Thursday, July 25, 2013

Welcome To TLS Nursery!

Welcome to TLS Nursery! 

Here we nurture all of the newborn stories (stories published within the last 30 days or so), that we love! 

Everything in our nursery has been read and approved by a few, or a lot, of the TLS ladies, and we think you'll enjoy cuddling up to these babies as well.

As ever, there are some amazing stories to check out this month. Remember to leave these lovely ladies some love, and let them know TLS sent you!


Laws of Decay by hollelujah
A silent woman, an angry vampire, and a boy who wishes he could scream. An Edwardian exercise in angst. Short story, AU.

California Dreamin’ by chocaholic123
1967. Summer stalked in like a lion that year, fierce and angry; looking for someone to eat. Among the hippies, free love and Vietnam, we were forced to grow up, whether we wanted to or not.

Birds of a Feather by luckyirishtart
He drives her mad. She frustrates him to no end. How did they let it get this far? If you truly love someone, is it always worth fighting for? ExB AH

The Chosen Ones by AmaranthineX
A new world order emerges after an epidemic alters the foundation of life as we know it. The human race is in danger of extinction, but a select few have the ability to propagate life. This is the ultimate survival of the fittest. AH/M

Wet Sands by staceleo
A mother's need to protect her children from sacrifice. Love awakening the cold, dead heart of a monster. A band of misfits attempting to stop an evil curse. What happens when dreams become twisted and nightmares become salvation.

Turn it Around by willyoupleasebequiet
The first time I met Edward Cullen, he had blue hair and wore a panda hat on his head. The second time, it was at a wedding and I convinced him to spend ten days in London with me. The third time, I shaved all his hair off on national television.

Suddenly by LyricalKris
An apathetic actor. A young girl coming into her own. He was always larger than life to her. She was always just a child on the edge of his horizon. For both, love was a silly game other people played, until it wasn't.

Rare Purity by Ta Paixao
Every communicable disease, every illness contracted by humans has soiled the blood supply a little further. Vampires seek only the purest sources of untainted blood. And among the highest order of the undead, a rumor persists of a superior race of human - a rare mutation that renders them immune to illness. In Forks, Edward finds the proof in a peculiar girl. B/EPOV. Lemons.

Ride or Die by MidnightLove87
Edward has a choice, ride or die. But he's at the end of his moto career, where his body can't take much more. Will he ride, and if so, at what consequence? Motoward/Bella

Untouchable by Greye Granger
With a killer on the prowl, FBI Special Agent Edward Masen is on the case. Can he successfully work undercover at a large University, or will he fail by falling for an undergrad? Little does Bella Swan know, she is being hunted by the man that haunts the tormented Agent's dreams. FBIward. EPOV & BPOV. RATED M for Violence, Language, Lemons. AH.

My Sentimental Vampire by thepinkcupcake
Charlie dies a year after Edward leaves in New Moon. Bella inherits her great-grandfathers home in Chicago and all of his worldly possessions. Imagine her surprise when she discovers that Edward and her great-grandfather had been friends. Full summary inside. Rated M for language and lemons. B/E eventually.

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