Monday, June 8, 2015

What we're reading in TLS this week:

Can you believe it is already June?! Here at TLS, we are starting our summer reading off right with some brand new stories we have fallen hard for and some recently updated old favorites. Dive in with us this week and find your new drop-everything fics! Let the writer know where you saw them recommended when you leave them some love in a review.
Enjoy :)

♥ Nic & Six

A Change of Heart by Chocaholic123 & GemmaH-rec'd by Nic
Christmas in Chicago is little more than a duty visit for Edward Cullen, but that's before he gets the call that will change his life together. A birthday fic collaboration for Sparrownotes24 by Chocaholic123 & GemmaH. Rated M

Alaska by Anton M-rec'd by MariahajilE
For two years, Bella's had a cotton candy romance going on with her taciturn best friend. In her head. So after catching bits and pieces of Edward's unusual upbringing, Bella pays a visit to Alaska. Rated M

Back to Life by Alliz-rec'd by Nic/MariahajilE
After a broken engagement, Bella finds herself back in her hometown working for her sister and brother-in-law. Her past and present come full circle when she realizes her high school boyfriend, Edward, will be working with her. Their ending was explosive, causing Bella to keep a secret from him all these years. Is it better to know you're alive by living, or to keep yourself closed. Rated M

By Proxy by LyricalKris-rec'd by Maplestyle
Being a movie star is all glamour and privilege, right? Sure, if you call obsessive fans, prying paps, and the occasional threat of bodily harm glamorous, but Edward was used to all that. Bella worked behind the scenes until he accidentally brought her into the limelight and in the sights of someone dangerous. Mystery, action, and romance - welcome to Hollywood.
Rated M

Catch-22 by JiffyKate-rec'd by Nic
Damned if I do. Damned if I don't. One way or another, I knew Edward Cullen would turn my world upside down. Contest entry for the May to December Romance Contest. E/B, BPOV/EPOV, Olderward, AH, M Rated M

Catch My Breath by tanglingshadows-rec'd by Nic
Once upon a time, a quirky woman barreled into a soft-spoken man's life and turned it upside down. Not that he complained about it. Rated M

Come Undone by GemmaH-rec'd by Cappricorn75
I know everything about Isabella Marie Swan - the girl is an open book - but what she knows about me could be scrawled on a flyleaf, large and untidy, and still have blank space below it. I flip back and forth between happiness at her lack of awareness guilt that she's so much in the dark. She never pushes, never questions. I guess I know she's afraid to ask. Rated M

Cullen's Roadhouse by TGBMcCray-rec'd by Nic
Bella Swan has a worthless college degree, bills, two friends, a shitty apartment, and too many ex-boyfriends. Swearing off men seems like a good idea, at least until she can figure out how to pour a proper beer and make some cash at Cullen's Roadhouse. It's an apron that sets her off – an apron, some Levi's, and a tall glass of Diet Coke. Rated M

My Beauty, Your Beast by backwardglance-rec'd by Cappricorn75
Her scars are on the outside. His are on the inside. A different kind of Beauty and the Beast. Rated M

One More Christmas by Anhanninen-rec'd by Jenn G.
One-More-ChristmasConceding defeat was never in Bella's plans, but things change during the fight for your life. She's counting down the days but has one last wish, which Dr. Pretty Eyes plans to fulfill. With a little of his Christmas magic, Bella may just find a reason to fight again. Rated M

Quiet On The Set by duhitsangie-rec'd by Jenn G.
America's sweetheart Isabella Swan and Hollywood's playboy Edward Cullen are cast together in an upcoming movie. Will there be sparks or will things just be quiet on the set? And is everything the tabloids say just as it seems? Rated M

Reality and Other Inconveniences by OhMyWord-rec'd by Edmazing
Edward’s body was close, too close for sensible thought on my part. He watched me like he was waiting for an opening, my own personal loosening of morals. Rated M

Sharp Left Turn by fyrebyrd89-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
In an instant your life can take a sharp left turn. Can you find the strength to lose it all and gain the unknown? Lives will be shattered, including your own. Rated M

Somewhere Between Nothing and Everything by Myotherlife-rec'd by Evilnat
Federal prosecutor Bella Swan is already standing on the precipice of a dark abyss when her world is thrown into madness. Struggling for a lifeline, the reemergence of a man she vowed never to trust again will change everything. Life and death. Love and hate. In the middle of obscurity, what is the cost of redemption? Rated M

The Governess by IBACULLEN-rec'd by Nic
Isabella, desperate for a job after college agrees to move across the country to apply to be governess for two young children. She soon finds out that the Cullen Estate and the Master that resides within are dark and frightening. For the sake of her charges, she must attempt to find a way to reach the heart of the man who looks at her as no more than a servant. Rated M

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