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TLS's Flash-Fic Fridays are in full effect! Come and see who's flashing us this week: 8/2 - 8/7



Each Friday a new prompt will be posted along with the previous week's winners.
What exactly is a Flash-Fic? It's pretty much a spur of the moment, tiny story, prompted by words, images or silliness. Not sure if you've ever been on twitter when this has happened, but it's pretty awesome when it does. It also happens often in threads, with a combination of people contributing. 
How does it work? Each Friday one admin of TLS posts a picture prompt here to the blog. Using this image, entries are created by commenting on this post. Submissions must be 100-300 words ONLY. No more, no less. The entries are then judged and we post the winners here, each Friday, to share with all of you.


You will have until next Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST to submit your entry.

Picture prompt and judge this week is SixDlb5

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Thank you to everyone that entered!! You all did vastly different things with my prompt in SUCH amazing ways! This was a TOUGH week to judge because the entries were ALL so great! I personally prefer to judge them anonymously so I can see what "speaks to me". I re-read them probably 10 times in total to narrow the winners down. Enjoyed them all~


Rochelle Allison/ @roglows
words: 295

“Does he know you're home?”
I shake my head, staring at Edward. He's been standing at the water's edge, silhouetted by a slowly setting sun, nearly as long as I've been standing here, watching him.
“Are you going to –”
I grab Alice's hand, squeezing until she quiets. I'm nervous enough as it is; I don't need her saying the same things I've been thinking all day...
No one knows I'm home – I'm a day early. I couldn't stay away from this place, and if I'm being honest with myself, from this boy. He sets me ablaze the way he always done, making me feel more than I have in a long time. I wonder if he still feels the same way, too.
It wasn't hard to find my friends. We've spent lifetimes on these shores, and no day is more significant than the first of summer. Life is different now, with college and jobs and friendships spread thin by distance and time, but somehow time stands still here. Like nothing is different at all.
And that's what I'm counting on.
A couple of friends wander by, hands clasped, faces open in surprise when they see me. They smile and hug me, eyes darting back and forth between me and the boy on the beach. They look almost as anxious as I feel.
Heart in my mouth, I rip my shirt off and drop it to the sand. I take one step, and then another, and then I'm flying across the warm expanse, nearly blinded by the sun.
I say his name. He pauses, jeans soaked heavy, hair dripping down his back...and catches me when I jump.
“I missed you.”
My eyes burn with salt.
“I've missed you, too.”


words: 300

She doesn’t get it. Bella doesn’t have any idea how hard it is for me to watch her laying there on the beach with her bikini top off and not try something. But I promised her that I’d be her friend forever.
You know what? Forever is a hell of a long time. Especially when all I want to do is fuck her into the sand.
Yeah, we’re friends. The best of friends, actually. But somewhere between playing in her tree house as kids and escorting her to prom in high school after she refused that Jake-dipshit, I sort of fell in love with her. Well, not really “sort of”—more like all-consuming, marriage, babies, mortgage, and growing-old-in-rocking-chairs-on-the-porch in love.
Fuck, I’m such a sap.
I push myself to stand and walk toward the waves. I need to take a breather. Yeah, that sound a hell of a lot better than being forced to lay there and not touch her the way I want to.
Just as I step into the surf, her scent swirls around me. It’s so Bella—soft lavender and the spiciness from the Merlot that we were drinking. Her little hands press down on my shoulders and she hops up onto my back. This isn’t our first piggy-back ride, but it is the first time her bare tits are smashed against my back.
“How long do I have to lay there topless before you decide to make love to me, Eddie?” I crane my head to look at her, shocked at the desire I see in them. It matches my own.
I drop us to the cool waves and kiss her like my life depend on it. It’s the beginning. This is the forever I want.



Word count: 300~~~~~~
“Go!” we yell at the same time as our feet kick up sand.
We run like mad toward the surf.
Last one there is a rotten egg.
Edward is getting ahead of me, but I know just how to gain the advantage. I work the tie loose on my top and hold it up.
“Hey, Cullen!” I shout, releasing the strings as my feet continue to fly.
His head turns, eyes widening.
He stumbles, trips.
I laugh as I pass him, raising my arms high in the air in victory.
Just as my toes meet the surf, strong arms wrap around my middle and my upper body lunges forward, my feet lifting off the ground.
“That was a dirty trick,” he growls into my ear.
“You like me dirty.”
Edward chuckles and play-bites my neck as he sets me back down onto the wet sand. I turn and jump into his arms, wrapping myself around him.
He’s so close. His face is tan, making his brilliant green eyes stand out even more. Tiny grains of sand are stuck to parts of his face, his hair a riotous mass of copper.
“I guess you win,” Edward says with a smirk.
“Guess so. Good thing you’re a boob-man.”
“I’m pretty much an everything-man.”
“Oh, really now?” I ask with a raised brow.
“An everything-Bella-man,” he corrects.
“Ah, much better.” I bring my lips to his and mumble against them, “What do I win?”
“Well,” he says before kissing me, “your trophy is about seven inches long.” Another kiss, moving to my jawline and neck, making me arch against him and moan. “It’s quite solid and of the highest quality.”
I giggle at his words and the tickle of his scruff against my skin. “It sounds kinda perfect.”


Word Count - 294

She’s been taunting me all day. Her white bikini leaves little to the imagination.
It’s identical to the one she wore on our honeymoon.
The one she wore as I made love to her in the sea for the first time.
Ten years later we’re back at the same beach, and I want to repeat history.
I smile as I turn on my side to face her. With sun-kissed skin and a blissful smile, she’s never looked more beautiful.
Her nipples pucker in the cool air, as I tug the ties on her bikini top and pull it from her, throwing it in the sand.
She shudders as my fingers trail over her exposed skin, avoiding the area that’s begging for my touch.
“Edward,” she gasps, threading her fingers through my hair.
“Come into the water with me,” I whisper against her lips.
She nods shyly as she stands and jumps on my back. I run into the water, ignoring her pleading and squeals as the waves crash over us.
As we emerge, she wraps her legs around my waist and my greedy fingers pull her bottoms to the side.
“Are you ready?” I ask, as my fingers find her swollen clit.
“Yes,” she moans.
I move us deeper into the water as her hand moves between us to free my hardened cock.
She whimpers when I remove my fingers, pushing her hips down, searching for friction. I answer her with a thrust of my own, groaning as I enter her fully.
We forget our surroundings as we focus solely on each other.
“It’s just like our honeymoon,” she moans, as I hit her favorite spot.
I sigh and kiss her softly. “No, it’s better.”
Her answering smile dazzles me.
“Happy Anniversary, Mrs Cullen.”

The Lemonade Stand would like to also thank all of the participants. We thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the entries!


  1. Wow they were all really good. That was a hard decision.

  2. @everydaybella89
    words: 184

    He is over me, covering me, pinning my body to the sheets.

    He is hard and insistent, his hips flexing and swirling as he drives himself into me. Each thrust sends shock waves through my body and it’s all I can to do to grip the sheets under me.

    I never planned this. I didn’t mean to drive him wild. I didn’t mean to make him want me. I can’t help it if he can’t get me out of his mind; I can’t get him out of my mind either.

    He reaches under my hips and strokes the spot above our joined bodies that makes me wail. I can feel him inside me. He’s the world in that moment, and I never want it to end.

    He spills into me, my name a litany on his lips. He collapses against my back, and I feel his lips pepper my neck and shoulders with soft kisses—cooling my overheated skin.

    The plan was to fuck and get each other out of our systems.

    I don’t think it’s worked.

    I think it’s only made it worse.

  3. wow, these were all great ... I would love to read full stories continued.

  4. Your lips don’t kiss. They bruise and punish, suck at my skin until I’m covered in lovebites so dark there’s no love in them at all. Your hands are rough, your touch so careless that I wonder if you know what it means to be soft. You insist on being behind me when we have sex, and I tell myself it’s the position you like rather than the anonymity. Your hips thrust so hard I know there will be bruises on the back of my thighs all week. I know that I’ll feel you each time I sit - as if I don’t think about you often enough anyway.

    I lay face down in a comforter that smells like another woman as you fuck me, because that’s the only word there is to describe the way you take pleasure from my body as though you’re owed it. Your weight pushes mine down into the mattress, your rhythm never faltering even as we fall. I thought I was past falling for you.

    There’s a moment when your hands cover mine that I think, “This is it. This is when you start loving me back,” except all you actually do is admonish me for wrinkling the sheets. And then I remember that you have no love left - that you save it all for your wife and leave me with nothing but hate.

    Your cock fills me, but I can’t remember a time I felt so empty.

    You pull out roughly once you’ve come, disposing of the condom and shutting yourself in the bathroom. This has always been my cue to leave.

    Except this time, I leave a note under your wife’s pillow before I walk out of your house for the last time.

    Revenge doesn’t taste as sweet as I’d hoped.

    300 words

  5. @GeekChic12FF
    Word count: 300

    Face down.

    Ass up.

    This is my favorite position. You don’t complain.

    I love and crave the way your body covers mine—the way you dominate me.

    The intimacy of missionary has its merits as well, sure. And you love it when I get on top. But there’s something about this way.

    It’s carnal.


    I fucking need it.

    Your skin slaps against mine, your hips to my ass. Your fingers dig into the fleshiest part of my hips as you plunge your cock into me in a hard but steady rhythm.

    You do my most favorite thing. You lay your torso over mine, caging me.

    My hands are fisting the sheets as your cock hits that spot inside that makes white spots dance across my vision.

    You lace your fingers with mine, dropping hot kisses onto the back of my neck.

    You’ve already made me come three times tonight—once with your tongue alone, once with your tongue and fingers working in tandem, and once while I rode your cock on your wife’s precious $5,000 Italian leather sofa.

    My walls begin to flutter around you again, and you whisper hotly into my ear, “Don’t you dare come again. It’s my turn now.”

    Your grip around my fingers tightens as your hips pound into me relentlessly.

    I shatter around you just as you shudder and falter.

    Sated, we fall together, your body still covering mine.

    I relish your weight on me.

    Moments later, you’re up and disposing of the condom. You slap my ass, and I giggle.

    “You’d better go, beautiful. She’ll be home any minute.”

    I give you my best pout but get dressed anyway. You kiss me passionately at the door, and I have no doubt of your love.

    You’re leaving your wife next month.

    I just know it.

  6. What was it about last night?

    We were both in rare form. When have I ever been more engrossed in a television show than you? When have you ever been so... needy feels like the wrong word. Demanding, perhaps. You were demanding of my attention, and when I didn’t give it to you...

    When I ignored the way you started to press little kisses to my cheek, when I moved your hand off my thigh, you straddled me right there on the couch. That got my attention. There isn’t anything on television that’s better than your tits in my face, your fingers in my hair, and your ass sliding over my lap.

    But baby, I was watching that. My minx. My beautiful brat.

    Turnabout is fair play, love.

    I know how much you love your sleep. You’re not a morning person. The way you sleep on your belly, your arms grabbing the pillow as if for dear life -- it’s adorable. I could watch you for hours.

    But not today.

    No. Today I steal your covers. You hate the cold, don’t you? But I’ll warm you up right quick. Just like this, with my hand between your legs. And you’re trying to get away, trying to get back to your blankets and sleep. But then your curses turn to moans and your shivers to sighs. That’s when I slide into you. Deep. Quick. You lift your head. I kiss your neck.

    I didn’t really mind missing my show, and we may make a morning person of you yet.

    258 words

  7. I arch my back and make a noise, an exhale and a whispered, "Oh."

    You push into me slowly, gripping my hands from above, pressing as much of your skin to mine as you can manage. You let me feel every inch of you. When you're all the way there and thighs are touching thighs, you kiss my shoulder and breathe into my ear, "I love you."

    You start slow, sliding almost all the way out before inching back in, clenching your fingers around mine with the effort. You moan, and the sound makes a tingle start low, deep, where we're connected. It's so good, and I want more. I push back, pressing my chest into the sheets and my ass into your hips. I need to feel you deeper.

    You give me what I want, but still, I need, beg, plead for more.

    I take control, flipping us so I am on top, so I can have your lips.

    I circle, and grind, and dig so deep, running after those evaporating aches. You're fisting my hair, and when you pull it tight and I feel the pain, I whimper and shiver and the tingles turn into flames. "Yes," I pant between kisses. "Don't stop."

    Your thumb pushes and searches and finds my clit, and I grab your hair, and I'm so close. My eyes squeeze shut and I try, try, try to get there.

    And just like that, you're coming, and falling backward onto the bed, breathing hard.

    I'm sitting still, staring, trying not to scream.

    "That was so good, babe," you say between breaths.

    You shift uncomfortably underneath me, and I move off of you, curling onto my side, sweaty, slick, and dissatisfied.

    You kiss my shoulder blade and whisper good night before switching off the lamp.

    299 words

  8. @Twilightladies1
    Word Count 285

    Soft kisses along my spine wake me from a sleepy haze.

    Strong hands grip my hips as you grind your erection against my ass.

    The heat of your chest against my back causes me to shiver in the most delicious way.

    It’s only been hours since you last had me, but my body is ready within seconds.

    We crossed a line last night. Something I thought you might regret.

    Your body against mine tells me you don’t.

    “I know you’re awake, beautiful,” you whisper before tugging my earlobe between your teeth.

    “You’re so wet.” You push one finger inside.

    “Only for you,” I gasp, spreading my legs winder and swiveling my hips against your fingers.

    “Bella.” My name falls from your lips in a breathless whisper.

    I can’t speak.

    All I can focus on is the feel of your fingers as you continue to worship me.

    You roll us forward, pinning me to the sheets.

    It’s magnificent.

    You nudge my knees apart, settling between them.

    “Like this?”

    “Yes,” I whimper.

    You slide home and once again everything feels right. Your fingers link with mine, as your heated words caress my ear.

    The coil in my stomach tightens and I know it won’t be long.


    Our rhythm falters as we give into our instincts. Slapping skin is all I hear, as your thrusts deepen, pulling us closer.

    My body stiffens as my second orgasm of the night grips me, with yours following close behind.

    Breathless and completely sated, we fall against the sheets, tangled in each other’s arms.


    I look over to you, and your lazy, relaxed eyes match the way I feel.


    “So now will you go on a date with me?”

  9. @QuinnSkylark
    words: 299

    I push him back until his knees hit the edge of the bed. He sits down, pulling me to straddle him. Edward kisses me with reckless abandon. Months of...whatever this thing is between us...has created a fire within us both. I rock against his hard erection, seeking the friction that I haven’t found from another person since my husband’s death.

    When Edward spins around and lays me on my stomach, he climbs on top of me, straddling my thighs and pressing his body fully against me. He keeps the brunt of his weight on his elbows. I feel his cock pressing against my ass as he rubs on me.

    “Please,” I beg.

    Entwining his fingers with my own as I grip the sheets, Edward shifts until his erection comes into contact with my weeping core. I lift my ass and widen my legs as much as possible. When he presses a kiss to my shoulder and pushes into me, I lift my head against him in ecstasy.

    A moan escapes my mouth and spurs Edward into motion. He’s relentless as he pounds into me. I’ve never made love quite like this. Jake was always sweet and tender, but Edward is a driving force that makes my insides ache for release.

    When he wraps an arm around my middle and lifts us until we’re both on our knees, Edward slips his fingers down to where our bodies meet and rubs furiously at my clit. As I come undone around him, exploding like the firework display over the lake, I cry out his name into the cool air. Edward slams into me several more times before his body shakes with his own release and he presses a trail of kisses over my spine.

    Nothing will ever be the same.

  10. jayhawkbb
    Word count: 300

    “I love you.”

    My words are whispered against Edward’s cheek while I trace my thumb along the arch of his eyebrow. His eyelids flutter but don’t open. Skimming my fingers from his temple down to his jaw, I chuckle when he twitches, trying to escape my slumber-threatening caress.

    Since he moved over to share my pillow sometime during the night, we’re nose-to-nose as I study him in the early morning light. Against the white sheets, his face is tan, relaxed. Peaceful. I should let him sleep, but…

    I press my lips to his. “I love you.”

    Still not quite awake, he mumbles my name and rolls away to lie on his back. Determined, I carefully pull the sheet down, and then crawl over him, hovering on all fours, trapping him underneath me.

    Dipping my tongue into his navel, my hair falls forward to brush his skin. As I kiss a path up his abs, he grips the hanging strands, pushing them away from my face.

    “You’re not gonna let me sleep, are you?” His deep, raspy voice sends a wave of desire pulsing through me. “What are vacations for?”

    Raising my eyes to meet his, I smile playfully. “Fucking?”

    Laughing, he sits us both upright, wrapping one arm around my bare back to steady me.

    “And getting engaged.”

    Tears spring to my eyes as he takes my left hand, tenderly fingering the ring he put there last night. Gentle kisses quickly turn frantic, and when he shifts me off his lap, I know what he wants.

    “Roll over, baby.”

    Lying on my stomach, I moan as he fills me again and again. Covering me, he thrusts faster, sliding his fingers between mine. Neck arched, I cry out in pleasure.

    Against my ear, he finally answers. “I love you, too, Bella.”