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TLS Special SNEAK PEEK Feature


The Lemonade Stand has spent years bringing you the best the Twilight fandom has to offer, and we are delighted to have the chance  to offer you even MORE. We've enjoyed watching stories grow and develop from first post through COMPLETE, and now we're excited to share  previews of the stories that will  soon be your new addiction.

This week, we are proud to showcase our very own multi-talented TLS Admin, LayAtHomeMom! If you have never had the pleasure of reading any of her writing, get prepared to be knocked off your feet. She’s written hits like In Your Room, Felt (who doesn’t LOVE a dirty talking Edward?!), Girl Code, and Kush. I highly recommend Every.Single.Thing. she has written and couldn’t be more excited about this NEW story she’s been telling me whispers of for quite some time.

banner by LayAtHomeMom

Burning Saints
by LayAtHomeMom

Summary:  As this saint burns, so will burn my soul should I betray the oath of Omertà. 
I enter alive and will have to leave dead. 


I know, I know.

It’s all been done, and it’s been done incredibly well.

But what can I say? 

I’m a sucker for a scotch-sipping, gun-toting, ball-breaking, Edward with a chip on his shoulder, and a fedora tilted just so. Throw in a Chicago accent and a sworn oath to the most ruthless crime syndicate of the era, and hot damn … you know I’m about that life.

Sweeten the deal by adding a young Bella with a backbone, a little ambition, and just enough of her daddy’s political clout in the Windy City to elevate a certain made man and his Outfit from wise guys to legitimate power players among the Gold Coast’s elite … you know I’m down for all of that too.

So, if Mobward is your jam, this might be a fic for you. Fair warning, though - this story is rated M for pearl-clutch-inducing situations such as violence, corruption, ball-busting, and gratuitous use of the word ‘fuck’ in all of its variations. 

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Excerpt from Chapter 2

“Can I get you boys anything?” A tall blonde wearing tassels and a smile asks, bending down so her cans are level with Em’s eyes.

“Yeah, sweetheart. How about you run and fetch us a bottle of scotch?”

She makes a show of pressing her tits together. “Anything else, Mr. Cullen?”

He hands her a bill and waves her off, briefly watching her ass sway before turning back to me. “So how was Havana, huh?”

“Eh, it was okay. I didn’t mind bein’ out there.” I light a smoke and lean back in my seat. “Why? You lookin’ to get into the game down there?”

Shaking his head, he mimics my position. “Nah, just curious how the past five years were for you.”

I take a deep pull. “It was fine, I guess. I laid low for a while, then your dad sent me to see Momo.”

“How was that?”

“I learned a lot. Momo had me doin’ collections and running a few floating craps and some high limit poker games. Met a few associates here and there. All in all, I can’t complain.”

Tassels brings the scotch and makes herself scarce again when Em stands abruptly. “Follow me.”

“Where we headed?”

“Somewhere without ears.”

He leads me to a roof access door and we climb the stairs until we’re four stories above Rush Street, looking out at the city.  Em unscrews the cap and tosses it over the side of the building before taking a huge swig. “There are big changes comin’ for us, Eddie.”


He points to the skyline. “All this is gonna be ours.” 

I say nothing, letting him go on with the crazy talk. 

“And it’s all because of you.” He comes towards me and grabs the back of my neck. “You ballsy motherfucker, you.” Pulling me close, he lowers his voice, “I know what you did.”

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

LayAtHomeMom is a breath of fresh air around this fandom. She is hilarious, beautiful inside and out, irreverent in all the best ways, and someone you know you will have a great time with. Whether it’s reading her amazing words or selling girl scout cookies with her or scaling parking garages in Chicago ;) Pop her on alert if you haven’t already, and join us in reading her next “drop everything” story, Burning Saints. You won’t regret it. 

 ♥ Nic 


  1. Thanks for the sneak peek! Can't wait to read more! ❤

  2. OMG, a new story from Lay. I love everything she has ever written, and I love, love, love Mobward. Can.Not. Wait!!!!!

  3. debbieinsfloridaJune 24, 2017 at 2:41 PM

    Sounds like another winner! Thanks, TLS, for giving these awesome sneak peeks. It's a great feature!

  4. I absolutely can't wait!! Sounds amazing!!!!!!

  5. I love layathomemom stories since the very beginning. I just love her way With words and her personality. So.. I just can't wait!

    Xoxo gabstastic

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  7. Duh! Sorry for the error. It's sounds fantastic - can't wait!

  8. I'd love to read more Jacob based stories. Any recommendations?

  9. First chapter was excellent! Great dialog. Second chapter looks even more compelling, of course. Layathomemom is brilliant!

    Thank you for the sneak peek. Keep up the great work! x