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The Lemon Drops: April 17, 2013

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Let’s just call this week a contest collection, okay? It’s no secret that I love a juicy story that is more than just porn with plot. Not that there’s anything wrong with those stories. *waggles eyebrows* These ones bring the heat AND the heart, and they’ve all come from one-shot contests hosted in the name of love… and smut. Read ‘em up and please remember to thank your authors for sharing the Mmmagic with you.


For I Have Sinned by MariahajilE
She is my Heaven. She is my Hell. I am a sinner, and she is my sin. Entry for the Taste of the Forbidden Contest. AH, lemon, language, and God. Fiction M - Drama/Angst - Edward & Bella - Words: 3,290

Ink In the Blood by Dirty Words
Tattward and Inkella O/S Contest Entry: Edward interviews Bella for an article in Skin Art Magazine. Sparks fly, but will professionalism keep them from getting what they both want? Co-authored by herinfiniteeyes and maniacalmuse. RATED M for sex/language.  Fiction M - Romance/Drama - Edward & Bella - Chapters: 2 - Words: 9,721

Maybe Next Time He’ll Think by Maplestyle
When Bella catches her boyfriend cheating will a handsome stranger help her forget him? *Winner Swooniest Male - Edward in the TwiHEAContest*Rated: Fiction M - Romance - Bella & Edward - Words: 7,456

Vanilla and Chrome by theladyingrey42
I stared at him, taking in the steel bar above his brow, the line of helix studs along the curl of one ear, the swirls of green and black ink around his neck dipping down below his shirt. And then I looked deeper." Tattward & Inkella. AU/AH BxE Fiction M - Romance - Bella & Edward - Words: 8,180

Wanderlust by Hoodfabulous
HEA Contest entry. Won Judge's Pick by SueBee0619 and Best Female Character: I am wild. I am unruly, yet somehow constant, like a rushing waterfall, pounding against rock, spraying moss and ferns with my clear, cool water. I'll never be tied and tethered again. No one will hold me back. Fiction M - Romance - Bella & Edward - Words: 11,169

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