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Fics of the Week 8/16 - 8/20/2011: Five Star Reviews of Six Sweet Fics

Edward In the Afternoon by Cosmogirl7481
My birthday present for Marvar: A boy meets girl story with sweltering heat, iced coffee and lots of sex... ExB, AH and OOC because no one is a virgin. Romance and humor with a touch of drama. Twilight - Rated: M
Review by Marvar

Are you looking for a really long chaste fic, where B and E don't consummate their love until chapter 50?

Well, this is so not that story.

Edward in the Afternoon is fifteen quick chapters of pure sex...I mean fun. The lovely cosmogirl7481, author of What Speaks in Darkness and Retail Therapy, wrote this bit of smuff - smut/fluff - for my birthday. I love being Cosmo's beta and sometime writing partner, but in this case waiting for the hourly updates and reading along with everyone else was half the fun. It was a great gift.

And this Edward keeps on giving...orgasms.

They meet in the hallway after an unfortunate coffee accident.

"You look like you could use some help," someone says above me in a deep, sleepy voice. I don't look up because I'm still pissed that I ruined everything. Including the white camisole I just bought at Nordstrom. "That coffee must have been iced because your nipples look way more excited than you right now."

Gasping, I look up, ready to kick the asshole in his shin with my heel. Maybe they are good for something other than the daily torture they normally provide. Bronze, tousled hair and eyes the color of fresh-cut grass are looking down at me. And his perfect mouth is smirking. Fucking smirking.

"Listen, I don't care how hot you are, asshole," I seethe. "You have no right to talk about my…my nipples. And the least you could do is offer to help me."

"You think I'm hot?" he replies, still smirking.

"Fuck you."

"I'd love to," he says. "But I think we need to get you cleaned up first…unless you like it dirty."

Yeah, so who else cursed their stupid building and its lack of hot neighbors, or poured coffee on themselves trying to attract an “Edward”? I think there's a support group for us on Twitter.

Lucky for us readers, Cosmogirl didn't leave us hanging for months and endless chapters. The next chapter fulfills a fantasy of so many of us Edward lovers. Within minutes of meeting, Bella gets up close and personal with...Oralward.

"Bella," he leans in and whispers in my ear, and I shiver as he pulls off my coffee-soaked camisole. "Would you like to know my name before I lick your pussy? Or would you like to know it after I fuck you? Hard."

"Before," I gasp.

He picks me up, places me on the couch and pulls my pants and panties off. And before I have the sense to try and consider what's actually happening right now, he kneels down before me and spreads me wide open. I can feel his breath against my thighs.

"Edward," he breathes. "My name is Edward Cullen."

Cosmogirl posted all fifteen chapters on one day, and my Twitter feed was sweating and panting alongside me, just waiting for another hit because the action got hotter and more intense.  She has a way with lemons that makes them erotic, not gratuitous - which is not always easy.

"What about this?" he says, his voice intense, but his eyes smiling like he's Tyra fucking Banks. But more than that – so much more than that – like he knows the answer to his question. His fingers twist and curl and hit that part of me – that secret ridge inside that I didn't think existed before him. And just as I buck and writhe against his hand, his pink tongue slips through his perfect lips and he covers my pussy with his mouth.

Breath, hot and wet.

Tongue, licking and pressing and stroking my clit until I scream.

Until I can't take anymore.

"Please, Edward…" I cry, breathless, coming. "Oh…oh, god…please…"

But he doesn't listen to me. Instead, he uses his shoulders to push my legs further apart. And then he pulls back, his fingers still inside and his mouth and chin all wet and shining with…me. I see it, reflected in the sunlight. I smell it…how much I want him. How much I still want him. Even after all of that. He licks his lips as he looks into my eyes; my body still trembling with tiny convulsions of all the pleasure that remains.

You can see why I dubbed him Oralward.

We also get one of the best openings to a chapter. Ever.  Seriously, I gasped when I read it.

"Spread your legs for me, baby," he tells me, his voice a rough whisper in my ear as his body hovers over me. "Wider."

I do as he asks, opening my legs, pressing them out against the bed until my thighs touch the sheet. And it's so fucking hard because all I want to do is wrap them around him and pull his body down onto mine.

"Fuck yeah," he rasps. "Just like that baby…"

I look between our bodies and watch as he takes his cock in his hand, stroking it. The head brushes my clit with each and every pass of his hand. And I watch, completely absorbed as his tip begins to glisten with the evidence of how much I want him.

"Just…like…that," he says, all hot, wet breath in my ear. His voice is like silk over sandpaper, causing a shiver to run all the way down my spine. "Tell me what you look like right now…tell me what you see."

"Baby, please…" I whimper. I don't know if I can take much more of his teasing. "Oh, god…please…"

"Tell me," he says, his breath louder, labored. "Is your pussy wet? All pink and ripe…and ready for me for me to eat?"

Gah. I...yeah. No words.

The story takes place over two hot weeks (because it's summer and he's Edward) and of course she falls for Sexgodward (he needed two names - he's that good) without knowing anything about him. We get a little drama towards the end, but Cosmo always brings the HEA (along with the sex). You need to read to whole thing to fully appreciate how he earns both names.

Once Upon a Saturday by Troublefollows1017
Sequel/futuretake of Fridays at Noon. Edward loves his daughter, but he must deal with the feelings of guilt he carries with him. Edward's Penny brought with her all the drama you'd expect from a Masen. Twilight - Rated: M

Like to be blindfolded?

Come meet with troublefollows1017 . She knows how to do it. She does it well.

Using  silk scarves. Around your ankles. Around your wrists. Covering your eyes. She lays you on a fluffy bed.  Puts words right next to you. Just out of your reach. Words, all around you. On white sheets. Crimson and navy blue.

You are allowed to make noises. You may ask questions. Yet, she gives you no answers. Not right away. She lets your words hang in the air. Mingling with hers.  You can feel them touching you. But, barely. Enough to sense the hidden meaning behind them, not enough to grasp it, yet. Not right away.

She has a soothing voice. If you have ever touched her words before, you’ll know that she is trust worthy. But she tells a scary story. Giving no reassurance along the way.  Are you ready for this journey?

She kissed my lips and promised, "I'm not going to die, Edward."

I kissed the top of my daughter's head and tried to purge the memory from my mind. If I had a nickel for every promise someone made me...

This is a short ride. A bumpy one. We don’t know where Isabella is. Is she dead? Is she in coma? Is she having a day away from home? We don’t know what the hell happened to upset Edward this deeply. Not at first. We get to see our usual suspects and know what kind of changes happened in their lives. Walk around edges to see how those changes affected Isabella and Edward’s world.

We meet the cutest, sweetest, the most adorable little kid ever. A little copper-haired beauty with big, brown doe eyes and heart-shaped lips. Trouble makes it so easy for us to love Pennylove by highlighting the qualities she took from her dad and mom. She doesn’t always listen, puts others before herself, and has a limitless ability to love…so much like her mother. She is a very competitive girl and a snuggler.  All Masen. An equal amount of Edward and Isabella wrapped up in one little person. And she loves her dad to heaven and back and heaven and back and then to the sun and then to the moon and then to Africa and then to heaven again and then to Grandma's house in Florida and then to China and back. Two times. Can you even wrap your head around how big her love is?

One of the most prominent elements of the story is Edward’s sadness. Even though we don’t know the exact cause at first, his pain is so real that it immediately becomes a lump in the reader’s throat. It’s following Edward like his shadow through his memories that are filled with Isabella, guilt and remorse. It almost feels like his anguish has its own personality.

And of course Trouble put her unique sense of humor in good use, too. Usually thanks to Emmett and Penny convos, we get to have a good laugh. Watching Edward become the amazing dad he didn’t get to have is breathtaking. He truly cares for his daughter and does everything in his ability to make sure that she knows the fact. Their relationship is based on love and affection. What Edward didn’t have growing up. But still, he is excellent at providing it for her. Once again, we see how Isabella changed Edward. Permanently.

I love you.

I can't do this.

I won't survive.

You promised.

I hate you.

You said you loved me too much to die.

Kill me.

I love you.

I can't lose you.

Take me with you.

Don't go.

I told you this would happen.

I will never forgive you.

I love you.

How could you?

This wasn't supposed to happen.

I wanted forever.

Not even forever would be enough.

What we had is not enough.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

A lot can happen in seventy-two seconds. In seventy-two seconds, I could think a million thoughts. I could die a thousand deaths. I could lose the love of my life. Seventy-two seconds could feel like a lifetime.

You know what to do to figure out what happened in those 72 seconds. Give yourself a treat and lay down on that fluffy bed. Trust her to carry you across. Just take deep breathes and close your eyes. It’s all gonna be alright.

p.s. Mama, the dearest. Thank you for reading this for me. <3

The Demons in My Dreams by Littlecat358
27 y.o. social worker Bella Swan has seen her fair share of troubled souls, but nothing like Edward Cullen, part owner & manager of The Cullen House Group Home. Will he allow her into his life? And can she survive the demons that haunt him? OOC, Lemons .
Twilight - Rated: M

Review by SueBee0619
A really well written fic (and beta’ed impeccably by our own LaMomo), The Demons in My Dreams sucked me in from the very first chapter.  The story opens with Bella, a social worker, struggling to find a placement for brothers Emmett and Tyler after Emmett is kicked out of yet another foster home for fighting.  Her last resort is to call The Cullen House Group Home, a facility she’s never had to use before.

The home is owned by the Cullens, and Edward, Alice, Jasper, and a really fantastic Tanya (who I usually hate) all work there in different capacities, but are all dedicated to helping their charges get through their time in the system and age out successfully.  Bella is equally dedicated to her job and especially to Emmett and Tyler, her first case when she started her job several years before.  This simple description from Edward tells you so much about how Bella and Edward work with the kids in their care:

I'm a little bit in awe of the relationship between this woman and these boys. They are obviously close, but not in an inappropriate way. Whereas many workers would probably scold him for his dirty mouth and sexual brashness, Bella appears to meet him where he is. It's the exact way that I handle every kid that comes through those doors. It's really the only way you can handle a large majority of these kids.  
I know that eyebrows were raised when I joined my brother in taking over Cullen House. People think I won't be a good role model for the types of boys that find their way here. But, I'm exactly what they need to see. I'm a fuck up, pure and simple. I caused trouble, I made mistakes, I did my time. And I'm still doing time, even if I'm not behind bars. People look at me and they see a monster. I hear the whispers, they all know my story. I wonder if Bella knows my story. 

While she doesn’t know his story (and we still don’t know his full one), she has a story of her own; one that led to her being somewhat estranged from her mom and step-father and eventually led her into social work.  She also gets where these kids are coming from on a personal level.  This also extends to Rose, Bella’s stepsister, who leads an extremely sheltered and controlled life, thanks to Renee and Phil.  Bella strives to give Rose some freedom to be the kid she is, but I have a sneaking suspicion this will backfire now that Rose has met Emmett.

The UST between Bella and Edward is off the charts and the dream he has the night they meet is, well, beyond hot.  To give you an idea…

I make short quick thrusts so that all either one of us feels is her pussy lips hitting against the rim of my dick. I could probably cum like this, but. . . maybe another time. After a few minutes of pure erotic torture, I finally plough into her. She cries out, her hands flying to my shoulders, nails digging into my flesh. I hope she leaves fucking scars. I want to remember this for as long as I live.

I can’t wait until she’s actually there in the flesh!  There is a constant push and pull between them – they are attracted to each other, but due to Edward’s demons, he keeps pushing Bella away.  But beyond the moments between the two of them, reading how they interact with the boys is a wonderful, touching thing.  These kids need help and they are lucky to have two people who care about what happens to them and you find yourself deeply caring about Emmett and Tyler and the rest of the boys as well. The author speaks from years of experience as an inner city social worker and it shows - there is a deep understanding of the system, its limitations, and its occasional successes as well as a wonderful attention to detail that is absolutely effortless and adds rather than distracts from the core plotlines.

All in all, The Demons in My Dreams is a really wonderful read.  It’s only up to chapter 8 and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

The Geheime Vernietiging by amoredjenaue http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6287890/1/The_Geheime_Vernietiging (THIS STORY HAS BEEN PULLED)
AKA The Secret Destruction. FBI Agent Cullen returns to NY to take down the Draconi crime family. But will his return bring more than he bargained for? Or something he never knew he always wanted. Secret missions, love & family secrets abound...& destroy.
Twilight - Rated: M
Review by Kitty & Evilnat (Kitty did most of the work -N)

The Geheime Vernietigingm (TGV) is not your average secret agent story, it’s better. Haunted by his past, Edward joins the FBI and takes on long-term undercover assignments. He immerses himself into the world in which he is working in and is reckless with his life to get the job done, thinking there is nothing left to live for. His family is prominent with a strong Dutch background but when the tragedy of September 11 occurs he withdraws from his life, or so we are meant to believe.....

“I knew when I joined the Agency I would have assignments like this. With my special skills and ability to learn languages quickly, I had been assigned to Romania for just under two years. I was working up a cover to get inside with the Romanian crime family the Draconis. The family was run out of New York and big into all things twentieth century black market. Sex trade, guns, drugs, biological weapons, you name it they ran it.”

We also meet Bella Swan, head of the Intern program at The Met in NYC.  Sexy and intelligent, we learn that she is the youngest of 2 children to Charlie, cop for Brooklyn PD and Renee, who took off when she was younger.  Brad, her older brother, followed in Charlie’s shoes and became a police officer, but also died on September 11th.

“Writing had always proved more my forte. But being a cop's kid from Brooklyn, I was practical and I knew I had about as much of a chance to make it as a writer as I did as an artist. So I compromised. I busted my ass to get a scholarship to NYU then I majored in Communications and Art History. When I was nineteen I applied for an internship position at the Met and, miraculously, I got it.”

Once Edward is ordered to return from an overseas mission to complete the job in NYC, the inevitable happens, and Edward and Bella meet for the first time in a hot dog restaurant.  Sparks fly immediately for both. Edward and Bella also share a link that they are originally unaware of, Bella is friends with his sister Alice and works with his brother in law Jasper.

“I looked back down at him, half way peering behind my newspaper when Jasper moved.

Holy fuck.

Who the hell is that?

Standing next to him was a woman. The sunlight parsed its way through the trees and cast a gleam down upon her. She was…I couldn't put a word on it. Beautiful wasn't enough…extraordinary, incredible, otherworldly.

She had dark chestnut hair, which glistened in the sunlight and contrasted perfectly with creamy pale skin. It was almost translucent in its clarity and I felt my fingers twitch with the thought of running my hand down her cheek.

What the fuck are you saying Cullen? You are essentially undercover.

Yes, but I could admire her. And admire I would.”

Edward cannot stay away from Bella even if it might endanger his mission.  He risks not only his mission but Bella’s life by secretly visiting her at night.  Meanwhile he is still fighting the demons of his past.

My fingers made their way up to my cheek where I felt like I had been branded. Branded with perfect lips by a man no less than a God and whom I wanted on so many levels; I could hardly fathom it.

A man who was my best friend's brother.

A man who was so unbelievably sexy; I couldn't keep my eyes off of him and my brain from the lascivious thoughts that ran through my head.

A man who was an FBI agent and if that wasn't as hot as the tatt I got a glimpse of, I didn't know what was.

A man who was deeply troubled no matter how hard he tried to mask it.

A man who I wanted to give a hug and yet have him take me all at the same time.
Sweet mother of God is right. How the hell had I not met Edward before tonight?

Bella is unaware of the ties she has to Edward’s mission, putting her in even more danger then either of them realize.

TGV has many twists and there are a lot of surprises along the way.  I was kept on the edge of our seat as the action picked up always leaving the reader needing and wanting more.  Once Edward and Bella do come together, their passion and sexual desire for one another continues to increase, creating some of the hottest lemons I have ever read.

It is well written and has an amazing ability to pull you into the world of an undercover agent.  You literally feel Edward’s pain as he tries to deal with his past, his job and his intense desire for Bella.

This is one of those stories where you start it, and just cannot put it down until you’ve completed it.  I would stay up into the early hours reading the chapters, always telling myself “I will only read one more chapter before going to bed”, but that was never the case.  The cliffhangers and twists keep your mind constantly wondering who are the bad guys, where does Bella really fit into all of this chaos, and will our favorite couple truly get their happily ever after.

Thankfully, the author is currently writing a sequel to this story, and while it is only in the beginning stages, you know that the action and intense sexual desire between Edward and Bella will be present throughout.

When Fiction Becomes Reality by Bittenev
Bella is a writer whose most successful book is one she wrote about Edward, her high school crush. Edward is now an A-list actor and has signed on to star in a movie based on Bella's creation. AU/AH Bella-of-the-Ball continuation. Twilight - Rated: M
Review by: Edmazing

Who hasn’t wanted to rewrite their past? Been a little bolder? Told that crush of yours how you really felt? Taken that jump that you were dying to take but didn’t? In When Fiction Becomes Reality Isabella Swan does exactly that.

In the hope of letting go of the love she’s been hiding for her best friend since 9th grade turned Hollywood movie star, Edward Cullen, she has rewritten their past. Recording all of the sweet memories and reworking their missed opportunities.

What started out as a therapeutic exercise filled with happiness and heartache has turned into a national bestselling book thanks in part to her nosy roommate, Alice.  She has pushed Bella to get her book Angel at Dusk published, and the rights have just been purchased to be turned into a big budget production. Of course it would, because as one new reader puts it:

"I bought it yesterday and I haven't been able to put it down. She captures the feeling of high school and first love perfectly. I swear it's like I could be this girl. Ugh, it's so good. "

Sounds great, right? Only there’s a problem or two. Although the names are changed, it’s Edward and Bella’s story. Complete with first day doodling and spirit week Superman pajamas. And the blonde and beautiful girlfriend whose name starts with a T. Reality, only better.
And easily recognizable to anyone who knew them.

After bumping into Edward at home in Forks after not seeing him for years, Bella learns that not only does he know about her book, he plans to read it. In part because he wants to know more about his secret high school crush and because he wants to know what all the women in his family are reading.

And because he is in private talks with the production company to star in it.

Another secret? Bella is still in love with him. Secretly, but not for long.

When Fiction Becomes Reality almost feels like reading two stories. The present is layered with the past. And the sweetness of the memories only adds to the flurries that are felt when Edward is around.

I couldn't help but stare at his perfect features as they were so well displayed before me, his thin white sweater outlining every perfect line of his torso. I caught several whiffs of the leather smell from his jacket, mixed with the intoxicating smell of his cologne. He still wore the same cologne he did in high school. My heart panged against my ribcage in protest against the rest of my body that was still trying to unsuccessfully forget what an effect he had over me.”

Not that there was anything wrong with him in high school. To Bella he was perfect. Perfectly confusing.

I couldn't fight the desire I had to ask him why he walked me to class every day. It wasn't that I didn't like it but now that I knew he was late for his next class I felt guilty.
"Hey," I said casually "Where is your next class anyway?"
"Oh, it's not far, just down the stairs." He shrugged it off as if it was no big deal.
"You're not late or anything right?"
"Nah, it's no biggie. I like walking you to class." He shoved his hands in his pocket and turned to face me. His face was serious for a moment and he looked like he was thinking hard about something. Just as quickly as the look was there is was gone. "After all…" he smiled, "what are friends for, right?"
"Yeah…friends," I repeated smiling.
I was okay with it….only….I wasn't.

As Edward battles the ever present paparazzi Bella faces the ever-meddling Alice and Edward’s all-knowing family. What we end up with is the best of both worlds. A fun and at times frustrating adult story with hot actor Edward. And the high school love story complete with an adorably nerdy Edward.

Read it and review! When Fiction Becomes Reality was last updated on 08-03-11 and is marked complete, but maybe if we all asked really nicely BITTENEV will give us an outtake or two. I know I’d love more.

Whe Life Gives You Lemons: Eat Them by DreamersDaze
When a family member's health scare makes her question her own lifestyle, Bella begins a journey to find common ground between outer beauty, inner beauty, health and peace. Will she able to find love, in others and within herself? All Human

Review by FictionFreak95
When Life Gives You Lemons... go read Mandy's story and it will cheer you up out of your funk. (DreamersDaze on FF.net)

This story is about an overweight (adorable inside and out) Bella who's dad is sick and she doesn't want the same thing happening to her so... she makes a decision. She's gonna get her act in gear and lose some damn weight.

With BFF Rose's (who I happen to... LOVE in this fic - weird I know right?) help, she stays on courses, has arguments with food (friggin' hilarious arguments, I might add) and joins a gym.

Who is her trainer? The one and only (and not to mention one of the nicest I've ever read) Edward Cullen.

This story not only makes your heart all happy and what not but it really showcases Mandy's sense of humor through sarcasm and wit and banter that I happen to love. I hope you'll give it a try and when you do... don't forget to leave her some lovin'.


  1. Awl man. The Geheime Vernietiging was on my To-be-read list and she has pulled it as well as the sequel The Last Mission.

    POUTS !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anybody know why? It's so cruel to pull stories without telling why or where. I would pay gladly for good stories (even though I don't usually have to!)