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What exactly is a Flash-Fic? It's pretty much a spur of the moment, tiny
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been on twitter when this has happened, but it's pretty awesome when it
does. It also happens often in threads, with a combination of people

How does it work? Each Friday one admin of TLS
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Picture prompt and judge this week is Six Dlbfive.

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This feature is open to everyone, so come one, come all!


Name: @bebeginja
Word count: 298

I can feel her hands on me.
“Belllaahh,” I say groggily, rolling over. Her bed is soft, warm, and marinated in her scent.
“Edward get up.”
“Mmmm bab-“ THWACK!
What the FUCK?! I sit up, immediately stunned out of my sleepy haze by whatever just pounded the side of my head. Squinting into the sunlit room, I see Bella holding a pillow in front of her naked body. She’s gorgeous and frazzled.
“Edward. Get. Up. They’re. Coming!”
“Wha-? Who?”
“They know you’re here. They know you spent the night. Now get up, get dressed, and get OUT!”
I’m staring at her nipples as she frantically pulls a t-shirt over her head. We hear a car honk and her eyes go wide. I step to the window, still naked, and peek outside.
“Oh shit,” I laugh and flash my junk, waving both of my hands in a little dance. My smile disappears as Emmett gets out of his Jeep and stomps toward the house, cussing and mumbling under his breath. “Oh … shit.” Jasper sits in the passenger seat looking amused.
“See you soon babe!” Bella swats me away after a quick peck to the lips, and I head for the back door. I run around the side of the house, dressing along the way, and surprise Jaz when I jump into the back seat. Emmett hears my door slam and storms back to the car. He gets in and glares at me from the driver’s seat.
“You’re not supposed to see her for another … 4 hours!” he says, pointing to the clock on the dash.
“Sorry man, couldn’t help myself.” I’m not sorry.
“Whatever dude, let’s go. Dad will have MY ass if you’re late to your own wedding.”
I look up. Four hours until she’s mine forever.


Name: CullensTwiMistress
FF link:
Word count: 300

Her apartment is across the alley from mine.
She smirks and rolls her eyes, waving at me through her window as she sips her coffee.
I nod, acknowledging her and can’t help but chuckle when she sticks out her tongue.
We’ve known each other for a while now. As neighbors.
Oh, and I’m a bit of a voyeur and she’s a tad exhibitionist.
I think we’ve exchanged fewer words than we have orgasms, but we can’t stop.
Leaning my head against the glass, smiling, I watch as she puts down her coffee mug and removes her T-shirt.
The subtle flush of her cheeks as she throws the shirt on the floor is enough to make me hard without even getting a full view of her tits.
Even after seeing her completely naked and exposed more times than I can count, there’s a certain vulnerability in the way she glances back at me. That’s what gets me. Every time. Since the very first time.
I let my pants and boxers fall to the floor and watch as she bites her lip; something else that serves to entice as I stroke myself.
Once she’s completely naked and exposed to me, she sits on her kitchen table and spreads her legs. She’s glistening and ready; fingers deep and wet.
I stroke myself, imagining the slick feel and sweet smell of her sex as I pound into her.
My eyes don’t leave her body as we both find the release we sought.
She sits up, picking up her mug, and crosses her still bare legs as she resumes drinking her coffee.
Her eyes meet mine, happy and sated as I stand there naked and blissful, staring at the girl across the alley.
She smirks.
I grin.
I’ll knock on her door tomorrow.


Word count: 300

Shaking off the fog of sleep, I sit up and try to determine what woke me.
When I reach my window, one hand covering my junk, a smile stretches across my face at the sight down below.
I wave you up, and you begin climbing the latticework on the side of the house, landing deftly onto the overhang that extends over the wrap-around porch and under my window.
You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
I’m pretty sure I fell in love with you the first time I saw you dance in a performance at school. I haven’t said the words yet, but they’re always there. Right on the tip of my tongue.
After realizing I’m still naked, having gotten lost in watching you move, I scramble toward my dresser to pull on some boxer-briefs.
Before I can get them all the way up though, you're smoothly crawling through my window.
Your gasp makes me chuckle. We haven’t quite gone far enough yet for you to have seen my bare ass.
Not that I haven’t wanted to.
"S-sorry," you stutter. "I just wanted to bring you your lucky hat for the big game tomorrow. You left it in my car."
Your face is flushed in embarrassment. You couldn't be cuter if you tried.
"You're coming tomorrow, right?"
"I haven't been able to find anyone to cover my shift. I-"
Interrupting you with a kiss, I pull you in close, and you release a sexy moan into my mouth as my hands grip your hips and squeeze. I know I’m not playing fair, but I NEED you at that game. YOU'RE my lucky charm now. Not some dirty, old hat.
You look dazed; your fingertips lightly touch your plump bottom lip.
"I'll call in sick."


Name: randomfish
Word Count: 296

I woke up alone in my bed and I heard soft noises coming from outside. I rolled off and lazily walked over to the window, not bothering to throw on clothes and smiling once my eyes saw two figures. I watched the two of them as they scrambled around the backyard, hanging up the last of the streamers wherever they could reach. I chuckled softly as I remembered at how adamant my lovely wife, Bella, was on decorating the area and just how excited she was when I eventually agreed. Somewhere in the middle of their talk, Bella had finally caught on to my presence and smirked, knowing that I was naked behind the window. Her tongue quickly swiped across her bottom lip and I flashed her favorite smirk, remembering what had happened only hours before.
Bella certainly had surprised me when I came home late from work and found her on our bed in that sexy lingerie she knew drove me crazy. It didn’t take long for me to completely undress and attack her, kissing her lips hungrily and removing her underwear painfully slow, smiling as she squirmed with impatience. After excessive teasing, only the sounds of our gasps and moans filled the air, and then the cries of my wife as she found her release…
My focus went back to the two as I saw Bella talking to the other figure and then pointing at me, most likely letting her know of my presence as well. I covered myself with my hands on reflex, even though my lower half was probably hidden behind the window. The petite figure turned around, looked up, and waved furiously to me with a huge grin on her face, her eyes sparkling with happiness. My eyes. “Happy Birthday, Daddy!”


word count: 300

She pulls the popcorn out of the microwave and smirks over her shoulder. “I’m not wearing panties.”
“Shut up.”
“Go ahead and check,” she says, leveling her devastating gaze at me. Her hair floats like a cloud, the sunset behind glowing red, framing her beautiful face in the square kitchen window.
Fuck, I love her.
“Maybe I will,” I shoot back.
“Kids!” she yells, not moving her eyes, daring me. “Popcorn’s ready!” She bends down, kisses two little noses. “Go on and start the movie, okay? Auntie Bella needs to talk to Mr. Edward for a minute.”
“Hurry… come here…”
“Fuck, baby…” I gasp as she pulls up slow, slams down fast.
“That’s it... ride me, beautiful.”
“We don’t have long…” Bella likes to fuck hard until we’re both sopping wet, then she pulls away so she can lick herself off my dick. “Damn, I’ll never get tired of seeing that.”
She looks up, half lidded, lazy. Her tongue swirls and I’m dizzy. “Let me taste you,” I whisper, pulling her mouth to mine. “And get back on my dick so I can make you come.”
“So close…” she whines, throwing her head back. Her thighs tremble. “We need to hurry.”
I rub her clit, suck her nipple into my mouth, salty, sweet, I bite and she clenches, sobs, her eyes squeeze shut.
“Ohohoh, Edward, oh fuck…” Heat punches low in my belly as she pinches her own nipples, that vision sending me over the fucking edge.
“Auntie!!!” A little voice shrieks. “I’m telling!”
I can’t believe how fast she scrambles off me, throws on my t-shirt.
“You little sneak!”
“I’m telling Mommy you put your mouth on Mr. Edward’s peepee!”
I watch from the window, laughing.
He makes it all the way to the front yard before she catches him.

The Lemonade Stand would like to also thank all of the participants. We thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the entries. 


  1. I run through the underbrush as fast as my bare feet will carry me. Even the sharp rocks scattered about in the dirt, don’t register on my soles the way the pain does in actual soul. The twigs crunch, snap, and break beneath me but I don’t stop until I get closer to the little creek down below.

    This is our place, where the forrest—in all of its emerald and azure and magenta grandeur—breaks into a field of wildflowers, dancing and reaching up toward the bright sunshine.

    I waited under that makeshift chuppah as attendees and even the preacher scrambled around trying to find you. But the more time that passed, the more apparent it became that you weren’t going to show. So, I ran.

    The sob rips from my chest as my legs finally give way, and I sit with my face in my hands as tears stream through my fingers, down my arms, and drip onto my white satin dress. Why aren’t you here? We’ve planned this for months, yet I am left in trembling humiliation in front of all our guests.

    A rustling in the shrubs beside me barley registers against the ache inside. But when your glorious face appears, and I can see that you’ve been seeking me out just as frantically as we had been looking for you, my tears dry up.

    Your eyes take in my dress for the first time.

    “Wow.” Though I’m a disheveled mess, the words out of your mouth are filled with lust and love, swirling magically into the crisp mountain air. Then you see the mascara running down my face and pull me to my feet and into your strong arms. “So sorry I’m late, love.”

    words: 289

  2. Name: Bravery0898

    Ffn link:
    Word Count: 295

    I've always considered myself a rational woman. With any setback, I have a backup plan. For every problem, I have a solution. A or B.

    But standing in the sun in my expensive white dress, I have nothing for the three words you utter.

    "Don't marry him."

    Why are you saying this? A or B.

    A) He's my number one now. That hurts your ego.

    B) I'm a challenge. You love challenges.

    "Please, Bella."

    My emotions fight my logic as I look in your eyes and see what you feel for me.

    I think back. What have I missed?

    A) The smirk slowly fading from your face as I break our plans. Over and over again. For him.

    B) The bittersweet glint in your eyes when I'm joyful. With him.

    But now, you beg. "I love you."

    What do I do?

    A) Choose him.

    B) Choose you.

    I run. And I hate you for those words on my special day. The words I have hoped for, but never expected to hear.

    I sprint through the forest and pant until I collapse, sobbing into my fists, with no concern for the perfect makeup that goes with the perfect dress for the perfect wedding with the perfect man.

    Which will it be?

    The man I love, or the man I've loved.

    Him or you.

    A or B.

    "Don't marry him."

    "Please, Bella."

    "I love you."

    I scream into my hands, and the birds take shelter from my emotional storm. With their movement, I realize where I am. I calm myself. Then, I stand, wipe my face and dress, and walk back.

    To you.

    To him.

    To choose.

    I must. I've always considered myself a rational woman.

    A or B.

  3. @everydaybella89
    Words: 154

    She stumbled down the shadowy tree-lined path, tripping over her long white dress. She stubbed her toe, bruised her knee, and scraped her palms. Finally she just sank to the ground and cried. She knew she wasn’t supposed to disobey. They said not to run off or get too far away. She wasn’t supposed to leave sight of the picnic but the butterfly she was chasing went into the woods. She hadn’t meant to go so far.

    “Nessie!” The call broke through her tears and she jumped up. He was there and solid, with his pretty green eyes and red hair the matched her own.


    He didn’t stop but instead rushed forward to catch her in his arms.

    “Daddy, I’m sorry.” She sobbed.

    “It’s ok, baby. I got you. Just don’t run off again, okay?”

    She nodded and burrowed closer into his arms. The woods didn’t seem nearly as scary with Daddy there.

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  5. @sparrownotes24
    Word Count: 298

    I find you over the rise of the hill. Your dress and tears, all for him, fall into the dust.

    You turn to me with red-rimmed eyes and ask me why he does this to you.

    I don't know. It's all I can say, because if you were mine ...

    Like the hundreds of times before, I wrap my arms around you. Whisper words to dry your tears and make you smile.

    I press my lips to your hair. Summertime and pear drops.

    Lace my fingers with yours, brushing my thumb over the raised silver line on your wrist—a childhood memory of our tree house.

    I know the story behind every single mark on your skin.

    I know you hate jelly and love peanut butter.

    You love to dance to rock music but secretly adore terrible 80's pop.

    You look at me with deep brown eyes, brimming with hurt, rejection, and betrayal. I want to punch his face, break something so he stops doing this to you.

    The sunshine has kissed your freckles. A constellation I could draw with my eyes closed.

    I hold you and tell you you're my world. An old joke you always giggle at, but it's so true.

    I'll never love anyone the way I love you.

    He comes to find you.
    You tell me you'll be back later. Leave me with a hope-filled smile that'll be crushed the next time he feels like it.

    I sit alone and watch the sun set fire to the sky.

    To you, I am a safe harbour from the storm, but truthfully, I'm a ship tossed against razor sharp rocks, splintered and sinking. I can feel myself drowning, and for the first time, I realise I have to save myself.

    Tomorrow, I'll tell you I'm leaving.

  6. @boomboom_jones
    Word Count: 300

    Dad hadn’t gone with me to pick this dress. When I notice his reaction reflected in the mirror it’s nearly impossible not to cry. But I hold it together, tight throat be damned.

    He comes up behind me and tells me I look like a dream, which for him is pure poetry. Mom dabs her eyes, and my girls, my best friends fluff and fawn.

    “Have you seen him?” I ask Rose.

    Her smile reaches her eyes, and she nods.

    I breathe.

    I stuck by you. Through arguments and promises that held little less than nothing. A couple years worth of slips and spirals, somehow we’d managed to climb out.

    You asked me to marry you six months ago. Rose said to think long and hard. I had. Believe me, I had.

    I’d never been able to say no to you. I wondered if you’d ever realized because you were so surprised when I said yes. You were elated, and I knew.

    Alice fastens the clasp of my necklace. “I can’t believe we’re finally going to be sisters.”

    My hands shake. I need to touch you.

    I’ve been tethered to you since we met. Invisible strings stretched so far I thought they’d snap. You were scared of becoming everything you hated, and when you ran you came back to me. Your whispers soaked through my skin. You woke me.

    You love me, like no one else could ever possibly love.

    You set me aflame.

    Rose hands me my bouquet. “Ready?”

    “Since forever.” I laugh. For the first time I’m calm.

    Dad offers his elbow, kisses my cheek.

    There’s a knock on the door, and I know.

    I fucking know as soon as Emmett walks in.


    “No.” I thought I was enough for you.

    “Bella, I’m so sorry. Edward’s gone.”

  7. @boomboom_jones
    Word Count: 300

    Dad hadn’t gone with me to pick this dress. When I notice his reaction reflected in the mirror it’s nearly impossible not to cry. But I hold it together, tight throat be damned.

    He comes up behind me and tells me I look like a dream, which for him is pure poetry. Mom dabs her eyes, and my girls, my best friends fluff and fawn.

    “Have you seen him?” I ask Rose.

    Her smile reaches her eyes, and she nods.

    I breathe.

    I stuck by you. Through arguments and promises that held little less than nothing. A couple years worth of slips and spirals, somehow we’d managed to climb out.

    You asked me to marry you six months ago. Rose said to think long and hard. I had. Believe me, I had.

    I’d never been able to say no to you. I wondered if you’d ever realized because you were so surprised when I said yes. You were elated, and I knew.

    Alice fastens the clasp of my necklace. “I can’t believe we’re finally going to be sisters.”

    My hands shake. I need to touch you.

    I’ve been tethered to you since we met. Invisible strings stretched so far I thought they’d snap. You were scared of becoming everything you hated, and when you ran you came back to me. Your whispers soaked through my skin. You woke me.

    You love me, like no one else could ever possibly love.

    You set me aflame.

    Rose hands me my bouquet. “Ready?”

    “Since forever.” I laugh. For the first time I’m calm.

    Dad offers his elbow, kisses my cheek.

    There’s a knock on the door, and I know.

    I fucking know as soon as Emmett walks in.


    “No.” I thought I was enough for you.

    “Bella, I’m so sorry. Edward’s gone.”

  8. @k8ln713
    Word Count: 260

    Six months of waiting for that day was wasted.

    It was like a knife stabbing my heart and twisting repeatedly... how I felt when I discovered that *he* couldn't go through with the wedding.

    I thought I loved him.

    I thought he loved me.

    I was wrong on both counts.

    I ran into the woods that surrounded the area I was going to be wed in, running to escape everyone and everything.

    I needed time.

    I tripped and collapsed into the dirt.

    Rain started to fall, drenching me and my ruined white gown like a drowned rat.

    I cried, tears constantly spilling down my cheeks.

    They wouldn't cease.

    It was then I heard the rustling – the rustling of someone approaching me from the thorny shrubs.

    I looked up, seeing the most beautiful face a man could bear.

    Rich, auburn hair; sparkling topaz eyes; pale skin...

    His ice cold hand reached for mine. And then a spark ignited within me.

    *He* wasn't the one for me.

    I'd been waiting for this angel in disguise all my life.

    He'd come to save me from a life I would have hated and gave me an existence I loved.

    He showed me things *he* never would have been able to.

    That night, my angel, Edward, changed me into what he was.

    I no longer miss my human life and now live for my immortal existence.

    That crying girl in her wedding gown no longer lives.

    My immortal self wearing a wedding gown now embraces the love Edward will forever and ever bestow upon me.

  9. @bebeginja
    Word count: 300

    This morning she stood before her own reflection, inspecting every line and curve.
    She knew you could see her, vulnerable that way.

    You saw how she arched her back. Stood a little taller when she knew you were watching.
    Like a princess at her coronation. You make her feel like a treasure discovered.

    She requires no fantasy. She’s made that clear. You will always be all she ever desires.
    Her happily ever after. Why is that not enough for you? You have nothing to prove to her.
    She’s already risked everything for your love. Defied laws and disobeyed commands.

    The light from the flames is still in her eyes. Remnant of the fire she has walked through for you.
    Remove your armor and surrender your weapons now, for she has no need of your strength. Your heart is protection enough. Your love, a sufficient shelter. She can take care of herself, and you know this. But she’ll need a soft place to land after she’s made her stand. She’ll need to know this is all worth it for you. She’ll need to know you’ll always be there.

    And now you aren’t. What have you done?

    Go to her. You’ll find her where the trail ends and the stairs descend.
    There she is. There, do you see her?

    She wants to know she’s beautiful.
    Have you told her she’s beautiful?

    Pick her up. Dust her off. She is both stronger and more fragile than you think.
    Your forever is coming soon. Tell her.
    Tell her it will all be worth it.

    And what a tale you will have to tell! The places your love has taken you. The time it has lasted.
    The malice it has overcome. No force or villain could defeat it.
    There is no hero like unconditional love.

  10. Name: CullensTwiMistress
    FF link:
    Word count: 300


    My heart is going to beat right out of my chest and land on the ground.


    The sound of my own scream gets lost in the midst of the rustling branches and leaves. I know she’s out here.


    I saw her run out of the church, down the gravel driveway and into these woods.

    Where is she?


    With every inhale and exhale, my ribs ache from the cool air filtering in my lungs.

    Leaning against a fallen tree, I spot a beaten path and an opening with some steps that seem to be carved out of the earth and trees.

    “Bella?” I sigh, my voice faltering when I see her small figure balled up with her shoulders hunched and shaking; her white dress dirty and snagged.

    She looks up at the sound of my approaching footsteps. Her cheeks are stained black from the mix of tears and mascara; her eyes shallow and her lips quivering.

    “Edward?” Her voice is strained, but soft.

    “Why did you run?” I kneel on the step below her and wipe her cheeks, listening to her sniffles as she stares at my face, her eyes wild.

    “I couldn’t … I just couldn’t.”

    My eyes bore into hers. For a brief moment I forget I was supposed to be the best man.

    “Why not?”

    She breaks out in another round of sobs and I instinctively wrap my arms around her, pulling her into me. I love this woman. More than I should. Seeing her like this absolutely breaks me.

    “I can’t marry him, Edward.” I feel her lips against my skin as she speaks. The mere whisper of her breath sends a chill through my body.

    I pull back slightly, searching her eyes. “Why not, Bella?” I implore, needing answers.

    “Because he’s not you.”

  11. @GeekChic12FF
    Word count: 300

    Her heart and mind raced along with her legs as she ran from the castle and into the night, holding what remained of her once-beautiful gown.

    The lush forest loomed all around her, dark and imposing, but she had to get away.

    She collapsed in a heap as the enormity of her situation closed in on her.

    She had married a monster. A devil disguised as an angel until this very night.

    Words like love, honor, and cherish ran through her head.

    He did not know the meaning of those words.

    Hearing footsteps rapidly approach, she gasped and turned to see the stable boy blinking at her with concerned eyes.

    "What do you want?"

    She'd seen him many times, watched as his sinewy muscles pulled and tightened saddles and bridles. He was beautiful.

    "Are you all right, my lady?"

    A sob broke free from her chest; the boy rushed forward, folding her gently in his arms.

    "Shhh, my lady. It will be all right."

    "He... He..."

    "I know."

    "You know?" she asked brokenly.

    "I’ve heard tales of his brutality. I had hoped he would spare you. His own wife. Such a beauty." His long fingers brushed her cheek. "I have horses nearby."

    Confusion took over her features.

    "Come away with me. Please. My family has a farm far from here. You will be safe."

    A million reasons why she couldn't, shouldn't go with him flitted through her mind: duty, family, honor, wealth, politics.

    "I've loved you from afar for so long, Lady Isabella. Please let me take care of you."

    In that moment, none of it mattered.

    She couldn't go back.

    She placed her small hand in his large one and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. "What's your name?" she whispered.

    "Edward, my lady."

    "Edward. Please call me Bella."

  12. @sparklymeg

    I hold my head in my hands, blinking profusely, trying to hold back the tears that so desperately want to spill from my eyes.

    I daren’t ruin my perfect make-up.

    I lift my head, raising my eyes to the sun, breathing in the scent of wood and summer.

    The leaves on the trees sparkle with morning dew. They remind me of your eyes, the way they sparkle when you look at me.

    When you touch me.

    When you love me.

    The leaves, a stark contrast to the brown dirt path.

    Brown like his eyes.

    Eyes that are empty, expressionless when they look at me.

    Eyes that know the truth.

    He doesn’t love me, just like I don’t love him.

    A promise, before we were even born. A tradition decades old, the joining of our families.

    “A business arrangement,” they’d said. “You’ll be well cared for with him.”

    Cared for? I want that passionate, all-consuming, heart swelling love.

    The way you love me.

    The thought of living without it crushes my soul.

    He doesn’t set me on fire the way you do. He doesn’t hold me like you do.

    I see it in his eyes, his heart belongs to another.

    “Come with me, baby,” you said as you pushed so deep inside me last night that I couldn’t see straight. “We’ll get away from here, we can be together.”

    I can’t. You’ll never understand it. They’d kill you.

    “Bella.” My fathers voice. The sound is like ice in my veins. My stomach drops to my knees, nausea washes over me.

    My heart splits in two.

    I grit my teeth. I’m resolved. I have to do this. I have to protect you.

    “It’s time, Bella.”

  13. Name: Don’t Let Them Get You Down
    Word Count: 292
    “Are you sure you’re alright with this? I’d understand if you changed your mind. Wanted to go back.” I whispered to her playing nervously with the lapel of my uniform.
    “Never.” She assures me and plops down on the old, dirty, abandoned stairs, rubbing her face tiredly, not minding that her beautiful dress was obviously getting ruined.
    I hadn’t been able to stop myself when I had seen her in that dress. I sat in the back of her side of the church. The music began and she floated over towards me. She saw me and then she froze.
    I hadn’t told her—or anyone else for that matter—that I was coming back, that I hadn’t reenlisted this year. I hadn’t planned to from the moment that Alice had told me that she was getting married.
    As she stopped and stared at me, her hands fell to her sides and her face relaxed into tears. “You came back?” She whispered beneath the church organ but I didn’t need to hear her to know what she said.
    I nodded slowly. “For good. For you.” I said determinedly, ignoring the fact that everyone in the church, including him, was staring at us.
    I saw her face lift into a small smile. She turned to the rest of the church. “I’m sorry.” She announced. “I’m sorry.” She repeated looking into his face.
    She grabbed my hand and pulled off the pew. Then we were gone.
    “I shouldn’t have left before.” I tell her. “I should’ve stayed for you.”
    She smiled gently, regretfully. “You’re here now.” She stood up and walked over to me. Then she placed soft, kisses on my lips. It had been years since that had happened. “Just don’t leave again.”

  14. @primarycolors1
    word count: 300

    She laughed at his seriousness.

    Sixteen and tangled up, twirling, star gazing through treetops.

    “I want a love that breathes meaning into life!” she screamed into the night. “A love that wants happiness above all else, no matter the cost.” Her words sprouted wings, twinkling into the sky like fireflies. “Do you believe in that kind of love, Edward?”

    Spellbound, his heart clamored wild and uncertain.

    “Oh, but you’re only thirteen,” she laughed again, floating down to earth to kiss his nose. “How would you know?”

    But he did know. The stars counted how many times he’d dreamed of her, infinite, never-ending. He is a supernova; fated to burn and die and be born again.

    She spins again and he is a North Star, knowing as long as he breathed he would love her.


    The scandal was legendary, whispers and shock, a cake that would never be eaten.

    He ran, only him, because the trees hid secret places only they knew.

    Twenty-eight and she’s beautiful still, even broken and wet-eyed, sprawled in the grass. Her white satin sparkled in the few sunbeams that survive the twisted canopy of leaves.

    “I’m sorry,” he said, out of breath. He jerked his bow tie and threw it on the ground.

    “It doesn’t feel real..." slowly, her voice faint. “Everything’s muffled, in a mist. I feel like water draining through too much sand.”

    Dropping to his knees, he lifted her chin.

    “Don’t." She wiped under her eyes. “I was pretty an hour ago.”

    He shook his head, kissing her fingertips.

    “He didn’t love me, not really. I only saw what I wanted to see.” Her head lay soft against his shoulder. “Why didn’t I believe you?”

    He sighed.

    “Edward.” Sniffing, she trembled against him. “Will you stay?”

    “Always," he whispered. "I’ve been here the whole time.”

  15. @QueenZogg
    Word Count: 213

    I hear her before I see her, which gives me time to hide like the pansy ass motherfucker I am. I jump into the bushes right as she begins her descent down the wooden steps. She stops half way and collapses onto the weather beaten beam, hunching her body forward, digging her fists into her eyes. Every tear she cries puts another dagger through what's left of my heart. She doesn't know it yet, but I just did her a favor. I'm sure she won't see my having left her at the alter quite the same as I do, though. She believed she could love enough for the both of us, work this relationship with one heart trying to restart another. It's been dead since you left. She was an easy substitute for you, not the same, but usable. Her eyes don't warm me though, and her hair doesn't smell the same, isn't the right texture. I fuck her from behind so I don't have to see the unreciprocated love that shines through her too-light brown eyes. She's tried so hard but I'm not her one and I can't let her be my second best. She deserves more than that, better than someone who will always belong to the memory of another girl.

  16. jayhawkbb
    Word Count: 300

    “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”

    Mrs. Brandon’s words run through my head again. Although she was teasing, her statement still struck a chord with me. A really fucking depressing chord.

    Reaching down, I grab the champagne bottle by the neck and take several sips. The joy I felt three hours ago when Alice and Jasper exchanged vows is fading with the sunlight, quickly being replaced by self-pity. Both of my best friends are married now. And I’m alone. No one to bring along when I meet friends for drinks. No one to kiss. No one to huddle under the covers with on chilly nights.

    Unless you count the cat.

    Sighing, I set the bottle on the stair beside me and bend forward, resting my flushed forehead against the cool satin of my dress. Although Atlanta-born Jasper hardly has an accent, Alice decided on a Southern-themed wedding, trapping me in a pale yellow, Scarlett O’Hara gown all day. A stark contrast to the short, black bridesmaid dress I wore at Rosalie’s wedding last month.

    “Miss? Are you okay?”

    Startled, I sit up quickly and look at the shadowy figure standing two steps below me. He’s tall, wearing a dark suit. Since the setting sun is shining in my eyes, he’s also faceless. I squint, but still can’t see him clearly.

    “Yeah, thanks. I needed some air.”

    “And champagne?”

    Laughing, I pick up the bottle and shrug. “It’s a celebration. Want some?”

    “I don’t drink with strangers.”

    “Bella.” I hold my right hand toward him. When his warm fingers wrap around my palm, squeezing gently, the current that spreads up my arm is surprising… strong… breathtaking.

    “Bella,” he repeats. Shifting his stance slightly, he blocks the sun and I look into the most brilliant green eyes I’ve ever seen. “Hi. I’m Edward.”

  17. Billi Cullen
    Word Count: 299


    The cold hard cement of the stairs was seeping into my skin. I could feel the pebbles grinding into my ass cheeks like tiny marbles.

    I was supposed to be marrying the love of my life. How does a simple girl like me, end up marrying someone like him?

    Exquisiteness in male form, bronze hair, green eyes and the longest fingers I’ve ever seen. Oh what those fingers do!

    Too perfect. I need to rethink our impending nuptials before it’s too late to back out.

    Shit, I’m a fucking idiot!

    I love him, he loves me!

    Standing up I brush my bum off, turning around quickly to run back to the sanctuary so he can’t change his mind!

    I’m startled to see him standing there. His hand is outstretched to me, the smile on his face assuring me that we truly are meant to be.

    “I figured you’d be back here,” he said sweetly, his green eyes blazing into mine, his smile wide and happy.

    “I needed a moment, a time to reflect, if you will,” I replied, my voice soft, grabbing his hand, getting close in his embrace.

    “Well I certainly hope you haven’t changed your mind and decided to marry that dog, Jake, instead?” he questioned, his brow raised, smirking while looking down into my eyes.

    I smacked his chest, laughing lightly, saying, “No! Not Jake, only you... only you forever.”

    He pulled me closer, leaning down to place the gentlest of kisses on my lips.

    As we walked away I looked back over my shoulder to that cement step, I knew that our life might be like that sometimes. Hard, rough, rocky, but knowing it would be worth it in the end because what we had together was sturdy and strong, just like the cement.