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What exactly is a Flash-Fic? It's pretty much a spur of the moment, tiny
story, prompted by words, images or silliness. Not sure if you've ever
been on twitter when this has happened, but it's pretty awesome when it
does. It also happens often in threads, with a combination of people

How does it work? Each Friday one admin of TLS
posts a picture prompt here to the blog. Using this image, entries are
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winners here, each Friday, to share with all of you.


You will have until next Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST to submit your entry.

Picture prompt and judge this week is Edmazing.

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This feature is open to everyone, so come one, come all!


First Place

Name: CullensTwiMistress
FF link:
Word count: 300

My heart is going to beat right out of my chest and land on the ground.
The sound of my own scream gets lost in the midst of the rustling branches and leaves. I know she’s out here.
I saw her run out of the church, down the gravel driveway and into these woods.
Where is she?
With every inhale and exhale, my ribs ache from the cool air filtering in my lungs.
Leaning against a fallen tree, I spot a beaten path and an opening with some steps that seem to be carved out of the earth and trees.
“Bella?” I sigh, my voice faltering when I see her small figure balled up with her shoulders hunched and shaking; her white dress dirty and snagged.
She looks up at the sound of my approaching footsteps. Her cheeks are stained black from the mix of tears and mascara; her eyes shallow and her lips quivering.
“Edward?” Her voice is strained, but soft.
“Why did you run?” I kneel on the step below her and wipe her cheeks, listening to her sniffles as she stares at my face, her eyes wild.
“I couldn’t … I just couldn’t.”
My eyes bore into hers. For a brief moment I forget I was supposed to be the best man.
“Why not?”
She breaks out in another round of sobs and I instinctively wrap my arms around her, pulling her into me. I love this woman. More than I should. Seeing her like this absolutely breaks me.
“I can’t marry him, Edward.” I feel her lips against my skin as she speaks. The mere whisper of her breath sends a chill through my body.
I pull back slightly, searching her eyes. “Why not, Bella?” I implore, needing answers.
“Because he’s not you.”


word count: 300

She laughed at his seriousness.
Sixteen and tangled up, twirling, star gazing through treetops.
“I want a love that breathes meaning into life!” she screamed into the night. “A love that wants happiness above all else, no matter the cost.” Her words sprouted wings, twinkling into the sky like fireflies. “Do you believe in that kind of love, Edward?”
Spellbound, his heart clamored wild and uncertain.
“Oh, but you’re only thirteen,” she laughed again, floating down to earth to kiss his nose. “How would you know?”
But he did know. The stars counted how many times he’d dreamed of her, infinite, never-ending. He is a supernova; fated to burn and die and be born again.
She spins again and he is a North Star, knowing as long as he breathed he would love her.
The scandal was legendary, whispers and shock, a cake that would never be eaten.
He ran, only him, because the trees hid secret places only they knew.
Twenty-eight and she’s beautiful still, even broken and wet-eyed, sprawled in the grass. Her white satin sparkled in the few sunbeams that survive the twisted canopy of leaves.
“I’m sorry,” he said, out of breath. He jerked his bow tie and threw it on the ground.
“It doesn’t feel real..." slowly, her voice faint. “Everything’s muffled, in a mist. I feel like water draining through too much sand.”
Dropping to his knees, he lifted her chin.
“Don’t." She wiped under her eyes. “I was pretty an hour ago.”
He shook his head, kissing her fingertips.
“He didn’t love me, not really. I only saw what I wanted to see.” Her head lay soft against his shoulder. “Why didn’t I believe you?”
He sighed.
“Edward.” Sniffing, she trembled against him. “Will you stay?”
“Always," he whispered. "I’ve been here the whole time.”


Word Count: 298

I find you over the rise of the hill. Your dress and tears, all for him, fall into the dust.
You turn to me with red-rimmed eyes and ask me why he does this to you.
I don't know. It's all I can say, because if you were mine ...
Like the hundreds of times before, I wrap my arms around you. Whisper words to dry your tears and make you smile.
I press my lips to your hair. Summertime and pear drops.
Lace my fingers with yours, brushing my thumb over the raised silver line on your wrist—a childhood memory of our tree house.
I know the story behind every single mark on your skin.
I know you hate jelly and love peanut butter.
You love to dance to rock music but secretly adore terrible 80's pop.
You look at me with deep brown eyes, brimming with hurt, rejection, and betrayal. I want to punch his face, break something so he stops doing this to you.
The sunshine has kissed your freckles. A constellation I could draw with my eyes closed.
I hold you and tell you you're my world. An old joke you always giggle at, but it's so true.
I'll never love anyone the way I love you.

He comes to find you.
You tell me you'll be back later. Leave me with a hope-filled smile that'll be crushed the next time he feels like it.

I sit alone and watch the sun set fire to the sky.
To you, I am a safe harbour from the storm, but truthfully, I'm a ship tossed against razor sharp rocks, splintered and sinking. I can feel myself drowning, and for the first time, I realise I have to save myself.
Tomorrow, I'll tell you I'm leaving.


Word Count: 300

“Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”
Mrs. Brandon’s words run through my head again. Although she was teasing, her statement still struck a chord with me. A really fucking depressing chord.
Reaching down, I grab the champagne bottle by the neck and take several sips. The joy I felt three hours ago when Alice and Jasper exchanged vows is fading with the sunlight, quickly being replaced by self-pity. Both of my best friends are married now. And I’m alone. No one to bring along when I meet friends for drinks. No one to kiss. No one to huddle under the covers with on chilly nights.
Unless you count the cat.
Sighing, I set the bottle on the stair beside me and bend forward, resting my flushed forehead against the cool satin of my dress. Although Atlanta-born Jasper hardly has an accent, Alice decided on a Southern-themed wedding, trapping me in a pale yellow, Scarlett O’Hara gown all day. A stark contrast to the short, black bridesmaid dress I wore at Rosalie’s wedding last month.
“Miss? Are you okay?”
Startled, I sit up quickly and look at the shadowy figure standing two steps below me. He’s tall, wearing a dark suit. Since the setting sun is shining in my eyes, he’s also faceless. I squint, but still can’t see him clearly.
“Yeah, thanks. I needed some air.”
“And champagne?”
Laughing, I pick up the bottle and shrug. “It’s a celebration. Want some?”
“I don’t drink with strangers.”
“Bella.” I hold my right hand toward him. When his warm fingers wrap around my palm, squeezing gently, the current that spreads up my arm is surprising… strong… breathtaking.
“Bella,” he repeats. Shifting his stance slightly, he blocks the sun and I look into the most brilliant green eyes I’ve ever seen. “Hi. I’m Edward.”


words: 289

I run through the underbrush as fast as my bare feet will carry me. Even the sharp rocks scattered about in the dirt, don’t register on my soles the way the pain does in actual soul. The twigs crunch, snap, and break beneath me but I don’t stop until I get closer to the little creek down below.
This is our place, where the forrest—in all of its emerald and azure and magenta grandeur—breaks into a field of wildflowers, dancing and reaching up toward the bright sunshine.
I waited under that makeshift chuppah as attendees and even the preacher scrambled around trying to find you. But the more time that passed, the more apparent it became that you weren’t going to show. So, I ran.
The sob rips from my chest as my legs finally give way, and I sit with my face in my hands as tears stream through my fingers, down my arms, and drip onto my white satin dress. Why aren’t you here? We’ve planned this for months, yet I am left in trembling humiliation in front of all our guests.
A rustling in the shrubs beside me barley registers against the ache inside. But when your glorious face appears, and I can see that you’ve been seeking me out just as frantically as we had been looking for you, my tears dry up.
Your eyes take in my dress for the first time.
“Wow.” Though I’m a disheveled mess, the words out of your mouth are filled with lust and love, swirling magically into the crisp mountain air. Then you see the mascara running down my face and pull me to my feet and into your strong arms. “So sorry I’m late, love.”


Billi Cullen
Word Count: 299

The cold hard cement of the stairs was seeping into my skin. I could feel the pebbles grinding into my ass cheeks like tiny marbles.
I was supposed to be marrying the love of my life. How does a simple girl like me, end up marrying someone like him?
Exquisiteness in male form, bronze hair, green eyes and the longest fingers I’ve ever seen. Oh what those fingers do!
Too perfect. I need to rethink our impending nuptials before it’s too late to back out.
Shit, I’m a fucking idiot!
I love him, he loves me!
Standing up I brush my bum off, turning around quickly to run back to the sanctuary so he can’t change his mind!
I’m startled to see him standing there. His hand is outstretched to me, the smile on his face assuring me that we truly are meant to be.
“I figured you’d be back here,” he said sweetly, his green eyes blazing into mine, his smile wide and happy.
“I needed a moment, a time to reflect, if you will,” I replied, my voice soft, grabbing his hand, getting close in his embrace.
“Well I certainly hope you haven’t changed your mind and decided to marry that dog, Jake, instead?” he questioned, his brow raised, smirking while looking down into my eyes.
I smacked his chest, laughing lightly, saying, “No! Not Jake, only you... only you forever.”
He pulled me closer, leaning down to place the gentlest of kisses on my lips.
As we walked away I looked back over my shoulder to that cement step, I knew that our life might be like that sometimes. Hard, rough, rocky, but knowing it would be worth it in the end because what we had together was sturdy and strong, just like the cement.

The Lemonade Stand would like to also thank all of the participants. We thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the entries. 


  1. @Surething302
    Word Count: 299

    He picks me up in his 64' Lincoln Continental convertible, knowing I love this car. Head back, eyes closed, I take a deep breath of summer.

    I had hit up the annual car show that summer – that's where I first saw him. Tall and lanky, he had the most unusual hair color – a reddish-brown – and the deepest green eyes I'd ever seen. He took my breath away.

    He'd been on my mind all day, along with looking for the love of my life. I hadn't found one until twilight when I saw the black beast that stole my heart.

    I approached the car, while catching sight of my green eyed boy who stood in front of my love. I walked around the '64 Lincoln, my hand hoovering just above as I connected with its energy, and that's when I heard the most velvety voice in the world.

    “Hi, I'm Edward Cullen.”

    That was two years ago.

    I have two loves now.

    I open my eyes in time to see the meadow and pond, where we've spent so much time laughing, talking and loving. It's our place; we've had all of our firsts here.

    Edward puts the car in gear and says, "Come on, Love, let's go for a swim." I slide over the seat and take his hand.

    Hours later, lying on top of him while kissing him deeply, he gently caresses my face and pulls away. I protest, grinding my hips.

    "Slow down, Love," he says huskily. Smiling, I know he is just as turned on as me.

    "You know you are my everything," he says, looking into my eyes. "My forever. Bella Swan, will you do the extraordinary honor of marrying me?"

    With tears in my eyes, I kiss his lips whispering, "YES."

  2. Forever Addicted
    Word Count: 299

    Pulling the denim shorts up, I smile as Edward tucks himself into the shorts we picked up at a yard sale miles back.
    He smirks; those beautiful lips make me want to pull his shorts down all over again.

    “Ready?” He whispers.

    Our road trip was to be one last hoorah before medical school and my job this fall. With only a couple weeks before I start my first year at a private school in Chicago, our mood has turned to one of desperation.

    Fear for the summer to end, fear for the pressing obligations of both our careers, fear to give up our little apartment in Forks. Lesson plans and dissections wait in Chicago. Neither of us is ready.

    “You know, I had this teacher in second grade, Ms. Carter. I really liked her.”

    My forehead scrunches in confusion, but I continue to throw the sleeping bag in the back of the convertible.

    “She got married and suddenly she was Mrs. Turner. It was very confusing for me.”

    My hands still. I turn toward him.

    “I looked on my phone last night; there is a wedding place on one of the beaches on the way home.”

    I can’t help the smirk that pulls at the corner of my mouth.

    “Is this supposed to be a proposal Cullen?”

    I chuckle and turn back toward the car, pulling the cooler top open.

    “No, this is.”

    When I turn back toward Edward, he’s on his knees with glitter in his palm.

    “I love you. I want to start the rest of our life today.”

    I throw my arms around him.

    “Was this always the plan?”

    “Making you Mrs. Cullen has always been the plan.”

    Falling back into the open door of the car, we shed the denim yet again.

  3. Nuttyginger
    Word Count: 298

    I yanked the shirt over my head, allowing the midday breeze to kiss my skin. Edward's already ahead of me, trying to pull off his shorts while still running. He trips over the fabric before landing in a heap on the ground.

    A loud laugh echos around us, bouncing off the surrounding trees.

    "Come on, Cullen!" I yell as I dash past him.

    I have the good sense to stop to remove my own bottoms, leaving me in my underwear, my shoes left somewhere near the car. I take off at full pelt again.

    "Jesus, Bella, slow down!"

    Concern colors his voice, but I'm too free to pay much heed. We've been here thousand of times before; I know the land well.

    Not even slowing down, I hurl myself over the small outcrop and down into the deep pool below. I surface laughing as the coldish water stings my skin. Looking up, Edward is staring down at me. Such a worry wort.

    Without a second thought, he joins me, dragging me down for an under the water for a kiss that makes my body hunger. We horse around, enjoying the freedom to just be for a while. Our play turns heated, hands pulling each other closer. Our love is clumsy and awkward in the water, but it's all us.

    Eventually, we make our way back to the car as the day begins to wane. I can't resist straddling Edward as he sits in the passenger seat tying his shoes.

    Despite earlier, our kisses grow more passionate, more frantic. His cell phone ringing interrupts us. I groan.

    "That was mom. The kids are ready."

    I go to climb off him, but he holds me still for a second.

    "Promise me it will always be like this," he whispers.


  4. Mina Rivera
    Word count: 300

    Title: BLISS

    He watched her as she splashed in the water, bringing a smile on his face. He still couldn’t believe how lucky he was. After all the years he spent looking for her, she was finally his - to have, hold and love for as long as they lived. It was a comforting feeling knowing no one and nothing could tear them apart anymore.

    Her squeals and giggles were the sweetest sounds for his hears. He sat down on the back seat of the car, his legs hanging outside. He grabbed a bottle of water and took a big gulp; the day had been warmer than he’d anticipated, hence the pit stop at the small lake by his brother’s house. They weren’t expected for at least a few more hours, so he leaned back on his elbows, his eyes never leaving her innocent display of joy.

    He watched her as she ran up to him and pounced, his arms quickly wrapped around her as they both ended up lying down on the back seat.

    “What are you thinking about?”

    He tucked her dark hair behind her ear. “You.”

    “Don’t you think about anything else?”

    He shook his head. “How can I? You’re everything to me, my love,” he breathed out against her ear.

    The bottle of water dropped to the floor with a loud thud, his hands roaming her naked back, reaching for the knot that held her bikini top in place, pulling the strings.

    She hummed and kissed his lips, their naked torsos touching without barriers. He was quick to deepen the kiss, her taste so addicting.

    “Do you want me, Carlisle?”

    He kissed her pulse point reverently, his lips pressing down almost too hard. He cupped her face between his hands, admiring her deep dark eyes.

    “Always, Esme. Always.”

  5. kitchmill
    Word count: 244

    My fingers drum on the steering wheel. The wind whips through my hair.

    Three hours. Only three more hours.

    What's three hours on top of thirty days? When it's all that's left, it feels like a lifetime.

    My convertible continues to rumble down the highway, and the engine protests as I floor the gas pedal. I know she can handle it though. She's been there since the beginning. She was there through all the firsts. She took us on our first date, to prom, on summer road trips, to college, and now she's gonna take me right back where I belong.

    I exit the highway and it feels like the car is driving itself. She knows the way.

    She takes me down the familiar dirt road that leads to you. But really, all roads lead to you.

    It's always been you.

    When I pull up in front of the quaint white house, you're already waiting. I leave the engine idling as I step out to get to you faster, but you beat me to it.

    You're down those stairs and in my arms before I can stand up. And then we're both back in the car.

    Right where we belong.

    "Never again," I whisper between kisses to your face. "I told them I won't travel anymore."

    "Never, Edward," you make me promise.

    And it's right. The right time and the right place, because everything happens here.

    "Marry me, Bella."

    Your smile is breathtaking.


  6. @everydaybella89
    Words: 240

    They were pressed together in the backseat while the muggy air settled around them. The roof of his corvette was down, and their bodies were sticky from the humid southern air. The Doobie Brothers wailed about the black water, and he sang along.

    “You have to go,” she finally told him when he stopped singing. There was a catch in her voice, and her fear was evident. “Nashville. That’s huge. You’ll do great.”

    “I’m not leaving without you, sweet girl.” She’d always loved that thick southern drawl in his voice, and it was all the more pronounced now. “You never want to leave, and so I’m staying right here. I’ll sing in bars and dives. Long as I got you, I don’t care.”

    “You’re better off there.”

    “I’m better off wherever you are, and one of these days I’ll convince you of it.”

    “You belong there.” She sighed and tried to shift away. Why couldn’t he see? She was nothing but a nobody from nowhere. He was meant to be someone.

    He brushed sweaty hair out of her face and tried to force her to see. He loved her more any idea of fame and fortune. He loved her with everything in him, and he knew she would go with him at some point. There was nothing really keeping her here.

    “I’d like to hear some funky Dixie Land,” he sang. “Pretty momma come and take me by the hand.”

  7. @sparklymeg
    Word Count: 299

    “You’re doing great,” he says, shaking excess water from his head. It lands in gleaming droplets all over his face.

    I watch a bead of moisture make its way down his long neck, trickling down the taut curve of his pectoral muscle, before landing on his firm, dark nipple.

    My tongue wets my lips as I imagine licking that wet, soft spot on his chest.

    His hand rests lazily on the fabric of his wetsuit, which is turned down to the waist. His other hand covers his face as yawns, before moving to join the other hand.

    He whips the lower half of the wetsuit off.

    I forget how to breathe.

    I would never have considered a Speedo sexy.

    But now that I see my kayak instructor, with his untamed hair and sun-kissed skin, water dripping down his perfectly sculpted six pack, the sexy “v” shape of his muscles dipping into the waistband of the scant navy fabric, I am mesmerised.

    He’s talking, but the words are a blur.

    I want to run my tongue along that “V”…

    He tugs on my ponytail, interrupting my dirty thoughts.

    “You need me to unzip you?” he asks. My cheeks heat - I’ve been caught staring. I quickly nod and turn around. The zip opens - his fingers linger against my skin longer than would be considered appropriate.

    The heat pooling between my thighs finds it very appropriate.

    I shake the wetsuit out, letting it fall to the floor.

    He’s chugging from a bottle of water - I lick my lips again.

    I want to be that bottle.

    He releases it with a pop, offering it to me. I step forward, tripping on the wetsuit, sending us both flying through his open car door onto the backseat.

    I gasp.

    He’s rock hard.

  8. Name: CullensTwiMistress
    FF link:
    Word count: 300


    I hate it.

    Middle of nowhere with a flashlight and a tent. No running water. Friends all coupled off except for Cullen.

    I hate Cullen.


    “Bella, we’re going for a hike, you coming?” Rose asks.


    I’m a sulky bitch, but whatever. I don’t hike. Give me a book and some bug spray, and I’m golden.

    “You staying here?”

    Ugh. Cullen.

    I shrug. “Yeah. You?”

    “Hiking. Not my thing.”

    I nod. At least we agree on something.

    My book’s good. Cullen…not so much. He’s distracting. All hard body and slick skin. His hair a dishevelled mess. He’s almost attractive. Meh, who am I kidding?

    “Hey, Bella?”

    My eyes slide up to his face. He smirks, knowingly. Asshole.

    “You wanna go for a ride?”


    “Come on. I don’t bite.”

    I wish.

    “Fine. But don’t try anything.”

    I hate him.

    He opens the door for me and I slide in. “Where are we going?”

    “Beer run.”

    The store isn’t far.

    The way his forearm flexes every time he shifts is hard to ignore.

    I hate him.

    He puts the twenty-four into the back seat along with some bottled water, and gives me a knowing smirk.

    Damn him and his sexiness.

    “Find something you like, Bella?”

    “Shut up.”

    The ride back to the campsite is silent. Thank god.

    I get out of the car and go around, but I trip on a branch and with a huff, fall onto Edward as he’s reaching into the back seat for the water.


    “Are you okay?”

    He holds me on top of him, one hand smoothing the hair back from my face; the other shifting my body so that I’m pressed comfortably against his.

    I nod, looking into his eyes.

    He grins and presses his lips to mine.

    “I don’t hate you.”

  9. Name: Chocaholic123
    Word Count: 298

    The summer sun beats down. Its warming rays dance across my skin, bleaching hairs and stirring memories I try to repress. Every year it's the same; like a hibernating animal awakening from a winter's sleep my libido stretches and curls. Your name trips across my tongue in a litany of prayers.

    My skin tingles with the synaptic recall of your caresses. Invisible lines forged by your fingers are burned into my body, created when we were little more than children, made permanent by your persistent touch.

    You'll break my heart again when you haphazardly stuff your cases in your trunk, pulling your Raybans down to block out the reflection of the September sun. But it's still June, and I let the butterflies flutter in my chest when I see a trail of dust in the distance, the air filled with the buzzing of weed whackers as gardeners clear a trail to your summer home.

    I know you'll seduce me with a smile. I know I'll let you.

    Down at the lake the water warms up, still sand disturbed by a hundred happy toes.I remember nights curled up with you by the shore, you moving inside me, whispering promises we both knew you couldn't keep. Every year it gets a little harder to fill the void you create, but still I let you dig at my soul until there's nothing left.

    The dust cloud gets closer, and I can make out a car; new and shiny, the top pulled down so you can be baked by the same sun. I stand by the road, my body trembling with need, watching as you slow down to a halt.

    You open the door and pull me inside, our legs tangling, our laughter mingling as your lips devour mine.

    "I'm back."

  10. Jonesn Fanfiction
    word count: 300

    I try to watch the road, peeking at you out the corner of my eye.

    Your hair blowing in the breeze, your hand coasting the wind.

    The smile pulling at your lips, makes mine do the same, and I don’t want to just look at you anymore.

    I never just want to look at you, your hair and your hands and your lips.


    All of you.

    It’s almost painful, just looking.

    Pulling off the shoulder, I take the old, beaten path, stirring up dirt and dust in my wake.

    The winged seeds break from the surrounding trees, flutter and fly around you, falling into your lap and your hair and you laugh, picking them off and throwing them out to crunch under the turn of the slowing tires.

    The lake’s just beyond the bush, the sun casting its glare, glimmering in waves and waves off the rolling, muddy water.

    You watch it as I come to a stop, climb into the backseat, making you squeal in surprise as I take you with me.

    Pushing open the back door, you try to escape, but I’ve got you.

    I’ve always got you, wrapped in my arms to keep you where you belong.


    Right here.

    Giggling, you wiggle as I lie back, settling yourself on top of me, stomach to fluttering stomach, chest to beating chest.

    Looking into those bashful, brown eyes, I hold your hair in my hands; lightly fingering the soft, auburn sheen and feel yours cradle the back of my head to pull my lips to your lips.

    I can still taste the summer, sunset citrus you smeared on long before we left, the sweet tang coating my tongue as it slithers out to seek yours. And I feel like I could kiss you forever.

    Forever and always.

  11. BoomBoom Jones
    Word Count: 300

    “Come on. Let’s just go.” Bella crinkled up her nose and bit down on that bottom lip of hers. Spitfire, that girl was.

    Townspeople always said Charlie’s hands were overflowing, not just full, with her.

    Edward’s heart raced like it would whenever Bella’s eyes lit up, but he kept himself collected. He smiled. “Where to?” He played with the hem of her shirt, circled a finger around her bellybutton.

    Up on her tiptoes, she threw her arms around his neck. “Take me to Venus.”

    Edward held her steady. “That’s pretty far, pretty girl.”

    “We’ll stop if you get hungry.”

    “No money.” He only had about five dollars crumpled up in his glove box, and Bella told him that was alright because she’d go ahead and stuff Twinkies into her shorts if she had to. “Ain’t no room in those shorts.”

    “I’ll make do.”


    Billy chased after them from his storefront, yelling into a cloud of dust, “I’m calling your daddy!”

    Wind whipped her hair into wild ribbons as she turned, rising to her knees in the front of Edward’s convertible. She blew a kiss. “Thanks for the snacks!”

    “Chief’s gonna kill me,” Edward said, laughing. He pulled her close.

    Hours later Bella pointed to a dirt road in the distance. “Turn up there.”


    “We’ll go skinny dipping and make love and stay the night.”

    “Make love?” he said, eyebrow cocked.

    “If you’re gonna die you better go out happy.”


    She splashed water, and he held her tightly to him.

    “You’re my girl.”

    “I know.”

    He made her sweat and shake. She replied with a grin, “So that’s what Venus is like.”

    That evening they lay in his car, Edward’s arms in their place while she told him big dreams. He thought maybe tomorrow they’d go to Jupiter.

  12. @sparrownotes24

    Word Count: 300

    A hum of anticipation rises and dips, reacting to movement on the stage. The blazing sun presses heavy on our heads as bodies push closer, the crowd swaying as if ruffled by a breeze.

    The buzz snaps to a roar, deafening, exhilarating, when the band walks on.

    You bounce on the balls of your feet, gifting me a smile over your shoulder. Your lips lifted with our secret.

    We surge forward like a tide, giving me the chance to touch you, stop you from falling.

    Protecting my best friend's little sister. An innocent gesture as he stands beside us.

    It’s anything but.

    An intoxicating riff, the soundtrack to our summer, spills from the stage like a drug, sending the crowd wild and delirious.

    The bass sinks into the ground, rumbling beneath our feet. Every vibration is my heartbeat as I watch you.

    Your hips sway a mesmerising rhythm as you brush against me, closer and closer, when the tempo builds.

    The notes floating through the air are memories of my lips pressed to your skin, punctuating a story that’s just beginning.

    Lyrics twist and swirl around us, echoed back a thousand times. The same words you whispered to me in the dark, tattooing their meaning deeper than ink.

    I can’t take my eyes off you.

    Reaching back, your fingers link with mine, and we’re alone in the crowd.

    It’s easy to disappear into the undulating sea of people until we’re back at my car.

    The need to taste you, to have your skin touch mine, overpowers the fear of discovery. It eclipses the relentless sun, silences the music.

    We tumble onto the back seat, tangled desire stealing our breath.

    You’re the only song I want to hear. The lyrics I’ll never forget.

  13. "Eddie!" she says with a giggle as I pull her on top of me. We're both out of breath and exhausted; sweat causes the cotton of our clothes to cling to our damp skin. Her bare feet tickle against the hair on my legs as I press on her ass until she moans and writhes against my hard-on.

    God, what a great fucking day - the best yet...and it had nothing to do with the way I fucked her from behind up on that little overgrown bend in the path where the trail forks. No, of course it didn't have anything to do with the way she screamed my name as I decorated her creamy-white ass with the red of my handprint after I laid down on the dirt, pulling her over my cock and letting her ride me hard.

    Today is a new level of grand, but not because of how many times I've made her come around me in ecstasy. No, today is epic because today she finally admitted that she loves me too.

    Words: 178

  14. I’ve never anticipated summer like I did this one. I was always the quiet girl that would stay at home with a good book, watching from the window as my classmates had the time of their lives. School would start and everyone would be all tanned skin and abuzz with their steamy summer stories while I sat there, pale as can be and nothing to share.

    But this summer I know it will be different. I graduated this year and now I have nothing holding me back, well us back.

    Edward, Mr. Cullen, was my substitute English teacher when Mrs. Cope was out on maternity leave. I fell for his green eyes, his knowledge of classic literature, and the way he could dominate a room. I’ve never been so attractive to someone in my life; I’m always itching to touch him.

    He makes me feel things I’ve never felt before. Maybe it seems like a silly teenage crush, but when we’re together it doesn’t feel that way. I’m not that shy girl with him; I’m the girl I’ve always known I could be.

    I see his convertible in the distance and I try to stay as cool and collected as possible, until I see his smile. My resolve breaks as I sprint toward him, jumping into his arms attacking his lips. We fall backwards getting tangled together in the backseat.

    “I missed you,” I pant as I pull away and smile at him.

    “And to think I thought you wanted to talk about books. Here you come taunting me with this poor excuse of a bathing suit!” His hand caresses my ass in appreciation. “I missed you too.”

    “No books, no talking, just you, me and this backseat.” The look he gives me tells me he likes my idea better.

    Words: 300

  15. LastAboard
    Word Count: 296

    "Did you like your nickname when you were little? Teddy, I mean," I clarify as though he had more than one.

    "Mmm. I don't know. I guess I didn't really think about whether I liked it or not," Edward says as he tilts his head back a bit further into the soft, worn leather of the seat. His water bottle rests on the exposed skin of my lower back, his pinky just brushing against me now and then, with his right arm stretched above his head. His eyes are closed and he looks peaceful, almost as though he were asleep. "Why do you ask?"

    "I think it's cute."

    He scrunches his eyes closed tighter and laughs, jostling me a bit where I lay on his chest.

    "Well, I've kind of grown out of it."

    "Not for you. For a kid, a baby." I stretch my hand up above his head and grab his hand in both of mine. Our stomachs touch where our shirts ride up and the hair below his belly button tickles me.

    "A baby, huh?" He smirks and cracks one eye open.

    I nod, a bit nervously. I want him to be as excited as I am.

    "Really?" he asks, a grin creeping onto his face.

    "Yeah," I say softly, returning the grin.

    "So, how long would you say we have to decide if Teddy seems like a good nickname for a baby?"

    "A little less than eight months."

    He brings both hands to my face and stares at me, his eyes studying as if he hadn't looked at me a million times.

    "Are you happy?" I ask. I have to hear him him say it.

    He answering smile is blinding. "I think, right now, that happy doesn't even begin to describe it."

  16. @bebeginja
    Word count: 300

    Nostalgia floods as we pull up to the family cabin, gravel tickling the underside of the old convertible. I call her Nessie. Nessie’s been good to us over the years.

    I reach into the back seat for our bags. Just as I turn around, Bella jumps me, laughing, and we fall back into the car.

    “I’m so happy we’re here!” she says, pushing back my unruly hair. “So many memories – do you remember?”

    “That day? Of course. I was just thinking about it.” The day I got Nessie, I drove her straight to the cabin to show her off.

    That was the day I also got Bella.

    Our first kiss, right here in the back seat.

    “You jumped me, like you did just now.”

    “My family left to the store. Yours wasn’t here yet. I was here alone when you arrived. And all that flirting we had done? I couldn’t resist.” She kisses me, and after all these years I’m still taken by her brazen display of affection as she slides her tongue into my mouth. “Still can’t.”

    “We had to sneak around, you were so young.” Our age difference and family friendship would have landed me in jail in one way or another. But once we got started, after that first kiss, we just couldn’t stop. So many close calls, but she was worth the risk.

    “Yup,” she pats the seat behind my head, “’Ole Nessie here has kept many secrets for us.”

    There’s a ruckus on the porch, and then the kids race by.

    “Mom! Dad! We’re going to the lake! Come join us when you’re done making out!”

    She sighs, rolls her eyes. “Fifteen years later, and we’re still sneaking.”

    “Still worth it,” I say, squeezing her ass before helping her up. “Meet me here after dinner.”

  17. Name: Don'tLetThemGetYouDown
    Word count: 299

    He grunts angrily and pulls miserably at the worn tire of his girl’s black convertible. “I told you, you needed to replace your spare tires Bella! This one is practically flat! How many times have you used it?”
    She hums in response, turning a page of her book, not caring that her car had popped a tire in the middle of a path in a camp area. Wasn’t the first time, nor would it be the last.
    He finally bangs the spare tire back into place, wiping the sweat off his forehead. He had thought taking his girl out to the lake would be a nice surprise for the day. He should’ve insisted that they bring his new car but she insisted that they bring her hunk of junk. She loved that thing (the Black Pearl, she called it) more than she loved him, he was sure of it.
    He stands up and stumbles along the gravel before stepping ankle deep in a pile of mud. “Fuck.” He hisses.
    She doesn’t even look up from her book before handing him a towel. “I told you to be careful.”
    “I told you to replace the spare tire on this junk.” He mocks, slamming his hand on the door.
    She finally looks away from her book, hesitation in her eyes. “Do you still love me?”
    He rolls his eyes and smiles weakly at her idiotic question. He opens the door and jumps on her, tasting the delectable skin of her neck.
    She squeals and hits him playfully before flipping over on top of him, nipping at his skin.
    “Do you love me?” He asks a sly grin on his face.
    She giggles in response.
    “More than The Black Pearl?”
    “Edward,” She places a soft kiss on his lips. “More than anything.”