Thursday, February 11, 2016

That was fun... let's do it again!

I'm back with more flashfic prompts!

I had so much fun with the first impromptu round, that I decided to do another one. I'd like to thank Edmazing, Surething302, Maplestyle, Anonymous A, Andi King, and Rolange for participating in the first round... I adored each entry, that was so much fun!

I'll start this one just like the last one, two prompts... a word prompt and a picture prompt (two picture prompts today, I just added another one). You can write about either one. Entries just need to be between 100 and 1000 words. We'd love for you all to participate!

Aaaaaaaaand go!


  1. The Assignment
    Word Count: 524

    "I know it’s late, but before you go, I have an assignment for you. This won't be focused on therapy, but instead on what I need to work on so that our last sessions together will benefit you the most. This is essentially an assignment for myself, if you will."

    He nods in understanding as he sits in front of me. We're knee to knee in my office just like every other session we have. He's come quite far since he became my patient. He’s finally opened up to me like I need him to.

    He trusts me now.

    "I'd like for you to write down the three most important needs that you have. Some goals that we can work on before our time together ends. You’ve come so far already and I want to make the most of these last two sessions left. It’s important to me to to meet those needs for you before your time with me comes to an end."

    It's essential that I get this right before our court-ordered time is up. I want him to look at this as something that was beneficial and pleasant for him, not a bad experience and something he was forced to do.

    And not just because he's not like any other man I've treated before. If I'm honest, he's not like any other man I've met before. But because deep down, I see below his surface. Strong, cocky and confident on the outside but this man is so beautifully textured and softly put together on the inside, that I care about his well being. He’s come to mean something to me.

    I rise, giving him a piece of paper and a pen, "You can leave that on my desk before you go, I've got to step out to the restroom before my next appointment arrives, but I'll see you back here, same time tomorrow, okay?"

    He nods, stretching out his hand to take the paper and pen. His watch catches my eye when his fingers lightly graze mine. The pen slides from my fingers to his and our eyes stay locked, as a subtle heat flares at the base of my neck.

    Each afternoon, he rushes over after work at five pm.

    It’s been the same every week day this month… we politely greet each other as he slides the tie from his neck, unbuttoning his top two buttons before sitting. We talk about his day, how he’s feeling, what happened and how he can move forward from it.

    My office smells of his cologne and aftershave long after he leaves and it’s a most welcome scent when I arrive each morning and catch a faint hint of him still there.

    His dark green eyes keep my attention as he speaks, "I'll look forward to it."

    His deep voice and the look in his eyes is more intense now than it’s ever been before as I turn to leave.

    A shameful brush of lust whispers through me as I close the door to my office, rushing to the restroom. Needing a quiet moment to gather myself, I’m grateful for the distance between us and I’m briefly ashamed for my unprofessional thoughts.

    When I get back to my office he’s gone, leaving only his scent. I take a deep breath in, loving his smell as I walk towards the piece of paper that stands folded on my desk.

    The sun’s rays pour through the blinds and leave illuminated stripes across words that make my body tremble.

    To be honest I just want you.

  2. Ummmm, I'm going to need more of this. Love it!

  3. Oh yea...absolutely going to need more of this one.

  4. Smoke comes out of her mouth as she breathes hard. Her muscles protest the way she pushes herself to keep moving, but she doesn’t stop.

    I can’t get caught up in this, she tells herself as she keeps going.

    The cold, dark night surrounding her makes her feel chilled to her bones, but she carries on.

    The sudden sound of rapidly approaching footsteps makes her quicken her pace, but he’s faster than she is; like he always has been.

    “Isabella!” his voice calls out to her, but she keeps on moving.

    She barely takes a few more steps when she feels a hand wrap around her wrist, making her gasp.

    “Didn’t you hear me?” he asks as he steps around her so that he’s standing right in front of her.

    Even though she knows she shouldn’t, she lifts her head to look at him. She feels her breath leave her lungs at the sight of him. With his strong jaw, straight nose, and wild, untamed bronze hair, he’s the handsomest man she has ever laid her eyes on; but it’s his eyes that leave her breathless. Intense green eyes look deep into hers as he searches her face for something.

    Whatever he finds in her eyes makes the corners of his lips to pull downward. “You were leaving.” His words come as a statement, not a question.

    She nods slowly. “I needed to go home. Papa wasn’t feeling very well this morning.” It’s a small lie, she says to herself. Her father is always feeling unwell after the consumption claimed her mother’s life.

    Shaking his head at her excuse, he says again, “You were leaving … not just the party, Isabella. You were leaving me.”

    She starts to refute his words, but then realizes that there’s no point in denial. In a broken whisper, she says, “You can’t leave something that never belonged to you.”

    “Not belong to you?” His eyes show the hurt her words have caused him. “Isabella, from the moment I saw you hiding behind the rose bush in mother’s garden, I have belonged to none but you. I love …”

    Her hand flies up to cover his mouth to make him stop. “Don’t,” she pleads with him. “Please don’t say it.”

    “Why not?” His eyebrows pull together in confusion, before a flash of anger crosses his face. “Is it someone else? Does your heart belong to someone else, Isabella? Is that it?”

    “No!” Her voice rings loud and true in the dark and lonely night.

    “Then what is it?” he asks. “Do you not like me?”

    With a shake of her head, she sighs. “On the contrary, I like you too much for my own good, Edward.”

    His eyes soften at her confession. In a gentle voice, he asks, “Whatever do you mean, my darling?”

    The term of endearment makes her heart flutter in her chest, and in an attempt to rid herself of that feeling, she tugs her hand free and points it toward him. “Look at you, Edward! You’re the sole heir to this estate. One day soon you’ll be Lord Cullen. And look at me. I’m nobody. I’m simply a peasant girl you used to play with when we were little. I can’t give you anything. I’m no match for you.” She stops her rambling and pants, trying to calm herself down.

    He steps forward, reaching for her face with his hand. Taking her face in his hand, he smiles. “Isabella, you’re so much more than what you think of yourself. To me, you’re my best friend. You’re the girl whose one smile could make everything better for me. When we grew up, you were the lady who made me want to become a man who would deserve her. You are the woman I love.”

    A gasp escapes her at his proclamation, making his smile to grow. “You say that you can’t give me anything, but love, all I want is your heart, your love and a chance to make you happy. To be honest, I just want you,” he says to her tenderly. “… if you’ll have me, my love.”

    The sound of her sob is silenced by the pressing of his lips against hers. The way he kisses her so ardently, holding her to his chest as if she’s the most precious treasure to him, makes her sigh.

    Far above them, the dark clouds part from the sky, letting the rays of the moon light up the place where the lovers stand locked in their embrace. In that moment, it feels like that their union is being blessed by the Heavens.

    Word Count: 770

    1. Oh, I love love love this! You captured the best part of a bigger story and gave us the icing on the cake. I love it! Thank you!

    2. Aww ... you're welcome. It's awesome to have this back. So thank you for that. :)