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TLS Fics of the Week 7/23/13: The Fab Five

The Boy At Table Seven by LyricalKris
Life for a young waitress can be pretty mundane. The highlight of Bella'sweek was the lunchtime visit from the three sexy mechanics from acrossthe street. Then one day there was a little boy at her table left alone.Rated: Fiction M

Review by Songster

I admit to being a bit like Bella in one, no, two important ways: love of Edward (duh) and a hatred of birthdays.  So when my dear friend Lyrical Kris told me that she wanted to write something for me as a birthday gift, I was all … not the birthday!!! and then, my brain caught up. Lyrical Kris words – for ME.  YESSSS. And thus was born The Boy at Table Seven and as usual, she did not disappoint.

Jessica, snickered. "Don't let my husband put you off, Bella. Come ogle with us. They'll make it worth your while."

"Oooh. Jess!" Tanya was bouncing in place. "There's a new one today."

Though she thought it was just a little creepy, Bella gave in to the urge to stare. The trio wore coveralls, and she deduced they must work at Hale Mechanics just up the block. As they got closer, she could see what the others were going crazy about. All three of them were good looking in that slightly dirty kind of way. "Who are they?"

 "They're regulars. They come in at least once a week." Eric leaned in conspiratorially, pointing. "The big beefy one is Emmett McCarty. He's a flirt, but he's harmless." He sighed. "And tragically straight. He's the Jessica of their little group" He smirked at Jessica who rolled her eyes. "Though admittedly he's shacking up with the boss's daughter, not the boss. The blond is Jasper Whitlock. Likewise attached and quite the charmer."

"He's got a Southern drawl that will make your knees weak." Jessica fanned herself.

"And like Tanya said, that one," he pointed at the guy in the middle, "is brand new."

"Holy crap." They were at the door now, so Tanya dropped her voice to a whisper. "Newbie is edible."

And so it begins.  But there is a secret and a mystery that soon appears in the form of an adorable little boy who sits at table seven every day at the same time and disappears just as regularly, worrying good-hearted Bella.

Benjamin shifted so he was sitting up on his knees, leaning at the table so he could talk to her. "Daddy said everyone has a job. He has a job so he has a house so I can have my own room and dinner on the table. He said being a waiter is one of the worst jobs and you don't get paid butt-kiss." He paused and then clapped his hand over his mouth, giggling with abandon.

Bella smirked. "Do you mean bupkis?" she guessed.

I won’t spoil the mystery, but needless to say there is a connection that is soon discovered.  Our favorite duo has lots of obstacles to overcome, but in the end it is clearly worth the effort.

Remembering his text messages, how often he'd told her this last week exactly what he wanted, Bella felt emboldened. Though her heart was beating fast, she stepped up behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist. He cut off mid-word, his hands going to hers. Bella rested her head against his back, just breathing him in.

"You need to study, don't you?" His tone was soft, low - the exact opposite of helpful if he really wanted her to get back to studying.

She let her hands find his skin under his shirt. "You didn't come here to help me study."

He turned around, his hands at her waist, and he kissed her. There was more heat behind this kiss, and his hands quickly became more possessive, sliding up her back. "I just had to see you, that's all." He kissed her again. "I swear, I was trying to be good."

Bella found his belt loops and tugged his pants so that he walked a few steps forward, pressing her backward. "I don't want you to be good."

His breath stuttered, and he tilted his head to press a flutter of kisses to the skin of her neck. "What do you want?"

She sat on the bed, pulling him down with her so he was hovering over her. "You," she said, already breathless.

His eyes seemed to darken as he held her gaze for three long seconds. She reached up to run her fingers through his hair, and he buckled. His weight pressed her into the bed as he kissed her again.

And then there was this:

His lips were parted, his breath coming in hard, warm puffs against her cheek. He raised his hand slowly, running the tip of a single finger down the center of her chest then up, tracing the curve of first one breast, then the other. When he leaned in again to kiss her, his hand cupped her breast fully, his thumb rubbing over her nipple. "You're so beautiful."

Bella was out of words at that point. Her thoughts were cloudy, her voice reduced to mewls and whimpers. The enormity of the emotion she felt rendered her speechless. It was just so new and consuming.

That she loved this man.

That he loved her.

That he was hers and she was his and that nothing in the world had ever felt as right as this did.

She let the way her hands moved over his skin speak for her. As beautiful as he made her feel, he was just as stunning. She was instantly addicted to the warmth of his skin beneath her fingertips, the way his muscles flexed under her palm as he moved.

When she fell backward on the bed, craving his weight on her, their bodies moved together. He pinned her down with his hips, she pressed up against him. She could feel how hard he was, and it only stoked her desire. She wanted him. She didn't have the words to tell him, but she needed him.

Bella moved her hands down, pressing against the small of his back, pressing him closer against her, before she moved them down to cup his ass. This time, he was the one who whimpered as her fingers moved over him.

There is such a lovely relationship that develops between these two, who have some heavy life responsibilities to manage along the way. This Edward is a true-blue every day hero. That he is a hot as Hades mechanic, a bit rough around the edges and living his life the best way he can is icing on the cake. I love how Lyrical Kris developed this Bella. She is no shrinking violet who automatically defers to Edward. She thinks long and hard about the complications of a relationship with him and in the end determines that he’s worth it.

I encourage you all to read this lovely story with a tiny bit of angst, many heartwarming moments, major hotness and it’s complete!! Go read, now.

Coming Home by Sarge's Girls
School teacher Bella sends a care package and letter to Army sergeant Edward, who is stationed in Afghanistan. They begin a relationship through letters, phone calls, and video chats. There's love, there's language, and there's adult situations, plus a strong, independent Bella and the Edward we all know and love. Rated M

Let Me by Iambeagle
A story about two friends, a three-day music festival, and stupid love. EPOV. Rated M

I Was Nobody Once by Cutestkidsmom
Bella Swan was always an average girl, but when tragedy strikes she finds herself pulled into a world of lights, camera, action and mayhem. Will she let Edward's love lead her through the storms or will the darkness claim her. Romance/ Angst/ Drama. AH. Some non Canon coupling. Rated M

Beneath This Sky by Bedelia
Nineteen years ago, time unraveled. In a changed world, Bella fights to save aman from the past and a girl with no future. AU. Rated M

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