Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lemon Drops: Easter Edition 3/28/13

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I don’t know about you ladies, but we’re ready for the extra-long holiday weekend and sweet treats, so we've made sure to pack a BIG basket full of what you REALLY want. Mouthwatering goodness here, folks. Enjoy and as always, please leave the authors some love.


In Case of Emergency by areao
Bella's getting over a bad break-up and her friends know just how to help. Especially Edward - he's all too happy to help her forget her ex. A story of mistakes, Mary Jane, and maybe a miracle. *3rd Place Judges' Score, High Times Contest* Fiction M - Humor/Romance - Bella & Edward - Words: 8,410

Mea Maxima Culpa by elusivetwilight
Dr. Isabella Swan is tightly in control of her life until she is assigned hypersexual patient Edward Cullen. Step into their therapy sessions and find out who ends up treating who. ENTRY FOR TASTE OF THE FORBIDDEN II CONTEST. 1ST PLACE JUDGE'S PICK, 2ND PLACE WINNER PUBLIC VOTE, WINNER FOR MOST IRRESISTIBLE EDWARD AND DIRTIEST DIRTY TALK. Fiction M - Drama/Romance - Edward & Bella - Words: 6,732

Op Get Some by BaliM
I'm a woman on a mission. It's time I fulfilled one of my fantasies and it's going to happen now. I, Bella Swan, will pick up a guy in a bar and have hot sex with him. It's time to get down with the get down. It's time...for Operation Get Some. AU/AH. Mature themes and content. Fiction M - Romance/Humor - Bella & Edward - Words: 7,089

Tangerine Dream by YellowGlue
Tangerine Dream – a fliffity fluffity citrusy one shot: “I have lived so many years. Years, upon years, upon years; but I still remember my first thought. My first recognition of thought. And that was only a few short years ago.” Edward has watched and waited for her. AU/AH.  Fiction M. Romance- Bella & Edward

Wendy’s by KatieBelleCullen
Bella can't stop thinking about the silent yet intense boy who watches her at school. What happens when they meet, late at night, at Wendy's? Rated M for my usual. . .language and smut. AU/AH Fiction M *Two-shot* - Romance - Edward & Bella - - Words: 24,859

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