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You know what time it is... Flashfic Friday, of course!

I'm back again.

Big thanks to all the writers and the readers that have participated and commented in the prompts on Wednesday and Thursday, we hope you'll come back to read/write some more today! I've absolutely LOVED all the entries thus far.

You know the drill... pick one prompt, or if you're a pro, go with two or three. Tell us your name and the word count and give us an entry that is 100 to 1000 words and post it in the comments. Everyone's invited and first time writers are strongly encouraged... get your writing shoes on and get in the comments :)


  1. The stars shone brightly above the football field. Edward took it in, hands crossed behind head, legs splayed open. He had just played the last game of his senior year, so it was only fitting his night end like this. There was a palpable feeling of magic in the air.

    He fished a cigarette from his pocket. He’d bummed a few from Jasper earlier, anticipating that he’d have a weak moment at some point; he was right. He patted around trying to find the lighter Jasper gave him, but he came up empty. He didn’t smoke, not really, but it would take his mind off other things.

    He wasn’t sure how long he laid there, unlit cigarette teasing him from between his pursed lips. At least it gave his lips a purpose, as he had a laundry list of other activities he’d rather be doing with them.

    “You gonna smoke that thing or what?” a voice taunted him from across the field. It hit him like a punch to the gut.

    “I can’t do this, Bella. I thought you were spending the night with Rose.”

    “’Sposed to, but she blew me off and left school early today” she said as she ungracefully plopped down beside him. “What’s wrong with you, don’t have more exciting things to do after your last big game?”

    “I’m just letting myself be for a minute.”

    Her steady hand produced a lighter, which she lit and held inches from the cigarette. “You want?”

    He always wanted, just never let himself have.

    He leaned closer to the flame until he heard the satisfying sizzle of contact. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Bella light up her own cigarette. He watched it burn. He’d never felt closer to an inanimate object.

    “Rose told me you were accepted Early Decision. She’s all excited about ya’ll getting a place together,” she said, following it with a long drag.

    Edward caught himself clenching his teeth and balling his fists. As she exhaled, a ribbon of smoke made its way up to the sky. She was too much in her own head to notice his physical reaction to her news.

    “I’m jealous, you know,” she muttered quietly.

    Edward snapped his head toward her. “Why in god’s name would you be jealous?” He watched her muse as she stared up. She was endlessly fascinated by the way the nighttime sky made her feel so small. “It’s no secret that I wanted you first,” she admitted. “I think about you a lot. More than I probably should, on account of you dating my best friend and all.”

    They both fell to pieces a little bit.

    “I tried to break up with Rosalie last night.” He took Bella’s hand that was lying outstretched between them. “It’s not fair to string her on when I’m in love with someone else. I told her it was over.”

    Bella bit her lip. Both pieces of information were news to her. She felt a rush of heat as she realized her one-sided love wasn’t so one-sided after all.

    “What do you mean, ‘tried?’” she questioned.

    “She threatened to jump in front of a bus, so it kind of ended the conversation.”




    “Sounds like Rose. She said the same thing when I spilled red wine on her beige throw pillow last week.”

    Edward nodded, silently in agreement. “So I talked to Coach about it this morning.”

    “You talked to her dad?” Bella gasped.

    “I’m not going to stop living my life because she’s manipulating me, Bella. I don’t think she’s sick, but… her parents need to know.” He rolled toward her and brought their joined hands up to his lips.

    “What are you thinking about?” she asked, suddenly filled with hope.




    “Kissing you,” he said as he closed the space between them, ending their inevitable game of cat and mouse and serving as the most fucking satisfying beginning ever experienced.

  2. EEEP! I love it, love it, love it! And look at you, you knocked out two of them. This was so much fun. I loved every word. Thank you so so much!

  3. Please can you tell me the author and title of this story? Thank you.

  4. Hi izzy, thanks for stopping by TLS! If you click on her name (at the top of the story in yellow- MusicalVoice) it will take you straight to her ffn profile :)

  5. Part 1

    I knew he'd be here. We've never spoken about it, but I knew.

    I lay in the cool grass and close my eyes, letting my mind drift back to the summer night that changed our lives. Five years have passed since destiny set our course on different paths. We'd been young, wild and free... or so we thought.

    The energy around me changes, I know he’s close. Turning to the side, I see him. A flutter stirs in my belly, the same way it did the first time I saw him, at thirteen.

    He doesn't say anything, just lies next to me. I hear him take a deep breath and he lets out a sigh. Knowing what’s going to happen next, I lie there waiting.

    He reaches in his pocket pulling out a blunt, and lights it. He takes a long drag and turns to me. Knowing what he wants, I lean forward with our lips almost touching, but they never do. I take the smoke as he blows into my mouth.

    Holding it in, I lie back looking up into the night sky, letting the smoke relax me from crown to toe.

    After all these years, I still have to speak to him first.

    Softly I whisper, "I miss them."

    He sighs and says, "Me too."

    When the blunt is gone, I turn to see him looking at me.

    "What are you thinking about?" He asks with lazy eyes and I can tell he's high.

    "Kissing you," it comes out before I can stop it.

    He raises his hand and I think he's going to touch my face but he drops it whispering my name, "Bella."

    I've grown this past year— working with a counselor— I'm finally healing. The past few months we've been talking about what I was going to say to Edward when I saw him again.

    All that work wasn’t wasted.

    "Edward, we have to talk about what happened, it's been five years," I pause but before he can stop me I continue, "Alice and Jasper died and they’re never coming back." My eyes fill with tears, I go on, "But we didn't."

    He gets angry, and shouts, "I fucking know that." Standing up, he starts pacing and pulling at his bronze hair. "Don’t you know I've done nothing but think about that fucking night every day since it happened!"

    "It wasn't our fault," I yell back, getting pissed myself, and standing. I haven't seen this much emotion from him since before the accident.

    "What, do you think I blame you? I don't blame you, Bella. I blame myself. You were only fourteen. I was older and knew better than to let them drive," he's still yelling.

    Closing my eyes, I can see the bridge they went off of, just five hundred feet away.

    "Edward, you have to forgive yourself. I've been seeing a counselor and it's helping me." He's looking at me. "I hate that we punished ourselves all these years. They died that night, we didn't. Things changed, we changed but I never stopped loving you, Edward. I've loved you since I was thirteen." I take a shaky breath as warm tears fall freely down my face and I say it again, "I love you, Edward." Catching my breath, my soul wide open I look at him.

    Edward's standing there with so many emotions on his face. He's thinking about what I just said, I see it when he makes his decision, I feel my heart already ripping.

    "Bella" he starts, "I can't do this. Not now." he sighs, "Maybe never." I see one tear slide from his eye, down his cheek, and he turns walking away. Away from me and away from my love.

    1. This gave me all the feelings! I love it!

  6. Part 2

    One year later...

    I've tried talking myself out of coming back here, to this spot where so much has been taken from me, but here I am.

    I spot him quickly. He isn’t in our usual spot. Something must have changed because of the location he’s chosen.

    I walk over the small hill, closer to the bridge that took Alice and Jasper from us.

    Edward's lying on his back looking up at the sky.

    Taking a breath, I lie down beside him as he lights a blunt, sharply inhaling. When he seals his lips closed and leans into me, I open for a shot gun. Taking it in and turning away, I look back to the sky and exhale slowly… the opposite of how my heart is beating.

    "Bella" I hear him say. I turn my head his way and he is right there... inches from my face.

    "I love you too," and he kisses me.

  7. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Loved waking up to this!

  8. Wow! I loved it! Im so glad I finally had the chance to congratulate you all... well... i'll keep myself reading! :) xoxo

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