Sunday, August 4, 2013

Meet the Poll- What we read in TLS this week:

Each week we share with you what we are reading and enjoying. The following made the top of our lists last week. Please help us determine which 5 of these will be featured as fics of the week, next week, by choosing FIVE from the poll on the right!

A Crack in the Door by Janewithay-rec'd by Sunflower Fanfiction
A lonely bartender on Cape Cod and a girl no one has ever seen. Together they form a tentative friendship through a crack between their doors ... but will the crack open wide enough to let love in? AH Rated M

Beyond the Wine Dark Sea by Smartmouth62-rec'd by Sixdlb5/EdMazin
In colonial America Isabella meets mysterious Edward Cullen. Rated M

Blind by Jayeliwood
Disability doesn't mean you're not able. Can Edward get over his disability and himself to find true happiness with someone who cares deeply for him. Will he do anything to become whole for her? Rated M

Five Colors in Her Hair by Jennrosee-rec'd by Evilnat
Conformity has always been the key to success in the sleepy town of Forks, Washington, but when the punky Bella Swan arrives, nerdy Edward Cullen learns it's okay to be a little different. The town of Forks will never be the same! Nerdyward/Punkella Rated M

Laws of Decay by Hollelujah-rec'd by Susan Q Susan
A silent woman, an angry vampire, and a boy who wishes he could scream. An Edwardian exercise in angst. Short story, AU. Rated M

Making Waves by GemmaH-rec'd by Sunflower Fanfiction
Son of a rock star father and an actress mother, equally as notorious as they were famous, Edward Cullen attempts to escape the turbulent waters of the fame gifted him by his parentage. One scandal too many has him heading for the coast in search of a little calm. What he doesn't expect is for a girl, clueless of his identity, to cause new waves in his life. Rated M

Misdialed by Elizabeth142- rec'd by Susan Q Susan
Alice is determined to find Bella the perfect man but Bella is just not interested at the moment. Trying to cancel a date Alice set up for her she misdials and ends up talking to someone else. B/E Rated M

Seven Years by Headbandfreak-rec'd by Sunflower Fanfiction
Love can be a painful experience if the one you love doesn't love you back. This is Bella's story. All human. Rated M

Suddenly by LyricalKris-rec’d by Midnight Cougar
An apathetic actor. A young girl coming into her own. He was always larger than life to her. She was always just a child on the edge of his horizon. For both, love was a silly game other people played, until it wasn't. Rated M

Tomorrow by MBella-rec'd by Edmazing
Edward is country music's hottest star...Bella is just a small town girl...somehow their world's collide, and nothing is ever the same again. Rated M

The Long Way Home by TheHeartOfLife-rec'd by BelieveItOrNot
There was a girl. She loved a boy. And then she lost it all. Will her journey back to the place where it all began and ended light the path for forgiveness, or will it swallow her whole? A story about friendship, love and the true meaning of coming home. Rated M

The Procrustean Bed by Gemini13me-rec'd by Sunflower Fanfiction
A Procrustean Bed- a standard or set of conditions, determined arbitrarily, to which everyone is forced to conform. But the question is..are there really any rules when it comes to the affairs of the heart? Rated M

Wake Me When Summer Comes by BelleDean-rec'd by Susan Q Susan
A tangled web of deceit, spun by Rose, St. Mary's reigning queen, traps Bella in its midst. While struggling to escape, she discovers that not everything is as it appears. Rated: Fiction M

Wet Sands by Staceleo-rec'd by Six Dlb5
A mother's need to protect her children from sacrifice. Love awakening the cold, dead heart of a monster. A band of misfits attempting to stop an evil curse. What happens when dreams become twisted and nightmares become salvation. Rated M

You and Me by Thimbles-rec'd by Susan Q Susan
For twelve years we've shared clothes and everything else that matters. But now—today—I hate you. So much. I hate you every bit as much as I once loved you.
Rated: Fiction M 

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