Thursday, June 13, 2013

Welcome To TLS Nursery!

Welcome to TLS Nursery! Here we nurture all of the newborn stories (stories published within the last 30 days or so), that we love! 

Everything in our nursery has been read and approved by a few, or a lot, of the TLS ladies, and we think you'll enjoy cuddling up to these babies as well.

As ever, there are some amazing stories to check out this month. Remember to leave these amazing ladies some love, and let them know TLS sent you!


Hard Hearted by counselor
1946. The boys are home from the war. Eddie meets Isbe at the movies. When I know more, you will too. Enjoy.

Never Said I Didn't by purelyamuse
Edward is finally ready to play ball, but is Bella? Is it too late? The bases are loaded. He's just waiting for Bella to give him the signal to run. EPOV, Human, HS, Light Angst.

Plan B by chocaholic123
Plan B: a strategy or plan to be implemented if the original one proves impracticable or unsuccessful. Best used in the cold light of day, after waking up in bed next to a virtual stranger. An E/B three shot.

Dear Bella by lellabeth
December 22 is the only day I let myself think of you. I don't know if you remember, but I'd do anything to forget.

Shame by belladonnacullen
She destroys him. He hides his disgrace. She manipulates. He dominates. She's driven by power. He's inspired by duty. Their corporate arrangement is motivated by shame. ExB, AH, Rated M.

The Debt by Ta Paixao
Juniors in college, Bella and Edward live together under a tense agreement. They aren't exactly friends - not anymore - but Edward has a debt to pay and a promise to keep. Edward will get his chance at redemption... Rated for all sorts of adult content. EPOV.

Sanctuary by cosmogirl7481
God had different plans. Change was inevitable. But it wouldn't come to me in the way I expected. Rated M for language and adult themes.

Hooked Up and Locked Down by LayAtHomeMom
All he wants is a distraction. And a distraction is what he gets when a night out with friends leads to a steamy hook-up. Of course, sometimes things look different in the morning... but that's the trouble with one-night stands in locked down Boston.

Driven to Desperation by ericastwilight
I have always read people easily. They are predictable, until I met her. She was a contradiction, an enigma that drove me insane. Every time I thought I had figured her out, she did the complete opposite. I could not stay away from her, even though I tried.

Everything About You by IdPattThat
The eve of Edward's wedding finds him questioning everything, and looking for answers in an unexpected place.

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