Friday, May 4, 2012

Retro Recs Pt. 2

How did we all fall into this tunnel that is fanfiction? Easy - one fanfic at a time.

And since we know that many of you out there are just now starting this crazy journey, we thought we'd share some stories that have accompanied our first step in our earlier days of sleepless nights, burnt dinners, forgotten kids, all in the agitated, gut-wrenching, breath-stopping days of waiting for an update that would make us or break us.

Now the majority of those jewels have long been completed, and those of you who are fairly new to this might not have heard of these stories, since they've been around the block a couple of times.

The purpose of our Oldie But Goodie is just this - to bring to you a selection of some stories that can justly deserve to be called "classics" in Twilight fanfiction, that are complete and readily available to the common fanfic addict on any fanfic site (fanfiction, ADF or Twilighted to name but a few).

We have, therefore, deliberately omitted those "pillars of the earth" that, due to the convoluted and perilous ways of the fanfic world, have either been pulled by the authors or are otherwise no longer available to the general public in fanfic format.


And just in case you missed it, here's our first part one of our stroll down the Fandom's Classics Wing.  Retro Recs

Bare by stella luna sky
Winner of two Summer 2009 Indies. A beautifully plain girl writes the colors used to unravel a young prodigy of the brushstroke. What color are the eyes that see through the heart? Forest green and their rooted brown. AH/M. COMPLETE.

Bella Swan: Kidnapper  by Kambria Rain
Um. Hi. I don't really know how to say this, but I have your kids with me, and I was thinking maybe you would like them back. So yeah… call me.

Engine 17 by EmmaleeWrites05
Summary: More than 2 million career and volunteer firefighters serve in more than 50,000 departments throughout the United States – This is just one stations story. Slightly OOC, AU, AH, canon pairings, rated M for a reason...full summary inside...

Frenemies by AngryBadgerGirl
Friends, rivals, lovers. Things are testy between Edward and Bella, and with both of theirs hearts set on being number one it's going to be a fight. Available on PDF by the author.

Get Me to You by Chicklette
Winner of Winter 2010 Indie! Pet names and Pop Tarts. Sunday mornings with Etta and Ella. Cibola. Candymouth. You finally realize the truth. What if it's too late? M for drinking, drug use, sex and effing language. Bella & Jasper AH, OOC.

How to Save a Life by unholy.obsession
Bella, Edward, Alice & crew. What's going on with Bella's new best friend's older brother, Edward? What exactly happened in his past that has turned the former golden boy into a shadow of himself?

If You Could Read My Mind by bella c'ella luna
Bella has moved back home to Forks. It's only a matter of time until she crosses paths with Edward Cullen, her former best friend and first love. They both thought that they had moved on... full of angst. All-human, LEMONS.

Son of a Preacher Man by LaViePastiche
The wild son of a famous televangelist, Jasper likes to love 'em and leave 'em. Will he meet his match in Bella, who's in love with his sister's boyfriend Edward? And what happens when Edward finally notices her? AH, B/E

Stay by crimsonmarie
As an actor, Edward Cullen is surrounded by people that he couldn't really care less about. What happens when he buys a house in the middle of nowhere and meets his new neighbors? AH, AU, ExB, rated M for future chapters and language.

The List by LauraACullen
Four weeks before her wedding to Edward, Bella is frustrated. She knows there's little-to-no chance of getting him to bend his rules and boundaries now, but there's no harm in fantasizing about what could happen later. So she begins compiling a list...

The Rain Season by elusivetwilight
After trauma of losing her parents, Bella receives a letter from old family friend Esme inviting her to come to Scotland where she and her family are currently settled. Angsty read with AH cast and perhaps Edward in a kilt.

The Weight of Words by Georgeygirl
Summary: Bella is in the final months as an undergrad student at U of T. When
she meets the PhD candidate who will be the TA of her senior Shakespeare
course, her world is turned on end . What do you do when the only man you want
is the one you can't have?


  1. Love this post. Is there a way to rec stories to Retro Recs?

  2. I'd love to see part 1. Could you link it here? There's some gret stuff here. Thanks for this!

  3. "The List" is one of my all time favorites! Thank you for recc'ing it again. Newbies definitely need to read this little gem.:)