Saturday, July 1, 2017

TLS Special SNEAK PEEK Feature

The Lemonade Stand has spent years bringing you the best the Twilight fandom has to offer, and we are delighted to have the chance  to offer you even MORE. We've enjoyed watching stories grow and develop from first post through COMPLETE, and now we're excited to share  previews of the stories that will  soon be your new addiction.

This week, TLS is proud to showcase belladonnacullen. She is well known in this fandom and very well known to TLS. She won The Lemonade Stand’s 2011 Fic of the Year with the smash hit, There is a Light. You may also know her from her other greats like The Practice of Love or The Veil. She has so many genres of great fic. Need a guaranteed good read? You’ve come to the right place, with one of the best writers this fandom has seen!

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Swifter Than the Stars
by belladonnacullen

Summary: Once upon a time there was a girl who met a boy. She didn’t want to leave home. He never wanted to go back to his. Together they discover more about themselves than they ever could have imagined alone. About stars, science, souls and young love. ExB, AH
Rated M

Maddy: You’re writing again, mom?

belladonnacullen: I am - a little bit, anyway.

Maddy: What’s it about?

belladonnacullen: It’s like a fairy tale, like a ‘once upon a time’ kind of story.

Maddy: Is it for kids then?

belladonnacullen: No, it’s definitely a story for grown-ups.

Maddy: What’s it about?

belladonnacullen: It’s about a girl who lives with her father. Everything I write is Twilight fanfiction, so the girl’s name is Isabella and her dad’s name is Charles. They live in a little village deep in the woods. He’s a doctor in their village, and she helps him make medicines, and helps with his patients. Her mom died when she was a baby, but before she died she used to study the stars, like an astronomer. Her mom was pretty famous for that. At night before bed Isabella and her dad tell stories about space and time and stuff.

Maddy: Like me and Mark?

belladonnacullen: Like you and Mark, but maybe if you were alive hundreds of years ago before we knew the science we know now. 

Maddy: Is that all it’s about?

belladonnacullen: Well, no. I write romance stories, so there has to be a boy.

Maddy: Or another girl!

belladonnacullen: Right, but in this one there’s a boy. He’s traveling with his dad, because he wants to see the world before he has to settle down & start his adult job. But somewhere on this journey his horse gets hurt. He loves his horse and wants to save her. There weren’t really veterinarians back then; usually they’d just put the horse down. So, he looks for a doctor to take care of his horse.

Maddy: And the girl’s father is a doctor!

belladonnacullen: Exactly. That’s how they meet. He’s the third son, and in this world I’m writing about it means that he’s supposed to become a priest. He does think a lot about God and stuff, but he has other ideas that don’t go along with the church.

Maddy: Like what?

belladonnacullen: Well, he’s pretty sure animals have souls.

Maddy: That’s weird... And interesting too. I don’t mean to say your story’s weird.

belladonnacullen: You know why I started to write this story?

Maddy: shakes her head

belladonnacullen: It’s because of something you said last summer. Do you remember what you said about the line in that song Shut Up and Dance? The line that goes,“This woman is my destiny”? You said that destiny is a thing, and a woman is her own person with her own destiny.

Maddy: Yeah, I did say that!

belladonnacullen: Somehow, you saying that inspired me to write this. 

Maddy: I don’t get it. Does she ask him to dance?

belladonnacullen: Hmmm… I haven’t written that far yet, but I know how it ends. 

Maddy: How does it end?

belladonnacullen: I’m not telling.


I’ve known belladonnacullen for a million fandom years and this lady has never failed to impress me with her writing. She always has new ideas and formats that shake our favorite characters up a bit. When she told me she was writing again, I told her she absolutely had to do a Sneak Peek with us and she, so kindly, agreed. I may be biased because I’m her pre-reader, but I think she’s worked some magic here. I hope you will put her on alert and enjoy this story, along with all of us at TLS! 

♥ Nic


  1. What the what????? Way to pull me back in to fanfic!!!

  2. Yes, I'm ready! so excited.

  3. This sounds really good, but I wouldn't expect any different from this amazing writer. Thanks, exclusive rob.

  4. I can't wait. I am so excited!

  5. I am so excited about the story. Can't wait!

  6. I just want to say that I just love these "sneak peeks" that TLS have been posting. I cannot wait for some of these new WIP's to start posting. Thanks so much for the heads up! :)

  7. Have to agree with Daisy Mae--I absolutely love these Sneak Peeks! And oh, I'm so thrilled to see that belladonnacullen is coming back to fanfic! There is a Light is one of my all-time faves, so I'm sure I'll love this one, too. Hope this means she's gonna finish Shame. It was off to such a great start. (hint hint)

  8. Belladonnacullen writing again?! Now that's a reason to celebrate!