Tuesday, February 9, 2016

SURPRISE! It's FlashFic time and everyone's invited to participate

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since we've done a flash-fic prompt and I felt like it would be fun to start an impromptu round of flash-fic fun.

I have no rules, everyone is invited and encouraged to participate and everyone will be a winner. Just come have fun and post a comment with your short story containing 100-1,000 words in the comments of this post. The more the merrier, we'd love for you to join us!

I will post two prompts, and you can write about either one.






  1. "Let's do this," he leaned over and whisper-breathed into her sleep rumpled hair.

    A quiet yawn and gentle hand into his equally rowdy mane, "We can't."

    "We can," he continued in his hushed tone, burrowing back into his third of the bed.

    "You're crazy," she murmured and smiled over their sleeping dream.

    "Maybe. But maybe you're crazier for not wanting to go. Think of the memories," he mimicked into the darkness.

    Smiles and shuffling, "Maybe."

    "What happened to 'I'll follow you anywhere?'" he teased.

    An audible laugh this time that caused little hands to flail and the conversation to fade into shared prayers for a few more hours of sleep.

    She loved him and he loved her but it wasn't that simple.

    Weekend plans didn't fit into messenger bags or on the back of a motorcycle anymore.

    It wasn't simple and their life was all the richer for it.

    1. Oh, I love this! I'm guessing their sleeping dream was a baby? "Weekend plans didn't fit into messenger bags or on the back of a motorcycle anymore." loved that. Thank you for writing<3<3

    2. Yes, a baby. Combining real life with wishful thinking and writing about a getaway. Lol Thanks for hosting- it's fun to play around with dreams and your words. <3

  2. My love for him surges through my entire being with an intenseness that sends waves of exquisite delight.

    His love for me can be felt in every atom of every cell and my entire body comes alive and is bursting with bliss and light.

    When we are together everything feels perfect, right and beautiful - body bliss, we call it.

    Many would call our love taboo but to us it's as natural as breathing.

    Our family has disowned us. Now we only have each other.

    Two souls journeying across the universe found each again.

    And in this life, he's my step-brother.

    1. Oooooh! I love how you put that taboo spin on it, girl! Love love love. So poetic. Thank you<3<3<3

    2. Oh boy....and snap!
      Your words are beautiful.

  3. He held her close, pressing a kiss to her forehead, “I’ve gotta go now.”

    Her grip tightened, “Don’t go, please… stay.”

    “I can’t,” his sigh was a whisper across her skin “I wish I could, but I can’t.”
    He gripped her wrists gently, untangling himself from her arms. She fought to hold in the sob threatening to wrench its way up her throat. He turned slightly, the pain in his features clear, his eyes glassy, “I’m sorry. So sorry.”

    The door clicked shut as he left, pitching her into darkness. As he walked slowly to his car, back to his life, back to his sleeping wife and son. Her sister.

    1. Oooooh what a dirty slimeball! I love it, lololol! Thank you so much for writing, I loved every pretty word<3

    2. Wow, that scoundrel!!!!!! Well, both of them!!!!
      Thank you.

  4. "You really wanna do this!!"
    "Yes. I really wanna do this!"
    "Dude! Have you gone mad?
    All those numbers that you play with have finally short-circuited your brain, Red!
    Shoo.. Go away. I gotta make some cupcakes"
    "What the hell is the matter with you? Why don't you get this in your teeny tiny brain that I really wanna go to the fund raiser with you as my DATE!! I wanna show you off, sweet girl!"
    "Cheers!! You have finally gone bonkers! What the fuck are you on? Order me some"
    Deep breaths Bella. It's okay that you have got an insane for a customer. It happens every day.
    "Listen Red, try and understand there's no match between me and those high profile types. I won't know what to say to your colleagues. I won't be able to fit in a dress that those zero sized socialites wear. Have you seen me? There's no way I am gonna go to your party with those sharks making fun of me and then having me as their dinner! So, thanks but no thanks, Red! I wanna live some more!"
    "Shut up Bella! Why don't you get this in your head that you are beautiful! These chocolate doe-eyes stares at my soul, they don't see an anti-social rich Financial executive, they look at the man inside that shell. This cute button nose is something I could nibble on for hours! That blush makes me think... unmentionable things I could do to you..
    These lips, Oh god, these lips will be the death of me. Your figure is what a woman should have, not those sticky socialites.
    But More than anything, your brain, your gentle and kind heart makes you more beautiful than anyone. You're irresistible to me, sweet girl. I am asking you out after a great bout of courage. Please don't reject me. "
    God.. I don't know how to respond to that. Nobody has ever said something like that to me. My cheeks feel like they're on fire. It's suddenly getting hot in here. I didn't have an idea that he's.. he's attracted to me. It seemed like something out of those cheesy movies, Gorgeous and out-of-the league guy falling for an ordinary girl..
    But the way he looks at me, the way he gets my jokes , my sarcasm and our easy going banter makes me realize that.. he gets me. He gets the girl underneath all the pounds, the real girl behind the mask of the sarcasm.. I'm attracted to him. I'm drawn to his soft spoken , gentle personality. Looking into his eyes, it's impossible to say no. I know it's a leap of faith I'm taking. But I can't deny myself anymore after knowing how he feels about me.
    "Yes. I'll go with you , Red!"
    The smile on his face lights up the entire shop. And I know my heart is lost to him..
    Hi, I got inspired by your prompt. Great blog you guys have. It's my first attempt at writing for pleasure :p :)

    1. Hi A, you did a wonderful job for this to be your first time, I absolutely loved it! I like how she calls him "Red" that was great. And I loved that you went with the 2nd prompt. Thank you so so much for writing<3<3

    2. Thanks PAWs Peaches. I absolutely love this blog <3

    3. And thank you, we appreciate you coming by to let us know<3

    4. Ok, that was really cute. Good job!
      Thank you!

    5. Thank you! *blush*

  5. He likes what I’m wearing.

    I can tell, because the temperature drops abruptly, and a breeze that comes from nowhere circles my body. Icy-hot and cool, it rushes past my left hip and presses the fabric of my dress deep in between my thighs. I gasp as the teasing flick-caress recedes and climbs its way up my body. It’s soft against my lower belly, growing harder the higher goes, until it spreads out across my ribs and curls up and around my breasts.

    “Beautiful tease,” he whispers into my ear as I arch against his invisible touch.

    Across from me stands a girl in an indigo blue wrap dress. Her arms curl gently around her midriff as the palms of her hands cup her breasts.

    It’s me.

    It’s me, but I look like soulless stranger who’s suddenly been startled into motion.

    After a month of utter absence, he’s come back! He still loves me.

    “I miss you,” I say brokenly to the mirror, and watch the girl’s pale face collapse into something painful. “Please.”

    The breeze in my room sounds like clear ringing crystal in my ears as it whips my hair around my face.

    “Come to me,” it says.

    His words, his plea, rattle through my chest and crash into my heart.

    And I know it won’t be long.

    -Andi King

    1. I adore this. Absolutely adore it. Is he a ghost? A vampire? What is he? This is beautiful. Thank you so much for writing and sharing with us.

    2. Interesting....I liked it. Great job.
      I think it ended too soon :) I agree with PAWs!

  6. He climbed up to the ridge. He knew he’d find her there after what happened at the dance. And there she was sitting in her little mini skirt on the damp ground. He took off his jacket and handed it to her.

    She looked up, still sniffling. “Edward.”


    “I don’t want to talk about it,” she slipped into his jacket. “And I don’t want any ‘I told you so’s’.”

    “Bella, when have I ever said I told you so?” He lit up a cigarette. “You have me confused with my sister.” He held his hand out to her. “C’mon, let’s go tip a cow or something that passes for exciting in this friggin town. It’s freezing up here.” He eyed her long, bare legs. So smooth.

    She allowed him to pull her up. “I don’t need your pity either.”

    “No pity. And no talking either, if that’s what you want.”

    “Thank you.”

    “But I will say this,” he took a long drag from his cigarette and side-eyed her. “You’re too good for Jake. He doesn’t deserve you.”

    “Your opinion doesn’t count,” She stared at her feet “You’re my best friend, after Alice, and you risk the wrath of our moms if you said otherwise.”

    “True enough,” he smiled.

    They both turned and looked down at the some of the houses below, their high school almost below them. They could hear the music from the dance; see the people huddling around the doors. They looked like ants from up here. Bella sniffled again

    “What did he say?”

    Bella looked over at him. She didn’t answer him for the longest time. They stood their staring into each other’s eyes. He’d felt it before. He wondered if she did. The electricity.

    “He said I wasn’t woman enough for him because I wouldn’t put out. He called me a little girl.” She stared into his eyes. “I thought I was ready but I…I couldn’t.”

    He reached for her hand; her fingers were cold. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

    “Jake was only with me because our dads wanted us to be together,” she whispered. “He’s always has his eyes on…on—“
    “On who?”

    She looked at her feet. “On prettier girls. The ones that look like they’re ready to go to Uni already. The ones with the boobs and the hipsway—“

    “Excuse me?” Edward laughed, “The what?”

    “The hipsawy…you know.” She proceeded to demonstrate and exaggerated walk with her hips swinging to and fro.

    Edward’s eyes squinted as he took another drag on his ciggie. “Cute.”

    “Anyway,” Bella played with the threads of Edward’s jacket. “I can’t blame him for wanting someone more sophisticated. More beautiful.”

    “Shut up, you’re beautiful.”

    ‘Don’t start.” Bella shook her head.

    “It’s not pity Bella,” he scrunched his shoulders up to his neck to relieve tension. Christ wanted to fuck up Jake right now. He was always affecting Bella’s self esteem. He turned to her. “Look at me Bella.”

    She refused.

    “Bella. Look at me.”

    She looked up and bit her lip. She’d never felt his eyes on her like this.

    “You are beautiful. And you’re sweet. And you’re hot. And if Jake doesn’t see it, well, there’s someone out there who will. Someone who’s better for you. Someone who deserves you, not the other way around.”

    They stared into each other’s eyes. Bella felt her face heat up.

    She smiled widely at Edward. “You think I’m hot?”

    Oh oh, Edward thought.

    1. OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS. This was the best surprise to wake up to this. I want more of it, it was truly great and was perfect for that 2nd prompt. Thank you so so much!

    2. Thank you so much! This is my first time doing this :-)

  7. All these are so good. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I read today's before yesterday's somehow but just wanted to say that I've truly enjoyed them and if anyone takes them and runs with please let me know!

  9. Congratulation to all the authors! I really enjoyed all the entries!! I hope they continue.... sometime... :)