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Control. Possess. Seduce. Contest taking entries through 2/19/16

Just in case you've thought about it but haven't given it a go yet, don't waste another minute... the Control.Possess.Seduce contest is accepting entries through 2/19/16. That's almost three whole weeks you've got to write! Get out your pens, laptops, music, tumblrs, whatever inspires you and write!

The entries in this contest have already gotten an amazing response. If you're a first time writer who's always wanted to give it a shot, this is your perfect opportunity. There's a perfect platform for you with this contest. We want what you've got!

Just choose one of the three contest topics: Control, Possess, Seduce and give Edward one of those three characteristics. Or, if you're feeling extra generous give him two or even better... all three!

Control. Possess. Seduce. Contest

From the ladies who brought you the Dirty Talking Edward Contest & The May to December Romance Contest!
Hosted by CarrieZM & Nicffwhisperer

Control. Possess. Seduce.

• Control: the power to influence or direct people's behavior or the course of events.

• Possess: have as belonging to one; own.

• Seduce: entice into sexual activity, attract powerfully.

This contest is based on Edward and we want your Controlward, your Possessiveward, and your Seductiveward. Give us an Edward with one of these characteristics or maybe all three! (Only one of these characteristics must be used). The possibilities are endless. Bring the sizzle, the dirty, and the seduction. Make us want him. We're looking for an Edward we can't stop thinking about!

Length: 3,000 to 15,000 words
Genre: Any genre.
Rating: M only. Readers, judges, and participants MUST be over 18.
Pairing: Edward/Bella ~ONLY~

Content Limitations: NO incest, bestiality, rape, pedophilia, or RPF. Any offending submissions will be disqualified upon receipt. No second chances will be given if you choose to breach the rules. We reserve the right to reject a submission on "ick factor", so please think out your submission. Also, This is not a BDSM Contest, but a dominant male contest. We want strong, intense, all encompassing Edwards... not whips and chains. (Think along the lines of The Blessing & the Curse, Fridays At Noon, and Deviant-type Edwards). We will not reject a well done BDSM fic, just please know there is a difference.

Number of Entries:
2 single entries per author, plus 1 collaboration allowed.

After voting is completed & the winners have been announced, you’re free to continue your one-shot.

All submissions will be validated upon receipt to make sure rules have been followed and to check a base level of quality. Betas MUST be used. If you don’t have a beta, volunteer betas are listed in the Contest FB group, & should be able to help you. Do not wait until the last minute to contact these volunteers, they may not have availability.
If your entry is returned to you for editing issues, we REQUIRE a second beta look at it. You will be asked for the second beta's name when resubmitting. Judges, validators, hosts, & secret keepers cannot participate, beta, or pre-read submissions, so please do not ask them!

This is an ANONYMOUS Contest! We want to encourage you to pimp the contest, but if you have entered or pre-read/beta'd for someone, please do not hint about entries. We do not want to disqualify anyone. Pimp the contest as a whole. Please don't get disqualified! We welcome entries from veteran authors, as well as newbies. If you have wanted to try your hand at writing, now is the time!

Winners Chosen by:
Public vote (1st, 2nd, 3rd place), Judges’ scores (1st, 2nd, 3rd place), Hosts' choices, & each Judge's favorite choice. Extra special categories will be added as the hosts see fit.

1st Place Judges' Score-Blinkie made by RoseArcadia
1st Place Public Vote-Blinkie made by RoseArcadia
Public Vote 2nd & 3rd place, Judges' 2nd place & 3rd place, Hosts' Choice, Judges' Fav Choice & Special Categories-Banners by Ceci Lolypowski.

Important Dates to Remember:
We are accepting submissions as of 1/7/16! Submissions will close at 9 pm EST on 2/19/16.
Popular Voting from 2/21/16 to 3/6/16. Winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter on 3/11/16. Dates subject to change at Hosts' discretion.

Submissions should include the following in the header...
Contest entry for the Control. Possess. Seduce. Contest
Twitter Handle:
Facebook Name:
Summary: (optional- A standard "Contest entry for" will be used if no summary is included)
Disclaimer: The author does not own any publicly recognizable characters herein. No copyright infringement is intended.

Submit via email at:
Qualifying submissions will be added to the contest page upon validation.

Join the fun in the Contest Facebook group: Control.Possess.Seduce. Contest Group

General questions can be directed to Carrie (Carrie ZM on fb) ,Nic (Kennedy Nicole Maddock on fb), Twisnfan (Sn Twigh on fb), Tweet (at)CPSffContest, private message on FF(dot)net, or e-mail cpsffcontest15(at)gmail(dot)com.
*More specific questions that will give your entry away should be directed to the secret keeper, Sn Twigh, at the contest email listed above, her ff link, or on fb*

Follow us on Twitter CPSffContest & Subscribe to this profile to keep up to date on all the Contest Happenings!!



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