Thursday, September 26, 2013

Welcome to TLS Nursery!

Welcome to TLS Nursery! 

Here we nurture all of the newborn stories (stories published within the last 30 days or so), that we love! 

Everything in our nursery has been read and approved by a few, or a lot, of the TLS ladies, and we think you'll enjoy cuddling up to these babies as well.

As ever, there are some amazing stories to check out this month. 

Remember to leave these lovely ladies some love, and let them know TLS sent you!


Me and Mum Fall in Love With Edward by counselor 
Bella and Mom live together. No one has lived next door since the murder that happened there in 1997. One day Bella looks out her window and a compellingly handsome man is moving in. Bella doesn't date. But Mom is a serial dater on Match. When Mom gets a load of Edward he becomes the focus of all her attention. It's complicated. Bella is 27, Edward 37 and Mom is 45.

A Heart Arcane by iambeagle
There are people you get over. And then there's Edward Cullen.

Double Struck by Honeybeemeadows
I found her on top of a mountain. And I wasn't even trying.

Calendar Guys by popsicle99
Photographer Bella is heartbroken after her break up from Mike, but her best friend Rosalie has a plan to cheer her up - shooting a sexy calendar for Eclipse magazine. Lots of lemony fun! Featuring Bella, Edward and a whole feast of lovely Twi-guys! Stephenie Meyer owns all things Twilight.

Rendered by Adair7
Summary: When I came undone, he grinned victory before unravelling himself. One night, one mistake, and a chance to make it right. E/B, AH, Angst, Romance, M.

Trio by staceleo
A poet, a realist and an optimist came together over an appreciation of the written word. Love tore them apart. There can only be room for two in this quest for love and a battle over a woman's heart. Bella and Edward.

Beaches and Boardwalks by jaxon22
I was broken. I was lost. He fixed me. I was found.

Headbands and Hero-Worship by GeekChic12
Two rivals. One election. Who will come out on top? A mini-fic written for Dreamweaver94's birthday. AH, High School, ExB

Copy Room by Edward’s Eternal
Sometimes flippant words are really the truth spoken out loud. What happens when someone overhears you and decides to give you what you secretly want but never knew? When Bella Swan says something in jest, it's how it's perceived and transferred to the Copy Room that is important. Adult situations and strong language. Rated M for a reason.

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