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TLS Fics Of The Week 1/8/13 - 1/14/13

Salacious by  Cutestkidsmom
In a world where money is power, and  power is everything, Edward must stay true to the society he was raised in to,  and stay true to its values. Laid back Bella is the object of his affection, and  he will stop at nothing to have her, What is your life worth? Would you hand it  over to a beautiful stranger for money? M for language, sexual content, and some  violent situations AH  Rated: Fiction

Reviewed by: FoolforEdward and Eternally Edward’s Girl

/sa ‘la SHas/
Arousing to sexual desire or imagination
Treating sexual matters in an indecent way
Lustful, lecherous
(Source: Oxford English Dictionary; Merriam-Webster Online)

 The very title of this story draws us in with the promise of a journey of intrigue into a world of non-conformist sexual behaviour. And the promise is matched by the experience.

Isabella (Bella) Swan, a beautiful young woman seemingly without family, suddenly and unexpectedly finds herself in dire financial need.

Edward Masen-Cullen is the enigmatic personality behind a beautiful face and sexy demeanour. He is wealthy, powerful, refined, caring, controlling, sensitive and quick to anger. A real dichotomy

Like eating a really decadent chocolate souffl√© where every delicious spoonful brings you closer to the wonderful gooey centre, the author with each chapter of Salacious, captivates her readers by feeding them just enough of this tasty morsel to keep them wanting more. She confidently leads the way through the workings of a secret society and along the way we learn more about the man behind the mask and the shared pain, which connects Bella and Edward.  And whilst the subversive plot against either or both Bella and Edward is a slow burn – the stormy and passionate nature of their lustful push-pull relationship is fast paced and whip-lash inducing. Their sexual chemistry is palpable and their volatile confrontations only add oxygen to an already blazing fire – but it is the tender side that each slowly reveals to the other that has every reader hoping for a lasting relationship between these two.

The author has created a storyline, which holds her readers captive with each chapter – we simply crave more and more.  We love this down-to-earth, feisty Bella. And her Edward – complex, pained and mercurial – handsome beyond belief, obviously knows how to seduce a woman (swoon!).  We crave to know the man behind the mask, he is impossible to resist and even if you sometimes hate him, you find yourself wanting him (who can blame Bella?).

This wonderful reading experience is made possible through the consummate skill and undeniable talent of cutekidsmom.

As both betas on this story and readers of her works, we are honoured to gain insight and enjoy the journey along with all her readers.

Salacious is a WIP, currently 12 chapters in and is updated at least weekly.

Glycerine by Livie79
Glycerine: Sweet, clear, odorless...harmless, unless mixed with the wrong  ingredients. When Bella decided to fulfill a fantasy, Edward was happy to  oblige. No strings, no obligations. But when their paths cross months later, a  spark is ignited and the tables are turned. Will the highly combustible mixture  of lust and love survive or create an explosion that will destroy them both?   Rated: Fiction M

A Home for the Holidays by CullensTwiMistress
Bella's roommate, Kate, offers her a place to stay during Christmas break.  Unfortunately for Bella, Kate's dad is kind of a DILF. Attraction, UST, and a  meddling daughter may just bring these two together. AH; ExB. Rated: Fiction  M

The Gentleman-Book 1 by MasterAskim
Bella Dwyer was an average girl until tragedy strikes and her life is  turned upside-down by the mysterious organization known only as "The Gentlemen".  Bella must learn to navigate the web of intrigue these power-brokers weave  around her and decide once and for all who she can trust before time runs out  for her and her new allies. Rated M for language and violence.  Rated: Fiction  M

You Own Me by BeeCute82
At the roll of the dice, Edward wins what he has been dreaming of for the  last two years. A night with his mob boss's son's girlfriend, sexy pole dancer  Isabella Swan. What will happen in one night full of passion and lust? What  dangers will follow after their one wild night? Rated: Fiction M

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