Sunday, April 7, 2013

Meet the Poll: What we're reading in TLS this week

Each week we share with you what we are reading and enjoying. The following made the top of our lists last week. Please help us determine which 5 of these will be featured as fics of the week, next week, by choosing FIVE from the poll on the right!

A Life Contrived by coachlady1-rec'd by Evilnat
Victus Mortuus-the living dead-the tattoo Edward Masen wears after tragedy strikes his family. His sanctuary-no capacity to love again. Savior-can there be one? Conundrum-does he want to be saved? A story of the struggle to live again. Rated M Lemons

Addicted by cosmogirl7481-rec'd by Nic
Bella has a secret. But how long can she really keep it in the closet? A sexy little story with humor and drama. ExB, AH, and OOC. Rated M dirty language and content of a sexual nature.Twilight - Rated: M

Capital E, Everything by Fortheloveofdaisies-rec'd by Evilnat
Meet Edward and Bella, two best friends who share some stupid jokes, a lot of silly banter, and even more sexual repression. A story about standing on the edge of a leap that could risk, well, everything. Fiction M

Carpe Noctem & Fiat Lux by Queenofgrey-rec'd Missus T
Endless midnight brings about a desire for morning, a longing for something more. Dark & light. Push & pull. Crash & burn. When Edward collides with Bella, it's up to them to find the balance, if the night doesn't consume them first. AU. Fiction M

Coincidental Major by m7707-rec'd by Michelle
A tale about a hockey-playing boy who loves his girl. This is Edward's story from Major Misconduct. Rated: Fiction M

Dine and Dash by KittyTylz-rec'd by Cutestkidsmom
Bella gets dared dine&dash but is caught by the restaurants owner, Edward Cullen. He's a 19-year-old dangerously attractive but deadly gangster. The well connected leader of the Shadow Fangs, he also happens to be the enemy of the gang her best friend Jacob belongs to and she's stuck in his territory to avoid a permanent record. Torch Awards Peoples Choice Winner Rated: Fiction M

Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire by FictionFreak95-rec'd by Michelle
When Private Eye Edward Cullen decides to investigate the "accidental death" of an old friend, he finds more people are involved then he originally theorized as the case takes twists & turns he never saw coming after Bella Swan arrives in town. AH, BxE Fiction M

Hot Commodity by Blueeyedcherry-rec'd by Evilnat
Edward Cullen is used to getting everything he wants. Good looking, wealthy, and charming, NYC's most reputable playboy doesn't take "no" for an answer. Then he meets Isabella Swan and all bets are off ... Except for one. AH/OOC Fiction M

Needs and Wants by Averysubtlegift-rec'd by Nic
 Edward and Bella meet, but Bella has a long-distance boyfriend named Jacob. Will the course of true love run smooth? Does Alice know more about the future than she's letting on? Fluff, drama, and "lemonade". Fiction M

Sanctuary by jennfly-rec'd by Runtauga
Edward is a priest struggling with his role in the Church and facing a crisis as a man. Rated M

Terroir by Thimbles-rec'd by Runtauga
Isabella Swan uproots her life on a whim, moving halfway around the world in search of something more. Perhaps she will find what she's looking for in the neatly laid rows of Cullen Family Wines' Hunter Valley vineyard. Sometimes, it is the grafted vine that produces the more vigorous growth. Fiction M

The Bad Vampires Handbook by Maxigrumpling-rec'd by Evilnat
Turned by accident, nerdy loner Eddie faints at the sight of blood and wakes, often, at the morgue. There's no handbook for what he's become. When the Cullen's discover him he needs a total vampire makeover and the OCD, hypochondria and his image of what he is all have to go. Bella is given the task of educating him. She thinks he's a joke, but likes the glasses. E/B Fiction M

The Pull by Janiedoe12-rec'd by PawsPeaches
Bella left Edward and everything she knew in Forks ten years ago. She knew he would never leave the MC, but circumstances drew her far away to accomplish her dreams. When Bella returns under somewhat mysterious circumstances, Forks will never be the same. AH. Tattward/Bikerward. Think Twilight meets Sons of Anarchy. Fiction M

These Vacant Bones by Struckatthesky-rec'd by Misty Hawkins
His darkness, the same darkness in me, was right there in his eyes. No one else notices the shadows that make toothy smiles uncomfortable. They only see brightness. Edward's light is as dull as mine, but in worlds like ours, that dimness is the center of our universe. AH, M, ExB Rated: Fiction M

Two Weeks by BelieveItOrNot-rec'd by Evilnat
Based on 'One Week' by Barenaked Ladies. It's been one week since she looked at him, threw her arms in the air and said, "You're crazy." Edward is in trouble with his girlfriend and her parents. Will he learn to swallow his pride and overcome his fears? Will helping his sister through troubles of her own help Edward to face his? E/B, A/J Rated: Fiction M

Where Roads Converge by Fluffyliz-rec'd by Suebee Betafairy 
A homeless boy, hitch-hiking in the snow, a woman on her own, running from an abusive relationship. Is she crazy to stop, or are their paths destined to cross? Can this mismatched pair find succour and salvation together, or will their pasts intrude and drive them apart? AH, rated M

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