Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Poll: It's defective

Howdy there readers!

So here's the deal. The poll is wonky lately. We at TLS Headquarters have no clue what's making the total votes bounce from 178 to 32 but we understand that it's been a trend as of late and we think it's time we correct it. Therefore, TLS Admins (there are a lot of us, like 10 maybe?) will be judging the poll and featuring the winners until we find a solution to the public poll option.

Before you throw every internet poll in the world at me... I've tried quite a few when we've had this problem in the past. However, it has never happened with a blogger poll like this- each week, back to back to back. Each week, we normally close a poll with around 575 votes - 700. Lately the poll has ended with 110-160 and that number has bounced back and forth during the polling process, as we have monitored it, letting us know that *whispers* it's f***ed up. So I hope you guys understand, and hang in there... we'll get you back in the voting soon.

Your polling suggestions are welcome in the comments section with the link to stated poll included please.

Thanks fandom!


  1. :( I was so excited that my fic won and was looking forward to a review.

    I hope you get it all figured out:)

    BestScentEver (

    1. Hi there,

      I did remove the poll BEFORE it closed, just so you know. We could not determine a winner from the votes listed at the time yesterday because we had been monitoring this particular poll throughout it's entirety and noticed that stories that had votes on Tuesday had lesser votes on Wednesday meaning that the poll was defective for all of the votes. Being that the poll normally brings in an average of 500 votes, it only showed 111 at the time that I pulled it because these numbers meant that for some reason the blogger poll was miscounting 80% of the votes that were cast. We did feature The Marrying Kind about a month ago I believe though, so we definitely support your story :) Thanks for stopping by!