Friday, February 14, 2014

Flash Fic Friday: 2/14/14


Each Friday a new prompt will be posted along with the previous week's winners.

What exactly is a Flash-Fic? It's pretty much a spur of the moment, tiny story, prompted by words, images or silliness. Not sure if you've ever been on twitter when this has happened, but it's pretty awesome when it does. It also happens often in threads, with a combination of people contributing.

How does it work? Each Friday one admin of TLS posts a picture prompt here to the blog. Using this image, entries are created by commenting on this post. Submissions must be 100-300 words ONLY. No more, no less. The entries are then judged and we post the winners here, each Friday, to share with all of you.

Picture prompt and Judge this week is: Edmazing


Alright guys, I'm fudging the rules a little. I've got a naughty prompt for you:

But I want you to work these words in there somewhere, somehow.

You will have until next Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST to submit your entry.

Please leave your submission in the comment section at the bottom of the post using this format:
Your name (use your Twitter, Facebook or FFN name)
Word count
Your link to your FFN profile if you choose to share it
Submissions will be judged on Thursdays and on Friday the winning entry will be posted here, on the TLS blog.
This feature is open to everyone, so come one, come all!


Thank you so much to everyone who submitted entries for me this week. They really were all excellent!!! I had a tough time choosing between them and wanted to place every one of them!

One little note... remember the word count needs to be between 100 and 300 words. There was one entry I would have placed in my top three if it hadn't gone way over (TouchMyNeck).

Thanks again for entering and I hope you all come back for this week's round.

Heather (Twilover76)

First Place: LovelyBrutal
Word Count: 242

I love this song.

The rhythm that pounds steady as your heart's heavy beating right now.

Unfaltering, endless, and wicked, it leads everything else on the track.

The guitar, the lyrics, the bass – they were all secondary, crafted to surround and glorify the beat that's guiding and adhering everything together. That drives everything in and of you to agree, to move, to revel. The sway in your step, the light in your eyes, storm in your synapses. It's all perfectly in tune with this song.

It was written to make hips grind and toes curl. To make you want to turn it up. To make you open your mouth for me and sing.

To give life to your ache. To set your need on fire.

And it does.

You love it. I can feel it.

It's in the way you rock your hips into mine like a drum beat. The way you beg for deeper with the curve of your back, a dance trapped between sheets and skin.

The way you twine your fingers around mine, tighter than the coil of guitar strings while I slide, and push, and drop my weight right through you.

The high pitched pleas that float up in the shadow of my low groans.

Each little “don't stop” prayer that follows my whispered “fuck” like a chorus.

It all comes back to this song.

It ignites you.

It was meant to.

I wrote it for you.

Second Place: Lost In Fanfiction
Word Count: 300

Your weight is stifling. Our fingers laced together, above my head, oppressive. Yet, I don’t
fight it. Pleasure outweighs discomfort. The unyielding rhythm of your cock and sounds in my ear let me know that you feel this, love this. I submit to you, the feelings, the pleasure, knowing I will regret it.

After I reach my peak, you reach yours. The weight of your body remains. Reality hits me strong, the doubt, the knowing. I almost start counting the minutes until you go. And I wonder, will you say anything first? Will you wait until I’m asleep to slip out? It’s not always the same with you, but ultimately…you leave.

I’ve become that girl I never thought I’d be—the weak and powerless one when it comes to a man. One Every time you leave I say it will be the last.

But it never is.

I’m weak, a doormat even. You’re my drug and I’m hooked.

You roll off and snuggle in, a deceiving possessive arm across my middle, almost taunting me to believe it means something.

I take one last look at you before I close my eyes, same as always, committing you to my memory. Your unkempt yet perfect hair, the scruff on your strong jaw, the masculine eyebrows, the long, lean muscles of your arms. One last time, I tell myself, remember it well.

Touches and feelings begin to rouse me. I dare not open my eyes and wake myself from this dream. The pleasure builds until white light bursts behind my lids. My body sings from head to toe.

When you enter me, I realize it’s not a dream. I peer through heavy lids and see the pleasure on your face as you move inside me.

“You’re here.”

You smile. “Always.”

Third Place: mystiquejeweled
Word Count: 300

His eyes had been following me all week.

I felt it most when I laughed loudly or fingered my hair. I’ll admit, I may have given the locks an extra twirl just to feel the burn of his gaze on me.

I hated that I loved his attention. I hated him. Then again, he hated me.

Too bad our bodies didn’t get the memo.

I’d just walked in to my room when I felt two large hands grab my waist and lift me. Before I knew it, I felt my back hit the soft mattress of my bed. One of the hands quickly slipped off my waist and covered my mouth, muffling my shriek of surprise.

My eyes met impish, green ones and narrowed. I shoved his hand off me and glared at him. “What the hell, Edward?”

He smirked down at me. Bronze-haired, green-eyed, and with a body that was sculpted to perfection, the best friend of my older brother was a heartbreaker. “Hey there, Bella.”

He leaned down and kissed me, his soft lips roughly pushing against mine. I desperately wanted to stop him, but I couldn’t.

My legs wrapped themselves tightly around his waist and my hand tugged at his hair. He groaned and ran his hands up and down my waist, thrusting his hard cock right where I needed him.

“I’ve wanted you all week.” He muttered roughly.

“Stop talking.”

I moaned as he kissed my neck, his hands pushing my dress up my thighs. One of his hands grabbed both of mine and held them above my head as he kissed his way down my collarbone.

His other hand crept up my thigh, dangerously close to my sex. He grinned against my skin. “Love me now?”

I wish I could say ‘no’.

Honorable Mention: TGBMcCray
Word Count: 296

Since my six-week checkup, he's been sniffing around like a dog looking for a place to bury his bone. I'd as soon play dead.

Oh, they are a joy, to be sure, and work, these whelping babes, wriggling and screaming for dinner among the mounds of swollen flesh I once shared only with him. We live days of adoration and nights of blinding exhaustion.

I am stripping wet sheets, and he is home early. I am mad when I see him in his work shirt and shaven jaw. He's got those hopeful eyes. I just want a fucking nap.

He's crushing me to his chest. "I missed you." His lips are against my neck and that heavy scent of musk and salt water; it works over the Dreft and sourness, pulling me in. He's needy and I don't want to fill anyone else, but his lips are trailing where his hands pet. I am worn and warming.

My head turns and he licks my lips. "I need you."

I say it. "I'm so tired, so...ugly."

His hand stills on his belt. "No..." He follows the curve of my ass and squeezes, walking his hands up my ribcage, skirting the edges of my breasts. "You made my babies, darlin’.”

My mouth is working like a fish, because, oh! One long finger is inside me, and then two, and he is grunting and rutting, dropping his jeans. "My love, my love..."

He grabs my shoulder and turns me. I bend at the waist and when he's slipped inside, we both shiver deep. His hands cover mine as he pushes. I stick out my ample ass to meet him and we are not mom and dad anymore.

We are Adam and Eve in the garden of this holy space.


  1. “Let me look at you.” His voice was low and oozed lust as his focused on my trembling hand. The same hand that clutched onto the knot of my robe. “Please.”

    I obeyed his command and his eyes widened as the silk fell down my shoulders, exposing my bra and panties to him.

    “Fuck.” He muttered.

    “Lay down, I want to taste every inch of you.” His hands seemed to shake at his sides, almost as if he was holding himself back from touching me.

    I scooted on his bed and tried to keep my eyes locked with him as I laid on my back, waiting for what came next.

    “Do you know what you look like?” He asked as he bent down and I watched his pink tongue peek out from his full lips.

    “No. What do I look like? Describe me in one word.” I replied, getting a little confident. He smirked at me and his tongue gently touched my skin, right by my panty line and I shivered in pleasure.

    The wetness of his tongue, as it trailed up my body sent a fuse through my veins and my skin flushed. The twinkle in his eyes let me know he was enjoying my reaction.

    He went as slowly as possible, ignoring my breasts even when I tried to arch my back so he would have better access. He wanted to drive me crazy. He wanted to make me beg.

    “Mine.” He answered as he bit my ear, pulling a moan out of me. “All mine baby.”

    And it was true, I was all his.

    Words: 267

  2. Betty Lovegood
    296 words

    We both know it; he can't stop. And I don't want him to.

    He starts by tasting my neck with his warm tongue and whispers in my ear that I'm intoxicating. That makes me go even crazier for him. He knows that, too. He keeps moving down to the swell of my covered breasts and even further down to just the spot above my hipbone, before sucking at my skin there. I love that. I love everything about him.

    Our connection has always been too intense to be able to ignore it. Every single time. And it doesn't matter where we happen to meet in our conference tours: Washington, Ohio, Florida... his hotel or mine, we've never cared. But this time he's right where I truly want him. Right now he's in my own bed, in my home. There's a high chance that it won't work out for us, but it's a risk I'm willing to take, because I can't imagine going through the rest of my life without him.

    He raises his head, looking behind me, and flashes me a little smile.

    “I never would have pegged you for a Dalí kind of girl.” His eyes are on the art I have set up on the wall behind the bed.

    “There's a lot we haven't talked about.”

    “But we will.” He says this so sure while he caresses my bare thigh. I believe him.

    I'm still curious about what he sees in this room about me.

    The moment he starts kissing back up, from my stomach to my ribs, I ask him, “Describe me in one word.”

    He doesn't hesitate one second to touch me where I need him the most before responding against my skin, “Mine.”

    I know. We both know.

  3. @mystiquejewled
    Word Count: 300

    How did I find myself in the king-sized bed of a billionaire?

    One night at a bar and two weeks in his apartment. If I weren’t staring into his emerald green eyes at this very moment, I wouldn’t believe that one encounter and fourteen amazing nights were all it took to make me love him.

    He smirks as he lowers himself on top of me, knowing just how trapped he has me. His soft lips trail their way down my neck and towards my cleavage.

    I moan loudly and dig my hands into his soft, bronze hair. My back arches against his mouth as it makes its way down my ribcage.

    My breaths comes out in labored pants. “What did you do to me?” I ask softly.

    His eyes glance up at me from under those impossibly long lashes. “The same thing you did to me, sweetheart.” His voice is low, possessive, and like silk. His British accent rings out clear even when his lips are pressed firmly against my skin.

    His surprisingly calloused fingers run up and down the skin of my thigh until they reach the waistband of my panties. “Tell me what you want, Isabella.”

    “I want you.” I moan as his thumb brush the heat of my center through the fabric.

    “Me. Only me.”

    “Only you.” I agree, exhaling harshly when his hands yank my panties down my legs. “Wait!”

    His hands pause and he glances up at me, quirking an eyebrow.

    I swallow, trying to push down my nervousness. “Am I just a fling to you?”

    With quickly darkening eyes, he stares at me. “Ask what you mean, Isabella.”

    “What am I to you? Describe me in one word.”

    He grins darkly. “Mine.”

  4. Sparklymeg
    Twitter: @sparklymeg
    Word Count: 282

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    His lips trail fire across my skin, blazing to the deepest parts of my soul. The rough skin of his fingers follow his lips with the softest of caresses, making my body tremble and shiver and shudder.

    His touch is the sweetest torture, leaving me squirming and writhing under him. It's maddening and altogether perfect.


    "Shhh.... Just feel," he whispers. His tongue draws circles around my belly button, the sensation earning a soft giggle from me.

    But even as my face smiles, my heart is heavy. My toes curl as my eyes well up and my breath comes in short pants. I clench and moan and dig my fingers into his scalp even as my chest aches.

    Because every time he's here I wonder will it be the last. I savour every moment and cling to every sensation because I never know when he'll be back.

    "Please...more," I beg, dying for his touch. His deep, rumbly voice starts whispering in the darkness, sweet nothings and dirty words about the softness of my skin and the smell of my hair. How he loves my eyes and craves my taste.

    "Describe me in one word," I whisper as his fingers gently peel my underwear down my shaky thighs. His eyes are intense as they meet mine and the desire and love there is undeniable.

    It intoxicates me, that look. His love brings me the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

    I'm a junkie, and he's my fix. I'm Eve in the Garden, and he's my forbidden fruit.

    I'll never get enough.

    And my heart cracks a little more as he utters the one word we both wish was true.


  5. @TGBMcCray
    189 words

    Hopelessness and lust are kissing cousins. I feel it as he tastes me, pulling ribbons of wetness across the warmth of my thighs and stomach. I feel it in the grip of his strong hands around my ankles as he holds me down. I cannot escape it or him. I’m hopeless. We are lost and luxuriating in the madness of sweating skin and touch and smell and taste –always taste.

    In the back of my mind, beneath the whispers of his hands, there’s still her. Her phantom writhes between us. The words he calls her lash my consciousness and bind me to reality. Bitch. Money-hungry. Conniving. Shrew.


    That one stings most of all.

    “Wait.” He’s ready, wound up and weeping, charged to push us both past the brink of glory and grief. “Describe me in one word.”

    His hand reaches for my heart and flattens against the crashing beats within my chest. “Mine,” he says. “Always mine.”

    I arch to meet him, lost, rising up to hold his neck with fingers that curl into claws. We devour and possess because in the end, only that final word matters.

    300 Words

    Midterms are over. Bella and I can finally celebrate Valentine’s Day. I sneak into her room quietly locking the door behind me. She is sprawled across her couch reading Cosmo. I pluck the magazine from her and plant a soft kiss on her lips. “Hey I was reading that” she grins up at me. “What is this month’s lead story hmmm’ Ten ways to make your lover scream?’” I raise my eyebrows at her enjoying her blush.
    “How was your test” she asks as I start kissing her cheek her neck. “Not bad” I whisper between kisses and I ease her beneath me on the couch “Yours?” “Easy,” she moans as I trail my hands down to touch her beautiful skin lifting up her tank as I go. “I’ve missed you this week” I say as I kiss her belly when suddenly I stop greeted by a sexy as fuck pink bra with lace trim and small black hearts. I look up. Bella has her lip between her teeth, eyes wide then she quietly says “Surprise! Happy Valentine’s Day” I wink then lean back on my heels and slowly slide down her sweats revealing matching panties. “Bella, Will you be my Valentine?”
    “Edward Yes” I slowly lean down and kiss her from hip to hip and then work my way up to her perfect breasts with small biting kisses whispering, “I love you” She reaches down opens my jeans with a flick of her thumb “Edward I need you” Quickly, I remove my clothes then I ease off her panties before stretching over her and gently spreading her legs and entering her slowly. “One”
    Later in the evening snuggled in bed we’re reading Cosmo.
    “Edward, Can you describe me in one word?
    “Mine.” My one and only. My Valentine.