Saturday, June 13, 2015

TLS Special SNEAK PEEK Feature

The Lemonade Stand has spent years bringing you the best the fandom has to offer, and we are very excited to have the chance to offer you MORE. We've watched stories grow and develop from first post through COMPLETE in The Nursery, and now we're sharing previews of the stories that will soon be your new addiction.

This week, the lovely twilightladies, author of the addictive I Belong With You, shares a little detail on her upcoming story I Do... Maybe with us.

Title: I Do... Maybe

Summary: Swan’s White Weddings is the love of Bella’s life, consuming her days and nights, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. After securing Chicago’s wedding of the year for Tanya Turner, the elite socialite daughter of Turner Industries’ CEO, Bella thinks all her hard work has finally paid off. It’s just a shame she’s already well-acquainted with the groom.

The idea for my new story has been with me for a while. At the moment, between helping my sister plan hers and planning them as a job, I pretty much live and breathe weddings. It's only right that one of my favorite films is The Wedding Planner (I'm a sucker for Matthew McConaughey!), and I thought it would make for a good story. 

I Do... Maybe, will be loosely based on the film. Bella's on her way to becoming one of the best wedding planners in Chicago, especially after securing what the press is calling the wedding of the year. Enter our groom, Edward, who she's already met. 

I won't give much of the plot away. While, it's based on the film, I've also made this story my own. I hope you enjoy it! 



“You know, it’s usually polite to tell someone your name once they’ve introduced themselves.”

I look up again to see him grinning down at me, and I blush.

“Bella. My name is Bella.”


And I love the way he says my name.  I want to hear him say it again.

He smiles softly, and I turn my head, leaning against his shoulder. I feel a hum vibrate through him, and I like that he seems to be enjoying our dance as much as I am.

We don’t speak again as the music surrounds us.

But it’s not forever

But it’s just tonight

Oh, we’re still the greatest

The greatest

Edward bends down, his lips brushing my ear. I can feel more than hear him sing the chorus of the song, and it’s making me shiver. I haven’t had a guy show any interest in me in months. It’s been even longer since I’ve been on a date, and now I have a gorgeous guy singing Kings of Leon to me.

I pull myself tighter against him but don’t say anything. Does he feel this intensity between us, or is it only me? Maybe it is just a dance for him.  I roll my eyes as I imagine Alice telling me off for overthinking something. Again.

Instead, I close my eyes, enjoy the feel of his body against mine, and don’t even notice as he moves us to a darkened corner of the dance floor.

The song finishes, launching into another more upbeat song, which I don’t pay attention to. Edward’s grasp on my waist tightens, and we don’t stop moving. Shadows creep over us as we’re pushed farther into the corner as the dance floor fills up.

Feeling his gaze on me, I look up. He smiles and brings one of his hands to my cheek, pushing a stray piece of hair behind my ear. Even the simplest of gestures makes my knees go weak.

“Why did you ask me to dance?”

“Why did you say yes?”

“I couldn’t say no.”

He takes a shuddering breath as his eyes dart from my eyes to my lips and back again. I place my hand on top of his and lean forward silently, telling him I want this kiss as much as he does. If I’m being honest with myself, I’ve wanted this kiss since I saw him at the bar, saw him smile at me, and definitely since he asked me to dance.

Before our lips meet, he scrunches his eyes as if he’s in pain and drops his hand like he’s burned.


“I can’t…”

With a last glance, he turns quickly and pushes his way through the crowd without looking back, leaving me hurt, dazed, and bewildered behind him.

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♥ Kim 


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