Thursday, July 18, 2013

TLS has a new look! Come and take a look at our SCORCHING new header:

Mayhem Cover Creations has hooked us up with a sizzling new header!

If you've followed TLS from the beginning, you know that this blog is ever changing. TLS has come a long way since 2010 when it was all the the neon colors of the rainbow... until we adopted a color scheme of black and yellow in 2011.

Today, we say goodbye to black and yellow and hello to skins. This new nude look we've adopted is sure to be easy on your eyes while reading the latest Fic of the Week reviews, Lemon Drops recommendations, Nursery additions and Poll noms. We sure hope that you will enjoy it and we are forever thankful to Soapy Mayhem of Mayhem Cover Creations for our insanely hot new header!

Most of you are familiar with Soapy, she's a sweet little doll that's been around for quite some time now and has ventured out into the original Fiction area of our fandom. She not only owns her own design firm now but she also has her own publishing company, Mayhem Erotica, as well. 

If you're a new author our there with no expertise in the design field but want a professional look, take a look below at just a few of the covers from Mayhem Cover Creations, and visit her sites for more information about how you can get a striking cover, help with marketing swag and some great layout, editing and publishing packages as well:


Mayhem Publishing prides itself on providing authors the opportunity to write and publish dynamic and well-developed original novels while maintaining complete control of their work through the self-publishing process. Publishing with Mayhem has created an outlet for each of our authors where they can spread their wings and flourish outside the erotic genre.

We are a team of writers, editors, and designers who collaborate to provide readers the best in quality. As a small press, Mayhem Publishing commissions both authors and individual written works for distribution. We offer affiliations with bloggers and book tours, a full line of graphic and book formatting services, as well as links to a wide range of professional editing services for our writers.

In our inception, we cast ourselves as primarily publishing erotic works, but have since added three new imprints to the Mayhem Publishing line, including New Adult Fiction, Erotic Fiction, and Fantasy Fiction.
Mayhem Publishing’s foundation was built on a small group of authors who got their start in writing Fanfiction, but were steadfast in developing their craft and creating original works for publication. While romance and erotica may be our core, we’ve found that our fans have become loyal followers of the story-telling, not just smut with an HEA.

We are always looking for dedicated authors who wish to share a story, or perhaps even join the Mayhem team.



  1. i love love the new look! soapy's work is so beautiful :-)


    Admin, TLS

  3. HOT Header!!!
    I'm a long time Soapy Mayhem fan ... so proud of her and loving this blog always ;)

  4. Gorgeous header and beautiful colour schemes for the layout.

  5. That is one hot header. Soapy Mayhem rocks!

  6. Love the header and the new look. I was hoping you would. Loved finding out more about Soapy Mayhem..such a lovely success story.