Friday, January 4, 2013

Meet the Poll- What we read in TLS this week:

Each week we share with you what we are reading and enjoying. The following made the top of our lists last week. Please help us determine which 5 of these will be featured as fics of the week, next week, by choosing FIVE from the poll on the right!

A Home for the Holidays by CullensTwiMistress-rec'd by Six Dlbfive/Nic
Bella's roommate, Kate, offers her a place to stay during Christmas break. Unfortunately for Bella, Kate's dad is kind of a DILF. Attraction, UST, and a meddling daughter may just bring these two together. AH; ExB. Rated: Fiction M

A Love So Beautiful by Ange de L'aube-rec'd by Mercyrus Tales
The summer sun went down on their love long ago. But in their hearts they still can't let the other go. Bella's love for Edward is put through the biggest test of all: time. Can their love survive and overcome all obstacles when there is no hope? Set in the late 19th Century.
Rated: Fiction M

A Sort of Fairy Tale by Staceleo-rec'd by Cutestkidsmom
A pampered prince in need of redemption. A bitter maiden in search of long lost passion. Can forgiveness and love lead to happily ever after? A modern day fairy tale.
Rated: Fiction M

Between Us by Nuttyginger-rec'd by Nic
He was the same and different all in one body. The boy I had once loved had turned into a man...temptation in a tie, had swagger for days...and a curious British lilt that makes my insides tumble. Could we ever be what we were or am I just completely screwed? AH, ExB
Rated: Fiction M

Black Candy by JadoreJAC-rec'd by Moni M.
I like to play amongst the wicked, douse myself in sin, fall into bed at 3AM, then do it all again.
Rated: Fiction M

By Way of Sorrow by Jaxington-rec'd by Evilnat
Bella Cullen has spent the last ninety-five years giving everything to protect her family and mourning the loss of her long dead human husband. A trip to Alaska to meet Tanya's latest romantic interest changes everything. The vampire she meets there has his face, his hair, and his body, but not his memories. It's a strange new world. Rated: Fiction M

Carnelian and Ice by Raum-rec'd by Six Dlbfive
COMPLETE - "A man struggling to escape from the darkness, and a woman who thinks she doesn't deserve the light. How will an ice sculpture affect their lives?" AU with vampires.
Rated: Fiction M

Chop and Change by Krazyk85-rec'd by Credoroza
While trying to steal his car, runaway, Bella, meets Edward. A man with his own vices and rap sheet. Taking her under his wing, teaching her the way to truly boost cars, they embark on a journey of crime fitting of Bonnie and Clyde. ExB, Lemons, Violence, Guns, and Fun. HEA. BPOV.
Rated: Fiction M

Dance Me to the End of Love by Fitterhappier-rec'd by Ange de L'aube
In turn of the century Moscow, a lowly pianist is hired to play for a privileged dancer taught to believe that talent and success are the only things in life that matter. Will she let her guard down and risk it all for a chance at true love? AH. Rated: Fiction M

Eighteen by Landdownunder-rec'd by Evilnat
Bella tells dreamy tales of her memories...yet even she may be missing a part of her own story. A twisting of the Twilight narrative. Rated: Fiction M

Glycerine by Livie79-rec'd by Nic/Evilnat/Rose Arcadia
Glycerine: Sweet, clear, odorless...harmless, unless mixed with the wrong ingredients. When Bella decided to fulfill a fantasy, Edward was happy to oblige. No strings, no obligations. But when their paths cross months later, a spark is ignited and the tables are turned. Will the highly combustible mixture of lust and love survive or create an explosion that will destroy them both?
Rated: Fiction M

Let It Be Me by Chantiemaya-rec'd by Bernadette Lentini-Jones
A new guest at Bella's hotel turns out to be a ghost from her past. He doesn't seem to remember what happened between them, while she is being plagued by bad memories. Edward feels a deep connection to that beautiful, angry girl, but she seems to shy away from any male attention. WARNING: under age drinking, drug use, assault, dark themes. MA, OOC, ExB, AH
Rated: Fiction M

Mate of Honor by MagTwi78-rec'd by Evilnat
Best friends Bella and Edward have a deal—if they're not married by the time they're 30, they'll marry each other. While she's been searching for Mr. Right, he's been busy with Miss. Right Now. Would you be happy seeing your long-time love say 'I do' to someone else? B & E, M
Rated: Fiction M

Of Lions and Lambs by Angie's Twilight-rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
I loved him fiercely, but somehow that was never enough for him. Bella and Edward grew up together, but everything changed, and Bella was pushed to the backseat of his life. Years have passed, but Charlie's death forces Bella to return to Forks where she must face everything she ran from. Rated: Fiction M

Roar Like a Lion by Counselor-rec'd by Six Dlbfive/Pawspeaches
1936, Edward and Jasper work as loggers. They work hard and play harder. Bella and Jacob come to the camp to open the school. Problem is the unmarried men have a great time running off the teachers. When Edward sees Bella a roar starts to build inside. She's everything he can't stand. And he's pretty despicable. Trouble. Rated: Fiction M

Salacious by Cutestkidsmom-rec'd by Jenny McGary Leonard
In a world where money is power, and power is everything, Edward must stay true to the society he was raised in to, and stay true to its values. Laid back Bella is the object of his affection, and he will stop at nothing to have her, What is your life worth? Would you hand it over to a beautiful stranger for money? M for language, sexual content, and some violent situations AH
Rated: Fiction M

The Gentleman-Book 1 by MasterAskim-rec'd by Cutestkidsmom
Bella Dwyer was an average girl until tragedy strikes and her life is turned upside-down by the mysterious organization known only as "The Gentlemen". Bella must learn to navigate the web of intrigue these power-brokers weave around her and decide once and for all who she can trust before time runs out for her and her new allies. Rated M for language and violence.
Rated: Fiction M

The Long Road Home by MidnightLove87-rec'd by Six Dlbfive
When Bella is left with no other options of making it home for the holidays, she's crushed about having to stay on campus. What happens when her former flame sees her tears? Will he be her savior? Or will they end up remembering the real reason they broke up all those years ago? *Christmas Fic* B/E AH Rated: Fiction M

The Right Guy by ThatEnglishWriter-rec'd by Edmazing
Bella always finds the wrong guy. The one who can't satisfy her, ahem, needs. The one who really wants her best friend, Rosalie. But even if she never finds the Right Guy, there's always a glass of wine and the sympathetic ear of Edward, her faithful barman. Rated: Fiction M

You Own Me by BeeCute82-rec'd by Nic
At the roll of the dice, Edward wins what he has been dreaming of for the last two years. A night with his mob boss's son's girlfriend, sexy pole dancer Isabella Swan. What will happen in one night full of passion and lust? What dangers will follow after their one wild night? Rated: Fiction M

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