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"I know I shouldn't be watching him, but I can't look away."

Special thanks to our last week Guest Judge, @Carenl!!!

Words: 300

I haven't been back here since that fateful day - the blow up between him and I. The two months that have passed since I moved with my little guy into the small town down in the valley, have shown me that I really can make it without Edward. Even when it hurts like hell.

Taking a deep breath, I use the old key he gave me back when we shared this small home, and let myself inside. The room smells like bacon and coffee and butter, and I know he's already made his breakfast. I hope he hasn't already left to work for the day, because, frankly, I'm not sure that I have the nerve to attempt this twice.

The entire place is eerily quiet, except for the crackling wood that is likely falling apart in the dying stove fire. I'm about to push back through the creaky door when I hear it: the squeaking springs of the old brass bed, and the irrefutable sound of his moans.

I carefully - quietly - make my way back toward the room. The door is open just enough for me to peer inside. What I see steals my breath.

Edward is pumping his cock with one hand while the other fists the white cotton sheets. My pussy clenches when he moans my name, and every nerve ending is alert. I must've gasped, because his bright green eyes are suddenly focused on mine. His hand stops rubbing and he quickly pulls up his shorts to cover himself.

"Bel--" he starts to call my name, but I'm already running.

Making it to my old red pickup, I start to open the door but his hand slams it closed. And he spins me, lips assaulting mine and his breath becoming my own.

"Mine," he groans. Owns. Possesses.

298 Words

I crept along the hallway, wishing I had grabbed my socks. October in Marquette was cold. I was freezing, tired, and completely on edge.

Fucking Edward.

He had arrived today with his cocky smile and wicked sense of humor. When we ended up alone in the kitchen, he was all flirty banter and light touches. I wanted him, and I knew he wanted me, too. But he didn’t make a move - just teased me all night - so I went to bed alone and frustrated.

I slipped quietly across the floor as I headed for the kitchen, knowing Edward and Jasper were sleeping in the great room. A soft grunt stopped me in my tracks. I peeked around the corner into the den, wondering what...


Edward - on the couch - in nothing but his boxers. Head back, jaw clenched, his body practically glowed in the moonlight. That chest, those arms, those abs - everything about him was long and lean, sinuous...almost feline.

His arms shifted down, his ab muscles quivering, his hand disappearing under the black cotton fabric.

Oh my God, his hand was on his cock.

I knew I shouldn’t be watching him, but I couldn’t look away. The way his muscles contracted when his fingers wrapped around himself...the sighs and groans as his arm moved faster...the frantic way he used one hand to push the fabric over his hips so he could grip his balls.

It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

I glanced up at his face as he came, shocked to see his eyes open, watching me as I watched him. A slow smile spread across his face, and I returned it as I stepped into the office and closed the door behind me.

260 words

When Bella asked if one of her old friends from college could stay with us for a few days, of course I was fine with it. When she told me that this friend was male, I was a little leery, until she laughingly explained that Carlisle was gay and they'd never been anything but friends.

Carlisle turned out to be easygoing and personable, with a wicked sense of humor. He and Bella were like siblings—inwardly I laughed at myself for thinking he might have an interest in her. We drank wine and talked and laughed, and I was sure I was imagining the lingering looks he was giving me.

Eventually we were all yawning and decided to call it a night. As we climbed into bed, Bella asked if I would check and see if Carlisle needed anything. I got up and walked across the hall to the spare room, seeing a thin sliver of moonlight spilling out. I raised my hand to knock, but stopped short when I heard my name in a hoarse whisper.

Peering in I saw Carlisle had pushed the blanket down past his groin. His hand played along his abs, combing through his pubic hair and grasping the base of his dick. I knew I shouldn't be watching him, but I couldn't look away. “Edward.” A strangled groan and then come was spilling over his hand and onto his abs. My heart was pounding, and I felt sick with guilt as I realized that my own cock was in my hand, hard and throbbing.

Word count: 293

This is wrong. So, so wrong.

I shouldn't.

I won't.

"Lead me not into temptation..."

My impatient fingers drum the mouse. Just one click. One click.

No one will know.

Erase the history.

"Flee from sexual immorality." -First Corinthians 6:18 I hear it echo in my head as I stare at the link Jessica sent me.

I glance over at the bible on my nightstand. Father would kill me if he found out.

I shift my laptop to obstruct my view of The Good Book. I'll ask for forgiveness later.

"Oh be careful little eyes what you see..."

Palms sweaty, heart racing. I flex my fingers, and I click.

And I gasp.

And I can't look away.

My eyes are frantic across the screen.

A man, shirtless, six pack, leans back on a couch. He's...he's...touching himself...while he watches her.

I swallow.


He watches them. Two women.

Kissing. Squeezing. Petting. Licking. Legs spread, tongues out.

Does that feel good? My free hand absently moves to my chest.

He calls the women to him. His hands stroke himself wildly, and he says bad, bad words. He kisses the blond, pulls her by the hair to his mouth while the brunette pulls down his pants.

Then, I


My eyes go wide.

It pops up, stands erect, the tip almost reaching his belly button. She takes it in her hand. Her long, decorated fingernails barely wrapping around his girth.

I lean closer. Breathless. Flushed.

My body feels soft and heated, but I have goose bumps. I'm trembling with anticipation and nerves.

"Put to death sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires... Because of these, the wrath of God is coming." -Colossians 3:5

The floor creaks behind me, and-


299 words

“Knew you’d be here,” he says, and the shame coursing through me makes me shut my eyes.

Just for a moment, though - the image he presents is too tempting to ignore.

Flushed skin and dark hair covers hard muscle, his abs tensing in time with his grunts as he fists his cock.

“He fuck you tonight?”

His words are vulgar and crass, a venom-dipped arrow meant to pierce my softest part.

And it does.

“Yes,” I whisper, not certain he can even hear me from my place just inside the door. But he doesn’t have to hear, because he already knows.

He always knows.

“Yeah, bet he did. He fuck you good?”

I shake my head. He knows this, too.

“No, never does. That’s why you come to me.”

At my nod, he pulls his cock free. I stare at it, just as flushed as the rest of him, the skin tight and straining as his hand swipes over the head.

“No one but you gets me this hard. No one. That’s fucked, babe.”

This time, my eyes stay closed for long seconds, because he’s so right.

“Touch yourself. Legs spread, let me see what belongs to me.”

My movements are an apology; my reparation for the parts of myself I can’t give because the wedding band on the third finger of my left hand won’t let me.

He gives me words full of filth, but it’s the raw affection in his tone that makes me hurt.

When I come, it’s a sigh that’s edged with tears.

When he comes, it’s with wet eyes locked on to mine.

There is no afterglow, just endless dark.

“Me or him, Bella. ‘Cause I swear, I’m done with this.”

As I creep into the corridor, I pray to God he’s lying.

The Lemonade Stand would like to also thank all of the participants. We thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the entries!


  1. jarkin33
    300 words

    "Can you help me find something on the back stacks, Bella?"

    My boss’s husky voice filled the nearly empty library, and a tremor vibrated through my suddenly alert body.

    "Sure, Edward." I quickly logged off the computer and made my way around the information desk.

    One week ago, he had asked for my assistance in the stacks. Without warning I found myself pinned to the shelves behind me with his hand tugging the buttons of my blouse apart. The cups of my bra pulled down exposing me to the cool air. As his tongue thrust into my mouth almost desperately, his hands teased and tugged at my tits and I begged for more.

    He made me come with his fingers that night, my whimpers and moans filling the silence of the room. Pressed against authors I studied and read and admired, and I didn’t care one bit.

    What we did that night wasn't pretty or sweet or loving.

    Some might even call it disgusting.

    But fuck... it felt good.

    It was rough and desperate and dirty. It was perfect.

    I tugged his pants over his ass. His cock sprung free, the swollen head of him right there waiting for me to say yes.

    "Fuck, Bella... I want to be in that hot, sweet mouth of yours."

    I remember licking my lips and whispering ‘yes’, as he slid his hand into my hair, his fingers digging in, grabbing and holding me steady.

    He grasped himself tightly and slid his cock over my wet mouth and I let my tongue taste him.

    I tasted everything he gave me that night.

    As I follow him away from the bright lights of the entryway, into the darker recesses of the building I’ve worked in for years, I silently wonder what this night will bring.

  2. Missy (CullensTwiMistress)
    300 words

    My pussy throbs and my body tingles in anticipation as I drop to my knees in front of him.

    "That's it, sweet girl, take my cock," he says between clenched teeth, the tendons in his neck pulled tight. "Open your mouth, Bella."

    I obey greedily, parting my lips, my tongue peeking out, wanting to taste him.

    He runs his length along my jaw, the smooth skin pulsing as he teases. "I want you to suck it, sweetheart."

    I nod, moving my head, my mouth instinctively following his movement.

    My breathing is ragged at best and my chest heaves as I finally taste him.

    "Such a greedy girl," he coos, finally sinking deep into my mouth. I open my throat for him and take him deeper, breathing and swallowing when I can.

    "Such nice tits, Bella. And your mouth, Jesus, sweetheart, how am I supposed to control myself around you?" He moves his hips in time with my movements and threads his dexterous fingers into my hair.

    I moan, my eyes meeting his as I swirl my tongue around him and reach down under my skirt to touch my soaked pussy.

    I’ve wanted him to notice me every time I walked into this little book store, little did I know he wanted me too.

    "That's right, touch yourself, greedy girl. I fucking knew you were perfect." His eyes are soft, in spite of his dirty mouth. I love it. I love everything about him.

    I can’t wait to finally have him inside me.

    He groans pulling his glorious cock out of my mouth and leans over me, his lips crashing into mine, his tongue pushing between my lips and his strong arms lifting me off the ground. My legs wrap around his hips and my back hits the bookshelf behind me.

  3. LoveMeBest
    299 words

    I see her there. She is lurking between the stacks every Friday at this time. Very few people visit this section of the library, but I can count on seeing those brown eyes peering out, soaking it all in every week. It could be that she needs information on the Neolithic Period for an Anthropology class, but her hungry stare tells me otherwise. She is here to see me, to see what I am going to do to my classmate this time. She knows that I will be here in my small study space surrounded by books and with whichever fellow classmate needs a little extra “study help” this week. She’ll stay hidden and listen when I talk about the evolution of humans, their dependence on animals and plants, their settlement in villages, and their use of hard stone tools. I spend a good amount of time describing how they use these hard tools, how they sharpen them by rubbing and grinding, how they polish them until they gleam. I hear her breath hitch when she sees the heel of my hand rub down my stone-hard length that weeps to be polished by her lips. When I grab my classmate and pull her to the corner, forcing the girl down on her knees, I’ll hear the whimper escape from my admirer. She runs her tongue along her bottom lip as I push my jeans down to the ground and fist my thick length. A small cry echoes in the empty stacks as I rub my cock all over the face of the girl on the floor before thrusting hard into the back of her throat. My green eyes meet her brown eyes just before I release, wishing it was her wet mouth making me feel this way.

  4. kitchmill
    Word Count: 290

    At eight o’clock exactly, like every Thursday night, he walks toward me with his usual strut. My eyes devour everything about him—unruly, bronze hair, striking jade eyes, chiseled chest, narrow waist.

    “Evening, Isabella.” His deep voice draws my attention as he casually leans on the side of my desk.

    “Professor Masen.” I nod. “Can I help you with something?”

    “I need some help in the sixth floor stacks.”

    My head swivels around and I notice we’re alone. “Sh-sure,” I stutter.

    I climb the narrow stairs ahead of him but let him lead me to the appropriate section. As soon as he reaches the dead end of a narrow aisle, he spins around and grabs me.

    My back hits the shelves at the same time his mouth descends on mine. Shock freezes my body momentarily, but I recover and respond quickly. No words are exchanged as his hands unbutton my blouse and pull my breasts from my bra. I whip his shirt off before digging my fingers into the flesh of his waist.

    “On your knees,” he rasps out. I immediately oblige.

    He opens his pants rapidly, dropping them to his ankles, his hard cock jutting out in offering. Taking it in his hand, he runs it over my face, teasing and taunting me. I lick where I can as it passes my mouth until he finally pushes it inside.

    He immediately sets a relentless pace and I hum around him in delight. It isn’t long before he comes down my throat, but I continue sucking until he softens.

    He helps me stand before we both right our clothes.

    “I’ll take care of you when you get home.”

    With a quick peck to my lips and a wink, he’s gone.

  5. eternallyedward
    300 words

    Bella was just going to lock the library doors when she heard the bell tinkle.

    “I'm sorry, the library is cl—ˮ

    Her words were choked off at the sight of the man who stood there.

    “Lock up.”

    Bella shivered at the sound of his voice. With trembling hands, she did as he ordered.

    “Go to the back, to the reference section. Take your tits out.”

    Bella's mouth gaped. He arched a brow, his eyes never leaving her face.

    Slowly, Bella walked to the back of the library. With her back to him, she began to unbutton her blouse with trembling fingers.

    “Turn around so I can see you. Get on your knees when you're done.”

    Bella closed her eyes and swallowed. Turning to face him, she continued.

    As Bella sank to her knees, she heard his zipper being released. Looking up she came face-to-face with his cock, hard and slick with precum. Instinctually she licked her lips.

    “That's right, baby, lick those lips. Get them nice and wet.” Taking his cock in hand, he rubbed it over Bella's lips and cheeks, leaving a sticky trail. Her eyes fluttered closed and a soft whimper escaped.

    When Bella's tongue peeked out, he pulled away.

    “Ah, ah, ah...did I say you could have my cock? Beg for it; show me what a hungry cockslut you are.”

    “Please, may I...may I suck your cock, sir?”

    Groaning, he tapped his dick against her lips. “Fuck, yes. Open up.”

    Eagerly Bella took him in, working his cock until he grunted and pulled out, spraying her breasts with come.

    After he'd caught his breath he smirked.

    “So did that satisfy your fantasy of being dominated?”

    She grinned and leaned up for a kiss. “Yes, sir!”

  6. JiffyKate
    298 words

    I love Mondays.

    My afternoon meetings with Professor Cullen on Wednesdays are very nice, sweet even. Screwing in a locked meeting room in the back of the campus library doesn’t usually provide uninterrupted time for long but we make the best of it. We don’t rush too much.

    Fridays are even slower. The library is mostly empty and we know we won’t see each other for three more days, so we strive to make every thrust count.

    It’s the best kind of torture the way our bodies push and pull at our leisurely pace and, by the time we both fall apart, our bodies are sticky with sweat and exhausted from the exertion.

    Monday is the day we crave the most, though. Needy from being deprived all weekend, our bodies connect in a fast and furious way, always leaving us wanting more.

    He’s watching me. My teeth graze my bottom lip before I walk away, knowing he’s following me to the back of the library. When I turn the last corner, his mouth attacks my own, his tongue not waiting for an invitation because it knows it’s always welcome.

    My shirt is undone and my breasts are released within seconds but I don’t allow him to linger for long. I quickly undo his pants and pull them down as I sink to my knees.

    “You gonna suck me, baby?” He rubs his cock across my face, teasing me, but, when I grab his hands, he stops.

    “No touching. Hold onto the wall behind me because I’m going to fuck you with my mouth.”

    My command surprises him but, when I wrap my lips around him and push his hard cock down my throat, placing my hands on his ass for leverage, he quickly surrenders.

    Yeah, I love Mondays.

  7. @angela4148
    Words: 298

    With my hand tightly fisted in her chestnut hair, I did something I'd
    wanted to do since she walked into my library three months ago,
    looking for some god awful romance novel. Her blush was what set me
    off, the deciding factor that made her go from someone I wanted to someone I

    "Open your mouth slightly and close your eyes," I demanded, tweaking
    her exposed nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She let out a
    soft moan and complied willingly, taking the punishment.

    "Quiet; someone will hear you. I like my job," I scolded, pulling her
    hair a little harder. She gasped but remained relatively mute, all
    of her pleasure reflected in those deep brown eyes as they closed. Her mouth
    opened, her tongue teased her bottom lip.

    Slowly I ran my cock over her face, feeling the heat of her mouth on
    the underside. The wetness of her tongue against my shaft.

    Pulling my hand from her hair, I slipped down and plunged a finger
    into her warmth.

    "So wet. Just how I like you. But now, you need to pull yourself
    together and go home. Do not touch yourself. Do not even look at your
    own naked body. When you can tell me the reason for my anger and
    apologize for it, I will touch you until you scream. Until then, you’d
    better behave."

    I watched as she pulled her bra back in place to cover her exposed
    tits and wiggled into her underwear. She made her
    way unsteadily to the front doors without ever looking back.

    I adjusted myself and returned to my desk at the center of the library.

    "Excuse me, where is the biography section?" a
    young man asked, oblivious to the heat still radiating under my skin....all because of her.

  8. @bebeginja
    Word Count: 299

    Bella studied Edward’s face as he read her script. The sex therapist had suggested role play to help reignite their “dying flame of passion.” He always knew Bella had a naughty side, but he never thought something this bold would be among her list of fantasies.

    Bella blushed. Edward knew every inch of her body, but wasn’t yet aware of her newfound love of erotica.

    With a cocky smile, he nodded once in agreement. “Okay.”


    Later that night, the Forks High School library was deserted. While students were off to the first football game of the season, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen had homework to do.

    Bella left the checkout desk and sat at one of the student tables, waiting for her favorite Biology teacher. She was already aroused, her body eager.

    Nearly ten minutes later, Edward arrived.

    “Isabella,” he said, approaching her table.

    “Yes, Mr. Cullen?” she asked with mock curiosity.


    Bella complied, her heart pounding with every step. Edward led them down a long aisle of reference books, turned, and surprised Bella by pulling her forcefully to him. He kissed her hard and deep, ripping her blouse open in one tug.

    “On your knees, tits out, baby,” he commanded. Watching her obey triggered something in him.

    Edward freed his cock and rested the leaking tip on her chin. “Tell me what you want.” He teased her mouth with his shaft, running his length over her parted lips as her tongue flicked the ridge of his head. “Say it, out loud.”

    “I want . . . “ Bella answered, breathless and slightly bashful. “I want you to come down my throat.”

    She looked up at Edward with dark eyes, mouth wide open, head back.

    “Fuck yes,” Edward said. He held the back of her head, ready to make her fantasy come true.

  9. Siarh
    248 words

    She was spun and slammed into the wall between the two stacks, stuck between Japanese Floral Arranging and Animal Husbandry. If she had looked up at the shelves and saw the books on breeding of farm animals, she might have laughed as he pushed her to her knees. The way this man fucked was entirely animistic, raw, powerful and feral in his intent. Slow and steady was not in his vocabulary and she wouldn't have it any other way.

    Silently, always silently, he yanked her tits out of her blouse, pawing at them, his fingers pinching at her abused nipples that still had not recovered from his over enthusiastic fucking two nights before where he pushed her face first into the shag carpet in his parents’ den. She came hard screaming his name into the empty house as he fucked her across that floor.

    Reaching for his shorts, she moaned. Those stupid ass gym shorts he always wore when he stalked her at the library. Easy access, and easy to yank back up if they get caught. He never worries about her during these encounters. These aren't for her. Sure she gets wetter than a flower petal after an April rainstorm as he smacks his dick across her lips but the whole point of this is his need for a quick fix, a quick cum and go. He will make it up to her later after she has spent the rest of her day in soaking wet panties.

  10. bonadea777
    Word Count: 294
    Beta: Marly from EBS

    Edward and I were a very ordinary couple. We led a domestic quiet life in a cozy suburban house.

    Most married couples would be horrified at the thought of their spouses getting down and dirty with another person, but not us. For us, it was all in a day’s work - we were porn stars.

    We made the decision to get into the adult film industry after becoming fed up with our day jobs. I was stuck in the library 9-5 every day, and I was bored out of my mind. Plus, I barely saw Edward, who was travelling with his band all over the state.

    It was a chance meeting on a vacation in Brazil that had introduced us to the world of porn. James was already working in the industry. We were both intrigued by it and asked him loads of questions, and he set us up with some of his contacts. We felt comfortable straight away and haven't really looked back.

    To say that our parents were shocked by our drastic career change was the understatement of the century — especially as we had our degrees from Dartmouth—but we had no regrets.

    We quickly made names for ourselves in the industry, and were nominated for Male and Female Performers of the Year at the AVN Awards (the Oscars of porn) for the film A Very Naughty Librarian. It was famous for the scene where Edward slapped my face with the scepter of his passion in the remote corner of the library.

    The range of screen roles and partners had not put us off sex at home — it actually made our married sex life even more special. For once, we were really happy.

    Other than that, we were an ordinary suburban couple.