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The TLS Angst Contest: Now accepting entries and we've increased our word max!

TLS is proud to announce the 2013 TLS Angst Contest

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"He doesn't burn for you, the way that I do. You'd fade away," he repeated again.

The Blessing and The Curse by TheBlackArrow


You remember all the great stories that had you biting your nails, pulling your hair, screaming obscenities and switching positions, as you read through the angst, right? We do too, which is why we're here, asking you write us a one-shot that will tear us down, rip us apart and sew us back up with love and a lemon. 

Although love no requirement, nor is an HEA, lemons are never negotiable here, 
this is The Lemonade Stand.



Rose Arcadia




Validators: PAWsPeaches, Twilover76, Ed Mazin, SixDlb5, Surething302

Banner Team: The Amazing Betti Gefecht made our promo banner above, All Awards Banners will be made by the lovely Soapy Mayhem and the 1st place Best Angst story gets their own story banner made by TypoKween!



June 15 – July 30: submissions accepted

August 14 - 27: Public voting is open

September 2: Winners will be announced

AWARD CATEGORIES - 15 Awards and counting!

Best Angst - 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Honorable Mentions

People's Choice

Judges Picks- Five Judges

Best Lemon

Best Non-Canon

Best Slash

Best HEA

Special Categories TBA



Entries should be in Word format and emailed to


(Format for each entry should be in Word Doc format and this header should be used as a 
template for each submission)

Author name:

Email Address:

FFN profile page link:

Word Count:


Title of Story:

Story Summary:


Must have a valid ffn account.

This contest is open to 18 and older only please.

All entries should be rated M and include a lemon.

Entry should portray angst.

Length requirements: Minimum 3K words – Maximum 15K words.

Any Twilight pairing, is welcome, All worlds welcome.

If your pairing will give the story away, please include at least one Twilight character in your summary.

Your story must contain a summary. Summaries and Disclaimers will not count towards word requirements.

Absolutely no scenes depicting incest, rape or pedophilia. HOWEVER, we do understand that these things may have happened to your characters, which is acceptable, the acts just may not be depicted.

Submissions are anonymous. Please make sure you do all that you can, to keep it this way, until winners are announced.

Collaborations are welcome, but if you enter your story as collaboration you may not enter a personal submission and vice versa.

Since we pride ourselves in promoting quality fics at TLS, submissions must be beta'd. If you do not use a beta, please ensure that your spelling and grammar are acceptable or your entry will be returned to you with a request that it be beta'd.

Please feel free to promote the contest (facebook, twitter, tumblr, ffn, adf, twilighted, whereever you choose) but please do not give hints as to which entry is yours. This means that you may announce that you've entered the contest but you cannot disclose which entry is yours.

Please do not include any beta or pre-reader names. Please make sure that any pre-readers or betas aren't biased with reviews or leak which story is yours, this could lead to disqualification.

Once your entries are received, you will receive a reply letting you know that our team is verifying your story. Our team of validators will evaluate them to make sure all of the requirements have been met. When your submission is cleared for entry, it will be posted to this account, within 3 days of transmittal. Entries will be anon until the winners are revealed.

Any entries with sensitive subject matter should include a disclaimer in the summary. Disclaimers and summaries are not considered in the word count requirements.

You may not post your entry to your account until after August 15th or winners are announced, whichever comes last.


Q: Can I continue my one-shot?

A: Absolutely! We hope that you do!

Q: I was wondering if it has to be a full on lemon? or can it be a little snippet?

A: Well, I do understand that a lot of you will want to continue your one-shots after this contest and we truly hope that you will. The most simple answer I have is as long as some type of penetration or form of sex occurs, we are good. You can save the full-on lemon for remaining chapters but we would like for your characters to explore each other in some way, sexually, whether it be watching the other one masturbate (penetration), oral sex (a form of sex) or just a super nice finger bang or blowjob, we still consider that a lemon.

Q: What if I find typos in my entry after it is posted? Can I edit them and re-submit my entry?

A: Should you find typos after your entry has been submitted and posted, you will need to wait until after the contest has closed to fix those. Unfortunately we won't have time to go in and fix these things for everyone, but you will be able to do with it what you need on your own profile, after winners are announced.

Q: Do I have to end my story in tragedy or HEA?

A: Stories do not have to end in HEA nor tradgedy, they must simply contain enough angst to fit the genre appropriately. How much is enough? Well, you're here for a reason, we leave that up to you :)

Q: Will the Judges know which entry is mine?

A: Only the Validation Team will be aware of which entries are yours, the Judges will be reading your submissions anonymously

That's about it folks! We look forward to hearing from you and hope that all of you out there will hit us with your best shot!

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