Sunday, September 22, 2013

Meet the Poll- What we're reading in TLS this week:

Each week we share with you what we are reading and enjoying. The following made the top of our lists last week. Please help us determine which 5 of these will be featured as fics of the week, next week, by choosing FIVE from the poll on the right!

Birthdays, Bands and Boys by RFM86-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
It was a birthday she would never forget. An AU Vamp flashfic written as a birthday surprise for Livie79. NOW EXPANDED Rated M

Burn by Compass54-rec'd by Layathomemom/Pullmydaisy Too
"I'm going up to see that bastard right now and ask him if he feels good about what he's done! I might even punch him for the hell of it!" Uh oh, and now their offices are going to be right next to each other! She wants nothing to do with him. He thinks she's wonderful. Danger and mystery will bring these two together so their love can ignite. ExB AU AH Rated M

Copy Room by Edward's Eternal-rec'd by Misty Hawkins/Nic
Sometimes flippant words are really the truth spoken out loud. What happens when someone overhears you and decides to give you what you secretly want but never knew? When Bella Swan says something in jest, it's how it's perceived and transferred to the Copy Room that is important. Adult situations and strong language. Rated M

Crash Zone by JiffyKate-rec'd by MagTwi78
The Crash Zone is a buffer zone outside the perimeter of the track. It's purpose is to insure the safety of the fans from skaters falling out of bounds. Is it enough to keep hearts from being broken? Rated M

Hold Me Down by Periwrites-rec'd by Nic/Vampshavelaws
Not me. That's who this girl is. She is not me. And for the first time, Edward wants someone who is not me. The tequila sits at the bottom of my stomach and begins to grow tentacles. I am tequila brave. Rated M

Me and Mom Fall in Love With Edward by Counselor-rec'd by Edmazing
Bella and Mom live together. No one has lived next door since the murder that happened there in 1997. One day Bella looks out her window and a compellingly handsome man is moving in. Bella doesn't date. But Mom is a serial dater on Match. When Mom gets a load of Edward he becomes the focus of all her attention. It's complicated. Bella is 27, Edward 37 and Mom is 45. Rated M

Remarkable by Evilnat-rec'd by Nic
Bella Swan has a thing for men in suits. She has an even bigger thing for men with tattoos. What happens when she encounters a remarkable specimen by the name of Edward Cullen? AH BxE

Ride or Die by MidnightLove87-rec'd by Sherry Franklin Neal
Edward has a choice, ride or die. But he's at the end of his moto career, where his body can't take much more. Will he ride, and if so, at what consequence? Motoward/Bella Rated M

Ride to You by Greye Granger-rec'd by Missus T
After Bella's father dies, she must return to her childhood home with her teenage son in tow. But the Masens are running the place now, which complicates things. Will Bella kick them off the ranch to sell it, or will they all come together and save the ranch instead? AH. E/B. RATED M

Six Different Ways Inside My Heart by April09-TW-rec'd by Misty Hawkins
Bella & Edward meet when she is diagnosed with a life threatening disease & he is recovering from knee surgery. She confides her fears to him; he changes his life because of her. A journey through the confusion, awkwardness, pain & beauty of first love. Rated M

Tension by Ta Paixao-rec'd by Twific Crackmum/Sixdlb5
Edward, a climber living on the road for the last 3 years, arrives in Lake George to look in on girl, a promise he made to his brother. Along the way, a familiar car steals his attention. When he finds the driver, his course is forever altered. EPOV. Rated M

The Princess And The Playboy by Kymbersmith90-rec'd by Dolly Reader
Sure, she was hot, but I imagined her to be a pompous, stuck-up know-it-all who would more than likely be incredibly boring in bed, so as far as I'm concerned, she isn't worth my attention' Playboy Edward is in for the shock of his life when The Princess Isabella of Scotland is assigned to his flat at university. Based on the love story of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Rated M

The Space Between by AshesAshes83-rec'd by Susan Q Susan
After twelve years away, Bella's best childhood friend reappears in her life and turns her world upside down. Is Edward the same boy she secretly fell in love with all those years ago, or has his big life changed him in even bigger ways? Rated M

White Shadows by Sunflowersongs-rec'd by Dolly Reader
Edward's a knight. Bella's a fair maiden in need of a protector. An arranged marriage, a run for freedom, a change of heart, a choice to be made. Lots of adventure, some humor, and a cocky Edward. Rated M

Your Life Can Change in a Moment by Coloradoperson-rec'd by Kitchmill/Nic
Bella didn't like surprises. Her life was safe, predictable and she knew what to expect until fate brought her breast cancer and everything changed. This is not a tragedy; it's a story about love and hope..because that's what life is all about. Rated M

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