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Word count: 300

Stupid fucking truck.

It would choose to break down in the middle of a motherfucking monsoon.


There are only two other cars in the parking lot, the game long since finished.

I had to stay and help put away the equipment though. 'Ball girl' they call me.

Yeah. Fifteen sweaty teenage boys asking me to take care of their balls.

Fucking hilarious.

Huddled next to the brick wall of the gym, I search my bag for my phone.

"Hey, you okay? Need a ride?"

Fuck, that's a sexy voice. I glance up to see who owns it, and holy shit. "Cullen?"

He runs a hand through his wet hair, and my mouth falls open. I've only ever seen it parted on one side, combed down straight.

But right now it's this beautiful mess framing his face, some of it flopping onto his forehead with water steadily dripping off the ends.

His glasses are in his hand, probably too spotted or streaked with water to see through. Piercing green eyes blink back at me, framed by thick, dark lashes.

The white t-shirt clinging to his body shows off defined muscle--firm pecs, solid abs, that delicious V peeking out of his jeans, hard little nipples.

His jeans are soaked, showing off thick, muscular thighs, and I lick my lips.


"When did you get so fucking hot?" I blurt out.

Subtle, I am not.

His face twists in confusion. "Huh?"

"Seriously. Have you always been this hot?"

He rubs the back of his neck. "Um, I don't know. I've been working out, and-"

"No shit." I'm still gaping at him.

Edward glances toward the parking lot and back, still seemingly baffled. "So, uh... ride?"

I step forward and press my wet body to his. “Oh, yeah. I definitely want a ride."


Word Count: 299

Your rain-soaked t-shirt clings to you like a second skin. My eyes hungrily roam your body.

Your muscles twitch beneath my wandering hands. As I move lower I hear your sharp intake of breath.

I love that with a simple touch, I have this effect on you.

“What about—“

“Don’t,” you mutter. “Don’t you dare say her name.”

Your hands are on the button of my jeans. The rain has soaked them through, but you still manage to push them past my hips.

“I refuse to think of her when I’m with you.”

“She wants to work things through.” I gasp as your fingers move deftly beneath my panties.

“I don’t care,” you growl. “She signed our divorce papers the day she cheated.”

My weak argument comes to an abrupt end as your fingers find my sensitive flesh.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so wet.”

“For you,” I whimper as your thumb finds my clit.

The rain continues to pound us, but I barely notice.

I fumble with your belt. “Don’t. I just want to see you fall apart.” Your urgent voice coupled with your expert fingers brings me to the edge within minutes.

“Edward,” I gasp.

“You’re mine Bella. You’re going to go back inside and finish things with him.”

I look back to my house, the lights glowing through the darkness. You grasp my chin and turn my attention back to you. “Don’t look. This is all that matters right now. Right here. Right now.”

I tighten around your fingers and bite back a moan as my orgasm approaches.

“Say it. Say you’ll do it.”

Your thumb presses my clit, and your name falls from my lips. I come hard. Your fingers continue their sweet torture as I descend from my high.

“Yes. I’ll finish it.”


Word count: 299

"You sleep like the dead!" I rub my eyes and see my roommate standing over my bed. "Your phone has been ringing nonstop and that guy is yelling from under your window again. It's 3AM."

I grab my shoes, and groggily rush down the stairs. I see Edward Cullen, holding his phone to his ear, frowning up at my window, like every other night. I tremble near the wall, realizing that I have no bra on and that it's fucking raining.

"What do you want?" I hiss.

"Bella," he grins because he knows I have to see him to get him to leave.


"A kiss?"

"For the last time, you aren't getting in my pants." I yawn and stretch my arms.

"Those pants are nice," he smirks and closes the distance between us. He pins my arms above me. I'm trapped. He teasingly dips the forefinger of his free hand into the waistband of my yoga pants. I shiver. "But I think they're too small for me."

Normally, I can successfully send him away. Tonight, though, my fatigue has ruined everything. I notice his shirt to cling to his body. As I do, his hand creeps further into my panties. I gasp as he rubs me. I'm sure he can feel my arousal. While I'm distracted by the pleasure, he kisses me.

Then, he pulls back and pushes my hair out of my face. His eyes are overwhelmingly tender as he brings one of my hands to his erection.

"Please." I feel his breath against my face, and with little thought other than how much I want him inside me, I answer.


Hidden behind the trees and against the brick of my building, Edward gets what he's always wanted.


Word count: 299

“Fuck, come on!” I pound my dash as I miss the light.

Work kicked my ass today, and now I’m racing home late. I need these heels off and my sweats on. I need a glass of wine and my favorite throw blanket. Right after I feed the kids, get them bathed, and do the dishes. Shit, I’m exhausted.

I’m on autopilot, when I see movement outside. It’s a couple up against a building. In the pouring rain.

“Thaaat’s unfortunate,” I scoff.

And then I really see them. He’s leaning into her. They’re soaked but smiling. Kissing. Handsy.

In a flash I’m envious. Edward and I were them once. Uninhibited. Unabashedly affectionate. Oblivious to anything but each other. I miss the days of our young love.

A car honks at me when the light changes, and jars me back into the present.

I arrive home hurried and flustered to find the house quiet, warm. There’s a fire already lit. Edward is seated at the table with our girls. They’ve eaten and he … did he make cookies? Oh god, I could jump him right here and now!

“Welcome home, babe.” The previous ten hours immediately melts away with his smile and I want to cry in relief. And joy. I’m on the verge of tears when I collapse in his arms.

He hands me a glass of wine, and with a gentle kiss ushers me toward the bedroom.

“Let me finish with the girls, then I’ll come take care of you,” he whispers.

I think back to the couple in the rain. We used to be them. But now we’re this. They won’t be this for at least another fifteen years.

I hear my girls laugh with their daddy in the other room.

I wouldn’t trade this for the world.


lWord Count: 300

I don't know why I'm here. I shouldn't be here...waiting for him in the pouring rain. He broke my heart and left me in the dust. He's engaged.

I will be too. Soon.

I picture Jake's rugged-yet-beautiful face in my head and start walking home. I don't hear anything, but suddenly, I'm pulled backward and shoved against a wall. He towers over me, his bright green eyes clouded with rage.

“I've been looking everywhere for you.” His words are immersed in venom, his hate for me.

I look at him square in the eyes. “I'm here. What do you want?”

He stares at me as the anger in his eyes melts into...desolation. I strain to hear his whisper. “Are you really going to marry him?”

The nerve of this man...

I ball my hand into a fist. “Yes.”

“But why? You don't love him.”

I scoff. “I don't love him? How exactly did you come that conclusion, Mr. Cullen?” I all but snarl at him.

“Because you love me.” There's a small smirk at the corner of his lips. It's the last straw for me.

After everything that's happened, after years of being a part of this one-sided love, he admits it now?

He's too late.

I shove at him with everything that I have and run...only to be dragged back and trapped again.

His face is mere inches from mine, his eyes coal-black. I struggle against him. “You love me. No one else can have you. You. Are. Mine.”

Before I can reply, he kisses me, his lips soft and yielding compared to his tight grip. I can't escape, so I do what I've dreamed of doing since middle school; I wrap my arms around his neck and fall into him.

Thanks ladies for the great entries. I loved reading them all.


  1. Venom Junkie

    I’m so lost.

    With a reminder of what we could have been clutched in my hand, I sat in a chair in my room watching the Seattle rain beat against my window. Well I guess technically it’s our window, and soon it will be all his.

    I’ve waited for him to come home for the past three days and still no word from him. If I was going to leave then I had to do it the right way.

    Our way.

    He came home three nights ago drunk off his ass and started cursing and throwing things at me because he thought I fucked his best friend. It was the truth and I wasn’t denying it even though he was still denying his hot night with the waitress from that bar on Central. I liked to see him mad.

    After this he’ll never be happy.

    This is what we did. This is who we are. With Edward and me, it was always a contest to see who could hurt each other the most.Unintentional at first, but now we have grown into our parts. We’ve gone too far.

    I hear the front door open and the blood drains from my face. I sit firmly in my chair, hearing his footsteps round the corner.

    “What’s with the suitcase?” he says emotionless, referring to the one packed with my belongings by the door.

    I stand up and walk over to him and hand him the receipt I’ve been holding from the Seattle Women’s Options Center.

    “We’re done.” I mutter seeing the flash of recognition turned hate in his green eyes as he reads the paper.

    I walk to the door and grab my things as I push down the thoughts of what I had to do.

    Our baby.

    I won.

  2. @everydaybella89
    words: 206

    “Edward, what’s wrong?” After a hundred and thirty years of marriage I know when something is wrong. There was something weighing on Edward’s mind, and if I didn’t address it then he would never let it go.

    “I was just thinking.” He smiled but it wasn’t the lopsided grin that I loved.


    “Your eighteenth birthday.”

    I swallowed thickly. “Why?”

    “I guess it all came flooding back. I left you alone and defenseless. I took everyone and everything with me. It must have really been like I never existed.”

    “Your voice in my head was all I had left.”

    I wrapped my arms around his waist, holding him close and reminding both of us that we were here, together, forever.

    “Did you ever wish that you couldn’t hear me?”

    “Just once. I thought I was crazy.”

    “I’m so sorry, Bella.” I can tell from the thickness of his voice that he would be crying. “Nothing I ever do will make up for leaving you with no one.”

    “You already have. You’re here now.”

    I kissed him, and although I knew it will take a while longer to truly convince him, I knew I could break through. He’s was with me now. That was all that mattered.

  3. @GeekChic12FF
    Word count: 229


    That’s all my mind does lately.

    All my feet do.

    There’s never a specific destination.

    Just wandering.



    You’ve been gone five months.

    It’s never a conscious decision to seek you out.

    My feet take me down the path in the woods where you told me I wasn’t good enough.

    They take me to our meadow where you once told me I was everything.

    My brain wanders around these conflicting thoughts.

    It can’t make sense of them.

    It wanders through memories of us--touching, kissing, laughing.

    Through every ‘I love you,’ not believing them anymore.

    Why should I?

    Was any of it real?

    You’re not coming back. I can feel it in the very marrow of my bones.

    I’m lost now.


    My feet have wandered past the spot where you stood and ripped my heart out.

    Past our meadow full of happy, purple flowers.

    My mind doesn’t recognize these surroundings--mossy rocks and sparse trees.

    I hear water crashing against rocks in the distance.

    My feet wander that way. My mind wants to see the chaotic waves.

    When I reach the cliff, my mind wanders down the path of no return. How will it feel when my lungs fill with water? When I can’t breathe anymore?

    Will my mind finally forget you?

    Will I finally be able to let go?

    My feet wander.

    Right over the edge.

  4. AngelycDevil
    Word Count: 207

    This isn't right.
    Love... it's not supposed to be like this.
    Of all the different kinds of love on this earth, you promised me that ours was the “forever” kind, and I was naïve enough to be believe in your empty words. You told me that you are the world's most dangerous predator and that you simply act human. Then the next minute, you confessed your love to me, but I was too blind to connect the dots.
    I shut my eyes to stop the tears from falling at the mere thought. If only I could accept this fact, maybe I won't be stuck anymore.
    Instead, I sit here, living and breathing for the sake of the ones who love me, aching when I see your ghost wherever I look.
    I hate this.
    Why can't I move on?
    I want to be normal, to have a life again.
    I want to wake in the morning without the remnants of vivid nightmares and a pounding heart. I want to attend class and actually hear the teacher's words. I want to walk past a library and feel the urge to walk in.
    I want to laugh.
    I want to cry.
    I want my life back.

  5. @TiramiSue84 & @Bigblueboat

    Word count: 295

    “This is not how it was supposed to be,” I said around the smoke I exhaled.

    The bar was loud and crowded. It was still early, but the mix of voices and foreign languages that weaseled their way into my ears was plentiful.

    “This was meant to be my great adventure, the time of my life.” I stopped to take another hit. “No parents in sight, putting an ocean and several countries between me and back home, and just... being free, having a good time with my friends, you know?”

    A humorless chuckle escaped my dry lips. “Of course not. You wouldn’t.”

    Some craptastic, overplayed techno beat blared from the speakers. I groaned in annoyance.
    “Thing is, what I actually got was a big, fat pile of shit. It started with losing the bag of clothes on the way from Budapest to Bratislava. Once there, some asshat stole my camera directly from my backpack. The cherry on top? My supposed best friends decided to take off with two Czechs they’d known for all of five minutes. They didn’t just lack the decency of letting me know about their plans, they also had no qualms claiming my remaining valuables as their own on their way out.”

    I glance at the time. Eight minutes left. Fuck. I stub the cig before pulling out a new one. “Now I’m here, playing waitress in this shithole, unable to understand even half of what’s said to me, saving the nickels I can scrape together for a ticket home.”

    The bottle stared back at me, green glass flickering in the lights.

    “Swan! You get ass over here!”

    “Time of my life, right?” One last drag and the remainder of the smoke disappeared into the bottle. Time to go back to work.

  6. @QuinnSkylark
    Words: 271

    “Fallen” (Sarah McLachlan)

    What am I supposed to do?

    The room spins around me and my head matches the revolutions in a sickening, dizzying whirl. How did I let this get so messed up? I sat by, idly watching as the control I once had slipped right between my fingers and I just...allowed it. I permitted him to speak to me that way. I accepted the ache inside of myself and ran away. I signed off on my own downfall instead of fighting back.

    Now, Rose truly believes that I’d been fucking Jake, and apparently Edward does as well. How can anyone believe that when I had him—the highest and most powerful of all sexual deities—at my fingertips? Edward’s life and mine have been intertwined by the fates, spun on the thread that held my entirety. It would seem, now, that the cotton has been cut as my world unravels around me.

    My stomach lurches and my vision blurs in the twisting room and I slip off the chair, falling to my knees before the garbage can just in time to empty the contents of my stomach. Over and over, I heave until there is nothing left for me to surrender. The pain serves as a reminder of why I’m doing this; why I’ve made these choices, but also a reminder of just how lost I really am.

    But then Ben opens the door, knocking lightly before he steps inside. As I fall into the strong arms of my best friend, sobbing in frustration, I remind myself that I haven’t lost yet. No. The battle has just begun.

  7. @Twilightladies1
    Word Count 283

    I watch as you sleep on our couch.

    Curled in the fetal position, it’s as if you’re trying to protect yourself from something. Even in slumber, your thoughts are consumed by darkness.

    I want to smooth the frown lines between your eyes, wishing that just for once, your dreams at least, are a happy place.

    Recently, it seems that everything makes you cry, and I hate how helpless I am in all of this.

    I used to be able to make you smile or laugh, no matter the situation. Your eyes danced with mirth as you played your practical jokes.

    Now, your tears are my demons.

    “Edward,” you murmur, and my heart breaks just a little more.

    You begin to whimper, and I consider waking you, to calm you. Only, that didn’t go too well last time.

    “No…Edward…Sorry…” Your voice breaks and tears roll down your face.

    I hate the tears.

    Drawn to you, I move from my chair and take you in my arms.

    You stiffen, and I brace myself, unsure of which Bella I’m going to be faced with.

    “Edward?” your murmur.

    “I’m here,” I soothe, kissing your forehead softly.

    Your arms wrap around my neck. “I’m so sorry,” you sob. I feel your tears on my neck.

    “You don’t have anything to apologize for, baby,” I whisper.

    You sigh, melting into my embrace.

    I close my eyes, cherishing this moment, unsure of when the next one will come.

    Pushing the hair from your face, I look into your tired eyes.

    “We’ll beat this won’t we?”

    I smile softly, “Of course we will.”

    For the first time in weeks, you smile—a proper Bella smile—and I know we’ll be okay.

    Word count: 297

    Sitting alone in the darkness and solitude of my childhood bedroom nearly drives me past the brink of sanity.

    I quickly grab my jacket, not caring that the rain is pouring down outside. Standing on my porch, I rip my jacket off and toss it back into the house, suddenly craving the feel of the wet, cold drops falling on my skin.

    I walk aimlessly for a while, soaked to the bone by the time I finally stop. I swallow and push open the wrought iron fence. I follow the worn path, careful to avoid the mud so I don’t slip.

    When I reach the headstone I’m looking for, I drop to my knees.

    “Everyone told me to just give it time, they said I’d be fine eventually.” I let out a cynical-sounding laugh. “Edward,” my voice breaks. I can feel the warmth of my tears mixing with the cold of the rain. “When is eventually going to get here? It’s been four months. I can barely breathe without you.”

    I run my hand along the grooves in the headstone, tracing his name. The marble should feel cold to my touch, but it doesn’t, it feels warm. The wedding band that rests securely on my left ring finger and the dog tags nestled safely between my breasts seem to heat up as well.

    It’s crazy to think that he’s somehow giving me a sign, isn’t it?

    Just as I’m about to brush the feeling off, for the first time, I feel a kick. My free hand clutches at my stomach. I can’t help it, I smile. A sense of peace rushes through me, calming me.

    I take a deep breath and stand, blowing a kiss to the stone.

    “I hope he has your eyes. I love you.”

  9. @sulliedsoles
    Words: 292

    I keep my eyes down, lock my muscles in place. Desolate and frozen, I do not make a move. This is my only defense.

    Edward stalks around me, sneering and cruel. "Look at you, Bella. So pathetic. You can't even look at me, can you?"

    My eyes stay on the floor.

    "Little Bella with the irresistible scent," he half-laughs, and I can picture his garnet eyes mocking. "My life-ruining, peace-stealing prison. But still, so utterly helpless against me."

    He slides long, ice-cold and sublimely elegant fingers into my palm, turning and lifting my hand. I feel his eyes on me, hopeful. I give him nothing.

    The tip of his nose glides along my wrist before I feel his teeth clamp down over already scarred skin. I close my eyes and stay still through the heat and pain and thrill of it. When he pulls away, he has a bandage ready. I'm sure I'm nearly as pale as he is now, our skin so close to matching. Monsters, both of us.

    He leans forward to breathe cruelty over my face, to speak viciousness right into my bones. He bathes me in the scent of my own blood mixed with his sugary-sweet breath. My stomach turns.

    "Tell me it was worth it, our losing everything to belong to each other. Tell me something..."

    His voice trails at the end and I almost, almost give in.

    "Goodnight Isabella," he whispers before he vanishes, turning off the light and locking the door, leaving me where he found me.

    "I'll set us free," I promise, barely above a whisper, wishing then unwishing that he hears. I rip the bandage off quickly and in the barely-there moonlight watch sticky red slip and slide and drip to the floor.


    This would be the last time I’d look out of this window, from this chair, inside a place that was home and comfort and love. Summer was over, he was leaving, and he didn’t want me to come. I was lost.

    It wasn’t my choice to leave, yet he left me no other option. I’d have to do this alone, without his piercing eyes to guide me, or his hand to keep mine safe within his own.

    I’d miss his gaze, the tingling of his lips on mine, the smile that crept onto his face when I would catch him staring at me from across the room.

    He was mine and I was his, until today. I heard his feet climb the stairs and the gentle twist of the knob. I felt his warmth as he drew closer. I gasped as his hand touched my shoulder, sending a surge of electricity throughout my body, as a hot, traitorous tear ran down my cheek.

    “Goodbye, Bella,” was all he said, and then he was gone.

    Tomorrow my life would be over. I had lost him and everything I had grown to love.

    Tomorrow, I was leaving to start over in that dreary, cloud-covered town my dad Charlie loved so much. A town that couldn’t possibly offer me anything more than what Tyler had given me during our two years together under the hot Phoenix sun.

    Tomorrow, I was moving to Forks.

  11. @bebeginja
    Word count: 296

    I ignore the buzz of my phone on my nightstand. I can’t talk to anyone right now.

    I can’t talk.


    I’m sprawled spread eagle on my bed. On the inside I’m writhing, begging for a reprieve from this nightmare. A wide awake nightmare.

    Are my eyes open? Is my heart beating?


    I’m trying to feel but I can’t. What am I supposed to? Am I supposed to? Is this why people self harm? To feel? To focus?

    Crazy. They’ll call me crazy. Off.

    Something’s off.


    I curl in a ball on my chair in the middle of the room. Somewhere deep within me a voice is screaming get up! Get. Up. GET UP! Knock it off! Snap out of it! He’s not worth it!

    But he is. He’s worth everything. I was stupid to do that, I know. To make him everything. I never wanted to be one of those people. I know better.

    What have you done? Look at you, you’re pathetic.

    But I don’t understand. Was I too much or not enough?

    It hurts. The pain is so intense I can’t even tell where it hurts the most.


    I lie on the floor and stare up at the popcorn ceiling. If I believed in God, I’d ask him to take me now.

    I am frozen. Consumed. And certain that no one else has ever felt this way.

    Because no one else had him.

    I could laugh at the absurdity. I should hate him, but I take it all. I take whatever he gives me, and right now he’s giving me this. His absence.

    Even as he damages me I cry for him.

    Even as he slays me I die for him.

    Even as he leaves me I’m lost for him.

  12. “Compose yourself Bella,” I growl at my reflection.

    The girl looking back at me isn’t the girl I saw when I came in here. That girl was full of hope. The girl I see now knows it’s over. The tears stain her face like battle scars as she clutches a stick, her knuckles turning white.

    I know I should be happy, I should feel blessed. But instead I feel dread and emptiness.

    I’m so lost.

    I know I shouldn’t have let him pursue me. I knew it would blow up in my face. But I went with my heart and I let myself fall without thinking of the consequences. I just thought of him and the way his smile made everything better, and the way his fingers could make me feel so alive.

    Now I won’t ever be able to forget the way he made me feel, because the evidence of our love for one another is growing inside of me.

    I know I have to keep this to myself. Even if his promises and declarations of love are true, this could ruin him. It could ruin everything if I let this slip.

    No matter what my feelings are for him, I’m just the help. I wish I remembered that before all this happened.

    I don’t have time to dwell on my mistakes, I need to do my job.

    I hold my head up high as I dispose of the test. Securing a smile on my face I grab the tray of appetizers. It’s my job to make sure this event goes smoothly, it’s the most important one of the year for our country.

    Today I’m working Prince Edward’s engagement party, and the future Princess has no idea I’m having his baby. And neither does he.

    Words: 296