Sunday, April 21, 2013

Meet the Poll: What we read in TLS this week

Each week we share with you what we are reading and enjoying. The following made the top of our lists last week. Please help us determine which 5 of these will be featured as fics of the week, next week, by choosing FIVE from the poll on the right!

 Art School Confidential by Farkle-rec'd by Evilnat
Bella finds her artistic muse and total embarrassment in person of life model Edward. How can she get him to model for her when he thinks she is a sex-crazed flake? Canon pairings. Fiction M

Firefly in Summer by Primarycolors-rec'd by MoniNP
Edward finds himself back in the little beach town of his childhood when he inherits the local bar from his uncle. The elusive, pretty girl next door has killer legs, a sketchbook and secrets that are slowly eating her alive. Fiction M

Good Deal by m7707-rec'd by Nic
Bella Swan hates Rosalie Hale. Her idea of revenge? Sleeping with the Ice Queen's boyfriend, Edward Cullen. AH, very OOC, very rated M.

Making Memories of us by AngelGoddess1981-rec'd by Mizzez Pattinson
Edward & Bella's life together couldn't have been more perfect: their courtship, marriage & the birth of their beautiful baby girl. When tragedy strikes, can this family pull through? AU/AH/BxE Fiction M

Of Kith and Kin by Chicklette-rec'd by Vampshavelaws
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return." -Nat King Cole. This story is about that. AH, Canon pairings. Fiction M

Olympic Rain and Novocain by AddiCakes-rec'd by Evilnat
A waitress's pain, a bartender's secrets, & one fateful night. "The silken lilt flowing from his flawless lips envelopes her…soothes her…rocks her gently back and forth…until the tingly sensation fades into numbness. Numb. Like Novocain." Fiction M

Paper Cutouts by Twistedcoincidence-rec'd by Evilnat
Bella prefers the virtual to the actual, but feels herself being tugged from the safety of her online realm into the world of a rough edged Edward. This time she'll write her own story. Collab with astilbe13
Fiction M

Stolen by Rochelle Allison-rec'd by Runtauga
He stole her heart, and then he stole her father's fortune. Love and forgiveness are nice concepts, but highly improbable. Right? Drama, romance, action, and a heavy sprinkling of the good stuff. Fiction M

Substance Clad in Shadows by hollelujah-rec'd by Vampshavelaws
Re-post: Bella's only release comes in the form of distantly orbiting the life of Edward Cullen. As with any addiction, however, she's always left wanting more. "Mad is a term we use to describe a man who is obsessed with one idea and nothing else." [Ugo Betti] Fiction M

The Fallout by OCDindeed-rec'd by Dr Otuno
March 16/06 the world the Cullens knew ended. Faith, hope & love are powerful things. Edward finds out how powerful they are when he loses the one person who made his life worth living. Not just an E/B story. Entire Cullen clan is here, each with their own hardships. Set during a post-apocalyptic nuclear war. Try the Prologue before passing judgment. You might be surprised! NM/AU. Fiction M

The Hood by Lawn Girl-rec'd by Runtauga
Bella's crush on quiet Edward Cullen seems to be one sided. But when they start hanging out will things change or does it all stay in The Hood? My entry for the Twi-High Contest - now continued! Fiction M

Through the Oak Door by Struckatthesky-rec'd by Misty H
One kiss sparks the clues, but what do they all mean? Bella dreams of her future self, knowing the life she lives ends in tragedy. How can she change her story when she already knows the ending? The door is there, but where is the key? AH, ExB, Rated M.

Turning Pointe by Viridian6-rec'd by Evilnat
Edward's life was a non-stop party – drinking, drugs, girls – he's completely out of control. Determined to win back his father's approval, he befriends sweet & innocent Bella. His plan backfires, but can he give up his new addiction? Rated M

Under Pressure by JiffyKate-rec'd by Remmy
Have you ever imagined what it would be like if your favorite characters starred in a John Hughes movie? We have! This is their story. The year is 1984. Bella and Edward are seniors in high school...where everyone is under pressure. Rated M for future lemons. AH.  Fiction M

Under the Boardwalk by Robicorn/Meguhbot-rec'd by Evilnat
With the summer brings new people, and with the fall, an empty space they once were. See what happens when Bella meets Edward and one harmless lie turns thier world upside down. Taboo/Teacher student. lemons. Be warned. Fiction M

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  1. Art School Confidential is not finished and looks like it never will be. Oh well.