I was the one who had to go.

    The small smile you give me makes warmth take root in my chest; I grin down at my guitar as I begin singing the next verse.


    Removing my sweaty sock cap and running a hand through my hair as you approach me, I brace myself for whatever you've come here to say. We both said hurtful things to each other, but I can't lose you all together.

    "Hey." You’re smiling.


    "Great set tonight."

    "Thanks." My hand rubs the back of my neck. A nervous habit.

    "I'm sorry," we both say at the same time.

    "You go."

    "I broke up with Jake. You were right about him."

    "Oh, that's..." awesome "...too bad."

    Your familiar snort relaxes me. "Yeah, well. I really am sorry for the things I said, and...I just want my best friend back. I miss you, Edward."

    Best friend.

    It's now or never. This last month just about killed me.

    "Thing is..." The skin on my neck may not survive the night. "I really wanna be more than just friends."

    Your wide brown eyes shimmer in the low light just before you launch yourself at me, your hand replacing mine on the back of my neck.

    Catching you is second nature. Hugging you again helps me breathe.

    Kissing everything.

  6. @k8ln713
    Word Count: 298

    He was packing up.


    While I’d be staying in Washington to go to college, he’d be heading to New York. He wanted to find himself and staying in our hometown – our home state – would hold him back.

    Never mind the fact that I’m the one thing, the one person besides his family, in his life that he’d be leaving behind for maybe forever. And we wouldn’t hold him back.

    Edward and I were best friends and had been since we were maybe six years old and now I was losing him, my best friend and man I loved.

    I’d always love him regardless of where he was.

    He wanted me to help him pack up the rest of this stuff that he’d be taking to school in New York. He had put off packing for so long and now the time had come for him to leave – tomorrow, actually – and he had to get it done. And he needed someone to help him.

    He chose me over anyone else – not his best friends or his parents.


    It was late, ten at night, when we had finished. We then collapsed onto his unmade bed.

    “Thanks, Bella. You’re the best. I’d never have gotten it finished if not for you.”

    “You’re welcome,” I said solemnly.

    “What’s wrong?” he asked, turning his head to face me.

    “Just gonna miss you. New York is… so far.”

    “I’ll miss you, too, Bella. You’re my best friend.” He grabbed my hand, intertwining his fingers with mine right between our heads.

    “Thing is… I really wanna be more than just friends,” I admitted. I loved him. I wanted him to know before he left.

    “Really?” he wondered.


    He rolled over on top of me and kissed me.

    “Me, too. I love you.”

  7. Name: randomfish
    Words: 300

    “Where were you?”


    I was actually home, too scared to face the harsh reality bestowed upon me.

    “It’s been an hour since I called. I was worried you didn’t want to come over.”

    I couldn’t help but think about just how this nervousness was such a huge contrast to her fierce self at school. This was a side of her that she’d only shown to me, which I suppose was a perk to being friends for the past seven years. Realizing she was waiting for an answer, I shook my head and gave her an assuring smile.

    “I’ll always want to see you. Now what was it you wanted to talk about?” I asked as I easily walked over to lie next to where she was on her bed.

    After a minute of silence she breaks down into silent tears, and all I could do is hold her and occasionally give her words of encouragement as she cried into my shirt and incoherently spilled all her thoughts. This went on for a good hour before I heard her shakily whisper our greatest fear.

    “What if the operation fails?”

    I’ve been asking myself that constantly. What would happen if I lost the girl I have been in love with for seven years?

    I lazily take her hand in mine bring it to my chest.

    “They’re the best doctors around. The procedure will go fine, I’ll make damn sure of it.”

    She pauses, and the gives me a weak smile.

    “Thank you, Emmett. For always being there for me and being my best friend.”

    She closed her eyes and eventually her breathing evened out. I gently pulled her close and placed my lips to her hair.

    “Thing is…I really wanna be more than just friends.” I whispered sadly into the silence.

  8. mystique-jewled

    In your eyes, I find passion. I find fire.
    In your arms, I find love. I find protection.
    Your eyelids flutter and your mouth turns up at the corner in a lopsided smile as though you know what I'm thinking. You probably do. You've always known how to read me.
    You know when I'm worrying about not being in control, as I so often do. You know when I'm over-thinking my decisions, as I also do.
    Both traits are a product of my constant search for...home. It's hard, I suppose, to search for a home when I've never really known what it is.
    Until now.
    Green eyes are home. Soft, pink lips that ease a smile on to my own are home. Gentle hands that twist and tug at my fingers are all a part of the home that you provide.
    I've known you for so long. It scares me to realize how long it took for everything to become clear. Why did it take so long for me to glance behind and see your gentle smile and promise-filled eyes?
    You've been beside me more often than my own shadow, and you know me better than the angels that watch us every day from the sky.
    Nothing else matters, because even they sing for us today.
    Today, I look at you with fresh eyes. Fresh, unclouded eyes that have just seen the light.
    Suddenly, I see beauty. I see passion and I find fire. I feel love and I embrace protection.
    All because of you.

  9. Getting into a fight always seems like a better idea before it starts than when you’re laying on your back licking your wounds and begging for no broken bones.

    “Oh my god! Edward!” Bella leans down next to me, her hand covering her mouth as sobs threaten to escape. Her eyes pleading for me to be okay.

    “I’m fine, just looking at the stars,” I force out a laugh as I see the guy that tried to feel up my best friend huff and walk away. He won the fight, but Bella ended up by my side not his. I can’t complain much.

    “Edward Cullen!” She smiles as tears fill her eyes. I tug her down on the grass next to me.

    She lays down and looks up at the stars with me, not saying anything for awhile. I know she’s organizing her thoughts, because being her best friend comes with the privilege of knowing everything about her. So I wait, I give her the time she needs.

    “Thank you,” she whispers.

    “You don’t have to thank me.”

    “But I do. You saved me from a guy that doesn’t know the meaning of the world no. You always do E, even at the first house party of our senior year you risked social suicide to save me.”

    I look at her and I know, I can’t hold it back anymore. My hearts starts pounding as I spill my guts. “Bella, I will always save you. You’re everything to me. I wish you would see the selfishness in my actions. Because the thing is, I really want to be more than just friends.”

    I hold my breathe as she twists her hands with mine and gives me her secret smile. “Oh Edward Cullen, I thought you’d never ask.”

    Words: 297

  10. Bravery0898
    Words: 297

    On Edward Cullen’s first day, the girls and some boys fawned over his height, jaw-line, and hair.

    I was positive I would hate him.

    When I ended up being his badminton partner in gym class, I felt sorry for him.

    Because I was the most competitive, yet horrible badminton player in this small town and probably the world.

    “I’m Edward,” he spoke.

    I jumped, dove, and missed. Cullen was immobile and hit every birdie.

    “You’re awful, Swan!” The blonde asshole from the other team yelled.
    “Suck my shuttle cock, Newton!”

    I got detention. Edward laughed.

    However, I started to find him at my locker in the mornings where he’d walk me to class and ask me stupid questions. Then, he began to sit at my lunch table.

    “You coming to the game?” He asked once.
    “What game?”
    “Football. I’m playing.”
    “No.” I didn’t know we had a football team.
    “I’ll see you there, Swan.” He winked.

    I was dragged out of my home to watch the game. I felt stirrings from within when he tackled his peers. I dreamed about him tackling me.

    Suddenly, I was meeting him at his locker to ask stupid questions. I hated when Edward talked about pretty girls. Or really, one girl. He wouldn’t tell me her name, but I’d discretely mean mug every female that looked his way.

    I assumed she was at the party he’d brought me to after the championship. So I was pissy and paranoid he’d ditch me for her.

    Finally, I grabbed his arm, and pulled him outside.

    “Who’s the girl you like?!?”

    His eyes looked guilty. She was here.
    “Don’t hate me for this.”
    I did. I hated him for befriending me.
    “Is it Tanya? Or Alice?” Dumb bitches.
    He touched my cheek. “It’s you.”

  11. @QuinnSkylark
    words: 164

    Smile at me.
    That one perfect grin—
    The one that belongs to me.
    And whisper the truth so a friendship can become a storybook worthy romance.
    Touch me.
    A million times over,
    Brush your guitar-calloused fingers against my palm.
    Tell me you play only for me.
    Kiss me.
    Dozens of little pecks
    Or an earth-shattering, fire-setting embrace
    To outshine the stars and declare that you are mine.
    Fuck me.
    Twice tonight
    And perhaps again with the dawn.
    Delicious soreness and delirious happiness all waiting beneath the covers of your bed.
    Love me.
    For all of your life,
    Maybe even a little longer.
    Until Shakespeare’s sun grows cold and fades away.
    Promise me.
    With a little rose-gold band
    And maybe a diamond on the top.
    Something that will compliment my ivory dress and teal high heels when I walked down that aisle.
    Tell me.
    Right now,
    At this very moment,
    Let this dream come to fruition.
    Make this dream our truth.

  12. LastAboard
    Word Count: 299

    I'd had it all planned out.

    I knew exactly what I'd say to him and I had it on good authority that he'd respond positively.

    "So, Edward, the thing is...I really want to be more than just friends."

    Only, he didn't say what I thought he'd say.

    "Bella, I... I don't know if that's the best... I just think..." he stuttered, rising to his feet. Then, he turned on his heel and walked away.

    It was all I could do to keep the sob that threatened to tear through my throat at bay.

    Two weeks and fifteen unreturned voicemails from Edward later, I found a note under my doormat.

    'Bella - I'm sorry about what happened. Please call me. I'm begging you. -E"


    Two days after he left the note, my doorbell rang. I saw his car in the driveway.

    "Go away, Edward. I don't want to talk to you," I called without opening the door.

    "Please, Bella. I need to see you."

    "I don't want to see you. You embarrassed me," I told him while the tears welled up.

    "I wasn't thinking. I panicked. It's just...what if we broke up and we weren't friends anymore? I didn't think I could take that. But I... I think it would be worse to never be allowed to love you the way I truly want to. So, Bella, I think I really want to be more than just friends."

    Maybe it was shock, maybe just hurt feelings, but I stayed quiet. It wasn't until nearly ten minutes had passed and he turned slowly to leave. I couldn't let it happen again.


    He spun at looked at the door. "Yeah?"

    "Come back tomorrow and ask me again?"

    A slow grin spread across his face. "I'll come back everyday, Bella. Everyday."

  13. @sparrownotes24

    Word Count: 300

    “What’re you doing up here?”

    Trying to breathe.

    “I drank too much.”

    “Me too.”

    The bed dips. Your head presses into the pillow, turned to watch me. Our eyes shaded in the dark.

    “I want everyone to go home.”

    I never wanted them here at all.

    “It’s your party. You can kick them out.”

    “Yeah, but I feel bad. They’ve come to say goodbye.”

    Don’t say that word.

    You play with my fingers, counting my nails, tracing my knuckles. “I can’t believe I’m finally going. What are you gonna do without me?”

    You’re the blood flowing through my veins, my heart’s beat. The air that sinks into my lungs and lifts my chest in a rhythm of your making. My vital signs.

    “I will most likely die.”

    You laugh.

    I’m not joking.

    “You will not. I’ll be back before you know it.”

    It’s not enough.

    “I’ll miss you.” Your voice is weighted with intoxicated sleep.

    A childhood spent in each other pockets yet my words have fallen through a hole in the lining. They dissolve unrequited on my tongue.

    “I’ll miss you too.” A whisper only I hear.



    I wake and wipe the dust of the night from my eyes. You’re gone.

    An impression in the crumpled sheets is all that’s left with the heaviness of things unspoken.

    Curling against your pillow, the scent of rivers and bonfires stutters a weak pulse that fades with the memory.

    My fingers are clasped around my knees, pulling me tighter to hold the pieces together, when I see it.

    Your scrawl, sliding up the inside of my knee in black marker, jump-starts everything.

    I couldn’t leave without telling you. I've only ever wanted you.

    I chase the sunrise to give you my words before you leave.

    I love you. Take me with you.

  14. @bebeginja
    Word Count: 300

    She opened the expected letter with apprehension. One per week while he was away, but this one felt heavy. She had sensed a shift in tone over the last few weeks, but refused to read too much into it.

    ~ A Serious Request For My BFF ~


    This is my last letter before I return home. I just want to say thank you for keeping your promise. For writing me. Being away has been tough, but your words helped close the distance of time and space. I love you to death, like, literally. You know that, right? You’ve been my closest, dearest friend for … well, forever. You know me better than I know myself (that pisses me off – you know that, too). You’ve been my cheerleader, and my reality check. You know my scars and who put them there. You know my darkest desires and deepest secrets.

    But one thing you don’t know is this: I want more.

    I want to call you mine in the most complete sense of the word. I don’t want to continue knowing all these things about you, about us, and just keep it at that. I don’t want to pretend to be happy with what I get from you, and what I get to share with you. I’m not happy any more. I feel like I can’t love with my whole heart until I can love with the part I have reserved for you. It’s not fair, really. Or right.

    I’ve thought so much about us. I know there’s more to our story, don’t you?

    Have I ruined everything?

    I know you love me, too. So, I guess I’m calling you out here.

    ~ E.

    She stood frozen in shock, elation, and anticipation.

    He comes home tomorrow.

    He’s wrong. She knew. She’s known for a while.

  15. Nuttyginger
    Word Count: 300

    The lights were off as the end-titles of the movie faded to black leaving my room in a pale wash. Just enough light to see watch my best friend as she lay slumbering beside me. 

    Bella Swan had been a part of my life since we were six years old, and her mother Renee blew into town and blew back out leaving Bella with her father while she "found herself".

    Her eyelashes fluttered against her flushed cheeks. Only Bella could blush in her sleep. I longed to delve inside her mind and find out exactly what - or who - she saw saw. I was in complete stalker mode as I watched her, but I couldn't help it. I'd watched her every night she was in my bed. That was nothing new; Bella and I'd been sharing a bed for as long as we'd know each other.

    Things'd changed though. I might have been fifteen, but I wasn't stupid. Waking up covered in cum after a dream involving Bella, naked and spread out in front of me was the first sign. I noticed things. Thinks like how her ass looked in a pair of skinny jeans, or how my fingers itched to run through her long, chestnut hair. Mostly, it was how I would get a stiffy every time she was now.

    She murmured in her sleep; unintelligible mutterings that made me love her more. Bella shuffled closer to me, some of her hair falling in her face. I gave into my wants and moved it back, so I could see her flushed cheeks again.

    My beautiful best friend.

    "The thing is, Bella Swan, I want to be more than friends."