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TLS Fics of Week 4/23 - 4/29/2013

Shout out to our guest reviewer, Jessypt this week! Thanks Love :)

Not The Marrying Kind by BestScentEver
"Bella, I'll be honest with you. I'm not the marrying kind, and if you're looking for happily ever after you won't find it with me. Now if it's a good time you want—I'm your man." A/H Romance with a tinge of angst. Rated: Fiction M

Reviewed by: Jessypt

When I was asked to write the rec for this week's fic of the week, Not the Marrying Kind (NTMK), I was thrilled. Bestscentever and I have been on a long fic journey together, her as writer and me as beta, since we were randomly paired up by Project Team Beta a few years back, so it's exciting to tell you a little bit about why I love NTMK.

The story starts with Rosalie, Bella's business partner and sister, trying to convince Bella to go on a blind date with Edward (Roaslie's future brother-in-law). That date is the beginning of an up and down and twisted tale of two people in love... and lust... who desperately want to be with each other... but on their own terms.

And it's those terms, those very incompatible terms, that are really getting in the way of things.

Edward, business owner and brother to Emmett, is struggling with a lifetime's dose of motherly advice about relationships and women and a longheld belief that he is incapable of being faithful to any woman. Throughout his adult life, he's always been okay with this, skipping from woman to woman as he saw fit... until he met Bella.

Bella, on the other hand, is a true romantic. She wants the whole package. The committed relationship. The happy marriage. Basically what Rosalie and Emmett have. And she deserved it, dammit.

So, when she meets Edward, she thinks she's got it in the bag. He's smokin' hot, fun to be with, and wants her just as badly as she wants him.

Except for those pesky terms.

Edward begins to question everything he's ever believed, and Bella's miserable and wondering if she should give in. And just when Bella decides to take matters into her own hands... things fall apart, and send them both into a tailspin.

And back to revisit those terms again. This is where it really gets complicated... and probably where you're going to want to KILL Edward for being a complete and utter dick.

Throw in a home break-in, a security camera scandal, a crazy dose of UST, and a load of miscommunication and you've got two very frustrated people.

Of course, the thing they don't lack is chemistry. It's off the charts, and has been since the first minute they meet on that blind day in chapter one. Here's a little taste:

Edward stopped before he was touching her, but Bella moved closer and reached her hand out to touch him. He sucked his stomach in slightly as her hand brushed the V above his hipbones, sending a shock through him.

His skin was hot against her hand, and she heard the quick intake of his breath. Edward's body was breathtaking. He was lean with hard, sleek, defined muscles that Bella wanted to explore with her fingertips. The towel sat low on his hips and she rubbed her thumb over the trail of dark hair on his stomach.

"You're killing me, Bella," Edward said, his voice low and gravelly.

Fortunately, things are finally looking up for our star-crossed, ill-communicating lovers. As the story nears its end, I know you'll love where bestscentever is taking us. Fortunately for me, I get to take a peek first.

If you haven't checked out Not the Marrying Kind, definitely do. It's a fun read, even if some of the themes are a bit heavy, and I know you'll love it!

Insatiable Desires by ItzMegan73
What happens when the paths of two highly intelligent hypersexuals cross? Rated: Fiction M and PAWsPeaches says that if you haven't read this story you should turn your fandom membership card in.

 photo Down-Home_zps3ee55581.png

Down Home by MrsSpaceCowboy
Sometimes, everything you're looking for ends up being right where you left it. *Entry for The Heart of Country Contest. 1st Place Silver Spur Award Public Vote, 2nd Place Silver Spur Award Judges Choice, 1st Place Gentlemen Wear White Award (Swooniest Fella) Public Vote and Judges Choice, 2nd Place Hay Ride Award Judges Choice.* Now expanded! Rated: Fiction M

The Bigger They Are by LadyExcalibur2010
Confirmed bachelor and career soldier, Edward Cullen was perfectly happy with his life. Until a young punk busted his windshield. Suddenly, he finds himself drawn to a beautiful widow with a LOT of baggage- four rambunctious sons. AH/AU - COMPLETE  Rated: Fiction M

 photo soapm.jpg

Son of a Preacher Man by LaViePastiche
The wild son of a famous televangelist, Jasper likes to love ‘em and leave ‘em. Will he meet his match in Bella, who’s in love with his sister’s boyfriend Edward? And what happens when Edward finally notices her? AH, B/E. Fiction M

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