Saturday, August 20, 2011

TLS Nursery: Come and See the New Arrivals!

Take a look through the window of the TLS Nursery. Here you will see the new stories, born within the last thirty days, that we are reading, loving and excited to watch grow.  Wrap your arms around these following newborn fics and enjoy the warmth they will bring to your heart.

Outbound by aftrnoondlight
Two beautiful souls humbly traveling life's lonely path, until fate suddenly shows her hand. Will Edward and Bella surrender willingly... A tender, romantic tale of love and life in the clouds.

Edward owns a resterant/bar, Bella is a flight attendant. She goes to dinner with friends, spots hot guy behind the bar wearing a WATCH (yes, I said wearing a watch *sizzle*) and he finds his way to her table. After a few shared glances, that will ignite your insides...things start to heat up.  Will they meet again after one steamy night?  Bella isn't prepared for the passenger boarding her next Outbound flight and fate couldn't have prepared either of them, for the flight their lives would take, after it.

The writing in this story and the chemistry between the two writers ( jarkin33 and pheobes.promise ) is impeccable. This story grabbed me, picked me up and flew me away from my mommy duties and anxious worries with reality, for awhile, and left me feeling light, bubbly, happy and ravenous for more. The back story to the characters in this fic will have you emotionally involved from the go and the descriptive manner that aftrnoondlight displays in this work will pluck you, right from where you are, and insert you straight into the story. Outbound is only three chapters in so far, so join us for this flight!

Dear Maggie by Jenny0719
A heart leads Bella back home to Forks... and to the brother of the woman who donated it. M for Lemons/OOC/Language

I found this story while digging through the newly published twifics about a week ago and I was intrigued by the summary which lead me to reading the first chapter. I devoured the first 2 chapters immediately and luckily the 3rd chapter posted soon after.

I can't say enough about this story to give it justice because it's just that good. You will have to trust me on this when I say READ THIS STORY FOR YOURSELF, you will see, lol. The synopsis is so refreshing and untouched in my ficlife, that I thoroughly enjoy it and who can resist a BADASS Edward? This Edward comes off with a swagger that I can only compare to PAW (PunKAssWard from A Pound of Flesh by jaxon22) Nuff said. Tell her TLS sent you:0)

Vinyl by 107yearoldvirgin
Its just another day at Vinyl Records Store: Fun. Uncomplicated. Just like having sex with your best friend, and coworker, should be. At least, that's what Bella and Edward are hoping. The rest of the employees, on the other hand...

Have you ever read a story that made you feel a little cooler than you really are? Did you enjoy that feeling? If so, then Vinyl is the story for you.  I have trouble coming up with witty remarks so I naturally admire the friends that always provide them. In Vinyl, you will find yourself giggling left and right at the hysterical banter between the characters that all gather to work in this record store aptly named "Vinyl".  Not only does vinyl deliver insanely hot lemons but you won't be able to deny the love for this Edward and this Bella. My insides constantly smiled while reading this story and Virgy has placed such a unique cast together (Ryan Gosling - Jasper / Natalie Portman - Alice / Jensen Ackols - Emmett for starters ) which she has written to perfection. Put the needle to the record and let Vinyl take you for a spin, It has an HEA!

Another new story which comes highly rec'd from our ffwhisperer Nic: 

The Mating Bond by LailaB
It's like tunnel vision. And once eye contact is made, there is absolutely no reversing it. The more contact that is made and the more intimate the contact becomes, the more animalistic and primal the bond comes to be. Will Bella be able to handle it?  

All Nighters by CaraNo
Edward Cullen needs a new assistant for when he travels. When Charlie, close friend and business partner, suggests Bella, Edward doesn't hesitate. After all, he knows what a bright young woman Bella is. His ex wife even used to babysit her. Drabble fic.

This fic finds an Older Edward partnered in an Architecture firm with Charlie Swan in Cullen Swan Architecture. When Charlie's daughter comes home for awhile and needs a job, Edward can't help but to remember the beautiful girl that he's watched grow since birth and he certainly can't deny his attraction when she steps into his office as a grown woman, no longer a child.

I love how we know how attracted Bella is to Edward and vice versa while the two of them remain oblivious for the first few chapters. I already love this Edward.. go see for yourself, you will too.

This story is brand new with extremely short chapters. It's a drabble fic, only 7 chapters so far and you can read all within 10 minutes and that counts reviewing time as well. It's perfect for those of you that are just like me, scared of committment, you won't have to commit hours of your day to this one, lol. 

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