Monday, November 9, 2015

What we're reading in TLS this week:

TLS is excited to bring you some new treasures from some of our favorite fandom authors on this Monday morning. We've also sprinkled in a few suspenseful gems to keep things interesting and some old favorites to revisit. We guarantee you will find something to love from this list! Be sure to let the authors know where you saw them recommended and leave them some love.

♥ Nic & Six

A Few Tables Away by Drotuno-rec’d by Everyfreakingbody!
Edward spent most of his life trying to be invisible until he got to college. All alone, 3000 miles from home, there's only one person he wishes would see him. His Library Girl, just a few tables away. Rated M

AB Negative by Ooza-rec'd by Nic
Since making their species known, vampires have been met with varying degrees of acceptance. Bella just wants to meet one. When Edward opens up to her, their relationship takes a turn neither expected. But there are unknown dangers in a world where humans and vampires struggle to coexist, and it isn't always clear who the enemy is. Rated M

Atmosphere by Christie Hart-rec'd by Drotuno
Having been imprisoned for the last twelve years, Princess Isabelle is the last person you'd think to be the savior of the Royal Cullen family, but she is. And she's going to do it. She's going to save them all. Rated M

Buried by Ericastwilight-rec'd by Nic
His reality was made of nightmares. She was plagued by them. Will she conquer her fears in time? Can he protect her? Rated M

EIDOLON by Raggdolly-rec'd by SixDlb5
Shadows and flesh. Humans and monsters. They're the same thing. (Halloween 2015)
Rated M

Everlasting Why by Suitablyironicmoniker-rec'd by Edmazing
A student of social work & her troubled client. Longing to help him, she suspects & soon learns there is far more beneath the surface than she could have ever guessed. & perhaps her motives for helping are more complicated than she's willing to admit. Rated M

Here to Stay by FallingInLoveInDecember-rec'd by Nic
Bella and Jacob have been married for six years when he dies suddenly, revealing a long going affair. Edward is her best friend, Alice, brother in-law who recently moved into town to work at the family law firm. Jasper, Alice's husband knew about the affair and caused Bella to pull away from Alice. Will Edward be able to bring her out of her grief and anger,will her to trust again? Rated M

Hollywood by Allihavetodoisdream-rec'd by CarrieZM
"She's Audrey Hepburn, and he's Cary Grant. She's Marilyn, and he's James Dean. She's timeless elegance, and he's old grace. She's searching, and he's already found, already taken. She's sixteen. And he's twenty-seven. But that doesn't matter. Not to a girl in love. Nothing matters, then." Edward & Bella in the definition of a forbidden relationship. Rated M

Jurisdiction by StillDreaming85-rec'd by Nic
War has ripped the world apart and Bella is living in one of the few cities left in the States. Life is cruel, there is no freedom, food is scarce, and a few people hold all the power. Will Bella be able to survive? Will Edward be able to save her from Mike's snare? Rated M

Que Sera, Sera by Livie79-rec'd by Nic
Isabella's life was nothing more than a series of unfortunate events since the day she was born. For her, monsters are real, love is the fantasy, and fate is a cruel mistress. The future's not ours, to see...what will be, will be. AH ExB Rated M

Rest My Soul by MrsSpaceCowboy-rec'd by Nic
On opposite corners of Third Street and Beale, two lonely people fight to stay that way. Her scars are on the surface, soft on her skin and in her eyes. His run bone-deep, seeped in bourbon and blues. EPOV. Rated M

The American President by Rushed-rec'd by Monica Nopi
As the President of the United States, Edward Cullen finds it difficult to meet women. So his brother secretly employs the services of an escort agency to help fulfill certain presidential needs. Rated M

The Baby Whisperer by Compass54-rec'd by Nic
She manipulated me so easily. Twenty-one, beautiful and curious is a perilous mix. Host's Choice and Judge's Choice in the May to December Romance Contest. Rated M

The Heist by KreativeKreature-rec'd by Evilnat
Have you ever felt like every event in your life is out of your control? Like it's all a lie? Hoax? Sham? "I'm no one, and pretty soon… you will be too." Welcome to The Heist. Rated M

Your Life Can Change in a Moment by Coloradoperson-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
Bella didn't like surprises. Her life was safe, predictable and she knew what to expect until fate brought her breast cancer and everything changed. This is not a tragedy; it's a story about love and hope..because that's what life is all about. Rated M

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