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TLS Fics of the Week 8/9 - 8/15/2011: The Fab Four Reviews

The Breakers by Les16
After spending 7 years in prison, Edward gets a new start in the fishing village of Corea, Maine. Can a little girl and her mom, Bella, see beyond his past and can they all find love again...or will the ocean swallow them whole? Twilight - Rated: M
Review by evilnat

The Breakers by les16 is still very new.  As I write, there are only 7 chapters including a prologue, so there’s a lot left to discover.

The prologue is set in the future, where we find Edward on a lobster boat with a storm approaching.  He is eager to get home to Bella and her daughter Peyton.  When he left, Bella had a bad feeling about this trip.

I let myself smile for a fraction of a second then my stomach clenches so tight it hurts. Immediately I remember how she was the night before we pulled out . . . frantic, almost inconsolable. She'd been positive something bad was going to happen during this trip out and no matter how much I tried to convince her otherwise, she just wouldn't listen.

Then Edward is thrown overboard:

One moment I'm standing on the deck of the boat and the next . . . I'm in the dark: sinking, frozen in the middle of the icy North Atlantic.
As I struggle to breathe, I realize I'm going to break my promise to both Bella and Peyton . . . my girls . . . because there is no way in hell I'm going to make it home to them. The water is so cold. It's like nothing I have ever felt before, nothing I could have even imagined.
Bella . . .
Peyton . . .
I try to focus on them but I can't.
Fuck! Bella was right to be worried, I think through a haze of numbing pain.
Because . . . then . . . my world turns black.

Can anyone say cliffhanger!

The first couple of chapters are from Edward’s point of view.  Having been incarcerated for the last 7 years and is looking to start a new life, with the help of his Parole Officer, Wayne, he makes the move to Corea, Maine.  He takes a room in Carlisle and Esme’s boarding house and a job as a deckhand on Charlie’s lobster boat.

He is likable guy who has paid his dues, who is trying adjust to life back on the outside.  He is determined to make a new start for himself.

Waking up in the morning, I stay completely still as I slowly open my eyes. A part of me still feels like I'm living in some sort of alternative reality, but smelling frying bacon and hearing footsteps in the hall, I know I'm not. Everything's slowly sinking in and my heart races as I think about the fact that, in a few short days, I'll be on my way to my new life. 

Bella’s point of view comes later; she has had a rough time for the past 7 years and brought up Peyton alone.  We still have to learn what happened in her past, but there are hints to Evan and what he may have been to her.  Not only is Bella haunted by what happened but Charlie and her brother, Emmett, are too.

I let my hands warm up by wrapping them around the mug and then fold my legs beneath me, resting my head against the back of the wicker chair. I should write down my nightmare but I know it won't do any good. I've had that same horrible dream off and on over the past seven years and it's always the same.

It's always my fault and I can't ever save him.

Edward and Bella feel an attraction to each other but both have demons to face.  Bella is scared and her first instinct is to run, she wants to protect herself and Peyton, Edward is new to town and has a past that hasn’t been revealed to her yet.

When I lift my head, I find myself staring into the same eyes that have been haunting me for two days now. I feel like I'm frozen in place, like my feet are covered in cement but that same fight or flight instinct is kicking in. I can feel it..

The sexual tension is apparent from the beginning and every other time they meet.

I'm concentrating so hard on not letting my dick push its way through my jeans that it startles me when she slips her hand into mine. "Bella Swan," she says and gives me a genuine smile. "It's nice to meet you, Edward."
And ... there it is.
My name coming from her lips is definitely going to play on a loop in my brain.
We stand there, kind of holding hands and honestly it's awkward as hell, but it doesn't seem like she wants to let go any more than I do. At least that's what I'm telling myself. She lets out this little squeak when she looks down at our hands and then pulls hers from mine. When she looks at me, the blush is there again and her lip is back between her teeth, too.

I can’t wait for some swoon worthy moments; I think they are going to become abundant as their relationship progresses.

She sits beside me and without looking at anyone else, I lean in and whisper, "Is Peyton okay?"
She trembles when my breath hits her skin and I notice the goosebumps up and down her arms. "She's fine," she tells me and her voice is so soft that I have to lean in even closer so that I can hear her.

We see an entertaining supporting cast with Peyton, Seth, Xavier and all the usual suspects.

"Eh, it was fine," he tells me as he chugs his glass of soda. He smacks his lips appreciatively and I can't help but laugh at bit at him.
I turn around to grab the chalk so I can write tonight's special on the chalkboard when he says, "I saw your dad and the guys today."
That really doesn't come as a shock to me, he sees them every day, but then he goes on to say, "Edward was there, too."
And with that, the chalk skips across the board and clatters to the floor. Jesus, just hearing the man's name sets me on edge. I bend over to pick up the chalk, taking time to breathe in and out. By the time I stand up again, I feel more in control … that is until I see Seth grinning at me.

Peyton is a cute character, who has a way of bringing out the best in people.  Edward falls under her spell when he meets her early on.

"Yes … I've met Peyton," I tell them both and I know I have a goofy ass smile on my face but I can't help it.
Carlisle and Esme both laugh and it seems as if the little sprite has more than just me wrapped around her little finger.

I think each character will grow to be integral to the storyline; they all have something of their own that will add to the amazing plot.  I can already see them becoming some of my favorites!

The Breakers is a beautiful story, with so much left to give.   Each chapter unravels a little more of the past and keeps you hanging for more.  I love the way they dance around each other, slowly revealing more of their attraction as they deal with their problems.

Pic teases and other information is posted on the blog: www.les16-thebreakers.blogspot.com

Check it out!

The Mail Order Bride by Lady Gwynedd 
It's the late 1800s in the wild west. A lonely man seeks companionship; a woman restricted by convention seeks a future. Add those together and what do you get? Twilight - Rated: M
Reviewed by Agrutle

Edward a rancher in Colorado, he has decided it’s time for him to have a wife, not finding anyone to his satisfaction in Bear Valley he puts an ad in the Matrimonial News section of the paper. Just when he thought he wouldn’t receive any correspondence he gets a letter from one Miss Isabella Swan, of Virginia, wanting to start a friendship, that could perhaps be more. They write each other from October of 1886 to April of 1887 when Edward asked Isabella to come to Colorado to see if it would be a match in person. She immediately agrees and sets out one month after he sends a ticket. Meeting each other there is an instant chemistry and they get married the day after they meet.

Bella had known there was some sort of special interaction that happened in the marriage bed. All her life she had heard about the Virgin Mary and how no man had 'known' her in the Biblical sense and she thought she had a vague idea of what that meant. In fact, from the same source, she had gotten the idea that a man would lie with a woman, but maybe, according to matron, it should have been better stated as 'lie upon a woman.'
Before her talk with matron, she had no idea that there was an 'appendage' involved that would rise like a serpent to 'plunder' her womanly 'depths.' When she expressed disbelief the matron pointed outside to a horse that was tied up there. "What do you see there, Missy?" Bella looked and saw hanging down from the old worn out horse's lower abdomen an "appendage." The appendage was almost touching the dang ground! Bella's stunned gaze went back to the matron's. "And what do you think men are carting around in their trousers, eh? SNAKES! Just awaiting the chance to deflower a girl."

Imagine! That mean old lady tell Bella all of that. Edward instantly knows that there is something amiss and helps to ease her fears.  They stay in Denver a few days to have a honeymoon of sorts and then head out to the ranch to start their lives together. They are both so happy with each other. Bella digs right in, and she gets right to work on becoming familiar with everything she needs to know about the ranch.  She becomes fast friends with Cookie, the cook, whom is someone quite unexpected. She also becomes attached to Lauren and Tyler and their son, Boy.

After a few months they have expressed their love to each other and began to learn more about each others families. Edward has already learned about Michael,Bella’s brother, she left behind. Bella learns that Edward has parents and a brother back East that he rarely talks to. Eventually though his brother, Jasper, comes with his new wife, Alice, to visit and to meet Bella.

"Welcome to Bear Valley Ranch. I am Isabella Cullen."
"Oh, thank you," the tall blonde man said as he dismounted, "I am Jasper Cullen and this is my wife, Mary Alice." He walked over to her horse to pluck Alice from the saddle.
As soon as her feet touched the ground she ran over to Bella and flung her arms about her neck. "I am so glad to meet you. I know we'll be wonderful friends."
Bella was surprised at Alice's enthusiasm but she smiled and said, "That would be wonderful, I am thinking."

You must read this amazing story based in another time. You get to see how Bella had to change her thinking and adapt to ranch life and how Edward had to adapt to having a wife. Its so beautifully written and the usual cast of characters are there in unusual roles.  Please go read it!! I promise if you like period fics you will love this one.

Vinyl by 107 YearOldVirgin 
Its just another day at Vinyl Records Store: Fun. Uncomplicated. Just like having sex with your best friend, and coworker, should be. At least, that's what Bella and Edward are hoping. The rest of the employees, on the other hand. Twilight - Rated: M
Review by Aidan PaulMomma

First of all, if you’ve never read a story by 107yearoldvirgin, I’m gonna need you to stop right here and go read one. Right now. Any one. They are all amazing. Now, for those of you still with me, I would like to tell you about 107’s newest fic called Vinyl. It’s a story about friends and lovers and the awkwardness that can occur when you cross the line between the two.

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for 107’s Edwards. Wardo (from FAP) makes my knees week. Masen (from Maybe) makes me hot under the collar. DeadWard (from Don’t You Forget About Me) makes me giggle and smile at his stiff cluelessness. I may or may not have threatened to kidnap Dee (from Eight Days a Week) when Bella was being mean to him. You get the idea. What I love about this latest story from Virgy is NOT her Edward. It’s Bella.

Bella is a confident young woman working as an assistant manager in a record store. The owner of Vinyl Records, the one and only Carlisle Cullen (whom 107 casts with Robert Downey Jr) was once part of an 80’s duo whose partner dumped him to become famous by selling out and going solo. It is now part of Bella’s job to keep all references to Robert Palmer far, far away from her generally easy going boss.

Bella also oversees an eclectic staff which includes badass punk/goth Alice, overly flirty, outspoken Rosalie, quietly cute Canadian Jasper, AKA JazzMan, AKA Jasmine, and filthy mouthed, mohawked Emmett. Sharing this responsibility with Bella is her best friend Edward, whom she just happened to have sex with, 3 times, last night. Bella’s response to her night with Edward is “I was one hundred and eleven percent sure that it wouldn't change a thing between us.”

Bella and Edward’s personalities shine strong in the very first exchange in chapter one.
"Quick. Say the first thing that comes to your mind. Go."
"Your eyes are the color of moldy brie."
"I know. They're just green. No big deal. I have no idea why the girls at the store make such a big deal out of them. You'd think they've never seen a guy with green eyes before."
"Moldy green eyes."
I laughed at the tone of his voice. "Don't be so sensitive." Patting his cheek, I grinned. "Now you. Go."
"I thought you'd have a nicer ass…"
Edward and Bella have an extremely unique relationship in that they are experiencing no awkwardness in the wake of becoming sex buddies. They continue to tease each other, eat together and even work at the store together with weirdness. The uncomfy feelings begin to creep in when everyone from the store begin to find out that Bella and Edward are now sleeping together.

This fic has 107yearoldvirgin’s patented charm and snark mixed with the right amount of laughter with just a dash of angst to hold it all together. Go give it a read because we are soon going to find out how Bella handles the news that the band Edward is in got a record deal and things will be changing for them in ways she never imagined.

Washed Up by xrxdanixrx 
She washed up along the river near his secluded log cabin with no memories. He couldn't just leave her to fend for herself, could he? Twilight - Rated: M
Review by SusanQ

Our story begins as a young lady washes up from the river; barely breathing, in pain, and in and out of consciousness. She awakens in a log cabin with no memory of how she got there, her own name, or her life before. Edward, her rescuer, an unwelcoming and seemingly impatient man, gruffly barks at her as though she is inconveniencing him. He sends her on her way, only to have to rescue her again—and let’s just say, you don’t want to meet up with Crazy Crowley!

This time Edward begrudgingly lets her stay with him in his tiny log cabin. It’s not all smooth-sailing. Petal (she named herself, mostly to get under Edward’s skin), doesn’t take too kindly to his abrupt manner.

"You know, I could give two shits where you're from or what your name is," he berated. "I'm just trying to help you out, so stop lying to me."

I was furious, because he hadn't believed a single word I'd said! "Lying to you?" I asked incredulously. "Why would I lie to you? I told you, I don't remember anything. And for the record, you have a funny way of helping me. You save me, and then you throw me out. You save me again, and then you yell at me and treat me like the dirt on your shoes!"

His eyes narrowed. "Well, if you hadn't walked right into Crowley's house, I wouldn't have had to see you again."

I snorted, trying not to show how offended I was. "Gee, thanks. Nice to know I've got someone looking out for me," I responded cynically. "Why didn't you just leave me at the river instead of taking me in?"

This push and pull continues…

"If you're staying, talk less," he said through gritted teeth.

"Asshole," I muttered under my breath.

"What did you call me?"

I glowered at him. "I said you're an asshole!" I yelled, making sure he heard it this time, and quickly disappeared into the bedroom, slamming the door for effect.

We meet the local tavern owner, Alice, a southern gal with a heart of gold.

"I'm Alice. I run this joint. Well, me and my husband."

I smiled back at her. I liked the name Alice. I was almost jealous that wasn't my name…that I knew of. "I'm…" I began to say, but trailed off sadly. I didn't have a name to introduce myself with.

"Let me guess," she started, a twinkle in her eye, "you don't know." She laughed lightly at herself, shaking her head in amusement. "Can I get you anythin', sugar?"

Petal and Edward start to communicate, maybe he’s not so bad, maybe she won’t interrupt his routine too much. She’s not so sure she likes him talking to the bar girl, he’s not crazy about the men at the tavern hitting on her.

The last couple of days, it'd felt like something was changing between us. Even with his overall disgruntled attitude, I'd begun to trust him.


I felt protected by him. Cared for.

He flipped over on his side, and I couldn't see his face anymore, but it didn't matter, because as long as I knew he was here, I could rest easier.

Edward opens up to Petal about his past and his fear that she will leave once she gets her memory back.

…I was starting to think of him differently without meaning to. It was just sort of evolving on its own. I'd look at him, and I'd see this man who'd put his neck on the line for me more times than anyone ever would've, this man who was afraid of himself, of who he once was. It made me more sympathetic to how he acted.

He had weaknesses, and that made him real to me. It was like we were on an even playing field, because although he seemed together, living his life like he always had, he really wasn't.

Just like me.


"Why are you scared?"

His eyes searched mine. "You'll remember…and I won't matter."

Those words nearly shattered me. He thought I'd remember my life and leave him? Just like that? His dejected expression told it all, and I now understood why he'd been so apprehensive with me.

I pressed my hands against his hard chest, needing to comfort him with my touch. "Edward, whatever happens…whatever I remember…if there's anything I'm certain of, it's that you matter."

Petal has some unsettling flashbacks about her previous life and then sees a news report on the television on the tavern.

"Good evening," the anchorwoman started with a serious expression. "The search for the heiress of Cullen International Hotels continues on."

A still-photograph materialized of a sophisticatedly dressed brunette with a bright but guarded smile. I gasped loudly and took a step back in shock.

That was me.

Are you on the edge of your seat as much as I am? Thankfully, xrxdanixrx updates regularly so we will soon learn more about this heiress and how it is that she became Washed Up.


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