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TLS Fics of the Week 3/1 - 3/7/2012

HFS Fandom! These sensational SIX fics of the week are guaranteed to rock your socks off. I'm so in love with all of these poll winners and I know that you will be too. I would like to thank each and every one of you who have ever reviewed a story for our fic of the week features. You guys are the heart of this blog, so thanks! Grab a glass of wine and dig in!
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Contextually Speaking by Cosmogirl7481
Bella spends her days surrounded by books and her nights immersed in them. Reading but not living. Imagining but not experiencing. One night changes everything. A story about wrong numbers and a stranger with all the right words. Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Jaime Arkin

"I hope you don't mind. But I'm a little drunk and a lot naked. And REALLY fucking hard."

I've been waiting and waiting for someone to write a naughty texting fic for so long and low and behold, cosmogirl7481, who I stalk on the regular has fulfilled my every desire.

In Contextually Speaking, we meet Bella.  She's an over thirty single woman, with cats (who she suspects are gay), and who loves to read.  What she's settling in to read in this first chapter is what we'd categorize as 'fluff and smut' - sound familiar?  I love that cosmo goes into this tongue in cheek, joking around and teasing about things we all do! Thank god for e-books is my mantra and Bella in this story is no different!

Just settling in with her choice for the evening, the above message comes into her phone and her whole evenings plans are changed in an instant.

"How drunk is a little drunk?
Not so drunk that I don't know I want you naked with me."


"Call me.
Why? Why do you want me to call you?
Because I want to hear the voice of the nameless woman who's still making me hard."

This story isn't just about dirty texting and dirty talking, because it does eventually lead to a phone conversation. There are definitely the dirty words the pushing the limits of ones comfort but it's also about letting free of those constraints we put on ourselves.

Bella is so introverted and in her own world in this short story that she has no outside friends in her life. It's made up of her family and her coworkers, yet the entire time we're reading you get this feeling that the person texting her knows her... knows about her and certain parts of her life.  All of which is confirmed in dramatic flair later in the story - no... i'm not spilling - Go read it!

We are privy to her doubts... about her looks, about her actions and about who he thinks she might or might not be and this fantasy world that I know, at least for me, I'd love to experience some day. I mean can you imagine getting a random text from a hot, available guy who talks as dirty as this Edward and looks like him to boot?  Best. Dream. Ever.

You all know about my debilitating crush on cosmogirl7481 but it's not unfounded.  She has an incredible way with words and telling a story to weave it around you, pulling you in and making you think you're a part of it.  Contextually Speaking is the perfect short read, hot & steamy, sweet with a touch of sad and exactly the kind of story I love.

I'm going to leave you with one of my favorite passages...

"Do you want me to make you feel good?"

Yes, yes, yes, yes….

A million times, plus a little bit more…YES!

"I already feel good," I tell him. I don't know if I should speak. I'm pretty sure that whatever he might have to say is so much better and so much hotter than anything that could come out of my mouth. It's true. In fact, it might be the truest thought that's ever occurred to me. But then I realize that I have to say something else because I want him to know that it's him. All of this is him. "I mean…you've already made me feel good."

Another small groan from him.

Maybe a grunt.

And I briefly wonder if he's touching himself.

Is his hand on his cock?

Is his cock as big as the cocks I read about in my super secret Amazon stash?

Probably not.

But he's not really here, so I'm going to imagine that it is.

"You already feel good?" he asks, his voice thick and tight.

And his voice. I swear to god…every single time it kills me a little more.


"You have no idea," he whispers.

Shivers…all over my body.

"I don't?"

"No," he says softly. Even though it doesn't sound soft. Even though it sounds like saying it was difficult. "We're just getting started."

This story is complete, so go now and check it out if you haven't, you will be thanking me later!

Fatherhood, Formula & Other F Words by Anhanninen-rec'd by Jaime Arkin
When man-whore, foul-mouthed Edward's life takes an unexpected turn, he's left with a baby to raise. With the help of a friendly neighbor, he learns sometimes the unexpected could be the best thing that's ever happened. All Human Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Ag Fanfic

Edward has everything he wants in life. He has a job he loves, that hes talented at and has charisma to charm ladies in to his bed. He’s a surgeon at Olympic Medical Center, where his father is chief of staff.  Coming home one night he sees a girl in the parking lot he’s never seen and when he talks to her he thinks shes odd. He goes on about his life and she catches him before he goes in to his apartment and tells him that he had a visitor but she felt like she should invite her in to wait for him. Edward gets a blast from his past and an unexpected change in his life... a baby. Kate, the baby momma, says she tried but she couldn’t do it, that she resented the baby, that she was 22 and couldn’t love her. What does Edward do after Kate walks out the door??  Calls his mom, like every male would do!! He doesn’t know the first thing about babies and he doesn’t want to know.

When Mom came back in with the formula, she sat down next to Dad and set the bottle down, putting one of my dishtowels over her shoulder. Dad passed her the little girl. I watched carefully, maybe a bit too closely, as Sofia drank from the bottle she fed her.
"How uh . . . how did you make that?" I asked.
Mom looked up and smiled. "I can show you. It's very simple. You boil the water, let it cool to room temperature, add it to a bottle, and then add the formula powder. Shake it to mix it all together, and then test the temperature on your wrist."
Why did that seem like she was speaking a different language? I mean, it seemed simple in theory, but actually doing it? I just . . . I'd probably add too much water or some shit and hurt the little girl. Yeah, that'd be great. I'd water down the formula and take away all the nutrients she needed.

Carlisle and Esme run off to Walmart to get what she will need and leave a very unhappy Edward and baby Sofia alone once again.  Edward lucks out and gets her to sleep but then she wakes up with a vengeance and screams until the New Girl comes and helps by changing her diaper.  His parents come back and set him up with what they got.  He gets a paternity test to make sure that she is his and she is. He feels his life is not his own and won’t be for a while.

"What do I do?" I whispered, burying my face in my hands, letting the paper fall to the floor.
After three exhausting days, I had to figure out what the next step was, and I was completely clueless.
"You man up and be a father," he said. "We'll help you as much as we can, but she's your daughter. You have to take care of her. She's your priority now."
I shook my head. "I can't fucking do this."
"You don't have a choice. The son I raised is a good person. He's responsible."
"I'm not responsible! I fuck anything that's hot and comes my way in a bar."
"Not anymore you don't."
"It's who I am. It's what I like doing. I can't fucking go to play dates and read bedtime stories to a kid. That's not me."
"Look at that precious girl by your feet," he said, leaning back in his chair. "She depends on you now. Everything you will do affects her in some way."
"Great. So I'm responsible for ruining her life?"
"You're responsible for giving her a good life."
"And if I can't? Then what?"
He took his reading glasses off and set them in front of him. "I believe you can, son. You're life has changed permanently now."
"What if I don't want it to change?"
"Again, you don't have a choice."
"I'm getting a fucking vasectomy," I sighed.
He laughed. "Oh, Edward, if you think you'll have time for sex, you have another think coming."
I sat up and ran my hand through my hair. "It's not funny."
"It's a little funny."
"Not even close. I like sex. I don't like kids."
"They go hand-in-hand, my boy. You should know this. How much money did I spend putting you through medical school for you to forget that sex leads to babies?"

Poor Edward. Most people have nine months to get ready and adjust to the thought of a baby. Obviously Kate didn’t adjust and now we have daddy Edward trying to get his life in order and take care of his new baby. I don’t want to give away too much but I am loving this story so much already and I can’t wait to see where it goes. How will Bella become apart of Edward and Sofia’s life? Go check this out and leave the author some love, because it is well worth the time!!!

Going Under by Sparklnfade-rec'd by Jaime Arkin
It's been ten years since the summer Bella Swan's life changed. What will happen when she comes face to face with the reason for it? She went under once, will she go under again? AH ExB
Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Twilover 76

Looking for sweet, romantic fic set in the sun and surf?  Going Under by sparklnfade is the story for you.  The short chapters make for an easy read, while encapturing romance, drama, angst, comfort, and family all together.  This compelling love story, featuring sun-drenched characters, is a wonderful escape from the clich├ęd pale and pasty Edward and Bella we normally encounter.

You are engaged from the start, beginning in current-day Hawaii, where Bella introduces us to the world of surfboards and beaches.  It would be easy to be envious of her globe-trotting lifestyle, getting paid for doing her dream job while flitting from one paradise to another.  Everything seems perfect until a blast from her past suddenly walks in the door.

My smile slips as I stare slack jawed at the boy who's just walked in. My heart takes off inside my chest, pounding like it hasn't in a long, longtime. The panic I feel is expected… the hurt, though, knocks me back a step, all one-two uppercut.

Dirty blond hair, big green eyes and those lips.

…They're his lips.

Though he's twice the size I remember, his hair has that same goofy flop, that same crazy twist in the middle that leaves it laying this way and that. He's not a little kid anymore. He's a young man. A young man who looks so much like his father it makes my knees weak.

A memory flashes; one of him then… eyes red and cheeks stained with tears. My own eyes burn at the thought of how much I've missed. How many years have gone by.

I'm frozen, unsure what to do. I'm not ready for this... but I know it's too late to hide.

You are immediately captured by Bella’s emotions, needing to find out who the boy and his father are.  Many questions run through your head, making you eager to sink your teeth into the story:  Who are they?  Why is Bella so affected?  Why have so many years passed without seeing them?

From there, we are taken back to the beginning, where 18-year-old Bella and her father Charlie move to Santa Cruz, CA from Forks.  Bella has always dreamed of a life traveling the world, and is happy to leave the sleepy, small town in the northwest.  She is out seeking a summer job, before starting college in the fall, and is drawn in by CC Surf and Skate shop, owned and run by Edward Cullen and his younger brother Jasper.  Despite Bella knowing nothing about surfing or skating, they take her under their wing and give her a job…on the promise she learns how to surf.

When six rolled around, I was standing on a deserted beach with clenched fists and a heart I was sure would pound out of my chest. It was too dark and quiet to be normal, and that only added to the nerves dancing in my tummy.

Not even Edward's lithe, muscular body strolling out of the ocean all wet and looking as delicious as I'd ever seen him calmed me down.

Okay, maybe a little.

He threw his surfboard into the sand at my feet and shook the water from his hair. "Morning."

"Morning," I replied shakily.


"Not even a little bit."

He cracked a tiny smile. "Don't worry, I promise not to be too rough on you."

We get to see a romance bloom between Bella and Edward, with several touching moments, both in the water and on the sand.  Sparklnfade’s details of the scenery make you want to wax up your own board and hit the waves, although you really experience Bella’s frustration during the learning process.  It takes her awhile to get the hang of it, but the rewarding feeling when she finally does shines through.

I had done it. I was surfing.

Adrenaline flowed to my hands and arms and my head, making the experience that much greater. My heart pounded so fast I felt it in my toes.

Logically, I knew it only lasted seconds – but it felt like the longest, most exhilarating few moments of my life. I rode that wave as long as it allowed before sinking into shallower water in shock. I felt like I was dreaming, like if I blinked too many times I might suddenly wake up and realize my subconscious had been the only part of me taken for such an amazing ride.

Edward's voice reminded me it was real as he splashed his way through the water, stopping only when I was in his arms and my feet were dangling in the air. "I knew you could do it," he breathed. "I fucking knew it."

His grin was so big and bright and full of pride, I couldn't help myself. My stomach flipped and my chest lit on fire as I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him back with everything I had.

Best. Day. Ever. Edward didn't hesitate to wrap his arms more firmly around me, spinning us around in celebration. I buried my face against his shoulder, inhaling the familiar sweet, salty ocean smell I'd come to think of as pure him. Warm breaths soaked into the cool skin of my neck, and I wished more than anything I could pull away and feel that same warmth against my lips. That I could just tell him the truth about how I felt and have him reciprocate…

I didn't want to care about the consequences, or that I knew I shouldn't have felt about him the way I did. I wanted to throw caution to the wind and bask in the happiness and excitement of the moment by showing him how I felt.

But I did care, and losing what we did have by making a stupid move was a risk I wasn't willing to take.

The powerful sexual tension between Bella and Edward has you begging for that first kiss, first admission of feelings, first everything.  Stomach flips and racing hearts aren’t just reserved for the characters as the readers feel those same sensations when Bella and Edward finally give into each other.

He took another step forward, reached out with both hands, and touched my cheeks, fingers sliding until they were wrapped tightly in my hair and he was pulling my face toward his. The green in his eyes was gorgeous up close, so raw, intense… so completely uninhibited. Like he'd lowered a screen and let me see right into his soul.

The air in my lungs disappeared as I watched his mouth part, tongue peeking out to trace his bottom lip. Anger, disappointment – everything I'd been feeling – disappeared and the air around us shifted. Warmth crawled up my body, and I'm not sure who moved first, but suddenly my hands were wrapped around his biceps and I had the taste of him in my mouth, all sweet and coffee and mint.

He kissed so softly; tentative and caring. Top lip… bottom lip. A lick and then a suck. My fingers tightened and our kiss grew stronger, more demanding. He moaned. I melted. My mouth parted and his tongue swirled against mine, teeth tugging my bottom lip until he slowed. With two soft kisses he pulled away, washing warmth across my cheek as he breathed heavily. The hold he had on my hair loosened as his lips teased my jaw, and then my neck.

Hands dropped to my shoulders, arms, and then wrapped around my waist. And I couldn't believe this was happening. His chest danced heavily against my own, sending shivers through me as cold water from his wetsuit soaked into the material of my shirt.

"Do you know what you do to me?" he whispered, lips brushing each word against my skin like an artist puts paint to canvas.

I couldn't answer him, but I didn't let go. The truth was that I didn't know if I'd ever be able to let go again.

As much as you are rooting for our favorite couple to be together, their age difference is not the only reason an affair between them has an underlying forbidden tone.  Did I mention he has a 3-year-old son?  Little Lisle is a ball of energy, and so charismatic you immediately want to hug him and play with his long, golden locks.

Trouble in paradise is brewing throughout, and you know as you are reading of star-crossed love, that there are plenty of issues which could break the couple apart, including a medding ex, hurt feelings of uninformed friends, and possibilities of unfulfilled dreams.  I won’t give any more details, because I don’t want to ruin the experience for you.  Go check out this must-read story, and enjoy getting pulled into the world of Surfward!

High Anxiety by EdwardsBloodType-rec'd by Suebee Betafairy
Cute, trendy Bella returns home to escape the heartache of her past. She immediately befriends neighbors Jasper and Edward, bonding with them in the treehouse out back. Bella and Edward discover they have more in common than they ever dreamed of. AH A/U Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Mss L Masen

High Anxiety was first brought to my attention by one of my lovely fb friends, the gorgeous woman formerly known as APM, aka AidanPaul Momma, but currently known as Jezza Bella. She knew I was an angst kind of girl and figured that I’d like this story. Turns out, I’m a glutton for punishment, because as the angst reached its peak, Jezza had to take a pause until it was over so that she could pick it up when things got better. I, on the other hand, just kept on keeping on. And it absolutely wrecked me.

I’d never had a fic affect me as hard as this one. I literally tossed and turned and worried and lost sleep and couldn’t guess where or how or what the hell Bella was gonna do after catching Edward in his room with Tanya… Dudes, I was freaking the FUCK OUT. No lie.

Now for you ladies that haven’t read HA, you’re probably wondering what the hell was Edward doing with Tanya in his room. Well, I’m sorry to tell you, I’m not gonna say. I hate ruining stories for people, and you can’t like angst without loving the torture of not knowing if you’ll get your HEA or what.

So let me tell you a bit about this story. We have the usual suspects in this one, Bella is new to town and Edward and Jasper are her neighbours and are brothers. Bella quickly befriends Jasper and there is a bit of a romantic vibe going on there… that in itself is already torturous (I’m a hardcore ExB kind of girl). However, Jasper’s brother is this huge mystery to Bella. He keeps to himself. Goes out of his way to avoid her. Avoid touching her. What is his deal? Of course as the story progresses, we find out what indeed is his deal. And, it sucks.

This obstacle doesn’t keep these two apart though. They find a way around it, and in doing so, we are privy to some of the hottest no sex sex scenes I’ve read. Seriously. There are super highs and SUPER LOWS in this one. And you have no clue how it’s going to go. High Anxiety is so true its title. It keeps you in high anxiety to the very, very end. And it’s the sweetest torture.

If you like a fic to absolutely pull you in and beat the crap out of you only to toss you away at the end, then this puppy is for you. I won’t tell you if you get your HEA, but I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Give this one a go, you will not be sorry. Trust.

But, just in case I haven't convinced you yet, I'll leave you with this little tidbit...

As I made my way down the hall, I approached Edward's half open door tentatively, my ears perking up at the distinct sound of arguing…two voices, Edward…and a girl.

A fucking girl?

My heart felt as though it abruptly and violently plummeted into my spleen, wherever the hell that was, sickening me instantly. I felt my ears grow hot as I approached the door hesitantly, wondering who in God's name he could possibly be arguing with and for what reason. Honestly, my first thought was that it was maybe one of the Skank Squad who had wandered carelessly into his room, and I totally was not in the mood for a beat down at the moment.
I never in a million years expected to see her.

Enjoy Ladies!!

The Selkie Wife by Lissa Bryan-rec'd by Mina Rivera
Set during the reign of "Bloody Mary" Tudor. Bella is captured by Edward to raise his daughter. He promises to release her one day, but will he? Court intrigues and danger around every corner. Can they, and their new-found love, survive? Rated M/OOC/AU Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Jo Kline

A true period piece needs to take me on a journey. Make me feel like I am really in the time period. The Selkie Wife by Lissa Bryan does just that and so much more. It is an AU/period fic and it’s an amazing combination. It takes place during the reign of Mary Tudor, the daughter of Catherine of Aragon and King Henry VIII. The love story between Edward and Bella is unusual, yet perfectly beautiful. Edward is Duke of Cullen and his wife has just died, leaving him with a daughter. He loves the little girl very much, but in those times a father’s affection was just not shown. He does, however want a loving mother for his little girl.

 He followed the faint thread of sound. There was a tiny peninsula which jutted out into the water, with high rocks in the center. Edward slipped to the end and peeked around. Shock made his jaw drop, froze him in his tracks.
Two nude women were sunning themselves on the rocks, their creamy skin gleaming in the warm sunlight. Edward couldn't look away from the mesmerizing sight. He'd never even seen his wife completely unclothed. The smaller of the two had long, dark brown hair, which the other woman was combing for her.
As he watched, a gray seal popped out of the water, its clumsy body flopping on the stone beside the women. To his astonishment, the seal seemed to split down some invisible seam and another naked woman appeared.
Selkies! Edward had heard the stories, of course, but had never imagined seeing one. Had he been born a few hundred years later, Edward would have questioned his sanity at what he was seeing, but he lived in an age in which the existence of witches, demons, sea-monsters, ghosts and fae-folk was widely accepted.

Enter Bella, a Selkie. The myth of the Selkies is actually what makes these characters so interesting and adds an element to this story that is literally out of this world. Selkies, according to myths and this story:

“were shape-shifters, some said sea fairies, others said the souls of those who had drowned. They were supposed to be immortal, never aging once they reached maturity. Their pelts were what allowed for the transformation. If their pelt were lost or destroyed, the selkie would be trapped in human form, and if it were stolen, they were beholden to their captor until it was willingly returned. Beautiful when in that human form, they were said to have great powers of seduction over mortals. The men were supposed to be incredible lovers, the answer to the prayers of many a dissatisfied wife and lonely spinster, summoned by shedding seven tears into the sea. The women were said to be excellent wives and mothers because of their gentle nature, but for both male and female, their first love would always be the sea and they could pine away for it if kept trapped on land for too long.”

Knowing these legends, Edward captures Bella’s pelt, forcing her to stay with him on land and becoming his wife. He wants her to take care of his daughter, thinking her maternal nature will be a perfect fit. Turns out she is the ideal mother to his daughter. She is loving, smart, and caring. She’s also fiercely protective of little Elizabeth, especially upon their first meeting.

As they reached the door, he heard Rosalie shout, "You willful little imp!" accompanied by the sound of a slap. He pushed open the door and found Rosalie still standing over Elizabeth, her hand drawn back to deliver another blow.
His timid little selkie wife turned into a lion.
With an outraged snarl, Bella charged forward, knocking Rosalie back into the stone wall, her forearm pressed over Rosalie's throat. She was much smaller than Rosalie, but her aggression more than made up for the difference in size. Her eyes were shooting sparks of rage and Edward was entranced by her ferocious beauty. In this moment, in her fire, Bella was magnificent.
"You dare to strike my lord husband's child?" Bella growled.
Rosalie gasped and gurgled, pulling ineffectually at the arm cutting off her air supply. She cast a pleading look at Edward, who was still frozen in place.
"If you ever strike that child again," Bella hissed, "I will beat you 'til you are naught but pudding!"

Surprisingly, Selkies spend time near land and they are up to date on current events, so Bella knows quite a bit about living as a human, but she does not master the etiquette a wife of a Duke should have. The mistakes she makes and her eating habits are unusual, but endearing. Selkies are also sexual creatures, so she has no idea why Edward doesn’t want to have sex with her.

"You can not sleep here," he said. "I'll have the servants make up the bed in the lady's chamber."
"I must sleep alone?" she asked, her voice sounding shocked.
He cleared his throat. "I- Bella, er ... I don't intend to lie with you."
She seemed disappointed. "How will we have babies, then?"
Bella is adorable in all that she does not know and strong-willed in all that she does.
"Edward?" She nervously twisted her hands.
"Yes, Bella?"
"Why won't you lie with me?"
He looked away. "I cannot."
She looked stricken. "It doesn't work?"
He let out a bark of laughter. "No, it works just fine. I- I'm still mourning my wife, Bella."
"You loved her." It was a statement, not a question.
"I did." He sat down in a chair, raking a hand through his hair.
"And she loved you?"
"Don't you think she'd want you to be happy?" I would want the man I loved to dance and sing and have lots of babies."
"It feels as though I am being unfaithful," Edward confessed.
Bella looked at him thoughtfully for a moment and then stepped closer. Closer. She stepped between his knees. Closer. Until he could feel the warmth radiating from her body. His breath caught in his throat. Those dark eyes, they captured him. She gently wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingertips teasing the the edge of his hairline. His heart pounded.
Slowly, ever so slowly, she lowered her face to his, until they were only an inch apart. It had to be her selkie magics, because he was frozen in place as her lips lowered to his.
Soft ... Christ, they were so soft. He groaned softly end pulled her down onto his lap and kissed her the way he'd secretly wanted since the moment he saw her on the beach. He tore his mouth away. "Bella, I can't."
"You can," she said. She took off her bonnet and laid it on the arm of the chair and turned her back a little and reached up to pull at her laces. His mouth went dry. Lust. It wasn't a sin, he reminded himself, not when it was toward his wife, but oh God, it burned within him with a sudden, terrible intensity. He had to have her.
She could not undress herself, but he'd be damned if he would call a servant now. He pulled away her stomacher, pins flying and tugged at her laces, and his fingers were made clumsy with haste, tangling the laces in knots. Edward gave a growl of impatience and pulled his jeweled dagger from his belt, slicing through them cleanly, dropping the pieces to the floor as he went. Her kirtle, petticoats and farthingale got the same treatment. She stood before him, glorious in her nudity. He groaned, yanking at his doublet, tearing buttons loose. He pulled it off and dropped it to he floor, yanking his linen shirt over his head.
He yanked down his hose and tore off his codpiece, now as naked as she. Bella was not shy. She surveyed his body, her eyes as bright and hot with desire as his own must be. He picked her up and carried her to his bed, sweeping the coverlet aside with one hand and laying her down on the white sheets. She held up her arms for him and he eagerly went into them, kissing her deeply.

That is only the beginning of the wonderful love story. They embark on a marriage filled with love and acceptance, but life has bumps, does it not? These two have to deal with the time they live in. Mary Tudor burned over 280 religious dissenters, the ones who would not conform to the Roman Catholic Church the Queen implemented from the previous Protestant rule. Bella becomes a lady in waiting to the Queen and Edward is a member of court, so both must show a united front backing the Queen, even when they do not agree with her rule. It’s an up and down battle and along the way Bella discovers she is happiest with Edward, but longs for the sea. Edward understands what a truly magnificent wife Bella makes, and when he decides to love her, it is fierce and unrelenting. He finds ways to get her to the sea, so she can rejuvenate, all at the cost of his own reputation. If the wrong person were to see her frolicking in the waves, it would be considered witchcraft and she could be prosecuted as such. At the beginning he tries to get her to understand why she can’t go to the sea.

"Listen to me," he said and waited until her huge, dark eyes, wet with tears, met his own. "Bella, you have to heed my words. You cannot do things like this. The people will forgive small slips because they think you're from a distant land, but what you did today will be seen as wicked and unchristian. I've tried to explain to you how important that it is for you to conform to our religion, but you do not seem to understand how gravely serious this is. If they think you are a heretic, they will burn you, Bella. Do you understand? They will put you in a fire and burn you until you are dead."

What I love most about this story is that Lissa Bryan stays absolutely accurate to the time and the characters that played a part in England’s history. Some become alive as characters, others are mentioned only by name, but the amount of research that went into this story makes it that much more believable and completely enjoyable. Lissa Bryan also has endnotes at the bottom of practically all the chapters with historical notes. It helps more than I can say, because you want to be able to appreciate everything she has written. All the questions I had reading a chapter, she actually ended up answering, whether it was pronunciation or historical facts about a character.
The ending is absolutely a HEA, however there are some bumps and bruises to get there. Hang on during the last five chapters and chant HEA, HEA, HEA! Believe me it will be worth it! Lissa Bryan is a fantastic writer and such a great person. The Selkie Wife is my favorite of hers and she has quite the resume - Written in the Stars and Better Angels of our Nature… heard of them? Yeah, I thought so!

For anyone who shies away from period pieces… Jump head first into this fic and prepare to be transported to 1553 England and into the world where myths and legends really do come alive, to  a time where people refused to believe in the impossible. You won’t regret it. It’s truly a masterpiece!

Unplanned Perfection by Littlecat358
Bella and Alice were best friends, which made Bella the only girl off limits to Alice's brother Edward. When a party the summer after graduation gets out of control, Bella's world is turned upside down. "He doesn't know. I don't want him to." Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: LaMomo

How many times does it happen to be able to review a story and use the author's own words?
Well, this time we can. Because Littlecat herself offered a new and improved version of the summary to the awesomeness that is Unplanned Perfection.
Here it goes:

"They fuck, she gets knocked up, she hides it, he finds out, they fight. They fight some more. They call a truce, he falls in love with them. There's drama and twists and bum love and climaxes. Lots of climaxes. There's psychotic chicks and crazy dudes. The end. And then a really big epi."

Of course, most of us have read this story and know that LC's new summary should be taken with a pinch of salt - even if the bare facts ARE there.
The story here is pretty much stripped down (!) to its minimum terms. The barest essentials. Twist it in any way you want - Bella likes Edward. Edward likes Bella. There's a drunken party and a drunken, totally unromantic fumble in the dark. He leaves.
She stays. That night has consequences that change her life both for worse (in the short term) and infinitely for the better (in the long run).
What happens when the Cullens come back to town after YEARS and a stunned Alice runs into a very reluctant Bella, with a bronze-haired, green-eyed little guy at her side?

The world goes topsy turvy for the whole lot of them. Yes, there are fights. Yes, there are discussions and misunderstanding. Years of bitterness and regret and mistrust, bottled up for too long, blow up in their faces.
But they have changed. Their priorities change. And change brings them together. There is a whole bunch of crazy. That draws them closer still.
And this is the "serious" part of the story.

The hot part of the story is, as we all know, that there is no sane, orderly, sensible universe where Bella doesn't want Edward. Where Edward doesn't want Bella. Despite everything. They fight each other - and that's a battle of wills, and they fight against each other - and that's a battle of lust.
The pull they feel will draw them closer and closer - for the wrong reasons first, and for the best reasons in the world later. Hottest lemons you'll ever read. After all, the author herself says "bum love". I personally think it was one of the hottest, most intense outtakes and bum love scenes I have ever read.

Of course, I might be biased...but again...who wouldn't be? There's no fighting it - a DocWard AND DaddyWard? It's a "you had me at hello" kind of deal.

Still there? Whatever for? Get to reading!!!

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