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What we're reading in TLS this week:

We’re happy to bring you our current bi-weekly TLS Fic Rec list!  Don’t forget to leave the authors some love via pm or reviews and let them know you saw their story featured here. Happy Reading! 

♥ Nic & Six

A Scottish Tale by For3ever Immortal-rec'd by Missus T
A Scottish laird finds himself embroiled in the life of a girl who's beauty is sung throughout the highlands, but little does he know that she is not as feeble as she looks. Rated M

Asylum by DarkNnerdy-rec'd by Sixdlb5
He is sin personified, wicked and inked, cruelty always at the tip of his tongue. Black wings grace his back, and blood stains his hands. She's the poison he wants to consume, but can she survive? Rate M

Beneath this Sky by Bedelia-rec'd by SixDlb5
Nineteen years ago, time unraveled. In a changed world, Bella fights to save a man from the past and a girl with no future. AU. Rated M

Better Things by Tardis19-rec'd by Evilnat
Better things were coming her way, and she was more than ready to forget about the hell her ex had put her through. Moving away to college, she meets a tall, green-eyed man who leaves her breathless and steals her heart, but danger lurks nearby. There's an angry ex on the loose and out for revenge. Can they find their happily ever after? AH/College Fic, Rated M.

Everything I Needed by AgoodWITCH-rec'd by Nic
Bella had been lucky to land the job as the nanny to Esme and Carlisle's two girls, but when Carlisle's younger brother arrives in New York in need of a fresh start and some help with his own brood, Bella's world is quickly turned upside down. It was just supposed to be a job, but they quickly became everything she needed. Rated M

Go Fish by Rubyblue9696-rec'd by Nic
Life may seem mapped out and on the straight-and-narrow, but just when you think you see your own big picture, fate comes in to play with an animated deck of cards and tells you, simply, to please 'go fish'. Who knew it would all start with a can of worms? Rated M

Hard to Love by Drotuno-rec'd by Suebee Betafairy
I didn't know how to ask him if I was going to lose the one person that had loved me unconditionally my entire life. Bella Swan had been in every moment of my life since I was seven years old. Eighteen years. She was there for it all, and it wasn't supposed to end like this. AH/Canon couples. EPOV Rated M

How to Tame A Player by Mystique-jewled-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
Masen University. Home to the nation's best science program, the western seaboard's largest electron microscope, and the world's biggest womanizer. I'm Bella Swan, and this is where I learned How To Tame A Player. Rated M

Infinite Visibility by TheFicChick-rec'd by Everyfreakingbody
"Bella, I'm not perfect." "I've loved perfect before, & he broke me anyway."
(A "Twilight"/"Remember Me" crossover.) Rated M

Lean on Me by Awish0921-rec'd by Nic
Life for Edward Masen was focused and driven. When an unexpected loss brings him to his knees, someone he never saw coming will be there to see him through. Will he let her? Rated M

Liquor, Lube, and Latex by Livie79-rec'd by Nic
It's his birthday and I'm giving him the one thing he really wants. AH ExB M for Smut. Smut, smut, smut. Rated M

My Heart, My Home by Edward's Eternal-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
Edward Cullen, constantly in the spotlight, sought after British actor has had problems with his staff. He needs a new housekeeper. Bella, his manager's sister, is in a tight spot and needs a job. They meet … they talk … they bond. But how deep does the bond go? Can either of them figure it out? Will he realize what he already has? Rated M

Not Meant to Be by SweetDulcinea-rec'd by AlliZ
Bella meets a married man named Edward, and what she anticipates to be a one time fling turns into an affair that stirs feelings she is blindsided by. The battle between heart & mind leaves them both struggling to do the right thing. AH Rated M

Room 212 by Revrag-rec'd by Sixdlb5/Edmazin
A story of survival and adversity. Endurance and love. Discovering how to overlook the things that matter least, for the reward of the things that matter most. ExB Rated M

Run to You by Ericastwilight-rec'd by Drotuno
Day after day for a week, he watched her. He wanted to know her, talk to her, and eventually touch her. The problem was he never had to chase. Will he have to run to catch up? Rated M

Snapshots by LyricalKris-rec'd by Sixdlb5
When his older brother walked out on his girlfriend, Bella, on the worst night of her life, Edward was there to pick up the pieces. Jasper breezed back into town after being missing for three years to find his family had reformed around the hole he left behind. Rated M

Snare by Raum-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
"The lives of Charlie and Bella Swan were devastated when Renée was murdered by a serial killer: The Drainer. Charlie, a former FBI profiler, is convinced that the killer is a vampire, and that those creatures are real. Nobody believes him, till the day he captures one of the undead." AU. Rated M

Speak Now by Saritadreaming-rec'd by Cared Cullen
One Bride, One Groom... One Huge Lie. When Bella learns the truth about their long ago past, can she stop Edward from making the biggest mistake of his life? Can they survive the aftermath? AH Edward/Bella/Tanya.  Collab between SaritaDreaming and wmr1601. Rated M

The Firm by LoveRob-rec'd by Evilnat
A new associate joins Cullen, Hale and McCarty law firm, a top notch team of handsome attorneys. Will she be an asset or their undoing, particularly for the most reclusive senior partner? Read and find out. Rated M

The Man in the Moon by CullensTwiMistress-rec'd by Drotuno
Her Nana had always told her she'd find the peanut butter to her jelly. But she never did find the one, and now she's 29 and still looking for that perfect one—the man that doesn't exist. He's like the man in the moon; a simple fairy tale that will never be real. AH; BxE; Romance. Rated M

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What we're reading in TLS this week:

We hope you have been enjoying our reading recommendations and are finding new gems to read and review. We have a whole new list to fill up your time! Happy Reading! Don't forget to let the authors know where you saw them recommended and leave them some love.

♥ Nic & Six

A Heart Arcane by Iambeagle-rec'd by Everyfreakingbody
There are people you get over. And then there's Edward Cullen. Rated M

After the Gold by DH78-rec'd by Nic/Sixdlb5
This little story was born out of late night Twitter conversations and gushing over Meryl & Charlie, the fabulous American gold medal ice dancers. We ship them. Spangly wanted it written. So it shall be done. So can childhood friends become more? We say HELL YES. Rated M

Baby by HelliesWorld-rec'd by Nic
Smart, and savvy Bella wants a baby. She is willing to go the mile for one. Edward just happens upon her path. Rated M

Barely Breathing by Chocaholic123-rec'd by Vampshavelaws
A tortured professor consumed by a secret. A quiet student who catches his eye. He's barely existing. She's young and innocent. When she enters his hellish world, it shifts…again. AH. Rated M

Be My Anchor by Llr6473-rec'd by Nic
Bella and Edward were once in love...or so Bella thought. Now that unexpected circumstances have forced them together, can they get it right? Rated M

Bird Girl by TheQueenWriter-rec'd by Evilnat
The small town girl who doesn't care about his celebrity status. Can Edward change Bella's mind? Rated M

Boxing Out by MeilleurCafe-rec'd by Everyfreakingbody!
Bella is a little lost while trying to make a new life in the Big Apple. Edward is a Manhattan police officer who knows it to the core. They meet at court. Will this new romance be a slam dunk? Rated M

Choices by Twilover76-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
Did you ever wish Bella was more confident? Edward less rigid? Jacob less of a pain? This is Twilight if Alice saw everything coming before Bella moved to Forks. Rated M

Cullen’s Roadhouse by TGBMcCray-rec’d by Practicallyallofus
Bella Swan is adrift. She's got a worthless college degree, bills, two friends, a shitty apartment, and too many ex-boyfriends. Swearing off men seems like a good idea, at least until she can figure out how to pour a proper beer and make some cash at Cullen's Roadhouse. It's an apron that sets her off – an apron, some Levi's, and a tall glass of Diet Coke. Rated M

Follow The Sun by MissWinkles-rec'd by Evilnat
Sometimes you have to stop thinking with your head and listen to your heart, follow which way the wind blows and dream with abandon. Because tomorrow is a brand new day, and who knows what it will bring. E/B. Rated M

In Your Room by LayAtHomeMom-rec’d by Drotuno
After years of bedroom boredom with Missionary Mike, can Bella find the sexual salvation she's seeking in the arms of campus hottie, Edward Cullen? Rated M for Edward's dirty mouth, Bella's inner whore, embarrassing situations and lemons galore…Rated M

No Place Like Home by Tellingmelies-rec'd by Sixdlb5
Edward is forced to leave his playboy life behind in Chicago and come home to Washington, but will he change his ways or risk losing everything? Rated M

Seven Forty-Three by Maplestyle & CullensTwiMistress-rec'd by Billi Cullen/Alliz/Sixdlb5
Maps dictate where we go, but they don't always take us home. City subway tunnels and dim street lights converge, bringing two people infinitely closer. Will a chance meeting lead them to forever? Maybe it was only a matter of time. Collab with CullensTwiMistress. Romance; BxE; Rated M.

Speed Dating by Samekraemer-rec'd by Cared Cullen/Nic
Bella Swan had finished law school and joined her closest friends in New York, just as they'd always planned. They each had their own pursuits, but they shared one dream…Moving to New York and living their dreams. When they agreed to accompany their friend, Angela, to an old-school, speed dating event, they were all skeptical. Rated M

String Theory by Theladyingrey42-rec’d by Suebee Betafairy
"Eleven dimensions. Infinite parallel realities. And in all of them, I love her." Muppets, math, and physicists falling in love. Fluff and eventual lemons. ExB, AH. Rated M

The bitter, the sweet by Rochelle Allison-rec'd by Everyfreakingbody!
Bella's 24. She's got a career she loves, close family & friends, and a little girl she loves more than anything. She doesn't need anything more, but sometimes she sure wants it, and when Edward shows up he'll either upset the balance or make everything sweeter. Rated M

The Keepsake by Windchymes- rec’d by Drotuno/CarrieZM
Some things you never forget, they just hurt too much to remember. Rated M

The Practicum by TheFicChick-rec’d by Suebee Betafairy
"We're going to be teaching high schoolers how not to get each other knocked up or infected with gonorrhea. It's hardly a romantic evening for two." Rated M

The Secrets We Keep by Mathisson-rec'd by Coppertop Johnson
Bella thought she had escaped her silent prison with the death of her fiancée. Edward thought his actions would never catch up with him. But in a new city and a seeming new life, see how Bella learns that not all secrets are bad. Can Edward come to terms with the truth? Can they be honest with each other? Rated M

You Came Too Early by Elliania-rec’d by Evilnat
Edward and Bella married too young and for all the wrong reasons, so no one acted surprised when their marriage crumbled down. Two kids and five years later, events force them to live under the same roof for a while. Will they realize what they lost? AH. Older, divorced E/B. Daddyward. Angst. HEA. Rated M

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REVIEW: My Ex-Con by Counselor

Some stories have such a big following that it’s hard to remember where you first heard about them because every-freaking-body you know is reading them.  They're the stories that are recognized by initials or stand-apart details and are immediately connected to an author's name. They get you talking, screaming, and swooning about fic, and often become the standard by which other stories are compared. These are those stories.

We've invited four guest reviewers to share their thoughts on some of our recent ‘we can’t stop talking about them’ favorites.

banner by Debbie Wilson

My Ex-Con by Counselor
Edward is fresh out of the big house and Bella is his new boss.

Nat (evilnat)~

These days I often find myself waiting for stories to complete, with a baby on the way and just everyday busy life it's easier for me to keep track of what's going on; they all tend to blend together after a while, but with My Ex-Con I haven't been able to do that.

Pretty much everyone in this fandom has heard of Counselor. Whether you love her stories and devour them as soon as she posts, or whether you can't quite grasp the language, you know she writes quality. She never just hands you all the information you are craving, that's something you have to work for, but I think it's more satisfying and definitely makes you went to keep reading. Being Australian, sometimes I don't quite 'get' what's being said or going on, but her authentic colloquialism just makes each story even richer.

That being said, with My Ex-Con I don't have that problem, maybe it's the era and location are more universal this time, or maybe it's just the characters themselves are easier for me to relate to. Either way, I'm there reading each update as it arrives in my inbox. 

My Ex-Con centres around a Bella who hasn't had an easy life, she is strong, she's been through a lot and is not proud of some of the things she's had to do to survive, but you gain this respect for her as you get to know her. She's a survivor. And she helps people. Whether it's her brother Jasper who seems to have more problems the further we get into the story, or Edward, who's just finished serving time and needs a place to start over. Bella likes routine, her life has become easier the more she stays in her own little rut, until Edward comes along and throws everything off kilter for her and you're not sure how she's going to deal with it. 

Edward is quiet but says a lot, I know that doesn't make sense, but he seems to convey what he's thinking without even saying very much. He's struggling, but he's not, and once again it's a contradiction, but that's just how I feel, and I think it's all because of Bella. There have been moments I'm this story between Bella and Edward that have been some of my favourites ever, all because of his quiet intensity.

Then you have Charlie. A child character you will actually like.

My Ex-Con doesn't have a really complicated storyline, though new information is dropped every now and again as we go along creating more twists and turns, but it does have this richness that gives it substance, even when you think the situation might be quite simple, it's probably not, but finding that out is half the fun. I could go on, but really I don't want to give too much away. If you're not reading it and you like Counselor's work go and check it out, you won't be disappointed!

Lay Athomemom ~

Through her brilliant characterizations, clever turns of phrase, and fantastic storytelling, Counselor’s words often leave me feeling like a Rolodex of emotions depending on the story. My Ex-con is no exception. On the surface, it’s the story of two people living their lives with a cage mentality. Edward, a recently released ex-con returning to civilian life after years in a cell, and Bella, an independent woman with a plan who’s living day to day in a figurative box of rules, roles, and routines. As the story unfolds, it becomes a tale of unconditional love and how each day they learn to give, receive, and realize that they’re actually deserving of that love.

In my mind, this is where Counselor absolutely shines; illustrating perfectly how love opens your eyes to new possibilities of a life you never knew you wanted. It can open your heart as well, widening it to make room for what you didn’t know you needed. In Bella’s case, that would be a stray pit bull and a soft-haired, foul-mouthed little boy.

I find myself anxiously awaiting each update of this story and absolutely devouring it upon posting. I often go back and re-read a couple of times just so I can savor each and every word, not wanting to miss a thing. My Ex-con is a perfect example of Counselor doing what she does best, taking perfectly imperfect characters, immersing them in the everyday business of living, and adding the subtle anecdotal nuances that resonate with readers in a way all her own.

Billi Cullen ~

Every time I start a new fic by Counselor, I know I'm in for a thrill ride.

My Ex Con is no exception.

Counselor has a unique way of writing. She weaves her characters so intricately, their personalities, their features, all thrown together to make you believe they actually exist. They're so real, so flawed, they are like your neighbors down the street.

This Bella is smart, moral and motherly. She's not perfect; she wears paint splattered glasses and hearing aids. There is no mention of her perky breasts, chestnut locks or small waist.

This Edward is an ex con. He too isn't perfect. He's handsome, of course he is, but he's still not someone you'd be able to take home to mom. A criminal, having done his time because of the relationship he has with his friend, Bella's brother, Jasper.

Edward is the perfect fodder for Bella. Their relationship is believable, so real and so loving, you just want to crawl through the computer screen and hang out with them.

The story twists and turns around Edward's release from prison, Bella's inability to say no to him staying with her and some surprises along the way that make this ride well worth every moment you spend reading.

Counselor is the epitome of a great storyteller. Read it, you'll be so happy you did.

Mel aka Edmazing~

I don't think it's any secret that I am a big follower of Counselor's. I love how she boils things down to nuts and bolts of life's journey while flavoring each of her stories with their own voices, dialects, and flare. It takes talent to make things so universal and yet so individual all at the same time. Yeah, it sounds like I might be contemplating my own Counselor tattoo. lol

In the initial chapters of My Ex-Con I was immediately taken with Big B and her strength, but the jury was still out on Edward for me. Sure, he was rough and rugged and all man, but my mind kept flashing warning signs and asking what KIND of man was he.

Slowly, slowly I came to find that he was a man of action and, dare I say, integrity. Life has thrown them more than a couple of lifetime's worth of curve balls, but they're weathering them together just fine. I can't wait to see where these two will go from here. Do yourself a favor and dive into My Ex-Con because these guys should not be missed.


We’d like to thank our ten guest reviewers for sharing their thoughts with us on these three amazing stories.  Staceleo, Jiff Simpson, Susan Q, Rochelle Allison, Jayhawkbb, VampiresHaveLaws, Nat (evilnat), Lay Athomemom, Billi Cullen, and Mel aka Edmazing.

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REVIEW: We Were Here by Lola-Pops

Some stories have such a big following that it’s hard to remember where you first heard about them because every-freaking-body you know is reading them.  They're the stories that are recognized by initials or stand-apart details and are immediately connected to an author's name. They get you talking, screaming, and swooning about fic, and often become the standard by which other stories are compared. These are those stories.

We've invited three guest reviewers to share their thoughts on some of our recent ‘we can’t stop talking about them’ favorites.

banner by Lola-Pops

We Were Here by Lola-Pops
Upon waking, there's a brief, blissful period in which you don't yet recall the sins of the night before, but eventually, you have to open your eyes. I'm Bella Swan, seventeen years old, cheerleader. This morning I woke up in the wrong bed.

Rochelle Allison ~

Upon waking, there's a brief, blissful period in which you don't yet recall the sins of the night before, but eventually, you have to open your eyes. I'm Bella Swan, seventeen years old, cheerleader. This morning I woke up in the wrong bed.

Like most of us, I read a lot. Lots of fanfiction, lots of books. Over the years, quite a few have impacted me, but because there are so many more stories to be read I rarely reread. I do make exceptions, however, and Lola’s stuff makes the cut. I’ve reread Summer of Salt more times than I care to admit, and We Were Here...I just finished my fifth or sixth re-read. Sometimes it’s favorite passages or chapters, other times, it’s the whole story.

We Were Here recently completed. Because of life stuff (marriage, a baby), it took Lola a while to post the last chapter and then the epi, but it was so worth the wait.
You see, Lola’s brand of angst is the real kind. There’s nothing contrived or melodramatic about it: it’s real people living real lives. The events might not be exactly like ones we’ve encountered, but the emotions behind them resonate because we’ve all been there. I love that. I love being so invested in a story that I breathe with the characters. It’s easy to write crazy, overblown drama - much harder to create subtle, nuanced moments that hit home and drive the story along.

We Were Here is about a Bella on the cusp on a late-teen crisis. Seemingly overnight, she goes from a popular cheerleader with a jock for a boyfriend to a girl wanting way more...

I’m so fucked. Literally. Figuratively. But I get ready for school like it’s any other day, and as always, my cheerleading uniform feels constricting, but looks perfect. It’s a metaphor for my entire existence.

 ...and that includes the sexy, brooding graffiti artist Edward...

He’s always, I guess....attractive in a way that makes girls unconsciously lick their lips, but he doesn’t seem to care much about dating, or maybe he just doesn’t care about the girls at our school.
...The things that are said about his sexual prowess solidify him as a legend, but most of the time you don’t hear those things from people who’ve actually done them.
It’s all true, though. I know it is. I flush and cross my legs, my heart beating hard.

These two burn for each other, when they’re together as well as when they’re apart, and while the story opens with their beginning, it takes a lot for them to realize that they’re truly meant to be.

This story isn’t always easy to read. The characters are authentic, so they make mistakes, doing and saying things that frustrate and upset. I related so much to Bella, even when I wanted to shake some sense into her. Her pain was so tangible, as was Edward’s.

And I won’t even discuss how hot this Edward is. I can’t. Let’s just say he’s a top 5-er for me.

This story is amazing. It hurts, and it feels so good. It’s got a great, well rounded cast of characters, a driven, sometimes-gritty plot, and plenty of good lovin’. So worth the read...and the inevitable re-read.

Jayhawkbb ~

Memorable characters.  Great plot.  Incredible storytelling.  Three of my favorite things in fic.  All three of those things come together in a way that feels effortless in We Were Here by lola-pops.  If you haven’t read it yet, please don’t waste your time reading this.  Go read that instead.

While reading this fic (again and again), I devoured each chapter like I’d been on a low-carb diet and it was a warm slice of sourdough.  The characters are deliciously imperfect and behave like real people – they make bad choices along with the good; they have fears that sometimes consume them; they fight for what and who they want.  Through all their ups and downs, I felt what they felt and wanted what they wanted.  I rooted for them even when they didn’t deserve it, and I think that speaks volumes about the talent of author lola-pops.  It’s not easy to weave a multi-layered plot with such complicated characters into a cohesive story, but she does it brilliantly.  It never feels contrived or forced.  It never reads as through she’s fitting the characters to the plot or vice versa.

As I write this, I know that we only have part two of the epilogue left, and then we will say goodbye to this fantastic story.  It’s always bittersweet to let go of characters we love, but how can we complain?  We’ve been lucky enough to live through them as they’ve grown – and grown up.  I will savor the final chapter like it’s the last glass of wine from an expensive bottle of cab.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I’ll scarf it down… and enjoy every second of it.

VampiresHaveLaws ~

Teen angst is my fic weakness. So of course when I read the excerpt lola-pops shared in her Spotlight Interview with Fic Central many moons ago, I knew there was no way I wasn’t going to become obsessed with this story. And I was right.

I can’t go any further without talking about Bella and Edward’s initial hook-up. Because it’s the best.


He's looking at the ground when I look up, but I know it was him. I throw my books in the back seat and slam the door.

"What did you say?"

He shifts uncomfortably and won't meet my eyes. I stomp around the car and right up to him.

"Damn, E, who is this chick?" One of the guys asks. I don't look to see who it is, though, because my eyes are trained on him.

"No one," he says, and turns his head to nod toward the shop. They file through the door talking in low voices, leaving us standing in the dark spot between street lights. He leans back against the brick wall and finally makes eye contact. I realize that I haven't really looked at Edward Cullen in a long time. I lose my breath for a second at the intensity of his expression, the symmetry of his face...and something else that I can't put my finger on. There's anger, which I expect given the fact that I just called him an asshole, but also lust, which is so out of touch with his words that it doesn't make sense.

His words echo through my head. No one.

"Fuck you," I whisper, but there's no fire behind the words. Maybe that's because I know he's right.

He moves that slow gaze to my lips and then...and then I'm not really sure I can explain what happens next. I take another step forward and he drags his teeth across his bottom lip, and then I'm fisting his shirt and that bottom lip is between mine.

I mean, right? For the two people in the fandom who still haven’t started this story, I forgive you for flouncing what else I have to say in favour of reading this. It’s the smart thing to do. Also, don’t even get me started on chapter 18. I spaced out twice while typing this just thinking about it.

What I love most about lola-pops is her style. She manages to capture a certain feeling not many authors can achieve. Like, I can instantly tell if it’s something she’s written, without having to look at the penname at the top of the page. It’s a really special quality to have.

Now, I could go on and on about this story, but I don’t want to spoil it any more than I already have for those two people, so I’ll end it with this: dog tags. Just dog tags.

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REVIEW: Troika by Mortissues

Some stories have such a big following that it’s hard to remember where you first heard about them because every-freaking-body you know is reading them.  They're the stories that are recognized by initials or stand-apart details and are immediately connected to an author's name. They get you talking, screaming, and swooning about fic, and often become the standard by which other stories are compared. These are those stories.

We've invited three guest reviewers to share their thoughts on some of our recent ‘we can’t stop talking about them’ favorites.

Troika by Mortissues
Waking up, not matter how long it takes, should be a wonderful thing. Powerful and liberating. Like emerging from the chrysalis. I should have known it wouldn't be like that for me . . .

Staceleo ~

Troika, oh Troika, how much do you thrill me? Obsessively thrill me. So much in fact, that I have been known to pull over on the side of the road to read updates, while my small children yell at me, while pelting the back of my head with stuffed animals and fruit snacks. Mother of the Year, I am not.

You see, Mortissues, I have read you other stories. I place bets in my head on who you are going to pair with who, and how exactly you will rid yourself of Edward. I was doing pretty well until this story. There was a curve ball every chapter. I would start shaking in anticipation for my Troika fix. You had me swooning over Carlisle, keeping my fingers crossed for Garrett, and even thinking Bella and the jail bait puppy were smoking hot. I mean Jacob. That last one made me want to bleach my brain, but that dear author, made me also truly appreciate the power of your writing.

The introduction of Freya was inspired and even that made me question what your end game would be. Would poor Bella ever be changed? Then I didn’t really care. Freya was fun and what I wished Stephenie Meyers wrote the canon Bella to be like. Following her change was interesting and when many original characters fall flat in being added into fanfiction, you made her a vibrant addition to the group.

Quick question about Edward, if you will allow me to ask. How much alcohol did you have to drink to have his ending with Bella be what it was? I’m completely serious. I imagine a computer screen, a bottle of whiskey, lots of screaming of creative curses, and crying uncontrollably when writing about him. I understand, dear author, I do the same thing whenever I write about Emmett.

What is it exactly that I’m trying to say with all of my ramblings? Thank you for this story. It has been a constant joy these past months. I don’t review like I should, but I will try harder. I’m really enjoying your new story, Bachman Twilight. It’s making me like Emmett and harder to kill him off in my own stories. What did you do, Mortissues? What did you do? Where’s my whiskey bottle?

Jiff Simpson ~

I have such mixed feelings when it comes to Troika. It was the first fic of Mortissues’ that I’d read and I was immediately hooked when I started reading. It was different and I was intrigued by the plot and the new characters that were featured. After a while, though, I became sad, angry, confused, and frustrated. That’s a crazy thing to admit when writing  about a fic, I know, but here’s the thing: this story made me FEEL.

Did I want to slap this Bella and shake some sense into her? Yes. Did I want to skip around the room, showering myself with flower petals when certain characters fell in love? Of course. Did I want to fall to my knees and beg Morti not to break my heart? Absolutely. Many, many times, in fact!

I swear, this fic had me running the gamut of emotions but I still felt refreshed from all the ‘feeeeels’, even the negative ones. That’s what great writing does. It makes you experience many different emotions while making you thirst for even more.

What I loved the most about reading Troika were the friendships I made and/or strengthened while reading it. With every update, there’d be a discussion thread with other ladies who were reading along. We’d talk about theories, our fears, and how a particular chapter made us feel. A lot of times, we felt differently about the same update! It was great.  There was no judgement, just sharing with a ton of freaking out thrown in. It made the fic even more fun to read. So, thank you, Mortissues. Thank you for your words. Thank you for leading me to a wonderful group of ladies. Mostly, thank you for making me feel. By the way, you’ve done it again. I just became hooked on your new fic, Bachman Twilight. Hopefully, my girls are reading it, too!

Susan Q ~

How far out of your comfort zone are you willing to go? Would you step into a story that is based on canon, but has an Edward that didn’t come back…right away? Could you enjoy a single mother Bella who’s been missing something—someone—for nearly two decades?

Once in a while I’ll start a fic with a fabulous premise and hope that the execution is as strong. Troika delivers. The title alone will get you thinking: a group of three people. But which three people? We follow (a great) Bella on a journey that at times is not for the faint of heart, but the return on your investment of time and emotion is so worth it.

The author, Mortissues, is a brilliant writer. She can have you laughing, gasping, and then flailing all in a 2,000 word chapter. Her stories are fun to read and she always takes liberties with canon and you just aren’t sure where she’s going to go.

I love Edward and Bella. Love them together. But Mortissues has a way of making me appreciate other pairings, and care so much about an original character, that I’m on the edge of my seat worrying about her. That is masterful writing.

When you finish with Troika, go read An Unobservable Entity and Rosalie’s Baby and start her new WIP, Bachman Twilight. I don’t wholeheartedly recommend a lot of stories, but Troika is first-rate.