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Like to be teased? Come on in...

If you haven't checked out the TLS Angst Contest entries because you just aren't sure which ones you really want to read and don't have time to read all of them... no worries. I've got a teaser from each entry for you and I'll be posting two a day, everyday until public voting opens on August 14th! This way, you can read all of them or just the ones that grab you! There are SO MANY excellent entries in this one contest that I'd hate for you all to miss out on this, so you can find me here, each day... hooking you up with some angsty teasers!

Let's go: 

I don't remember when I decided that I loved him. Maybe it was when he cleaned up my scraped knee in middle school or when he held me after I broke up with my first boyfriend. Whatever the case, I did love him—utterly and completely. He was sweet, caring, and protective. He never laughed at me when I tripped over my own feet and he didn't get bored when I talked about whatever book I was reading. He wouldn't let anyone make fun of me. He held me close when the world became too much.

Edward was also gorgeous. He was thin and tall. He had sharp features and deep set beryl eyes. Bright, orange-red hair grew on the top his head in an uncontrollable haystack. Nothing he ever did with it controlled it. I loved it. It looked soft, silky and thick enough to grab.

However, my favorite thing was his smile. He had so many of them. One was huge and hammy, another was more mischievous—a lopsided smirk. The best one was small and gentle. The corners of his lips barely turned up and there was just a flash of pearly white teeth. He only ever smiled like that when he was truly happy. If I had noticed that it happened more often around me then maybe our story would have ended differently.

I was convinced that Edward was out of my league. We may have been friends, best friends even, but Edward was popular and he could have any hot girl he wanted. I was too plain—long brown hair, dull brown eyes, pale skin—to catch his eye like that. So we both dated other people and it was fun, but we remained friends through high school and college. It hurt to see him with other girls, but it made him happy, so I bore it with a smile. I just wanted him to be happy.

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I miss the simple things, like holding hands, the quick casual pecks in passing, even the nagging to take out the trash. You don't ever think about them. The everyday nuances' that fill voids in our day and we take for granted. They are as natural and common as breathing. I wish I had paid more attention to those insignificant moments because I rely on them more and more to get me through the day until Bella comes back to me again.
Remembering her, remembering us is all I have left to live for.
"Hey Mr. Cullen how are you today?"
"It was a good day, Angela … and how many times do I have to tell you, it's Edward, just Edward." I put on my best smile. Angela is one of the top nurse practitioners in the area, hell, probably the country. I hand-picked her for her expertise and Bella loved her instantly. We pay a pretty penny to keep her, but she is worth every cent.
"You sly devil ..." She smiles at me, "I've missed that smile Mr. Edward. We don't see it often enough."
"What can I say; Bella just brings out the best in me. Always has, always will."

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