Monday, June 22, 2015

What we're reading in TLS this week:

With the year almost half over, it's a good time to add some fresh recs to your reading list! Here are some of our newly found favorites that have us wanting more, and a few older ones we've enjoyed revisiting. If you find something you like, remember to leave the authors some love in the form of a review and let them know where you saw their story recommended. Happy Reading!

♥ Nic & Six

Adagio by SparrowNotes24-rec'd by VampiresHaveLaws
Two talented musicians are forced together against their will. Can they get over their less than friendly first impressions? ExB AH Drabbleish fic. Rated M

Birmingham by ThisIsReallyHappening-rec'd by Nic
I loved her, even when she didn't know love was possible. Most folks don't see the beauty in that, but if they saw what I felt, maybe the world would be a little less blind. ExB. Rated M.

Deeper Discord by Ifyouweremine-rec'd by Nic
Edward is a boxer with a dark past and secrets. When his best friend's little sister moves in, he finds himself in the biggest brawl of his life. A story of love and sacrifice and fighting for what matters most. Rated M

Dirty Little Secret by Sexysiren1981-rec'd by Nic
There is nothing more tempting than the forbidden. That goes double for Edward Cullen. Rated M

Indecent Proposal by Pattyrose-rec'd by Edmazin
Edward's heart was broken by the girl he's loved for almost a decade. Drifter Bella wanders into Forks aimlessly one hot summer day. When their paths cross, he proposes a scheme to get them both their deepest desires. But things aren't always as they seem & Fate can have other plans. Rated M.

Jilted by Vampiregirl93-rec'd by Nic
Jail time, first loves, bittersweet moments and kisses through the phone. She waits for his call because she's jilted, her heart still sings for the boy who only ever smiled for her. He commited crimes and she told lies. She loves him on accident, and he loves her forever. They didn't choose their secrets, they were born into this. AH-AU Rated M

Masen Boys by Jdifrans1-rec'd by Nic
Is there anything better than watching three hot guys building a block foundation? Bella and Rose don't think so - that is until drinks after work lead them to meet the Masens face to face. Rated M

On The Line by NewTwilightFan-rec'd by Cappricorn75
New Quantico graduate Agent Isabella Swan is assigned to go under cover with a partner she's never met. Their mission will require every ounce of their skill, cunning, and discipline. . . then it will demand more. Agent Swan is totally green. Agent Masen is an enigma. Trust will be the least of their challenges when they discover how much is really on the line. Rated M

Rescue to Release by Bower-of-Bliss-rec'd by Maplestyle
"As a cinematographer, I've given some thoughts to how I might die, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd die of dehydration, cut up and bleeding while perched in a tree in the middle of the Australian outback. As you can see, Sam is down below. He's an insane and perpetually randy, 7-foot tall, alpha-male kangaroo, and he belongs to that equally mental bloke, Cullen." Rated M

Ride by Kris Salvador-rec'd by Nic
Bella wanted to fulfill a fantasy - to be groped inside a crowded train. She gets her wish and more, when a sex-starved ex-convict decides she's fair game. Rated M

Such is My Luck by ImHeretoReview-rec'd by Nic
Bella's bad luck has landed her in Chicago for a business trip, with no luggage and no hotel room. Her co-worker, Edward, steps in to help! Her luck is about to change. AH. Canon pairings. Fluffy. Rated M for lemony goodness. Rated M

The Fence by Winterhorses-rec'd by Nic
Bella's childhood life isn't a happy affair, and Edward's is even worse. They're best friends, though the only interaction they can have is through a small hole in the fence separating their houses. As Edward's situation deteriorates in his teenage years, Bella wants nothing more than to ease his suffering. But first she has to deal with the struggles in her own life...Rated M

The Monster by Thimbles-rec'd by VampiresHaveLaws
We are Generation Z. We are educated and engaged. We have the whole world at our fingertips. Our biggest killer? Ourselves. Rated M

The Student Teacher by Olivejuice26-rec'd by Nic
High school English teacher Bella Swan is content in a job that she loves, spending her days doing her life's passion. Things get interesting when a handsome young student teacher is assigned to work with her for a semester. Can she focus on her job, or will young Mr. Cullen be the distraction she didn't realize she wanted? Rated M

Vacation by AshesAshes83-rec'd by Cappricorn75
A long road trip and subsequent beach vacation seems like the perfect antidote for life, but who put falling in love on the itinerary? AH/AU - all canon pairings Rated M for language, lemons, and brief drug use (much to Edward's dismay). Rated M

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