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Celebrate Cursed Be The Wicked Release Day! Our Review is here:

The day has finally arrived and we are so excited to announce that 
Cursed Be The Wicked by J.R. Richardson is available:

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Meet Cooper Shaw: 

I don't believe in much these days, so I can't be let down. I don't let people in, so I can't get hurt.

     I've even created a new name for myself, so no one knows who I am or where I'm from and can't judge me based on that information. I live a simple, ordinary, anonymous life, and I like it that way. In fact, I rarely even think about my childhood anymore. 
     Or at least I didn't, until I received a certain letter, from a certain office housed in a certain city, named Salem, Massachusetts. 
     My old hometown.
     It taunts me, this letter. And forces me to reflect on a moment that defined me throughout the remainder of my life in Salem. An experience I thought I'd put behind me.
     The moment before and after I was accused of murdering my father.

If you've read any of Jo's (FictionFreak95) stories, you know all too well that she can make the male POV her bitch. She conquers this feat once again in her debut novel, Cursed Be The Wicked

In Cursed, we meet one Cooper Shaw, which we call Coop for short. Coop has grown up trying to reinvent himself, burying his memories and his old life in the past. He's found a great job allowing him to remain low-key under a new name, while earning a decent salary, as a travel columnist for a magazine called The Monthly Traveler

Everything is going smooth until Coop gets a call from his boss:

"I can't," I tell him, flat out, then begin rattling off incredibly lame reasons why I can't make the trip. "I just got back two seconds ago and-".
     "You are going to Salem, Coop. I just got off an hour long conference-call with our New York office about this," he says.  "Lots of hoopla going on about some famous chick they swear was the last actual witch in Salem. She keeled over dead this week. Was in the loony bin for over. . ."
     "Fifteen years," we say together.
     "What's that?" he asks as I lower my eyes but I force them back up again and shake my head.
     "Nothing," I mumble.
     I contemplate telling him my situation. About how The Last Actual Witch in Salem had once upon a time been willing to let her own son go to jail for a crime she'd committed. That there's no way they want me of all people to make this trip because I was that son and I won't be able to tell an unbiased story in a million years. But I can't tell the magazine who I am. If certain V.P.s who aren't exactly fond of me were to find out, this would most definitely turn into one serious sideshow of a job for them.
     I've worked too long and too hard for the halfway decent rep I have at this company to let anyone poke fun at me for what I consider an unfortunate situation.


This unfortunate situation sees Coop back to his hometown, the same town that he's tried to bury in his past. When he arrives his past comes back to life and he's forced to face what's always been there.

When Coop arrives, in Salem, he checks into an old B&B where he meets a feisty young Finn. She's perceptive, smart and knows Salem and its history as well as Cooper Shaw, though he tries to pass himself off as Cole. Coop is instantly intrigued by Finn and after a rocky start, they eventually get to know each other. While Coop struggles to gather together an article that will suffice for his magazine he is forced to face his demons, memories, past and a life that he thought he'd left behind. What he least expects is to find someone that will help him through it all, much less, one that would shed some light on a past he'd only seen in the dark, until now... until her. Finn is the light to all of Coop's darkness helping him see what had been kept in the dark corners of his subconscious for so long. Coop and Finn's stories weave themselves together at the most perfect pace as they get to know each other, learn from each other, and finally open themselves up to each other... to love.  

The way Jo slowly unravels this mystery, piece by piece, without giving away all of it until a perfectly timed crescendo, kept me gripping the pages and heartily entertained while making me want to travel to Salem to capture that spooky adventurous feeling in real time. Once again, Jo has nailed it by writing an action packed story that's so much more than your typical romance. This one has mystery, adventure, friendship, action, humor, hurt, comfort and paranormal aspects as well as all of those feel-good swoons we love Jo for... and you can buy it this week! Cursed Be The Wicked is available now here! Be sure to bookmark it on Goodreads here: 

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Thanks for hanging with us today and enjoy your week!


  1. This made me teary - AGAIN - TLS thank you so much for your support and I am giddy that you liked the story! All my love ladies! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

  2. If this book is anywhere close to being as good as her fanfiction, we've got a winner here.

  3. I most definitely believe in ghosts. I've personally never seen/heard anything that could be considered as paranormal but I know people who have and their stories where quite believable. These weren't "abducted by aliens" stories and they still frighten me to this day when I think about them.

    1. Me too Alex - I always think how cool it would be to hang out with the peeps from Ghost Hunters but then I realize, there's no way I could stay in one of those haunted places with the lights out.

  4. Can't wait to get my hands on this. You are so talented and I'm so happy for you. Love you!

    1. Love you Ry! thank you so so much for all your love and support woman. <3

  5. Blah..sent that before I was done. Yes I believe in ghost and have had some very creepy encounters.

  6. I am definitely giddy to see so many of my favorite twific writers getting published. Good luck, Ms. Richardson!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Vania! XOXOXO