Friday, April 19, 2013

TLS's Flash-Fic Fridays are in full effect! Come and see who's flashing us this week:



What exactly is a Flash-Fic?  I'm not sure if there is an actual definition of a flash-fic but it's pretty much a spur of the moment, tiny story, prompted by words, images or silliness. Not sure if you've ever been on twitter when this has happened but it's pretty awesome when it does. It also happens often in threads, with a combination of people contributing. I participated in a flash-fic contest here: a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.

How does it work? Each Friday one admin of TLS facebook group posts a picture prompt in the group. Using this image, entries are created. Entries must be 100-300 words ONLY. No more, no less. The entries are then judged and we post the winning submissions here, each Friday, to share with all of you.

The Judges for this week were PAWsPeaches, Twilover76, VampsHaveLaws, Obsmama and Surething302

Here is the prompt that we used this week:


Perry Maxwell on FFN, @perrymaxed on Twitter
293 words
Title: What They Don’t Know


It’s always quick, but not unsatisfactory.  Quite the opposite actually.  I mean, why else would we risk everything for this?  

Pleasure, pure and simple.

His lips set me on fire.

His fingers make me ache with want, with need.

But when he makes me his own, when he fills me so completely, my moans can’t be contained.  Instead his wet and pliable lips capture them, again and again.

This time is different than last.  He’s needy, his hands ravaging my flesh as if he’s never touched me before. 

I couldn’t even finish my cigarette before he had me pinned beneath him in the backseat of his brother’s car.  The smoke fans around us, but it’s not romantic.  What we’re doing – what we’ve done – is anything but romantic.

My hand tickles the tiny hairs on his stomach.  There’s a tattoo there just for me.  It’s one of the secrets we share, an inside joke of sorts.  It’s my small claim on him.  The only one I’m entitled to.

We hear a twig snap outside the car.  We pause, his eyes capturing mine.  Wordlessly, he continues his thrusts, his smirk tells me to play along.  So I do.  I’m silent, letting my facial expressions convey just how much I enjoy this, him.

Idiots, the two of us to continue this dangerous game.  What if someone catches us?  What if that someone were his brother who’s also my husband?  What if?

The thought of being caught is too much to bear, but I’m not sure for what reason: losing my husband or his brother?  Or both?

For now, I’ll take what I can get . . . what he gives me.  And he gives it so good.

It’s just another one of the secrets we share.

Word Count: 282

It was a joke at the time, to call you a drive by.

A hit and run. 

To disguise all the choking agony just beneath my tongue by twisting my mouth into a smile instead. To make light of the fact that you crashed right into me like a head-long collision of glass and metal and broken bits of wreckage.   

My gasoline insides spilling across the asphalt and every inch of my interior set on fire. 

You were the semi. I was the sedan.

I didn’t stand a chance.

“You wanted it this way,” you remind me as you push yourself inside and it hurts in all the places it shouldn’t. “These are your rules,” you pant. 

You’re right. These are my rules. 

“I want to break them all.” Your mouth is still shining from the moments you spent buried, murmuring into my pussy that you had to have me. Had to take me. Had to call me yours.

“I can’t keep doing this, I’m ruined.” You press me into the leather seats and they whine beneath us. “I won’t watch you run away anymore. It kills.”

You try to suck my heart out through my mouth when you release.

I try to claw your tattoos off your back when I come.

“Next week, I want to fuck you in your bed.” You breathe between my lips and force another orgasm from me, half limp cock still trapped and fingers slipping around close by. All I need is one stray spark to set me aflame, to agree, and I find that spark between your hit and run lips. 

Beneath your drive by fingers.   

This time, I don’t run away. 

I walk.

word count: 256
Title: Stay

Life seems bleak most of the time, except for Sunday's.

We meet, we touch and we breathe together.

I live for this day all week. I see you leaning against your mustang in your faded jeans, your white shirt and that smirk that sets my body on fire.

I make an excuse to get away from everyone and when I do you grab me and pull me into your world... which is always the best place to be.

We drive, we park, we kiss, we love.

As you caress my skin I pray for every day to be Sunday. You kiss me and like always you whisper, "Stay."

I smile and press my mouth to yours to silence your pleas. I want to stay, I always do.

You thrust into me... I push.

You hide your head into the crook of my neck, your arms wrap completely around me and I gasp as you flood my senses with your aroma, your touch, your love.

"Stay," you beg.

I don't speak, I just breath you in.

My fingers trace over the tattoos on your back. I've memorized the patterns and dreamed of the stories they tell.

"Stay," you grunt as you release into me. I cling to you desperate to feel like this forever.

I want to... I can't.

You press your forehead against mine... we breathe.

I small smile plays on my lips. "Sunday," I whisper, and you shut your eyes.

"Someday you'll stay," you respond with a sly look in your eye.

"Someday, maybe."


Light from the streetlamp streams in through fogged-up windows of my ride. We’re parked at the end of the block, far enough away, but I can still hear the noises from the main drag.

“Get in the back seat” She doesn’t question; she starts to move. “Wait. Take this off first.”

My finger slides just under the hem of her skirt and I’m so fucking lost. She leans in to suck the last of the smoke from my mouth as her fingers work the zipper down. She’s over the seat before I even open my eyes.

I’m up and over, too, and her hands make quick work of my buttonfly, pushing my jeans down my legs, just enough. She leans back and I lean in. Her calf comes around my waist and pulls me into her.

My girl is fucking eager.

She’s slick and hot and warm and her pussy sucks me in. I press my lips to her neck and she’s everywhere, fucking me right. My head is spinning. My movements slow.

I look into lust-bright eyes. “Turn over.”

She twists and turns and looks over her shoulder. I lick the sweat from her spine and I’m in her again. I’m frantic. But this isn’t how I want it.

I pull back just a little, just enough.

And I press.

She whimpers.

My palm trails up her smooth skin. I grasp the back of her neck. My lips need to be on skin, my tongue needs to taste her.

“Shhh, baby. It’ll be our secret.”

And I press.

And I feel everything. She’s all around me, like smoke, and I explode.

My girl slumps forward on the seat.

Panting. Sated.

I watch my cum drip from her ass.


words: 295

Slowly, God so slowly and quietly I crank out the window.  Listening, listening to see if anyone notices, anyone hears me as I slip through the window and tip toe through the garden.  I ease the latch on the gate and press my back against the fence, hugging the shadows, eyes darting this way and that. 

Coast clear, I pick my way across the crunchy grass and walk towards the street, heart thumping with fear and exhilaration knowing you’ll be waiting for me in the cul-de-sac.

I see your car, grey-blue smoke drifting out the window, the bass a quiet thump from the radio.

I collapse inside the seat, now not caring that the door creaked and banged when I opened and closed it.  I am with you, no one can touch us now, together we always feel invincible.

I know when you give me your cocky smirk where you are driving us tonight.  I lean over, grab your cigarette, and kiss you hard and fierce.   “Yeah.  Let’s go.”

 The car winds it way up the hill to our spot and you park.  We sit for a moment and look out over the darkened bay, pin-points of light scattered like glitter on velvet.

We aren’t kidding each other, we both jump into the back seat, shoes off, buttons undone.   I see the shadows of ink across your skin and trail my fingers over your shoulder as you yank on my jeans, taking my panties with them.

Finally, mouths breathing hard between kisses, I feel you claiming me.   All I can think about is the slide and thrust and delicious warmth blooming up inside me.  “Fuck, baby,”  You say,  “Fuck.” 

And then I see my dad’s face outside the window and I know we’re busted.

151 Words

I know the way you taste, the way you feel. I know the sounds you make. I know by the tone in your voice and the pressure of your touch if you will be gentle and cherish, or if you’ll be rough and take. I know your words of love, what they do to me. I’ve never felt this. Not like this. Not this much. Never this much.

You know all of these things about me too. These are the secrets we share. Secrets that must stay ours as we lie in this back seat loving each other. I’m so consumed in you. I never want this to end. Please don’t let this end. But I know it will. One day.

Because I have him, and you have her.

Four rings that bind with promises of love and forever. None of them binds us to each other.


The Lemonade Stand would like to also thank all of the participants. We thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the entries!

If you aren't in our facebook group but wanna flash us anyway, go ahead! Leave us 100-200 words in the comments... we'd love to see what you've got :)


  1. These are great! I'm very impressed with all of them :)

  2. AWESOME IDEA ! Kinda like a quickie! lol These will be fun and something to entertain us while waiting for post.

  3. "Tell me. Say it!"
    "Say it."
    My back hurt from the slam into the door, seconds aftefr he'd flung me out of my seat.
    I wont say what he wants. He knows.
    "I'll fuck it out of you, you know that baby."
    Breath. Lips. Tounge.
    Hot sweet sweaty seduction . Denial, aching denial.
    "You can't. She's mine, I won't let you have her."
    Lick, grind, pause.
    Smirk... God not the smirk.
    " but baby, I wanna share , the three of us together." ungh
    So, so good. I may cave. But not yet.
    Pressing in, hot breath, back and forth. Lips barely touching.
    Hands lowering.
    Fingers tracing that spot on my hip.
    So close.
    "Mine! Got 'em!"
    He's over the seat and shoving the keys in my gorgeous girls ignition. She purrs !
    Looks like he's got us both just where he wants .

  4. These were wonderful! Congrats to Cutestkidsmom for third place!! WWOOOOHHHHOOOOO!!!