Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TLS Fics of the Week: The Fab Five are up!

Rescission by Geekchic12
We met. We got off. We went home. We weren't lovers. We weren't even friends. We were f- buddies. It worked... Until it didn't. AH, ExB. Rated M

Review by: Lellabeth

Rescission, n. (law): an act of rescinding; the cancelling of a contract.

Between the promise of dirty in the summary, the intrigue behind the title and the unf-worthy banner (Pierced-eyebrow-Ward?!), Rescission was a fic I couldn’t wait to read. I had visions of a dirty, sexy story about a Bella and Edward that barely knew each other outside of the bedroom.

GeekChic12 gave us that.

We’re thrown in to the story at possibly the funniest scene possible - one where Edward and Bella meet not as fuck buddies, but because they’ve been set up on a blind date that also includes his sister and brother-in-law.


We’re gifted with small snippets of their relationship over the first chapter, though not enough that all is revealed. The dynamic between Edward and Bella is undeniably strange - they know practically nothing about each other, but there’s something between them.

That something turns out to be sex.

Very hot sex.

As the story progresses, we learn more about how their ‘relationship’ came about, and watch as they both struggle to come to terms with their growing feelings for one another. Each chapter ends with a reminder of one of the rules of their original arrangement - and a nod to how it’s been broken.

In this case, though, the saying ‘good things fall apart so better things can fall together’ definitely applies.

Edward is the perfect blend of sexy, self-assured man and a vulnerable guy with a tender heart. He’s just the right side of arrogant, edging on cocky, and it’s impossible not to love him for it. Bella is similarly complex, and therein lies what makes the story so great. Bella and Edward aren’t just characters.

They’re people.

Good-looking people who are outrageously good in bed, of course, but it’s fanfic - that’s a given.

Rescission is the perfect blend of realistic writing and enough romance to keep us all swooning. GeekChic12 balances funny with drama, sex with serious, and her writing and deep understanding of these characters is what makes the story so good.

You might have missed the boat on reading it as a WIP, but in the words of Sex Hair/Pierced Eyebrow/Can I just have him-Ward, ‘It’s okay. You’re here now.’

And you’re in for one hell of a ride.

Dear Bella by Lellabeth
December 22 is the only day I let myself think of you. I don't know if you remember, but I'd do anything to forget. Rated M

Bella Donna by JiffyKate
Edward and Bella are similar creatures; they both screw people for money, but one of them goes for blood. It's nothing personal...until it is. Rated M

*Special thanks to Beffers87 for whipping these up for us

Look How You Turned Out by Counselor
If I was going to write another story it would be something like this... Rated M

How to Live With a Movie Star by Redtini
How do you share the love of your life with the world? Bella Swan's fantasy became her reality when she married movie star Edward Cullen. As Bella and Edward work their way through the minefields of a Hollywood marriage, will they finally reach their happily ever after. Part 3 of 3 in the series. A/H. Rated M

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