Saturday, October 31, 2015

TwiFic Fandom Awards Nominations are revealed today! Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone! Today's the day that the noms for the TwiFic Fandom Awards are revealed and once again,The Lemonade Stand has been notified that we've been nominated!

We'd be so honored to have your vote! Our very own Nicffwhisperer has also received a nomination of her own, as well as SO many authors, betas and fandom friends that TLS loves! Please go and show support for all of your favorite nominees when you get the chance! All nominations will be revealed today and voting begins tomorrow, November 1!

We were so honored to win Favorite Fic Pimp Site last year, and we love that we have that chance this year as well!

Click here: TwiFic Fandom Awards to visit the site! And when you see Iris, @MariahajilE, around, give her a nudge for heading up these awards and being the captain of that ship!

Have a safe and happy Halloween! 

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